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    The best beaches in Andaman that must not be missed

    The most striking thing about Andaman is its beaches, tucked in the various pristine islands. Shimmering blue waters, smooth sands, pretty cottages & huts, and exciting water sports are what make these beaches in Andaman a must-visit.

    While there are some highly popular & captivating ones that are jam packed with tourists, other serene & secluded beaches are ideal for a private holiday for honeymooners.

    Though there are numerous stunning beaches in Andaman, we have compiled for you a handpicked list of the best ones. Have a look before planning a holiday in Andaman.

    Havelock Island

    1. Radhanagar Beach

    Dramatic sunset at Radhanagar Beach on Havelock Island

    Located on the western coast of the photogenic Havelock Island, Beach No 7 – popularly known as the Radhanagar Beach – is one of the best beaches in Andaman. It has been ranked as the best beach of India and the 7th best beach in the world by the Time Magazine. Its white sparkling sands, turquoise waters, and plush green palm vegetation makes it a perfect place for a relaxed stroll.

    Famous for: Snorkeling, game fishing, swimming, and scuba diving

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    2. Elephant Beach

    Fallen trees at Elephant Beach that is one of the best beaches in Andaman

    Elephant Beach is one of the most famous Andaman and Nicobar beaches. Located on the Havelock island, it can be accessed by a boat ride or a 30-minutes’ jungle trek. The serene beach is adorned by navy color waters, tranquil surroundings, and sparkling sandy shore.

    Famous for: Exotic marine biodiversity, spectacular coral reefs, and snorkeling

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    3. Vijaynagar Beach

    Fallen logs of trees on the clear sands of the Vijaynagar beach at Havelock island

    Also known as the Beach No 5, Vijaynagar Beach is one of the best beaches in Andaman. The water is shallow & clean and is, therefore, perfect for swimming and surfing. Its scenic surroundings, pristine Mahua vegetation along the coast, azure waters, and tranquil sceneries ensure a relaxed vacation.

    Famous for: Swimming, boating, and photography

    4. Kala Pathar Beach

    The calm waters and tropical vegetation on the Kalapather Beach of Havelock Island

    Image Source

    If solace & serenity is your idea of an Andaman holiday, Kala Pathar Beach is the place to be. Its silvery sand and aqua green waters make the place it one of the most outlandish & enticing Andaman beaches.

    Famous for: Relaxing & sunbathing in hammocks, reading a book, or simply enjoying the heavenly surroundings

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    Port Blair

    5. Corbyn’s Cove

    A distant shot of the Corbyn Cove beach that is one of the best places to visit in Port Blair

    Image Source

    Lined with luxuriant coconut plantations, Corbyn’s Cove is one of the most unspoilt Andaman beaches in Port Blair. One can indulge in watersports, take a leisure stroll, relish at the beach shacks, or take a boat ride up to the Snake Island.

    Famous for: Scuba diving, boating, sunbathing, swimming, and surfing

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    6. Wandoor Beach

    A shot of the Wandoor Beach that is a gateway to the Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park

    Image Source

    Wandoor is one of the most charming and popular Andaman and Nicobar beaches. The beach is the gateway to the Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park – a perfect place to spot exquisite corals and marine fauna. A paradise for photographers and nature lovers, this beach is frequented by tourists for relaxing walks.

    Famous for: Glass-bottom boating and scuba diving under professional guidance

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    Long Island

    7. Lalaji Bay Beach

    A view of Lalaji Bay Beach on Long Island

    Image Source

    Lalaji Bay Beach is one of the most popular beaches of Long Island and a must-visit during your Andaman tour. This scenic beach is located 6 km from the main jetty and can be accessed in small dinghies through Mangrove creeks & tropical waterways.

    Famous for: Dolphin spotting, sunbathing, boating, and spending some comfortable time in the sea-facing eco huts


    8. Baludera Beach

    An evening shot of the offbeat Baludera Beach in Andaman

    Image Source

    Baludera Beach is less crowded and one of the unspoilt beaches of Baratang Island. This spectacular seafront has a curved sand bay that is intertwined with mangrove vegetation. The water is warm, clean, and perfect for a relaxed swimming experience.

