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Travel is like a beautiful dream. It takes you into a state of euphoria and fills your mind and body with positive energy – and on our trip to Jaisalmer, we experienced the same. The culture, heritage, and architecture of Jaisalmer are mindblowing and overall, exploring this desert city gave us immense delight.

Trip Duration: 2 nights/1 day
Trip Cost: INR 19,500
Agent Name: Tourepedia
Month of Travel: April 2017
Inclusions: Transfers, meals (excluding lunch), sightseeing, and taxes
Exclusions: Train tickets and lunch

vacation in jaisalmer
punita in jaisalmer
posing at jaisalmer fort

This Is How A Family Fell Prey To The Charm Of Jaisalmer

Traveling gives me the clarity to understand my unsettled emotions and a medium to leave behind the hustle and bustle of city life. While traveling, I love to explore and witness each and every new experience that comes my way with open arms. I interact with local people and try to understand the stories behind every place I visit. And during all these journeys, I make sure, I have my companion for life, i.e. my Canon DSLR, with me. It feels great to come back from a trip with so many good memories stored forever in the form of pictures. Furthermore, to make my travel experience even more enriching, I try to travel with different sets of people to gain their travel perspective.

And this time too, I did the same, for I took a trip to Jaisalmer with two married couples and a three-year-old boy. They were all my friends, who I had gotten to know earlier in my life. My friend Devpriya invited me to come along with her husband and a few friends on this trip to Jaisalmer. We planned to witness the culture of Jaisalmer and stay at a desert camp in the Thar Desert.

tanks at longewala war memorial
patwon ki haveli in jaisalmer
summer fun in jaisalmer

Since our trip was very short, we decided to book a Jaisalmer tour package and I decided to consult TravelTriangle since I had earlier been on adventurous weekend getaways with them to places like Chakrata and Tirthan Valley.

TravelTriangle sent us quotes keeping in mind the requirements I mentioned and their service certainly felt like a lifeline as I didn’t want to take the stress of planning everything all by myself. I trusted TravelTriangle and Tourepedia agency in deciding for us the best possible itinerary for Jaisalmer and was more than satisfied in the end.

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Day 1: Exploring the streets of Jaisalmer

a cute little candid picture
gaurav and devpriya on a trip to jaisalmer

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Our journey began from Jaipur with a train to Jaisalmer at 1 am. While on this journey, I had an intuition that this trip to Jaisalmer is gonna be an unforgettable one. As Devpriya (my best friend) and Gaurav ji (her husband) were enjoying the morning view from the train window with a peaceful embrace, I clicked a candid shot of theirs.

arriving in jaisalmer

The morning silence in the train compartment provided me with the perfect ambiance to complete my journal. At noon, we arrived at the Jaisalmer station, welcomed by a sweltering summer wind. We were surprised to see how neat and clean the railway station was. At the station, the car driver, Mr. Fakhir Khan, was waiting to receive us.

We proceeded to the Hyatt Hotel where we had a complimentary stay for a couple of hours. A special thanks to the people at Tourepedia, to provide us rooms at Hyatt Hotel for a few hours, just so that we could freshen up. At 3 pm, we moved out from the hotel and went to a restaurant for a traditional Rajasthani meal. We sat on the floor while the restaurant served us delicious Gatte ki Sabzi and Dal Baati Churma.

streets of jaisalmer
exploring the jaisalmer palaces
capturing romantic moments

Rajasthan Trip: The Royal Twist To A Normal Tale

Post lunch, we visited the Patwon Ki Havelia cluster of five Havelis that left us totally mesmerized by its beautiful architecture and design. I started roaming around and clicking pictures of the marvelous carved walls of the Haveli. From there, we walked for around two kilometers in the narrow lanes of Jaisalmer. Each and every house of Jaisalmer we saw, was made from yellow stones or big bricks that were beautifully carved. This is how Jaisalmer got its glimmering nickname- The Golden City. It felt like each passing house told a different story of the medieval times.

haunted village of kuldhara
road trips in jaisalmer
desert camp sites in jaisalmer

Afterward, Mr.Fakhir Khan drove us to the starting point of the desert safari. It felt so serene looking at the barren land of desert sprawled across both sides of the road. Our driver took a small diversion from the main road and showed us an abandoned haunted village Kuldhara.

