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The sand dunes, the camel rides, the ladies with pots on their heads and hands adorned with bangles; the forts and the palaces, everything royal. What place are we talking about, any guesses? Well, the hot and the arid weather does not change the beauty of the place, even an ounce because of the locals and their rich culture and heritage. Rajasthan is one such place in India which has to be visited by everyone at least once in their lifetime.

This is a place of the Royals, and everything here is imperial. The food, the camel safari, and some of the mesmerizing waterfalls; Rajasthan has it all. We all have heard and read that Rajasthan is a dry area but, here in this write-up, we are going to take you around some of the best waterfalls that are tucked deep inside the bosom of this princely state. 

7 Waterfalls In Rajasthan

Let us do a virtual tour of the waterfalls in Rajasthan when you go there, and you do not have to ponder searching for them.

1. Gaipernath Waterfalls

 waterfalls one must plan to visit when you are in Rajasthan

Also called Gapernath, this is one of the waterfalls one must plan to visit when you are in Rajasthan. The water here gushes beautifully, offering one of the best sights for the tourists and visitors. Located in Kota, this waterfall is a ravishing beauty, and you must definitely go there during the monsoon.
Trekking to this waterfall is one of the nicest Things to do when you are here because one must climb approximately 300 steps, and this can be quite an exercise. Also, when you are here, do take a visit to the nearby temple of the Kota Gaipernath.

Things to do

  • Trekking is part of reaching the waterfalls
  • The scenery is ideal for photographers

Timings: 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM
The ideal season to visit: Monsoon
Entry Fee: Free

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2. Dhrudhiya Waterfalls

very limited number choices

Image Source

Rajasthan has a very limited number of choices when it comes to exploring the water bodies. Nevertheless, there are a few gems not to be missed upon. One of them is Dhrudhiya Waterfalls. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Rajasthan and would be swelling during monsoon.

The waterfall is pretty close to Mount Abu, which happens to be one of the most prominent attractions of Rajasthan. Trekking to this place amidst the dense jungle and a few hills can be quite a thrilling experience. Catching the sight of water, flowing from a greater height, can relax your minds and souls.

Things to do

  • Of course, trekking is part of the plan
  • Exploring nature to its fullest
  • Birding and learning more about different kinds of trees

Timings: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Entry Fee: Free
The ideal season to visit: Monsoon

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3. Padajhar Mahadev Waterfalls

most serene waterfalls

Image Source

Dreaming about visiting pristine waterfalls is quite natural but, when you actually get to see one, your happiness would know no bounds. Well, that is the most significant part of exploring the waterfalls in Rajasthan. There aren’t many water bodies here, but the ones that are there are really gorgeous ones. One such waterfall is the Padajhar Mahadev Waterfalls.
This is one of the most serene waterfalls that one can find during their visit to Rajasthan. The waterfall is formed naturally and is located at Bundi. When you visit this waterfall, you could also offer prayers at the Rameshwar Mahadev Cave Temple and seek blessings from Lord Shiva.

Things to do

  • Take a holy dip in the waterfalls
  • Experience the serene surroundings
  • Visit the Rameshwar Mahadev Cave Temple

Timings: NA
Entry Fee: Free
The ideal season to visit: Monsoon

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4. Menal Falls

Chittorgarh and have not experienced the gorgeous sight of one of the Menal Falls

Image Source

If you have been to Chittorgarh and have not experienced the gorgeous sight of one of the Menal Falls then, you are surely missing something. A tour to Chittorgarh is never complete without going to this gigantic falls that gushes from an unfathomable height. The waterfalls are surrounded largely by a lot of greenery; hence, when you are here, you can enjoy the sight of wide species of birds and animals too. The water here falls from an approximate height of 150m. Hence, you can just imagine the beauty of these falls during the monsoon. The river Menal gives birth to this waterfall; thus, the lovely name Menal Falls. So, exploring this waterfall in Rajasthan during Monsoon is a must.

