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Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, an epitome of glory and royalty, is amongst the largest and most beautiful forts of India. It is one of the major attractions frequented by tourists from all over the globe. Rudyard Kipling has aptly said that the fort is “a palace that might have been built by Titans and colored by the morning sun”.

About Mehrangarh Fort In Jodhpur

mehrangarh fort facade

Sitting on a rocky cliff, the fort came into existence one year after Rao Jodha’s accession to the throne. The fort is built on Bhakur-cheeria which means the ‘Mountain of Birds’. The fort derives its name from Mehr-Garh, where “Mehr” means sun and “Garh” is fort (the Rathore dynasty was a believer in the sun god). This fort was built by Rao Jodha around 1460 and is enclosed within strongly fortified walls which stand strong even today. The struggle these walls withstood during battles are still noticeable today in the canon marks present here

There are various legends surrounding the construction of Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, India. The Mehrangarh Fort and museum history says that a hermit who used to stay on that hill cursed Rao Jodha on being disturbed. The curse was that the fort would face droughts. Human sacrifices were made as preventive measures by the king. It is said that four people were buried alive at the four corners of the fort. Another story says that a man called Mehran was thrown alive from the hilltop and thus sacrificed. Want to hear more stories? Visit this magnificent fort and hear the intriguing tales from the locals themselves.

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Best Time To Visit Mehrangarh Fort In Jodhpur



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The ideal time to visit this royal splendour is during the winters. During October to March, the weather is pleasant and it is the perfect time to explore this magnificent fort. If you visit during this period, you can also be a part of the international festivals that take place here. But before that, scroll down to read about Mehrangarh Fort timings and other important details.

Mehrangarh Fort Entrance Fee: INR 50 – 100

Mehrangarh Fort Restaurant timings: 9 AM – 5 PM (open all days)

Mehrangarh Fort Timing: 9AM – 5PM (Daily)

Festivals Held In Mehrangarh Fort In Jodhpur

Mehrangarh fort is home to some of the most beautiful festivals celebrated in Jodhpur. Take a look at some of these and plan your trip accordingly. Rajasthan festivals are a class apart. Do try and participate in one on your retreat:

1. Rajasthan International Folk Festival

folk festival

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The Rajasthan International Folk Festival takes place here in October. It is a music and arts festival celebrated to encourage the traditional folk dance, music, and art of the state. It takes place on the dazzling full moon night of October. UNESCO too supports this amazing initiative of propagating folk art forms in Jodhpur.

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2. World Sacred Spirit Festival

sufi festival

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This takes place in February and aims at conserving and keeping alive the Sufi and sacred traditions of India and the world.

Places To Visit Near Mehrangarh Fort In Jodhpur

The Mehrangarh Fort architecture would leave you dazzled! The strong brown walled exteriors have extremely delicate glasswork interiors that will transport you into another era altogether.

1. Sheesh Mahal




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The elaborate and alluring mirror and glass work have given Sheesh Mahal its name. The chamber is not open to visitors directly and one can see the beautifully carved interiors through a small enclosure. The walls of the palace are adorned by beautiful flower motifs and paintings from the Indian mythology.

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2. Phool Mahal

Phool Mahal mehrangarh fort

This was the men’s private party room back during that era. The walls adorn paintings of the royal family. The palace is vibrant and full of colours. Royalty reeks from each nook and corner of the dazzling ceilings, pretty glasswork windows, and extensively carpeted rooms.

3. Jhanki Mahal

Jhanki Mahal mehrangarh fort

These were the quarters belonging to the queens and princesses of Jodhpur. They used to watch the royal proceedings taking place through the windows of this Mahal. The place today holds some cradles from the ancient times. The ceilings are intricately designed in blue coloured motifs.

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4. Mehrangarh Fort Museum

Mehrangarh Fort Museum

This is a museum store in Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur where one can shop for a wide variety of products like T-Shirts, postcards, music, jewelry, textiles, perfumes, caps, tote bags, books, textiles, and more. The items represent the history and culture of Jodhpur. You can shop for these cultural artifacts online too. Do add the Mehrangarh Fort Museum Jodhpur in your itinerary. A major part of Mehrangarh Fort architecture is also a part of this museum.
Website: http://www.mehrangarhmuseumshop.com/

5. The Chamunda Mataji Temple

The Chamunda Mataji Temple mehrangarh fort

The fort also has a beautiful temple in its premises. The idol of the goddess here was brought from Mandore by Rao Jodha in 1460 and then established here. The temple is famous both amongst locals and outsiders. People from all over the country flock to this temple during Dussehra celebrations.