We finally arrived at Le Royal Camp at 6:00 pm. The whole camp was beautifully designed giving a royal feel in the desert tents. Adding to the grandeur of the campsite, was a pool in the middle of the camp.

desert terrain in jaisalmer
desert safari in jaisalmer

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As the sun was about to set, we went for a jeep safari to watch the sunset in the desert. Dune bashing in an open jeep was thrilling and a bit dangerous. After the safari, I took out my camera to click pictures of the sunset. Later on, we proceeded for a short camel ride in the desert. As it turned dark, we came back to our camp for the night. As I looked up to the night sky, I found the stars visible ever so clearly. Post dinner, we were entertained with a traditional Rajasthani folk dance performance. After the performance, we crashed in our tents for the night as we were tired after a long and exciting day.

Day 2: Camel ride in Thar desert

punita taking a camel ride
shri ram getting ready for a morning camel ride

We woke up early and got ready at 6 am for the camel safari. For about two kilometers, we rode on camels and traveled deep into the desert. We stopped at a particular sand dune where I threw away my slippers and started walking bare feet on the cool desert sand. I felt so complete at that moment, as a feeling of happiness filled my heart. Like a child, I took sand in my hands and dug my feet deep into the grainy sand dune and it was while playing in the sand here, that we experienced a pristine sunset.

After spending an hour in the desert, we came back to our camp and got ready for our next destination. The breakfast at the Le Royal Camp was delicious and it just felt like I was eating breakfast at my house.

having fun enroute jaisalmer
clicking pictures on the way to longewala

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At 10 am, we checked out and started our journey to Longewala. The drive to Longewala felt surreal as both sides of the road were covered in desert, and we were driving all alone on the highway. We saw wild camels roaming in the desert and shepherds walking with their cattle. Finally, after two hours, we arrived at the War Memorial in Longewala.

Over there, we saw the tanks of Pakistan that were left behind by their Army during the war of 1971. We saw a movie based on the war of 1971 as it filled us with pride and increased our respect for Indian Army.

remembering war heroes in longewala
longewala war memorial

Afterward, we visited the Tanot Mata Temple. The temple was decorated with dupattas of various colors. During the war of 1971, the Pakistan army bombarded the Tanot Mata Temple but the shells did not detonate on the mandir. You can find the personals of BSF at Mandir instead of Pujaris conducting pooja and giving Prasad to devotees.

going on a sightseeing tour in jaisalmer
palaces in jaisalmer

Romantic Trip To Jaipur: Welcome To The City Of Palaces

We only had a few hours left for our departure so we visited the Jaisalmer Fort and saw the mesmerizing view of Jaisalmer city from the top. We bought some antique jewelry from Jaisalmer Fort and rushed to the station to catch our train to Delhi.

It was an eventful trip to say the least. During the trip I had many experience such as travelling in the sleeper class of a train after a long time, fighting with aunties for a seat in the train, braving the scorching heat of Jaisalmer, seeing the glimmering golden houses of Jaisalmer, and experiencing an open jeep safari in the desert.

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My experience with TravelTriangle:

highway to longewala
watching the sunrise in jaisalmer
rajasthani folk performance

The overall experience with Travel Triangle was great and the trip package was value for money. They put extra efforts to make our stay comfortable and luxurious.

Unforgettable moments of our trip to Jaisalmer

meeting a beautiful child in jaisalmer
  • During our train journey to Jaisalmer, I met a little girl with beautiful blue eyes that took my breath away. Like a stalker, I looked at her without blinking my eyes. At first, I was scared to take her picture as she was with her family, but they turned out to be cool about it. Her grandma told me that I wasn’t the only one who was intrigued by her beauty and clicked her picture.
safari in jaisalmer
  • The most amazing moment of this trip was the time we went deep into the desert on a camel and watched the sunrise while sitting on the cool morning sand.

What I missed out on

  • Due to the short duration of our trip, we couldn’t get to visit the Gadisar Lake and Heritage Museum which I was really looking forward to. I am really fond of lakes but our tight schedule didn’t allow us to visit any.

A city blessed with culture, heritage, and history. Book your  Rajasthan family package now and witness the beauty of a desert land!

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