Things to do

  • Birding can be enjoyed here as the waterfalls are home to a wide variety of them
  • Taking a tour to the temples at Menal
  • Enjoy photography with an amazing backdrop of milky waterfalls

Timings: NA
Entry Fee: Free
The ideal season to visit: Monsoon

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5. Bhimlat falls

 forts and palaces of Rajasthan

Image Source

Well, it is not only the forts and palaces of Rajasthan that boasts great historical significance. Even the waterfalls here have an amazing history like them. Bhimlat is one such waterfall in Rajasthan, which has a rich history dating back to the great epic Mahabharata. According to folklore, the waterfall was created by Bhim in order to quench his thirst during their exile.

But according to science, it seems that an earthquake that hit this region in the 8th century has given rise to this amazing water body. Well, whatever might be the legend, let us know that this is a must-visit place when you are traversing through Rajasthan. Visiting this waterfall during monsoon would be splendid because the water falling from a great height creates a melody to your ears.

Things to do

  • Enjoy the lovely experience of crossing the longest tunnel of Rajasthan to reach this majestic waterfall
  • Take a dip in the lovely water letting go of all the stress and anxiety
  • Spend some time admiring nature and do some photography

Timings: NA
Entry Fee: Free
The ideal season to visit: Monsoon

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6. Alewa Waterfalls

their breath away at the very first

Image Source

This is one of the waterfalls in Rajasthan, which is less known to people, but when they visit, it is going to take their breath away at the very first instance. This is a cascading waterfall, and one can enjoy bathing here and have some real fun. Since not many people know about this waterfall in Rajasthan, it is pristine, and the water is also quite clean. So, when you are in Alwar, you now know that there is something beautiful waiting for you, isn’t it?

Things to do

  • Take an amazing dip in the water
  • Soak your feet and get a natural pedicure done
  • Explore the attractions in Alwar, Rajasthan

Timings: NA
Entry Fee: Free
The ideal season to visit: Monsoon

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7. Chuliya Waterfalls

 Rana Pratap Sagar dam

Image Source

Located close to the Rana Pratap Sagar dam, Chuliya is a lovely waterfall in Rajasthan because it is unlike the other waterfalls that we normally see. The naturally formed rocks surrounding the waterfalls is a beauty in itself, and when you are exploring Rawatbhata, you must certainly go to this small, yet a beautiful one.

This waterfall is also known as Chudiya Waterfalls because the rocks surrounding the falls are cut in a circular shape resembling dozens of bangles. So, when you are in Kota, you must visit this waterfall for sure.

Things to do

  • Admire the rocks that are naturally cut in a circular pattern
  • Explore the massive Rana Pratap Sagar Dam
  • Explore the places in Kota

Timings: NA
Entry Fee: Free
The ideal season to visit: Monsoon

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These are some of the best waterfalls in Rajasthan that one must visit. You must know that exploring a waterfall in a region like Rajasthan can be a really beautiful experience. So, carry your cameras when exploring Rajasthan to capture some of these natural beauties gushing from a height.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Waterfalls In Rajasthan

Is it good to visit Rajasthan during the Rainy season?

Yes, if you want to see the waterfall in Rajasthan in full swing, it is important to go to Rajasthan during the monsoon.

Are all these waterfalls accessible to the public?

Yes, all the above-mentioned waterfalls can be accessible.

Can we drive down to these waterfalls by a car or a two-wheeler?

Yes, driving and riding are the best options to reach these waterfalls.

Are these waterfalls a good option for a day picnic?

Yes, spending time amidst the lush green nature for a day is great. Hence, visiting these waterfalls as part of your day trip can be good.

Can we travel with our family to these waterfalls?

Yes, the location of the waterfall in Rajasthan is quite suitable for families.

Can we swim in these waterfalls?

This is debatable because the depth of the water varies from one water body to the other. Hence, it is always recommended to avoid swimming unless you are a local is well aware of the place.

Is it a good idea to carry cameras near the waterfalls?

Yes, it is a great idea to do photography; however, from a safe distance to avoid any damages to the lens. The water gushes from a very great height. So, keeping the cameras safe is very important.

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