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Jaisalmer Tourism

Explore the paradise of desert and its magnificent architectural marvels in the Golden City of Jaisalmer
Jaisalmer Tourism

Rated 4.0/5 (based on 718 reviews)

Quick Information

Current weather:

Best time to visit:

Sep - Mar



Ideal Duration:

2-3 Days

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Jaisalmer Tourism Guide

In the proud desert city, Jaisalmer tourism provides visitors with a glimpse into the past glories of the region. A Jaisalmer city trip is a unique experience and definitely something one has to undertake when traveling in India. A well-planned Jaisalmer tourism package is sure to get one closer to the attractions there. With its forts, temples and geographical location, the golden city Jaisalmer is one of the crown jewels of Rajasthan. Situated in the heart of the Thar Desert, it is an ideal destination to witness the natural beauty of the desert, and one of India’s only locations to experience the dune bashing. Whether it is with family, friends or solo, Jaisalmer has something special to offer to everyone such as Fort Rajwada, Sam Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer Fort and so on. Confirm the Jaisalmer Fort timings before going. From long, winding tales of the valor and sacrifice of the Rajput kings, to the adventure activities in the desert, Jaisalmer tourism offers a wide spectrum of experiences to travelers.

The sheer number of Jaisalmer tourist places dictates that travelers spend at least 3 days in this majestic city. There are also several places to visit in Jaisalmer in 2 days, as well as several places to visit in Jaisalmer in night. This includes Ghadsisar lake, Jaisalmer Fort, the Jain temples, the Havelis, and the Sam sand dunes just on the outskirts of the city. Located in the heart of the desert, Jaisalmer experiences extreme temperatures year round, but winters can be brisk and pleasant. Planning a Jaisalmer desert safari is also a good idea, for the winters. Considering all these things, it is important to note that a Jaisalmer tour provides much more as well. Various eateries serving local delicacies, readily available alcohol, and bhang and various luxury options to stay in, make your Jaisalmer holiday a more wholesome and complete experience. Make sure to find out the best time to visit Jaisalmer before booking a package.


How To Reach Jaisalmer

Read about the best & quickest routes to save time & money, as suggested by our travelers

By Air

Wondering how to reach Jaisalmer by air? The Golden City currently does not have an airport that civilian flights land at and therefore is not directly accessible by air. The nearest airport is Jodhpur Airport, which is well conne...

By Train

Jaisalmer is well connected to most of the cities by train and there are multiple options for travelers traveling from anywhere in India. There are direct trains going to Jaisalmer or passing through Jaisalmer from cities like Jod...

By Road

There are two options when going to Jaisalmer by road, one is by bus and the other is to drive yourself. Bus services to Jaisalmer are available from all major cities in Rajasthan like Jodhpur and Jaipur. There are no direct buses...

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Places To Visit In Jaisalmer

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Things To Do In Jaisalmer

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FAQ's of Jaisalmer

Read on to find out why our customers love us!

What is the best way to get to Jaisalmer?

The best way to reach Jaisalmer is by train, as the train station is connected to most major cities in the country. The airport in Jaisalmer is a military airport and thus only accepts chartered flights. If coming by air, the closest airport is in Jodhpur from where you can take a cab. If driving from Delhi, taking a stop in Jaipur or Ajmer is recommended.

What are options for luxury in Jaisalmer?

Jaisalmer has a number of luxury options to offer tourists looking to have a really special experience. There a fw 5 star hotels and resorts in and around Jaisalmer. There is also The Serai Luxury Desert Camp among the dunes with all the luxuries that one can imagine. The Palace on Wheels Rajasthan tour also spends a day in Jaisalmer.

Are there any religious or holy places near Jaisalmer?

 Jaisalmer has an abundance of temples that are fairly ancient and known fo their carvings and sculptures. It is home to the very big Jain temples constructed in the 12th century. Also famous is the Tanot Mata temple, some 2 hours away, which is unique as it is said that during the 1965 war with Pakistan, enemy troops dropped a number of bombs on the temple yet all of them missed the target.

What should the budget for a trip to Jaisalmer be while backpacking?

Backpacking budgets are usually not that large as convenience gives way to luxury. Jaisalmer has a number of hostels available with beds on rent for people to stay starting as low as Rs. 300 a night. The cost of the sightseeing and relatively cheap food combined, a backpacker can see everything that Jaisalmer has to offer in roughly Rs. 2000- Rs. 2500.

Are there any festivals in Jaisalmer across the year?

The Desert Festival takes place in Jaisalmer's sand dunes every year in the month of February 3 days before the full moon. It is celebrated in remembrance of a prophecy having come true with the establishment of the kingdom of Rawal Jaiswal in the 12th Century. It is a festival full of color with a lot of different camel related activities like camel polo and camel races taking place among other activities. It lasts for three days.  

Jaisalmer Travel Guide

Extending many millennia through history, a trip to Jaisalmer can take travelers on a journey through time. The Aakal or Wood Fossil Park just outside the city is a site where the geological evidence of events that happened millions of years earlier can be observed. A Jaisalmer city tour takes you through the age of the proud Rajputs and the establishment of a faith like Jainism. Local delicacies to experience the taste of Rajasthan like kachoris and samosas are found commonly but there are also a surprising number of good, continental restaurants. In this city of royalty, royal luxuries are not hard to find either. Luxury stays including a luxury desert camp are available throughout the place for tourists.

Ideally, Jaisalmer can be explored over the course of a week, including the sights and activities on offer. However, 3-4 days are usually enough to see the main attractions and get an idea of the beautiful city and its environs. It is a good idea to know what your objectives for the trip are according to your interests. With such a wide variety of experiences available, this is an enviable but tough task. A handy Jaisalmer travel guide such as this can be a huge help in achieving this.<readmore> Yet it is next to impossible to go wrong while planning a Jaisalmer tour thanks to all the aforementioned factors. So if you are looking for any experience in Rajasthan that relates to sand dunes, camels, and royalty, then a holiday in Jaisalmer is absolutely ideal for you.