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The Netherlands, a country with color, classical art, history of human civilization and the Dutch culture, this is the Netherlands is all about. The country filled with the icons of tourist’s attraction. The mouth smacking cheese markets at Alkmaar, Gouda, and Edamto is the reminder of glowing cheese trade of the country. Clogs which dates back to the thirteenth century were found in Rotterdam and Amsterdam are the oldest preserved clogs. From those tulips in the field to Amsterdam Tulip Museum Showcasing the journey of tulip, canals of Amsterdam to the windmills of Kinderdijk, innovative water-management, millions of bicycles to the pages of Diary of Ann Frank showing the horrific days the country have seen, a tour to this country is a dreamy affair. We have curated for few Netherlands travel tips that can make your journey worth remembering.

12 Essential Netherlands Travel Tips

But before visiting the country consisting Van Gogh’s legendary masterpieces and before planning to capture those scenic beauties and the beaches a virtual exploration of the country is important. The Netherlands travel tips that we have bought to you may help you to plan a successful trip. Here we go:

1. Carry Cash

Carry Cash

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With the advent of digitalization, we are now more dependent on our cards, whether it be a debit card or credit card. But while your visit to the Netherlands, do not simply rely on your cards. This is a basic travel tip in the Netherlands that always carry cash with you. In the Netherlands, they do love cards but only the Maestro Card. Contrasting with other countries in the worlds credit cards are not popular in the Netherlands. However, few of the stores are now going cashless but to be on the safer side carry cash with you.

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2. Be An Expert In Time Management

Be An Expert In Time Management

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It is important to manage time while visiting the Netherlands. If you need to go shopping or need to do any chore try to do it between 10 am and 5-6pm. Though few business shops are open till midnight, most of the businesses are shut down by 6 p.m and museums and shops remain closed on Mondays.

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3. Be Specific While asking For Water

Be Specific While asking For Water

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In the Netherlands asking for water is complex. You can get free water only if you know what to ask to get this otherwise you will be charged. If you are thirsty and you need water rather than asking simply for water move for asking a pitcher of tap water. Tap water is free here but if you simply ask for tap water you’ll receive a very tiny amount of water and if you simply say water you’ll get a non-refillable small bottle of water and they’ll charge you money for the bottle. So for better move go for the pitcher.

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4. Public Urinals are free for man only

Public Urinals are free for man only

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Keep cash with you if you are women and need to go to urinal because in many of the cities of Netherlands Public Urinals are free for man only. However, women can get free urinal in restaurants and cafes. It’s better to keep a little change to pay in the toilets.

5. Tipping Is Nice But Not Mandatory

Tipping Is Nice But Not Mandatory

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While visiting another country we often get confused on h issue whether to tip or not. The point is that in general you are not bound to pay as you have already spent on all the things you have ordered. It is not regarded as ill behavior if you do not tip. But in case if you are satisfied with the service you can offer a tip.

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6. Try to Get the Museum Card

Try to Get the Museum Card

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Try to get the museum card in order to save money. The Netherlands is the center of art and culture and the country has an overabundance of well-known museums. This card is a good choice for a month for tourists as this card helps you explore into museums for only 60 euros in Amsterdam and beyond. In addition Museum Card, helps to get entree to around 32 museums in Amsterdam and more than 400 all over the Netherlands. This is an essential travel tip to Amsterdam Netherlands also for other cities in the country. If you are preparing to tour multiple cities in the country, this card is a must!

7. Keep Yourself Ready with a Raincoat

Rain Street Portrait Color Eople Kids Raincoat

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Weather is unpredictable here. It is an important Netherlands travel tip to keep a raincoat with you. For all around the trip, a light raincoat and travel umbrella are valuable as rain, sun and cold can all happen on the same day. Raincoat does not make that much space in your luggage. So, you can bring one along instead of buying one from here. These days, you can easily find compact raincoats that fit in your back pocket. You can just take them out once it starts to rain.

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8. The Netherlands have a Short Tulip Season

The Netherlands have a Short Tulip Season

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The Tulip period in the Netherlands is quite short. The window of Tulip flower blooming in the Netherlands is only 6 to 8 weeks and it is not same every year. It may get stretched or shorten. But if you are a Tulip lover then mid-April is the perfect time for you to visit the Netherlands and see the beautiful flower blooming.

Unfortunately, if you miss the window then you should visit the globe’s largest flower warehouse ‘FloraHolland’ or Bloemenmarkt, Amsterdam to see or buy beautiful Tulips.

