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    A British Airways flight to Dubai was forced to return to London due to a foul whiff coming from an overflowing toilet. Hertsmere councillor Abhishek Sachdev, one of the passengers on board, said the seven-hour flight was aborted “because of a smelly poo in the toilet”.

    Apparently, the cabin crew were unable to fix the problem as the odour became unbearable for passengers seated nearby, forcing the plane to turn around and land.

    It is very much like a real life version of a typical Indian joke which had the Brits go so bonkers that it made its way to a national newspaper! Let alone the fact that the shit brought down a $533-million airplane juddering back to the ground!

    Shit just got real..literally

    Bad-Stink Emma Stone

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    According to reports when the plane departed everything seemed fine, until the captain made an announcement about 30 minutes after take-off.

    Now, few things strike my mind here:

    • We as Indians are used to some pretty bad shit. Heck! You can come across poop anywhere anytime here! Whereas, these stiff upper lip Brits couldn’t even handle a stinking aircraft loo.
    • But the most vital question of all: how and why did our “vigilante turd man” shit up and around the toilet seat, leaving his mark that couldn’t be cleared by the aircraft loo’s flush or the cabin crew, for that matter?

    The flight finally took off after 15 hours and all passengers were given free overnight hotel accommodation and food coupons – WooHoo!!

    Stay in peace badass shitter, would look forward to your next big act. We also nominate you for the ‘Badass of the Year’ Award!


    The woes of the passengers were reflected well in Mr.Sachdev’s tweet.

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