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    jordan castle

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    World destinations and the amusing history related to them, no doubt, fetch a lot of tourism attraction. The small town of Jordan is nestled in the Middle Eastern area. One of the most famous seas, Dead Sea is shared among the historically rich cities of Jordan, Israel and the West Bank. The castles here have amazing stories to tell. You have got no reason to not plan a trip to these 11 castles in Jordan.

    Top 10 Castles in Jordan

    This list of 10 beautiful castles in Jordan can help you plan your Jordan trip in advance. You can spend quality time at these castles or get your pictures clicked, the possibilities are endless. After all, Jordan must be experienced to the fullest:

    1. Al Azraq Castle

     Al Azraq Castle

    Image Source

    Most popularly called as Qasr Azraq, this castle was built as an epitome of great success and as a result of many people who had been planning to erect a building which reflects the resplendence of Jordan. With the glorious history of the caste, Al Azraq stands tall. It has given many locals and tourists pleasant memories as well as key information about the history of Jordan.

    Location: Azraq, Jordan
    Google rating: 4.2

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    2. Hammam As Sarah

    Hammam As Sarah

    Image Source

    The castle, located in the Qasr al-Hallabat, is not very far from the main area of the Jordan. The building is well-known and it stands tall in the western province of Jordan. The castle also moonlights as a resort. It will fill in many key gaps in your knowledge of Jordan’s history. The castle allows us to carry our snacks and drinks, which can be very helpful if you are travelling with family!

    Google rating: 3.7

    3. Qasr Al-Kharana

    Qasr Al-Kharana

    Image Source

    Qasr Al-Kharana is also known by other names such as: Qasr al-Harrana, Qasr al-Kharana, Kharaneh and Hrane. Located in the eastern province of Jordan, he castle is known to rest in and face the east side of the country. The magnificent walls and the gates tell the glorious tales of war and peace. Make sure to visit this castle early in the day.

    Location: Amman Governorate, on the west area of Jordan
    Google rating: 4.2

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    4. Qasr Amra

    Qasr Amra

    Image Source

    Qasr Amra is also known by other names, such as Quseir Amra and Qusayr Amra. It appears in every list of top tourist destinations in Jordan. It’s thronged by locals and tourists alike, no matter what their age, race or class is. The castle was built by Walid Ibn Yazi. Between the years of 723 and 743, this place’s walls, artefacts and gates became popular proponents of art in Jordan.

    Location: Jordan
    Google rating: 4.4

    5. Petra

    Petra castle

    Image Source

    Petra is a well-known archeological site in Jordan’s southwestern desert. Dating back to 300 B.C., it was the capital of the Nabataean Kingdom. It houses tombs and sanctuaries cut into pink sandstone bluffs, thus gaining its epithet – the Rose City. Perhaps its most acclaimed structure is the 45m-high Al Khazneh, a sanctuary with a resplendent Greek-style exterior.

    Location: Jordan
    Google rating: 4.7

    6. Roman Theatre

    Roman theatre

    Image Source

    The parking is not very far and everyone can get to Roman Theatre easily. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Jordan. Many acclaimed plays have been hosted by this theatre. The theatre continues to be a site of great importance. Make sure to check online for timings of the theatre. The place is closed on national holidays, so plan your visit accordingly.

    Location: Al-Hashemi Street, Amman, Jordan
    Google rating: 4.4

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    7. Amman Citadel

    Amman Citadel

    Image Source

    Aman Citadel is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Jordan. It has hosted numerous light shows in its premises. Many international artists from across the world descend here to perform their hit numbers. The locals throng in huge numbers to listen to these artists. Make sure to check online if there is an event happening here. You’ll make the most of your time here.

    Location: K. Ali Bin Al-Hussein St. 146, Amman, Jordan
    Google rating: 4.3

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    8. Al Basha Castle

    Al Basha Castle

    Image Source

    Hot coffee interspersed with warm and affectionate talks with your dear ones can help you pull through the worst days. In Al Basha castle, coffee with conversations takes on a whole different meaning. Get out on foot to acquaint yourself with history. Make sure to arrive in the early morning hour since the castle gets crowded as the afternoon approaches.

    Location: Jerash, on the west area of Jordan
    Google rating: 4.2

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    9. Shobak Castle

    Shobak Castle

    Image Source

    Baldwin I of Jerusalem is credited for creating this caste in the year 1115. The castle is built on the same area where he during his reign captured Aqaba on the Red Sea. The castle is in Edom. It is representative of honour and military pride. Learning about the history of the place will fill you with a deep sense of satisfaction. Make sure to visit early in the morning.

    Location: Shobak, Jordan
    Google rating: 4.2

    10. Al Karak castle

     Al Karak castle

    Image Source

    Al Karak castle offers a lot of freedom to its visitors, who can walk anywhere within the large castle and gaze at the plethora of sculptures and the walls. All these artefacts tell a tale. Visitors throng this castle in large numbers. The parking is not very far and everyone can get to this place easily. Make sure to carry your camera because the views from the castle are worth capturing.

    Google rating: 4.3

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    We hope that this blog not only inspires you to head to one of these picturesque castles in Jordan, but also motivates you to acquaint yourself with the history of Jordan. Make sure you visit these castles on your next trip to Jordan. We promise you a trip worth every penny spent that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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