9. Get on to the Dutch Trains

Get on to the Dutch Trains

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The trains in the Netherlands are just great, feel free to use them quite often when you are travelling within the Netherlands. If you are on a budget than Dutch trains are your friends. It is better if you choose trains over cabs. You will save a lot of money and time The Netherlands is a small country; you can visit different places in the country on a train in a very short period of time.

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10. Keep Tissues and a Hand Sanitizer

Keep Tissues and a Hand Sanitizer

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In winters the Netherlands gets really cold. It is a common sight in winter people not washing their hands or having just a brief wash. Most Dutch public bathrooms don’t offer you hot water taps and washing your hand with that cold water is not at all a good idea. So it is better to carry a hand sterilizer with you and a packet of tissues for your after-bathroom use. And it is also not guaranteed that you will get soap in every public bathroom.

11. Amsterdam is not the Whole Netherlands

Amsterdam is not the Whole Netherlands

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One of the utmost travel tips to Amsterdam, Netherlands is that visit other places too in the Netherlands. By visiting only Chicago you cannot say you have seen America same as by just visiting Amsterdam you cannot say you have seen the Netherlands. Amsterdam has got crowded because of a large number of tourists travel there. As touring the Netherlands is quite cheaper you can visit other places like The Hague and Utrecht where you can experience the beautiful history of the country and most importantly you will get to visit the countryside and get a chance to look deeply into the Dutch culture.

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12. Don’t Miss the Delightful Street Food at De Pure Markt

Don’t Miss the Delightful Street Food at De Pure Markt

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Missing your country food in the Netherlands? Then De Pure Markt is the place where you should be. The street food is still growing in Amsterdam. There are food festivals and Sunday markets which invited locals to prepare and offer food of all tastes of the world. There are quite a few places in Amsterdam for food like Westerpark but an equal substitute is De Pure Markt is no less. You will find food from every place of the world, from Indian cuisines to Spanish to Italian to Chinese. After having your meal you can have a leisure walk around and buy craft from the art and craft stall located nearby.

Few Packing Hacks:

Here are a few smart and nifty packing tips that will help you a great deal on your trip:
There is not really a dress code in the Netherlands. You can wear T-shirts, Jeans, Sweaters and comfy but attractive shoes anywhere you go.

Ice skating is a favorite pastime in the Netherlands. So if you are palling to visit in winter you’ll find ample opportunities to skate. So do not forget a hat, gloves, and scarf.

Even if you are visiting the country in summer i.e. June, July and August do not forget to pack a normal jacket or sweater as dusks can still be cooler.

Try to carry a Go! Filtered Water Bottle. So whenever needed you can refill the bottle.

To use electrical gadgets travel adapter plug may be needed. Further, if you use gadgets that are not manufactured for European voltage (230V), you may also need a step-down voltage converter.

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The Netherlands is the country with classical art, scenic beauty, the narrative of time and history of civilization. But it is essential to maintain certain stages before traveling to another country. This does not only help to enjoy a peaceful vacation but makes the journey safer. These travel tips will help you enjoy the beauty of the Netherlands without any hustle and chaos on your next trip to the Netherlands.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Netherlands Travel Tips

What is to be kept in mind while traveling to the Netherlands?

Although the Netherlands is one of the best places to travel to, there are some things that you must not forget. Some Netherlands travel tips to bear in mind is that it is better to carry a hand sanitizer and tissues with you, another one is if you are a tulip-lover then it is better to visit the destination mid-April as its the best time to see blooming Tulips, and always carry a raincoat.

What countries make up the Netherlands?

The kingdom of the Netherlands is made up of 4 constituent countries which are: Aruba, Sint Maarten, Curacao, and the Netherlands. Amsterdam is the capital and the largest city of the Netherlands.

Is the Netherlands a safe place to visit?

Yes, the Netherlands is quite a safe place to visit. The laws are strictly practiced and enforced and practiced. In fact, the crime rate is very low too.

What are some of the best things to eat in the Netherlands?

Some of the best things to eat in the Netherlands are Kroket, Kaas, Stroopwafel, Kibbeling, and Poffertjes. Try these to know what Dutch cuisine is all about.

Which are the best hotels to stay in the Netherlands?

Some of the best hotels to stay in the Netherlands are Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam, Hilton Amsterdam, Breitner House, Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam, and Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam.

Is Denmark better than the Netherlands?

Netherlands and Denmark are two very different destinations. Denmark is cleaner and offers a great dining experience and the majestic castles make you feel as if you are in a fairy tale. Whereas, the Netherlands is about history, culture, and art. There are also many Cheese markets here serving as a constant reminder of the growing Cheese trade in the country.

What is the best time to visit Netherlands?

The best time to visit the Netherlands is from April to October as the weather during this time in the Netherlands is pleasant and one can explore the place comfortably.

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