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    best places to visit near Agra

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    So you’ve reached Agra and seen the most remarkable and flawless Taj Mahal—now what? Well, now we help you find some of the best attractions to visit while spending a day or two in Agra. The town is surrounded by some incredible spots which are too good to miss. Anybody who is planning a long weekend in Agra must explore the beautiful places around it. Be sure to check out these wonderful places to visit near Agra to make the most of your trip.

    15 Best Places To Visit Near Agra

    From the maginificence of Fatehpur Sikri to the aesthetic aura of Mathura, checkout these five best places to visit near Agra that serves as a great weekend getaways as well. 

    • Fascinating Fatehpur Sikri
    • Beautiful Bharatpur
    • Magnificent Mathura
    • Enchanting Vrindavan
    • Gorgeous Gwalior
    • Marvelous Deeg 
    • Historical Alwar 
    • Royal Jaipur 
    • Surreal National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Beautiful Nainital 
    • Enthralling Rishikesh 
    • Gorgeous Khajuraho
    • Serene Ranthambore 
    • Culturally Rich Lucknow 
    • Vibrant New Delhi

    1. Fatehpur Sikri – Relive the Mughal era

    Fatehpur Sikri View

    Image Source

    Built by Mughal emperor Akbar—Fatehpur Sikri is one of the World Heritage Sites. Fatehpur Sikri is the most beautiful and the nearest tourist place to Agra. A short drive of 30 minutes will take you to the erstwhile capital of The Mughal Empire. It is one of the most popular and spectacular tourist places near Agra featuring beautiful palaces, temples, gardens, and minarets. Buland Darwaza—the gigantic gateway, splendid 5-story Paanch Mahal (a shelter for royal women), and the fascinating Salim Chisti Darga enhance the charisma and beauty of Fatehpur Sikri that serves as one of the best weekend getaways from Agra.

    Distance from Agra: 36 km
    Key attractions: Buland Darwaza, Jodhabai Palace, Darga (Tomb) of Sheikh Salim Chisti, Jama Mashjid, Khwabagh, and Diwan-I-Khas.

    If you are planning to visit during Ramadan months, enjoy the enthralling carnival organized on the ground in front of the dargah. The fair features stalls selling handicrafts and souvenirs, elephant and camel rides, and live performances of folk music and qawwali.

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    2. Bharatpur – Paradise for ornithologists

    Lake View

    Image Source

    There may be many places to visit in Agra, but for nature lovers and bird enthusiasts, Bharatpur is one of the best places to visit near Agra. Bharatpur is mainly known for Keoladeo National Park or Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. There are rare and endangered bird species, both local and migratory. This place is the hot favourite for photographers and ornithologists and makes for one of the great weekend getaways from Agra.

    Distance from Agra: 52 km
    Key attractions: Apart from bird sanctuary, Deeg Water Palace, Ganga Temple, Keoladeo Shiva Temple, and Government Museum are the major attractions here.

    Moreover, Bharatpur is one of the most peaceful tourist places to visit near Agra, particularly during winter season. The bird sanctuary becomes musical and colourful when the bright and multi coloured birds fly from places to Bharatpur.

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    3. Mathura – A weekend in the land of Lord Krishna

    Mathura Fort

    Image Source

    Amongst all the popular places to visit around Agra, Mathura is the holiest retreat and one of the tourist places near Agra within 100 kms. To attain peace and solemn happiness, a short tour to this spiritual abode is inevitable. This is one of the most divine places to visit near Agra to visit that will help to uplift your mind and soul spiritually. The charm of Krishna’s birthplace and spectacular artwork and sculptures of the temples overwhelms each and every visitor here.

    Distance from Agra: 57 km
    Key attractions: Krishna Janma Bhoomi Mandir, Dwarkadhish Temple, Kusum Sarovar, Gita Mandir, Radha Kund, Kans Qila and Mathura Museum

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    4. Vrindavan – Of faith, love, and spirituality

    Iskon Temple in Vrindavan

    Image Source

    Vrindavan is a place that portrays divinity and love. Being the place where Krishna spent his childhood and romanced with Radha and her friends—Vrindavan is a famous name on the list of tourist places near Agra within 100 kms. This is a heritage town with splendid temples that depict the perfect blend of Gaudiya Vaishnavism and Hinduism, and is a perfect spot for those looking forward to weekend getaways from Agra.

    Distance from Agra: 75 km
    Key attractions: ISKCON Temple, Banke Bihari Mandir, Radha Raman Temple, and Prem Mandir. Vrindavan is painted with many colours during auspicious festivals like Holi and Janmashtami.

