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    Change is the spice of life and monotony a bane!! Who can understand this better than the avid traveller? Once the travel bug has bitten you, there is no respite. With monsoons round the corner, it’s time to plan offbeat holidays near Mumbai. You just have to hunt out spots which are least frequented, maybe even unexplored. The urge to put your footprint on such a piece of land is unstoppable.

    We understand this perfectly and so we present to you some exciting offbeat destinations near Mumbai.

    1. Kamshet (110 Km from Mumbai)

    Tourists paragliding at one of the most serene offbeat weekend getaways near Mumbai - Kamshet

    Image Source
    Although known as paraglider’s paradise, Kamshet has much more to offer. Just a short distance away (16 Km) from Lonavala and Khandala, Kamshet boasts of superb scenic beauty. Quaint villages with mud thatched houses add to its rustic charm and make it one of the best offbeat places near Mumbai.
    Known for: Paragliding and Trekking
    How to Reach: By rail , Kamshet has its own railway station
    By Road: driving down from Mumbai or by private and State transport A/c and Non A/c buses
    Look forward to:

    • Paragliding for beginners as well as the experienced.
    • Trekking from Jamboli to Kondeshwar temple for beginners and further through the ghats for the ardent trekker
    • Explore 1st and 3rd century caves (Bedsa caves, Karla caves, Bhaja caves)

    Note: Not too many staying options at Kamshet but Lonavala and Khandala amply compensate for that.

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    2. Kolad (117 Km from Mumbai)

    Tourists rafting in the waters of Kundalika river in Kolad

    Image Source

    A small village in Maharashtra’s Raigad district on the banks of Kundalika river, Kolad is an unspoilt offbeat destination near Mumbai for the adventurous sorts.

    Known for: White water rafting
    How to Reach:
    By Rail: Kolad has its own railway station
    By Road: Drive down or take a Sate Transport or Private Bus
    Look forward to:

    • White water rafting on the Kundalika river
    • Visit the Tamhini waterfalls amidst cool green hills
    • Pick your trek- from simple to extremely difficult

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    3. Jawhar (180 Kms from Mumbai)

    Dhabosa waterfall in the serene Sahyadris is amongst the best offbeat places near Mumbai

    Image Source

    In the lap of the Sahyadris, Jawhar is amongst the best offbeat destinations near Mumbai perfect for a quick break. An erstwhile tribal kingdom, it still retains much of its rustic allure.

    Known for: Beauty of the hills and Warli Art
    How to Reach:
    By Rail: 61 Kms from Igatpuri, or 80 Kms from Nasik
    By Road: Drive down or take a Sate Transport Bus: Mumbai-Jawhar, 180 Kms via Kasara-Khodala
    Look forward to:

    • Spectacular Dhabosa Water fall, Lush Greenery, the architecture of Shirpamal palace, Experience tribal culture and witness the famous Warli art being created.

    4. Sandhan Valley (183 Km from Mumbai)

    Trek to the majestic Sindola fort during monsoon for gorgeous views

    Image Source

    Sandhan Valley is one of the best trekking spots you could ask for. A canyon in its own right, near Bhandardara, it affords the thrill of descending into the “Valley of Shadows” any trekker would die for. It is one of the most idyllic offbeat weekend getaways from Mumbai.

    Image Source

    Known for: Trekking and cliff camping
    How to Reach: Take the rail or road route to Kasara, regular jeeps ply between Kasara to Samrad Village (80 Km) from where the trek begins.
    Look forward to:

    • The descent into Sandhan Valley
    • Exciting “Hanging Camps”
    • Rappelling
    • Moonlight camping

    5. Diveagar-Srivardhan- Harihareshwar (Dakshin Kashi) (190 Km from Mumbai)

    Soft sandy beaches of Diveagar

    Image Source

    Coastal Konkan at its best, Srivardhan, Diveagar and Harihareshwar are offbeat places around Mumbai for those who love beaches but not the kinds littered with people and debris. Srivardhan is steeped in Peshwa history, Diveagar is known for its soft sandy beach and Harihareshwar for its Shiva temple.

    Known for: Beaches and Seafood
    How to Reach:
    By Rail: Mangao is the nearest railway station to Diveagar (40 Kms)
    By Road: Drive down or take State Transport or private buses directly to Diveagar. Diveagar to Srivardhan- 23 Km , take the coastal road for the sheer scenic beauty. Diveagar to Harihareshwar- 37 Km
    Look forward to:

    • Pristine beaches of Srivardhan and Diveagar
    • Ancient Shiva Temple and the spectacular “pradakshina” route around it through the rocks at Harihareshwar
    • Spot Dolphins and turtles here too!

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    6. Harnai-Anjarle ( 238 Km from Mumbai)

    Relax at this secluded getaway and spot a dolphin or two in Harnai-Anjarle

    Image Source

    One of the offbeat places near Mumbai, literally no one talks about are the serene beaches of Harnai-Anjarle. Relax at the quiet beaches & be alone with the sea, away from the crazy crowd. A sea-fort, an ancient Ganesh temple and plenty of mouth-watering seafood- makes the most of your holiday!

    Known for: Coconut and betel nut palm-fringed unspoilt beaches
    How to reach:
    By Road: via Dapoli
    By Rail: Nearest railhead is Khed around 35Km from Harnai Anjarle can be reached by crossing the Jog river estuary
    Look forward to:

    • Peaceful and relaxed beach-time
    • Dolphin spotting
    • Witness the fish auctions here

    7. Saputara (262 Km from Mumbai)

    Ride on the winding roads of Saputara from Mumbai

    Image Source

    Technically in Gujarat, Saputara is a hillstation snugly perched on the second highest plateau in the Sahyadris in the Dang forest area. At an altitude of 1000 m, it is known for its breathtaking views of the hills and forests and pleasant, almost chilly climate all the year through. This is one of the best offbeat weekend getaways from Mumbai.

