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    places to visit in Vladimir

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    Vladimir,one of the medieval capitals of Russia, is widely esteemed for its striking historical structures of the monuments. The most eye-catching features of the places to visit in Vladimir are the Golden Gates, one of the White Monuments , known for their historic, architectural and religious significance in Russia. Check out the best tourist spots in Vladimir. It’s worth exploring!

    5 Best Places To Visit In Vladimir

    Get to know about the breathtaking history and scenic structures of the place . The 5 best places to visit in Vladimir are listed below:

    • The Golden Gates
    • Assumption Of Cathedral
    • Cathedral Of Saint Demetrius
    • The Chambers
    • The Water Tower

    1. The Golden Gates

    The Golden Gates

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    The Golden Gate was built in 1164 when Vladimir and Suzdal was ruled by Andrey Bogolyubsky. The speciality of the structure is that on top of the gates there’s a church with a golden dome and during its reconstruction in 18th-19th century, new small castles were built on the two sides of the gates.The purpose for building the structure was to protect the city.

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    2. Assumption Of Cathedral

    Assumption Of Cathedral

    Image Source

    It is one of the most fascinating monuments in the history of Russia ,which was founded by Andrey Bogolyubsky in 1158 and was meant to glorify the power and importance of his rule.
    During the Tartars invasions , the building was kaput and in the beginning of the 18th century it as restored by Peter the Great.

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    3. Cathedral Of Saint Demetrius

    Cathedral Of Saint Demetrius

    Image Source

    The cathedral is built of white stone in which you can see an impressive and expertised latticework depicting the power and doings of Russian princes. The works and textures of the building are precise and detailed .The purpose to built the monument was to honor prince vsevolod of Vladimir-Suzdal.

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    4. The Chambers

    The Chambers

    It is located between Assumption Cathedral and Dmitry’s Cathedral as a place for the government region , built in 1790. Now it hosts the historic , architectural and art exhibition, known as ‘The beauty of the old times’.

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    5. The Water Tower

    The Water Tower

    Image Source

    The structure was first built in the end of 19th century and was rebuilt in 1912 with red bricks in pseudorussian style which has a form cistern and widens on top. It hosts exhibitions and is termed as ‘Old Vladimir’ with a nifty view on the historical center of the place.

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