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    5. Gwalior – A city of palaces and temples

    Gwalior Fort VIew

    Image Source

    Easily accessible from Agra—Gwalior is a place of history, culture, and heritage. If you are planning to explore the royal forts and monuments, Gwalior should be your ideal pick. Undoubtedly, Gwalior is one of the best places to visit near Agra with friends and family. From forts, palaces, to museums the list has it all. Gwalior Fort is the showstopper of the city and enhances the overall charm of the place.

    Distance from Agra: 119 km
    Key attractions: Gwalior Fort, Man Mandir Palace, Gujari Mahal or State Archeological Museum, Jai Vilas Palace, Tomb of Tansen, Scindia Museum, Sarod Ghar or Museum of Music, Tighra Dam and Gwalior Zoo.

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    6. Deeg – The Royal Summer Retreat 

    Deeg Palace or Jal Mahal

    Situated close to the Bharatpur city, Deeg is a small town located in Rajasthan. This ancient town was founded by Maharaja Suraj Mahal in the 18th century. This place was treated as a summer resort by the royal family. This place is known for its amazing palaces, exotic forts and the vibrant bazaars which liven up the atmosphere. One of the main highlights of this place is the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary which is a must visit.

    Best Time To Visit: September-March
    Ideal Duration: 1 Day
    Distance From Agra: 94 kms

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    7. Alwar – City Of Ruins 

    view of alwar fort

    Alwar is one of the major cities which is resting between Delhi and Rajasthan route. This city is famous for the Bhangarh fort, lakes, nature reserves like Sariska Tiger Reserve and the ancient havelis. Apart from being the focal point for some of the most historical places, Alwar is also famous for appearing in some of the famous Bollywood movies.

    Best Time To Visit: Oct-Mar
    Ideal Duration: 1-2 days
    Distance from Agra: 167 kms

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    8. Jaipur – The Royal Charm Of Rajputs 

    Tourist spot Near Jantar Mantar, Jaipur

    The Jaipur city is one of the most vibrant places in North India which holds the age-old heritage of Rajput Kingdoms. This city was well planned and developed over the years since the 17th century AD. Often known as the “Pink city”, this place forms a Golden Triangle alongwith Agra and Delhi. Surrounded by the old walls and gates, the city is adorned by the drawings with a backdrop of surreal pink hue.

    Best Time To Visit: November-March
    Ideal Duration: 2-3 days
    Major Attractions: Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort, Nahargarh Fort, City Palace

    Distance From Agra: 240.9 Kms 

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    9. National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary – Bird’s Home 

    Swans in the Chambal river wildlife sanctuary

    Just a 1 hour drive from Agra, National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the ideal destinations for the wildlife enthusiasts. This habitat is a home to some of the most endangered species but some of the major wildlife species one can see are Gharial, Red Crowned Turtles, Gangetic Dolphins, Indian Skimmers. This is one of the must visit sanctuary in India which is surrounded by the Chambal River which is famous for being the cleanest river of India.

    Best Time To Visit: Nov-Mar
    Ideal Duration: 1 Day
    Things To Do: Jeep Safari. River Safari, Bicycle ride, Camel Safari, Horse Safari

    Distance From Agra: 103.8 Kms 

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    10. Nainital – Lakes, Mountains And Boat Rides 

    boating in Naini lake

    Nainital is considered one of the most beautiful hill stations in Uttarakhand which is settled on the foothills of the Kumaon ranges in the Himalayas. Located at an altitude of 1938 metres, this town is known for its surreal Naini Lake. Boasting a pleasant climate throughout the year, this place makes one of the ideal places to visit near Agra for a relaxing vacation. With the local delicacies to relish and Tibetan markets to shop, there are a lot of things to do around this quaint place.

    Best Time To Visit: Throughout The Year
    Ideal Duration: 2-3 days
    Nearest Airport: Dehradun

    Distance From Agra: 340.6 Kms 

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    11. Rishikesh – Adventure & Serenity Meets Here 


    Resting at the foothills of the Himalayas, this city is famously called the “Yoga Land Of India”. Not just this, Rishikesh is also famous for the adventure activities, its ancient temples and the cozy and fancy cafes which are worth exploring. There are a lot of things to do in Rishikesh beyond just exploring the temples. Alongside that people flock from all over the world to enjoy rafting amidst the waves of the Ganges. This is also considered to be one of the ideal and fascinating tourist places near Agra.

