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Are you a frequent flyer? Do you think you have cracked all codes of airlines and airplanes? If yes, you are probably living in denial. Airlines and staff have got quite a few things hidden from you in the ‘plane’ site.

(Lol) There are things about airplanes and airlines that you might have noticed before but never really bothered about. These are some bizarre yet true airplane secrets that no airline will tell you. We bet you didn’t know about any of these things before. Here are few beans spilled over to put an end to your ignorance.

11 Air Travel Secrets

Psst… Here are some of the secrets from behind the scenes that no airline attendant or staff will ever tell you.

1. How many planes there are in the sky at a moment?

airplane in the sky

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There are about 10,000 planes in the sky right now.

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2. Did you know airplanes windows have a tiny hole?

pressure release hole in airplane window

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You may have not noticed these holes before but it is to keep us safe. These holes are only present in the middle pane to maintain pressure and oxygen levels inside the cabin at higher altitudes otherwise, you will pass out.

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3. Pilots are banned from talking below 10,000 ft

pilots in cockpit

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Again, this is for your own safety. Thanks to the ‘Sterile Cockpit Rule’, pilots should avoid any non-essential conversation and focus only on operational activities while taking off and landing.

4. Lavatory on airplanes is never really locked.

airplane lavatory

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Yep, that’s right! You will find a small latch hidden inside the sign which will open the door when pulled. Use this information at your own discretion.

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5. Exactly how much oxygen is there in the oxygen masks?

oxygen masks

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The answer is 12 minutes worth of oxygen. Don’t worry it is enough to survive a fall till the time you reach a ‘safe’ altitude of 10,000 ft.

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6. Economy seats are much safer

economy class air canada

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Since premium seats are located in the front, people sitting in business class are more likely to die in an event of a plane crash. So, the next time you ask for an upgrade, think about it.

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7. Pilot and co-pilot are not served the same meals.

food on airplane

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They are not even allowed to share their foods to avoid tragedy if in case one of them is poisoned.

8. Why are all the windows in an airplane round? Why not square?

windows of airplane

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It is because of the structural integrity. It’s not like Wright brothers had a preference. The corners of the square windows have 2 or 3 times dangerous stress than anywhere else in the cabin which may result in a catastrophe.

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9. There is a ‘best seat’ on the airplane.

view airplane window

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Ever noticed a black arrow in the cabin over a seat? That’s the best seat in the house and there’s a reason for that. If there is ever a fault in the wings; the flaps, the slats, or the engines, the seat provides the best visual verification.

10. There is a reason why they dim the light on the airplane.

airplane cabin

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It is done for your security so that you pre-adjust to the darkness are not turned blind if there is a technical failure and power goes out. It will also allow you to see the emergency exit navigation marks easily.

11. There’s the cheapest time to book the flight tickets.

timetable airlines

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It’s on Tuesday afternoon. Also, Wednesday and Saturday.

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Now go book an international holiday. In case you had never noticed these things before, well now you have complete information next time you take a flight to any of the international destinations. If you too have some air travel secrets scooped out for us, tell us in the comment section below.

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