    Famous for: Elephant rides on the beach and picnic

    9. Merk Bay Beach

    The stunning Merk Bay Beach on the Baratang island of Andaman

    Image Source

    Merk Bay, one of the virgin beaches of Andaman, sees minimum tourists but offers lovely scenic views to those who visit. This white sand beach can be reached in a dinghy. The sunset views from the beach are simply amazing.

    Famous for: Bathing, snorkeling, bird watching, and dolphin spotting

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    Rangat Island

    10. Aam Kunj Beach

    Rocky shore at Aam Kunj beach

    Aam Kunj is a popular hangout beach in Rangat, frequented by locals as well as tourists. Its grey sands and greyish waters make it a scenic spot. However, the submerged boulders here make it unsuitable for snorkeling and scuba diving. Comprising of wooden benches and log sofas, it is one of the most eco-friendly beaches of Andaman.

    Famous for: Turtle spotting and swimming during low tide

    11. Raman Bageecha Beach

    The beautiful looking Raman Bageecha Beach in Andaman

    Image Source

    Raman Bageecha Beach is a fascinating Andaman beach and boasts of picturesque views & serene surroundings. Located near the Rangat Jetty, the beach is a delightful option for the solo travelers.

    Famous for: Picturesque combination of white sands and turquoise waters

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    Neil Island

    12. Laxmanpur Beach

    Scene at laxmanpur beach on the Neil Island in Andaman

    Laxmanpur beach is worth paying a visit during your Andaman holidays. The fact that very few tourists visit the beach and the beauty of its white shell sands & shallow waters make it fascinating for an Andaman honeymoon.

    Famous for: Swimming and snorkeling

    13. Sitapur Beach

    Sunrise at Sitapur beach at Neil Island

    Sitapur beach is among the unusual, unspoilt, and charming beaches in Andaman. Located at the tip of the Neil Island, it is perfect for a fun-filled vacation. Its wide stretch of white sands, luxuriant vegetation, transparent blue waters and breathtaking natural beauty enhance the charm quotient of the place.

    Famous for: Photogenic karst topography

    14. Bharatpur Beach

    Deep blue waters as seen from Bharatpur beach on Neil Island

    Bharatpur beach finds it place among the best beaches in Andaman for the spectacular views of the clear sea that it offers. The sprawling beach has vibrant coral reefs and the place is also perfect for swimming.

    Famous for: Spotting exotic marine flora & fauna and spectacular corals in glass bottom vessels

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    15. Kalipur Beach

    A view of the Saddle Peak and the Kalipur Beach in Diglipur

    Image Source

    Kalipur beach is one of the most popular beaches of Diglipur – the largest town of North Andaman Island. The picturesque beach offers awe-inspiring views of the Saddle Peak and the sea that enhance the splendor of the shore.

    Famous for: Spotting sea turtle and trekking to Saddle Peak

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    16. Pathi Level Beach

    The calm Pathi Level Beach in Diglipur area of Andaman

    Image Source

    Pathi Level is one of the offbeat beaches in Andaman, lying in close proximity to Ram Nagar beach. One can reach this serene and stunningly beautiful place in a typical dinghy or boat. It is a perfect place to unwind, chill, and rejuvenate.

    Famous for: Chalis Ek Caves and Alfred Caves


    17. Avis Island Beach

    The plush vegetation at the Avis Island Beach in Andaman

    Image Source

    Famous for: Stunning coral reefs, sunset views, and mesmerising beauty

    18. Karmatang Beach

    The clear waters and tropical vegetation at the Karmatang Beach in Andaman

    Image Source

    Famous for: Awesome sunset views, beach huts, coastal forests, and a small park

    Little Andaman

    19. Butler Bay Beach

    Cows walking along Butler Bay beach at Little Andaman island

    Famous for: Swimming, surfing, kayaking, trekking, and elephant riding

    Ross Island

    20. Sandbar between Ross & Smith Islands

    The sandbar between the twin islands of Ross and Smith in Andaman

    Image Source

    Calling the narrow sandy strip bridging the twin islands of Ross & Smith is still debatable. Nonetheless, its white sands & pristine forests on either ends make it absolutely scenic and splendid.

    Famous for: Snorkeling, swimming, and walking from one island to another

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    You cannot, of course, visit all of the best beaches in Andaman in one go. But we hope that you have short-listed your pick for your next trip to Andaman. Let us know and we’ll help you plan your dream vacation.

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