    Best Time To Visit: September-June
    Ideal Duration: 2-3 Days

    Distance From Agra: 418.5 Kms

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    12. Khajuraho – Ancient Indian Architectural Gem

    Temples in Khajuraho

    Khajuraho Temple is one of the famous UNESCO world heritage sites which is located in Madhya Pradesh. This temple is known for the stunning temples and also the magnificent carvings to admire. Situated in the small town of Bundelkhand region, this temple is showcased as one of the brilliant examples of Indian architecture of the medieval period. Built in the year 950 to 1050, this temple showcases the finest work of Indian’s cultural and artistic heritage.

    Best Time To Visit: Jul-Mar
    Ideal Duration: 1-2 Days

    Distance From Agra: 432.8 Kms 

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    13. Ranthambore – Home Of Tigers 

    Places To Visit Near Ranthambore

    Ranthambore is considered as one of the best tiger reserves of the country, which is famous for the sightings of tigers. This is known to be one of the best tiger reserves of India adorned by the richest of flora and fauna. Located at the foothills of Vindhya and Aravali Hills, Ranthambore park makes one of the best tourist places near Agra where one can have a great time amidst nature and also explore the famous Ranthambore fort.

    Best Time To Visit: Oct-Apr
    Ideal Duration: 1 Day

    Distance From Agra: 197.8 Kms 

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    14. Lucknow – City Of Nawabs And Kebabs 

    Lucknow places to visit in north india

    Often called the “City of Nawabs”, Lucknow is known as the capital of Uttar Pradesh resting at the banks of river Gomti. This city is not just known for its vast gastronomical affair, but also the beautiful architecture, literature and history which is indeed a nutshell to explore. Alongside this there are a lot of attractions which are to be explored and the local markets which gives an essence of the cultural city.

    Best Time To Visit: Oct-Mar
    Ideal Duration: 1-2 Days

    Distance From Agra: 335.7 Kms 

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    15. New Delhi – Capital Of Vibrance And Culture 

    Humayun’s Tomb on a cloudy evening with a mirror image in the front lake

    Delhi or the capital of India, is a cosmopolitan city which holds a blend of the past and the present in the most beautiful and unique way. The city is blessed with some of the magnificent historical monuments and on the other hand it also has a vast number of shopping malls. While Old Delhi reflects the contributions of the Mughal Reign, New Delhi showcases modernity in the form of buildings and highways. The list of attractions in Delhi is endless. 

    Best Time To Visit: October To March
    Ideal Duration: 3-5 Days

    Distance From Agra: 209.6 Kms 

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    Now that you know what and where are the best places to visit near Agra, it’ll be really easy for you to plan your trip to Agra.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Best Places To Visit Near Agra


    Q. What can we do in Agra in one day?

    A. For a day trip in Agra, some of the must-visit places include Agra Fort, Taj Mahal, Taj Museum, Buland Darwaza, Jama Masjid, Jodha Bai Palace, Diwan-i-Khas, Archeological Museum, Hiran Minar.

    Q. Which are the best places for shopping in Agra?

    A. Some of the best places for shopping in Agra are Subhash Bazaar, Sadar Bazaar, Kinari Bazaar, Raja Ki Mandi, Shah Market and Shoe Market.

    Q. What are the key attractions at Fatehpur Sikri?

    A. Jodhabai Palace, Buland Darwaza, Jama Mashjid, Khwabagh, and Diwan-I-Khas are the key places to visit in Fatehpur Sikri. It is just a short drive of 30 minutes from Agra.

    Q. Is there a dress code for Taj Mahal?

    A. There is no dress code as such for visiting the iconic Taj Mahal. One can wear comfortable clothes like T-shirts and trousers.

    Q. What is the distance of Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary from Agra?

    A. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is located 52 km from Agra. It is one and a half-hour drive. This place is a must-visit for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers.

    Q. Which is the holiest retreat located near to Agra?

    A. Mathura is the holiest retreat to attain divine peace and is located near Agra. If you want to uplift your mind and soul, do visit this place and get lost in the charm of Krishna’s birthplace.

    Q. What are some of the popular places to visit in Gwalior?

    A. The key places to visit in Gwalior include Man Mandir Palace, Gujari Mahal or State Archeological Museum, Gwalior Fort, Jai Vilas Palace and Tomb of Tansen.

    Q. Is Agra safe for tourist?

    A. Yes, Agra is safe for tourists. The city is polluted, however the different tourist attractions are sure to impress the travellers.

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