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    Shopping In Bhutan (Cover)

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    Bhutan is a country blessed with scenic beauty of nature and architectural heritage. But beyond that the country also offers some of the unique handicrafts and authentic items which are perfect to bring along as a souvenir. Though Bhutan is quite a limitation in the places to be explored, but the country has an abundance in things like fabrics, statues, books, and handcrafted goods.

    8 Best Places For Shopping In Bhutan

    For the people who are looking out to buy some authentic things from this Himalayan Kingdom, these shopping places will give a complete spree experience in Bhutan.

    1. Norzin Lam Street

    Norzin Lam Thimphu

    Image Source

    This particular street which is a really popular shopping spot is situated in Thimphu and is in the main city or just about 2 kms away from the main city center. The street is filled with shops on either side and you can look around if you don’t feel like purchasing. The street starts at around 8:30 in the morning and continues till 9:00 at night. The hand made things in this market are amazing but expensive and one can also find many local textile shops.

    Location: Thimphu, Bhutan

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    2. Authentic Bhutanese Craft


    Image Source

    This shop is just adjacent to the Norzin lam and you can spot it easily. This shop is a handicraft shop which has really great things and people love the detailing with which it is made. This place has many handmade things to offer like scarfs, bags, shoes and much more. Here only authentic things which are made by the locals are made and you can see the hard work that is put into it.

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    3. Lunga Handicraft


    Image Source

    This is another handicraft shop in Bhutan that you will love. The shop is located in Thimphu and is loved by many travellers. They have all the products sealed and stamped by the NCCA which means that you can pass this through the airport customs by they might add some shipping charges. They have great monastic trumpets, carpets, saddles and bamboo boxes.

    Location: Chang Lam, Thimphu

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    4. DSB Books

    DSU Books

    Image Source

    This amazing place for all the book nerds was founded in 2000 and has been popular since then. They have a great collection about Himalayas and Bhutan and other fiction and non-fiction books. The shop is well organized and the employees are kind and will help you to find something if you get lost here.

    Location: Thimphu, Bhutan

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    5. Yoser Lhamo Shop


    Image Source

    This is a farmer’s shop and you can find many things to eat and drink here. Beer and cheese are their specialty. One can come here and have a chilled beer and they serve red panda beer, honey wine, peach brandy wine and apple juice.

    Location: Jakar, Bhutan

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    6. Gagyel Lhundrup Weaving Center


    Image Source

    This center is a hand-woven textile and you can find amazing clothes with a great design which are unstitched and some of the stitched fabrics are for sale. This shop is located to the south side of Thimphu. This is an amazing place and they offer you better prices than shops in the markets.

    Location: Thimphu, Bhutan

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    7. Yarkay Central Mall


    Image Source

    One of the best shopping malls in Bhutan that will give you the best shopping experience in Bhutan. You can find some great stuff here as they have many things from China, Nepal, Bangkok and Bangladesh. These products are imported from these places and you can have many classy gifts for people and for you. They also have many craft products sold here which are delicate and beautiful.

    Location: Thimphu, Bhutan

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    8. Choki Handicrafts


    Image Source

    Another place where you can find some great handmade stuff. This place has really beautiful paintings, wooden boxes, thangkas and many religious products. They have an amazing collection and some of this is made in Choki Traditional Art School. It has a great shopping experience and you must visit this place if you love great handmade stuff and is a great experience.

    Location: Choki Khangzang, Pedzoe Lam

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    9. Thinley Dhendup General Shop and Handicraft


    Image Source

    As you can guess by the name of this shop, it is another treasure of Bhutan that sells handicraft works. The theme of the store is a little funky and has a great vibe and is in the central junction of the town. The main products that people love here are wooden bowls, textiles, brass butter lamps and some religious articles.

    Location: Trashi Yangtse

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    So are you excited to explore and splurge on these Bhutanese handicrafts? If yes, then make sure to not miss out these famous shopping places while here. But before that book your customized Bhutan holiday package with TravelTriangle and explore the best of this Himalayan Kingdom!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Shopping In Bhutan

    Q. Which is the best season to visit Bhutan?

    A. October to December is the most ideal time to visit Bhutan as the air is clean, fresh with clear sunny skies. January and February are cold but till April, the climate remains dry and also pleasant. Moreover, in late spring, the famous rhododendrons bloom spectacularly which completely flood the valleys with color.

    Q. What should I buy in Bhutan?

    A. You can buy a lot of pretty things like handicraft items which are popular as souvenirs in Bhutan. There are Bhutanese handicrafts, handcrafted bags, wall hangings and many more items. Apart from this, there are handwoven textiles, gold and silver jewelry, and Himalayan beads, handmade wooden bowls (Dappa), cane and bamboo items, wooden products, and postal stamps.

    Q. Where to shop for Bhutanese fashion items?

    A. Thimphu and Paro street stalls are the best places to buy Bhutanese fashion clothes, shoes, and woollen items that have beautiful thread embroidery. All these items are available at cheaper prices at these markets.

    Q. Where to shop in Bhutan?

    A. You can shop for Bhutanese textiles at the Norizm Lam market, National Textile Museum. You can also shop for Bhutanese artworks at the Bhutan Art Gallery. Besides this, there is Paro’s Cheencho handicrafts for buying handicraft items.

    Q. What are some of the popular foods to buy in Bhutan?

    A. There are quite a few dishes you must try like Ema Datshi (chillies and cheese), Red Rice, Jasha Maroo or Maru (spicy chicken), Phaksha Paa (pork with red chilies), Suja (Bhutanese butter tea), Ara (traditional alcoholic beverage), Zow Shungo, and Jaju Soup.

    Q. Is Bhutan an expensive country?

    A. Some people might find Bhutan an expensive country but for some living there can be a super cheap affair. One can easily find accommodation at dirt cheap rates as well as relish some of the most famous street foods that are again not that costly. So, a five day trip to Bhutan will not burn a hole in your pocket.

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