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Disclaimer: The post requires understanding basic level of sarcasm and having high level of tolerance.

Male Engineers- A breed of hottie who lives in their lair full of cool gadgets and awesome video games, never failing to avenge a virtual kingdom and attain glory! Never in their lives have they been friend zoned or bro zoned by any hot chick. Back in school, when they came first in every class, teachers adored them and they stole the hearts of countless lassies!

So, now they’re so tired of all the attention they’re getting that they refuses to travel even with beautiful beings of the opposite sex.

Ah! What can we say girls you drove them away yourself!

So here are, 10 reasons why engineers don’t want to travel with ladies.

1. Because they are tired of having a fling every time they travel

Travelling with men

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2. Because they also want some”lone wolf” time

Lone Wolf

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3. Because throughout their life they have been chased by girls and want some free time while they travel


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4. Because girls can’t resist geeks !


5. Because girls make them feel awkward by treating them like kings on trip


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6. Because they don’t want to spend their time in a romantic trip when they have life changing stuff work on


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7. Because their books are great company, they don’t need girls to make them feel special


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8. Because they are scared of girls getting desperate for them in public transport


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9. Even committed girls can’t resist their charm, and Engineers feel guilty if such a girl falls for them while travelling


10. Because they don’t want their fellow female travelers to feel ignored during the trip


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And now since it’s established, we hope you know why engineers run behind girls! ;)

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