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    Hill Stations Near Gangtok

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    When it comes to the holiday season, everyone does want to make the most of it. The reason why that is the case is because of the break that everyone needs from the hectic schedule of life. If you are someone who doesn’t like visiting and exploring the cliché travel destinations but wants to explore something new every time, there are several hill stations near Gangtok that will blow your mind. The unique thing about these hills stations is the fact that the majority of the tourists don’t even know they exist because of how underrated they are. To help you pick the best spot, we have sorted through some of the most beautiful hill stations around Gangtok that are worth visiting.

    6 Best Hill Stations Near Gangtok

    It isn’t untrue that Gangtok is a beautiful travel destination but it is often overcrowded, especially during peak seasons. If you are looking for a recluse from the constant hustle of life, visiting Gangtok is not something you’d want to do. Some of the best hill stations near Gangtok include:

    1. Aritar


    Located in Sikkim, Aritar is one of the underrated yet mesmerising hill stations near Gangtok which is known across the country and the world for its pristine beauty. The place is also doused with several temples and monasteries that you can visit and explore on your own. This is considered one of the best spots for solo travellers. It is located in the eastern part of Sikkim and is quite an important town. The fact that it is such an untouched spot, you do get to witness the beauty of nature at its primal fear. The vibrant greens and the tranquil gush of water around do make this a place worth remembering. It is also quite close to Gangtok, so you can make a trip out of it easily.

    Distance from Gangtok: 68 km
    Best time to visit: Later summers or early winters
    Things to do: Witness the beautiful waterfalls and visit the temples and monasteries
    How to reach: You can take a private rental car from Gangtok
    Special Attractions: Que Khola Falls, Lampokhari Lake, and Mulkharka Lake

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    2. Lachen

    Gurudongmar Lake overlooking the mountains

    Nestled in the beautiful northern part of Sikkim, Lachen is another one of the popular hill stations near Gangtok that you will notice around near Gangtok. The place is famous across the country for the Lachung monastery. The combination of the serene environment paired with the natural beauty of the place does make this a place worth spending your time in. Majority of the people who do visit Gangtok visit Lachen as well. The place is a popular destination among the Buddhist tourists and is often visited by people who want some peace because of the small population of people around. Lachen is also known for the popular Gurudongmar and Tso Lhamu lakes. The natural beauty and the lush greenery and vegetation do make this a place worth visiting and being in.

    Distance from Gangtok: 120.4 km
    Best time to visit: Winter months
    Things to do: Explore the nature, visit the Lachung monastery
    How to reach: Take a cab from Gangtok
    Special Attractions: Lachen Monastery, Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary, and Zero Point Yumthang Valley

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    3. Yumthang Valley

    so beautiful view

    Another one of the well known hill stations near Gangtok, in the north of Sikkim that is worth the visit is the Yumthang Valley. Also known as the Valley of Flowers, this is located very near to Lachen. The place is beautified with the presence of hot springs, rivers and the beautiful greenery of the area around. It is located 3564 meters above the sea level and offers some of the most breathtaking views that you just can’t miss out on. The unique thing about the place is that it is believed that some of the hot springs around in Yumthang Valley have healing powers. The place is also closed for tourists in between December to March owing to the heavy snowfall it experiences. There are beautiful pine forests and a plethora of waterfalls around too that you can witness around and even during the journey to the Yumthang Valley.

    Distance from Gangtok: 134.4 km
    Best time to visit: Anytime except December to March
    Things to do: Explore the hot springs and witness the waterfalls
    How to reach: Take a cab from Gangtok
    Special Attractions: Valley of Flowers and Yumthang Valley

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    4. Lachung

    beautiful view

    Another one of the famous hill stations near Gangtok that is worth visiting in Lachung. Even this one is located in North Sikkim and accounts for one of the most popular sites to visit and explore. This is also the place where two tributaries, Lachen and Lachung meet. So, witnessing that can be a rewarding experience as well. The hill station is quite popular for the diverse range of waterfalls that it has. The view of the snow-capped majestic mountains that you can witness there makes this trip worth all the effort without any complaints. If you visit during the season, you might also come across a wide range of apple orchards as well. This is also quite an amazing spot to indulge in some shopping, especially of the handmade crafts and items.