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6. Chokelao Mehran Terrace

Chokelao Mehran Terrace

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Inside the fort is this royal restaurant where you can enjoy a fancy candlelight dinner. The setting is stunning with the fort’s view at one side and the dazzling city of Jodhpur on the other. Relish some amazing Rajasthani cuisine at this open-air restaurant with your amour.

How To Reach Mehrangarh Fort In Jodhpur

Hop-On-Hop-Off Train

You can fly to Jodhpur to explore this magnificent fort. Jodhpur has its own domestic airport and is connected via flights to major cities of India. Jodhpur is also connected to various cities through a number of trains including the luxurious ‘Palace on Wheels’. One can also take the government or private buses or travel by road in hired or private cars.

Once in Jodhpur, reaching Mehrangarh is an easy task. You can hire auto rickshaws or take a taxi to the fort since the frequency of city buses is not very high in Jodhpur. If you are in old town, the fort is a mere 2 km away and around 10 km from the city centre.

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Interesting Facts About Mehrangarh Fort

Colorful mosaic windows and doors in the emperor hall of Mehrangarh Fort

Visiting the fort will surely make you uncover the hidden Mehrangarh Fort facts. There are numerous narrations stating the fort being haunted or cursed, can we witnessed by planning a visit to this epitome of victory. Following are some interesting facts about Mehrangarh Fort:

  • Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur was built by Rao Jodha, who was the founder of Jodhpur city.
  • The walls of the fort are 118 feet high and 69 feet broad.
  • The entire fort has distinct identities with intricate Rajasthani carvings and design.
  • There are two ancient temples situated inside the fort that bears the work of thousands of artists.
  • The museum inside the Mehrangarh Fort carries artifacts about the Royal family as well as the Mughal Dynasty.
  • One can enjoy the traditional folk melodies performed at the entrance of the fort.
  • The Batman series ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ that was released in 2012, has a significant scene shot at the Mehrangarh Fort.

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Things To Do In Mehrangarh Fort

Enjoy Zip lining in Jodhpur

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Apart from exploring the architecture of this enormous fort, there are few other interesting attractions that lure wanderers from across the globe. Following is the list of things one can witness here:

  • The Chamunda Mataji temple and Nagnechiji temple, located inside the fort had been attracting wanderers with its fascinating tales.
  • Enjoying the ziplining activity called Flying Fox.
  • Explore the palaces inside Mehrangarh Fort esp. Sheesh Mahal, Moti Mahal, Phool Mahal, Zenana Deodi, etc.
  • Enjoy the traditional folk music of Rajasthan performed by the artists clad in Rajasthani costumes.
  • One can also visit Chokelao Gardens situated within the fort premises.
  • Every day, more than 200 eagles gather around the fort. These eagles are fed by the fort management from the top of the tower across Chokelao Gardens, making it an entirely unique experience.

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Traveler Tips

Irrespective of the season in which you are planning to visit Mehrangarh Fort, following are the list of things one must keep in mind before visiting the fort:

  • Do remember to wear comfortable shoes while hiking up the hill. One can also take direct stairs to the fort from the central market.
  • It’s recommended wearing hats because of the heat.
  • If you are planning a visit to Summers then keep yourself light and hydrated.
  • The fort is open from 9 am to 5 pm. Try to reach the place as early as possible to enjoy the serene beauty of this fort.

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Here was all that you need to know before you book your trip to Jodhpur. Start planning already to have an amazing time exploring the cobbled ways, walking through the royal gates, and eating at the terrace restaurant of Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur on your vacay.

Frequently Asked Questions About
Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur

Q. Who owns Mehrangarh Fort?

A. Mehrangarh Fort is owned by Maharaja Gaj Singhji Sahib of Marwar.

Q. Who was the king of Mehrangarh Fort?

A. Rao Jodha ruled over Mehrangarh Fort in the 15th century.

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