    Known for: “Chilling out”, treks, adventure sports
    How to Reach:
    By Rail: Waghai is the closest railway station (50 km from Saputara)
    By Road: Drive down via Nasik or via Valsad , plenty of private A/c and non-A/c buses available from Mumbai
    Look forward to:

    • Treks to Rajat Pratap, Tridhara, Sangam, Sunder Kund and many more
    • Go camping at Vansda National Park
    • Experience the ropeway to Sunset Point
    • Para-glide and mountain bike at the Governor’s Hill

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    8. Lonar (600 km from Mumbai)

    The picturesque views of Lonar Lake - one of the most pristine offbeat getaways near Mumbai

    Image Source

    Add mystique to your travel, visit world’s third largest crater in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra. The crater is said to have been formed by the impact of a meteorite 50,000 years ago.

    Known for: The amazing mystical Lonar Lake in the crater
    How to Reach:
    Travel to Aurangabad by Air, Rail and Road. Aurangabad to Lonar by road is 145 Km.
    Look Forward to:

    • Trek down to the Lonar lake
    • Solve the mystery of the perennially full lake in the dry Buldhana and the two distinct regions of the lake that don’t mix.

    9. Kaas Plateau

    Kaas is a beautiful plateau that has been entitled as a World Heritage site for its spell-binding biodiversity. This stunning plateau is home to over 850 species of flora and fauna. The blooms here includes the real delight for vision such as orchids, drosera indica, mickey-mouse flower, Karvy, ziniger neesanum, etc. 

    Known for: Vibrant flora and fauna
    How to reach: 25-30 kms away from Satara and nearest airport is Pune
    By Road: direct buses from Satara
    By Rail: Satara railway station

    Look forward to:

    • Mystic hours amidst nature
    • Rare and endangered species
    • Visit the nearby Kamudini Pond

    10. Morachi Chincholi

    Peacock National Bird Of India - Kanha National Park

    Morachi Chincholi is a peaceful escape to nature as is an eco-village that gives shelter to over 2500 peacock and peafowl. It is one of the most interesting unknown places around Mumbai that offers enough surprises to be encountered on an adventurous weekend. It is believed that the Peshwas planted tamarind trees here which attracted peacocks, making it a present-day hub of these beautiful creatures. 

    Known for: Nature and peacocks
    How to reach: It is around 60 kms from Pune and 190 kms from Mumbai and can be easily reached by road. 
    Look forward to:

    • Peaceful environment
    • Peacock spotting

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    So, get over the Lonavalas, Mahabaleshwars and Matherans. It’s time to set your sights on more “exotic” pastures. So just plan a trip to Mumbai and get started to explore the above-mentioned offbeat places near Mumbai with TravelTriangle. 

    Frequently Asked Questions About Offbeat Places Near Mumbai


    Q. Where can I go for a long drive in Mumbai?

    A. If you wish to take a long drive from Mumbai and visit the charming cities nearby, you can head to places like:
    1. Lonavala
    2. Khandala
    3. Alibaug
    4. Pelham Dam
    5. Kamshet
    6. Igatpuri
    7. Pune
    8. Malshej Ghat
    9. Sula Vineyards

    Q. How can I go to Panchgani from Mumbai?

    A. The cheapest and most convenient means to get to Panchgani from Mumbai is by train. You can take the Jan Shatabdi Ex Mumbai to Chiplun and then a taxi from the railway station to Panchgani. The train journey would not take more than 5 hours 21 minutes.

    Q. Is it safe to drive from Mumbai to Lonavala?

    A. Yes, it is absolutely safe to drive from Mumbai to Lonavala using the smooth and convenient Mumbai-Pune expressway which would get you there in just about 2 hours. Lonavala is a beautiful destination in Maharashtra and is home to some of the best resorts near Mumbai for both families and couples.

    Q. How can I reach Alibaug from Mumbai?

    A. You will need to take a boat or ferry to Mandawa Jetty from the Gateway of India which will get you there in about 20 minutes. Alibaug is located at a distance of 110 kilometers from Mumbai and this is the quickest way to reach it.

    Q. How far is Mahabaleshwar from Mumbai?

    A. Mahabaleshwar is about 263 km away from Mumbai by road. You can take a train from Mumbai to Pune and then a bus or taxi from Pune to Mahabaleshwar.

    Q. Where can we go near Mumbai?

    A. For a day trip or weekend getaway from Mumbai, you can visit exciting places like:
    1. Karnala Bird Sanctuary (60 km away)
    2. Karjat (62 km away)
    3. Matheran (83 km away)
    4. Lonavala (91 km away)
    5. Khandala (93 km away)
    6. Alibaug (95 km away)
    7. Kamshet (105 km away)
    8. Raigad (103 km away)
    9. Igatpuri (120 km away)

    Q. Where can I go for a weekend in Mumbai?

    A. There are plenty of things to do in Mumbai over the weekend. You can take a leisurely stroll at Marine Drive or Juhu Beach, dine at Candies, enjoy rides at Imagica, relax in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, explore the nightlife of Mumbai, chill at Café Mondegar, and shop at Colaba.

    Q. What is Khandala famous for?

    A. While Khandala mainly owes its popularity to the Bollywood flick Ghulam, there also are a lot other factors in play. It is popular for its unique rock formations, especially the Shiv Linga rock.

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