    Distance from Gangtok: 115.6 km
    Best time to visit: Winter months
    Things to do: Witness the tributaries, waterfalls and the apple orchards, indulge in shopping
    How to get there: Take a private rental car from Gangtok
    Special Attractions: Zero Point Yumthang Valley

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    5. Yuksom

    Green Mountains

    Another one of the underrated hill stations near Gangtok, Yuksom is nestled in the western region of Sikkim and the quaint village is known for its enigmatic and untouched natural beauty. It is located near the Kanchenjunga National Park and is covered in a thick blanket of greenery and vegetation. If you are into trekking, Yuksom is a spot that you need to be in as it is the base camp for several trekking journeys in Sikkim. The village also holds important historical significance as the first Chogyal was crowned here back in the year 1642. Apart from natural beauty, you can also visit several religious spots around. The Gurudongmar and Tso Lhamu monasteries are two of the most popular monasteries that are visited by tourists year-round. While there, make sure to visit and witness the popular Khecheopalri Lake as well.

    Distance from Gangtok: 120.9 km
    Best time to visit: Winter or Autumn months
    Things to do: Explore the Khecheopalri Lake and the Gurudongmar and Tso Lhamu monasteries
    How to reach: Take a cab from Gangtok
    Special Attractions: Fam Villa, Tashiding Monastery, and Kanchenjunga Falls

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    6. Pelling

    things to do in pelling

    If you want to be a cliché tourist and visit a hill station that every tourist visit, Pelling is the place you need to be in. The best thing about this place is its natural beauty and the kind of spots that you get to experience. It is located in the western part of Sikkim and is the second-largest tourist visited spot after Gangtok. The most important and popular site of attraction the Khangchendzonga and the peaks are surrounding that. While you are there, make sure to visit the Pemayangtse monastery as well which is one of the most popular sightseeing spots. If you want a heavy dose of both nature and adventure at the same time, Pelling is the spot that you need to visit and explore without fail.

    Distance from Gangtok: 129.7 km
    Best time to visit: Winter months
    Things to do: Witnessing the Khangchendzonga peak and the Pemayangtse monastery
    How to reach: Take a private rental car from the city of Gangtok
    Special Attractions: Pemayangtse Monastery and Rabdentse Ruins

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    If you have been excited to plan your trip to one of the hill stations near Gangtok then these are some of the best options you can look into. Make sure that you plan things ahead of time, mainly because of the kind of rush the spots experience. Irrespective of wherever you are visiting, you will only get the best experience. So, trip to Sikkim and get going!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Hill Stations Near Gangtok

    Q. What are some of the best hill stations in Sikkim?

    A. While the majority of the tourists tend to only know of Gangtok as the hill station in Sikkim, there are several other options that they aren’t aware of. Some of the most popular ones include Pelling, Lachen, Lachung and a lot more.

    Q. Does it snow in Pelling?

    A. Pelling does receive snowfall, especially during December and January, so if you want to experience a fresh snow, visiting during that time is the best way to go.

    Q. Is it safe to visit Gangtok?

    A. If you are planning on visiting Gangtok, be assured that the place is more or less safe to visit, even for solo female travellers. Just make sure the plan things accordingly so they aren’t all over the place.

    Q. Which hill station near Gangtok can be explored on a day trip?

    A. If you want to visit a hill station from Gangtok on a day trip, Aritar is the best place to be in. This hill station is located around 60km away from Gangtok which is quite nearby.

    Q. What is the best time to visit the hill stations near Gangtok?

    A. Since the majority of the people visit Gangtok and Sikkim, in general, to witness the snow, visiting during the winter months is often considered the best option. The months between September to June are considered the peak months.

    Q. How many days are enough for exploring hill stations near Gangtok?

    A. Well, if you are visiting Gangtok and then visiting the adjoining hill stations, it is best suggested that you do visit for at least 7 days to get the best experience.

    Q. Is it necessary to book the tickets to Gangtok beforehand?

    A. If you are visiting during the peak season, it is a given that you should make all your bookings beforehand to avoid the rush and surged prices.

    Q. Which hill station is the best for shopping near Gangtok?

    A. Apart from Gangtok, you will find amazing handicrafts around in Pelling as well, so you can explore there too. The woven items are one of the best there.



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