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    Northern Lights

    Just like we can’t imagine a life without the Vikings, Swedish meatballs, and H&M, a trip to Europe is totally incomplete without exploring Sweden. The country is blessed with the most scenic landscapes, exotic cities and rich heritage that serves as the home to the midnight sun, northern lights, reindeers and adorable huskies who can be your ride on the snow.

    15 Places To Visit In Sweden One Should Not Miss Out!

    From the ice hotels to the enchanting cruise rides, here are the 15 best places to visit in Sweden which will take you on a journey to a wonderland.

    1. Stockholm

    Stockholm City

    Image Source

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    This Swedish capital is hyped to be a place which has something to give everyone. Boasting an aesthetically designed architecture and, modern art blended perfectly with the cobblestoned streets of the old town. This blend of different era’s can also be witnessed in the restaurants of Stockholm as they serve traditional meal and also the modern Nordic cuisine.

    Attractions in Stockholm: Djurgården, Skansen and Vasa Museum

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    2. Gothenburg

    Gothenburg City

    Image Source

    The country’s second largest city holds its charm, despite of being overshadowed by the glam of Stockholm.Reinvented its old space, the city is now a home to the Michelin star restaurants lined across the streets and the rusted warehouses which have turned out as art galleries. The serene and lively streets in the night and a proximity to the neighboring islands makes this city one of the places to visit in Sweden which one cannot miss.

    Attractions in Gothenburg: Liseberg Amusement Park, Gothenburg Museum of Art, Archipelago

    3. Abisko

    Northern Lights

    Image Source

    A place where the wonders of nature are a fascinating sight to capture. Just at the north of the Arctic circle, this small village in Sweden is a home to see the spectacular Aurora Borealis and the Midnight sun.People from different places head to take glimpse of the green and blue night sky in the winters while in the summers, the midnight sun is the main attraction of this secluded region.

    Attractions in Abisko: Aurora Sky Station

    4. Are

    Skiing at Are

    Image Source

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    Are is a mountain village which never sleeps and gives a metropolitan vibe with its wide array of things. Experience skiing and roam in the streets lined with shops, restaurants and bars along with the fascinating view of the mountains. This place is a great escape for the people who are looking out to calm down their adrenaline rush and spend a vacation away from the city.

    Attractions in Are: Are Ski Resort, Are Kabinbana, Njarka Sami Camp, Froa Gruva

    5. Halmstad

    Bridge at Halmstad

    Image Source

    Boasting its timber-framed architecture, ports and universities, this south-west Swedish city reflects the parts of the Danish culture of the 17th century along with the vibe of metropolitan city. The summer city of Sweden, this destination is a paradise for the travelers who wants a escape to the sandy beaches while enjoying a mild climate.

    Attractions in Halmstad: Nissan River, Galgberget, Tylösand Strand, Mjellby Art Museum

    6. Helsingborg

    Port of Helsingborg

    Image Source

    The city of Helsingborg is a home to the waterfront restaurants, ruins of the ancient castles and cobblestoned built streets. Along with a splendid architecture of the city, the locals also welcome you with a smile as you walk down the streets.

    Attractions in Helsingborg: Kärnan, Sankta Maria Kyrka, Ramlösa Brunnspark

    7. Jokkmokk

    Church at Jokkmokk

    Image Source

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    Being the meeting ground in the Swedish Lapland, this place holds an annual market since 400-years which brings the Sami Clan together. Reflecting the Sami culture at its best, this town is gives a great experience to the travelers with their old traditions and delicious culinary treasures.

    Attractions in Jokkmokk: Ajtte Sami Museum, Bio Norden, Gamla Apoteket

    8. Kiruna


    Image Source

    The unusual geographical location and the beautiful sightings of the nature, makes this Swedish Lapland a fascinating place to discover. The travelers come from far and wide to witness the exotic view of the Northern lights and the Midnight sun at the same place. This is not enough because it has the highest mountain peak in Sweden to conquer and the world’s largest iron ore mine.

    Attractions in Kiruna: LKAB Iron Ore Mine, Kiruna Kyrka

    9. Kalmar

    Castle of Kalmar

    Image Source

    A Kalmar city showcases a vibrant contrast of historical architecture and modernity.Situated in the Baltic sea at the southeast part of Sweden, this city will give a glimpse of an unusual blend of past and present with its historical structures which complements the gigantic multinational companies and streets lined up with restaurants and bar.

    Attractions in Kalmar: Kalmar Castle, Kalmar County Museum, Kalmar art museum

    10. Oland

    Valley at Oland

    Image Source

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    Tucked away from all the glamour, this island province is a land of sandy beaches, luscious green valley and iron age villages which will remind you of the ‘Vikings’. It seems the time has stopped in this island, seeing the rustic surroundings. But the place has something for everyone, starting off from the serene beaches, rusted windmills and nightclubs to spice up the night.

    Attractions in Oland: Gosslunda, Skedemose Museum, The Oland Bridge, Ismantorp Fortress

    11. Umea

    Fort at Umea

    Image Source

    Given the title of the ‘Town of Silver Birches’, this capital city of Vasterbotten County is a home to many students. Situated in Northern Sweden, this is another resort to take you closer to view the magnificent Aurora Borealis. Along with being the student friendly city, this place also boasts the second largest art gallery in Sweden.

    Attractions in Umeå: Umedalen Sculpture Museum, Norrbyskar Island, Holmon Island, Västerbottens Museum

    12. Linkoping

    Town of Linkoping

    Image Source

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    Located at the Ostgota Plains, this is the one of the happening places in Sweden which gives a glimpse of the exciting citylife for the explorers and also a relaxing vacation in isolation. This city has everything for the crowd, like the fancy restaurants, pristine lakes and entertainment at every corner of the street.

    Attractions in Linkoping: Gamla Linkoping Open-Air Museum, Roxen, Linkoping Castle,

    13. Lapland

    Santa claus Village

    Image Source

    The Finnish Lapland is the true picture of that dreamy and picturesque winter wonderland. While the place showcases a beautiful change of 24-hour daylight in summers and the dark winter days, it is also a paradise for the skiing lovers. The land where you can take a ride of the huskies and meet Santa, the Finnish Lapland just makes every fantasy come true.

    Attractions in Lapland: Santa Claus Village, Yllas, Arktikum Science Museum, Urho Kekkonen National Park

    14. Sigtuna

    Town of Sigtuna

    Image Source

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    This 10th century town marks the beginning of Sweden gives a clear picture of its ancient heritage and modern architecture. Situated just an hour outside of Stockholm, this town will give a glimpse of the streets lined with cafes and restaurants amidst the historical ruins.

    Attractions in Sigtuna: Skokloster Castle, Steninge Palace and Rosersberg Palace

    15. Marstrand

    Marstand Port

    Image Source

    This beautiful island city in Sweden holds a one of a kind sailing championships on the large guest harbour. Commonly known as the “Sailing Metropolis Of The West Coast”, this island gives an excellent experience of witnessing the glam of the nightlife, shopping stops and entertainment.

    Attractions in Marstrand: Carlstens Fastning, Lasse Maja, Archipelago

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