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Skydiving in simple words is parachuting from an aeroplane for fun and adventure. It is indeed plenty of thrills to feel like a bird even for those few minutes. It is well known to be done individually let alone in groups. On the other hand, paragliding is the recreational and a very enjoyable yet thrilling adventure sport of flying paragliders. It is often performed with no rigid primary structure and the pilot is said to be sitting in a harness suspended below a fabric wing. Both the adventures are quite fun and decently thrilling to make you think twice before trying them however it is an addiction once you learn to have fun while doing it. This article will be discussing Skydiving vs Paragliding, so keep reading.

Skydiving: Best Places To Dive

Let’s have a quick look at the best places for skydiving in the world and they are as follows:

1. Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara

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Santa Barbara is located in California, North America and is one of the ideal locations for trying the skydiving. It owns the privilege for being the highest tandem skydive at 18,000 ft. It is well situated just about a few miles away from the great Pacific Ocean and the breath taking scenic & panoramic views of the California coastline witnessed and viewed from here is nothing that the words can ever describe.

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2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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Dubai has slowly but eventually become one of the best skydiving destinations in the globe. When you are flying under the blue sky and above the beautiful Dubai, the sight you witness is something to behold for a long time and nothing can beat spending the night at the desert safari after taking that thrilling dive. So, think which one will you choose when it comes to skydiving vs paragliding

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3. Denarau Island, Fiji

Denarau Island

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While talking about the breath taking yet very adventurous sky diving, we shouldn’t ignore Denarau Island which is certainly known and recognised for this adventure sport. Right from above you can have a great experience watching the tropical waters below clear enough to see the fishes and coral within. Skydiving from a height of 14,000 will certainly be of great thrill and fun while enjoying the awe-inspiring views while you take that jump.

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4. Interlaken, Switzerland


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Nothing can be better than skydiving in the Swiss Alps and to enjoy an extraordinary view of the snow-capped mountains and glaciers. Besides being thrilling and fun it was indeed affordable comparatively.

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5. Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Fox Glacier

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New Zealand is certainly considered to be the adventure capital of the world. Amidst the scenic views and panoramic sights, the spectacular lakes, magnificent glaciers and mountains, it is altogether a different level of fun and thrill to skydive here. While we do skydiving vs paragliding guide, keep noting the points that will make one of them win for you. You can truly get an adrenaline rush while to leave the surface and skydive right here in the heart of Fox Glacier, New Zealand. 

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6. Mount Everest, Nepal

Mount Everest

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If you are seeking for an ultimate skydiving experience, then trust me, there is nothing better than doing it right over the highest mountain peak in the world about 29,500 ft precisely which is the mighty Mount Everest. Skydiving here is certainly gaining an experience of a lifetime and it is considered to be a paradise for any skydive junkie.

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Paragliding: Best Places To Glide

The below mentioned places are known to be a hub for paragliding, take a look! These places are known for offering the best experience of paragliding. 

1. Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

Bazaruto Archipelago

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This heavenly blessed place is set about 750 km off the mainland and is known to be decently remote. To make a note of, the place is no way near touched by civilization and is situated amidst white sandy beaches and crystal-clear water. The very well popular Aficionados Jody MacDonald and Gavin McClurg were said to be the paragliding pioneers in Bazaruto Archipelago.

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2. Queenstown, New Zealand


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This is a very beautiful resort town located in the South Islands which is known to attract a huge number of tourists throughout the year. It is very well surrounded by the Southern Alps and built around Wakatipu which makes it an ideal spot for paragliding. The amazing nature and some decent panoramic views to behold makes this place nothing but perfect for paragliding.

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3. Wengen, Switzerland


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This beautiful village known for hiking and skiing is also a perfect spot for paragliding. While paragliding, one may have some decent views of the UNESCO listed Jungfrau-Aletsch site.

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4. Castelluccio, Italy


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Perfectly set at 1,452 m, Castelluccio is the highest village in the Apennines. Amidst the colourful valleys and magnificent views of the surrounding areas, there are indeed several paragliding schools and the said place is very well known to be a paradise for paragliding junkies. One can certainly have a great view of the blooming flowers in the field precisely between late May and early June.

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5. Julian Alps, Slovenia

Julian Alps

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There are several well-experienced guides and reputed agencies which will guide you and ensure that you have a pleasant let alone a thrilling paragliding experience to remember all your life. Here, beginners and professionals, both are welcome to try and have some decent fun. It is said to be a haven for adventure enthusiasts and people from across the globe lands here seeking a great paragliding experience.

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6. Dune Du Pyla, France

Dune Du Pyla

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This is considered to be one of the finest and very famous paragliding sites in entire Western Europe. Owing to the credit to the perfect blend of weather conditions and a favourable wind, it certainly becomes a perfect haven for paragliders and one can try and exercise various techniques while witnessing and admiring the wonderful and scenic views. To make a note of, it is indeed a great site for experienced paragliders.

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Skydiving Vs Paragliding: Cost


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As we have discussed some of the best places for skydiving and paragliding, let us now get a brief idea on the costs included to try out these thrilling adventure sports. We would also discuss the features of the skydiving and paragliding in brief below;
An average cost of skydiving depends on how much one chooses to jump and it also depends if you are going alone or with a group. To give you an idea, INR 25,000 is the average price of a skydive which includes a tandem jump and an experienced instructor. On the other hand, the average price for one flight of paragliding for 20 to 30 minutes can be about INR 3,500 per person.

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Skydiving Vs Paragliding: Features

As far as the skydiving aerodynamics is concerned, a typical jumps altitude for experienced skydivers do range in between 7,500 to 15,000 ft above ground level and it yields a freefall time anywhere between 40 to 85 seconds accordingly. While speaking of the paragliding aerodynamics, the control of movement, bending and folding should be taken seriously as it changes the magnitude and the focus of the aerodynamic force.

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Skydiving and paragliding are the most thrilling and so far, best-known adventure sports in the entire world. It is nothing less than an addiction once you learn to overcome the fear and embrace the thrill and excitement which comes along while skydiving and paragliding. There are an endless number of places where these adventures can be carried on and some of the places are very well known, reputed and recognised for being a haven for these adventure sports. Not to forget or ignore, you should be very careful, cautious and have a great presence of mind while carrying out this thrill to avoid any mishaps and to make the most out of it.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Skydiving Vs Paragliding

What are the most famous places known for skydiving?

Santa Barbara in California, Fox Glacier in New Zealand and Mount Everest in Nepal are considered to be the most famous places for skydiving in the world.

What are the most famous places known for paragliding?

Castelluccio, Umbria in Italy, Dune du Pyla, Gironde in France and Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique are the best known and very famous places for paragliding.

What is the average cost for skydiving?

INR 25,000 is the average cost for one-time skydiving.

What is the average cost for paragliding?

INR 3,500 is the average cost for one flight of paragliding.

What is the best place for experienced skydivers?

Out of all, Dune du Pyla, Gironde in France is said to be the best place for experienced skydivers.

Which is the most desired place to skydive for many skydivers?

Mount Everest in Nepal is said to be the most desired spot for almost every skydiver owing to the level of thrill and breath-taking fun it holds and of course, it being the world’s highest mountain peak which makes it extra special and privileged for obvious reasons.

Is there a risk involved in skydiving and paragliding?

To answer this, one must be aware that, as much fun as these adventure sports carries with itself there is also some amount of risk involved in it however with the help of an experienced instructor and by undergoing proper and appropriate training, the risks can be minimised to minimal if not none.

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