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Nurturing your soul with just a little bit of nature is a must every now and then. Taking a rejuvenating break from the closed walls and embarking on a thrilling hike should top the list of all adventure-seekers. Whether a solo traveler or a group person, going on leisure walks and hiking in Switzerland is more than just another break that you ought to take. So, while you make up your mind, take a look at this guide for all you need to know for an invigorating experience. After all, you have to see it live to believe it. And to enjoy the best hikes in Switzerland, you ought to read further!

Best Time For Hiking In Switzerland

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Even though the Alps in Switzerland are one of those places where you cannot be sure about the weather as there can be snowfall during the time of late spring, there are certain months when you’re in luck for the best hiking experience. From June till September, this place is bustling with tourists from all over the world and hence hiking in Switzerland in September until the end of October is the ideal time as one gets to soak in the refreshing cool breeze on rainy days and even have a smooth hike up the trails. The temperature around this time can go maximum upto 35°C.

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20 Places For Hiking In Switzerland

Capture the best sceneries and witness extraordinary landscapes with the snow-capped Alps and colorful flowers blooming all around with some of the best places to hike in Switzerland for an adventure like never before.

1. Creux Du Van

Creux du Van

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Get ready to be blown away by this spectacular view of crescent-shaped rock at the summit surrounded with lush greenery. This is one of those wonders where it is said, ‘you have to see it to believe it’! A little farther from Neuchatel, this hike will take approximately 4-5 hours and one of the best day hikes in Switzerland. You can choose to take a few stops in between while crossing the forest but it would be advised to take a longer stop at the top.

Location: La Baronne, Switzerland
Duration: 4-5 hours approximately
Length: 14 km
How to reach: Bus, cabs, rails, trams

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2. The Eiger Trail

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As the name suggests, this hike will take you along the path of Mount Eigel and even though it is considered to be one of the most difficult hikes in the alps, the serene view of the welcoming mountains is breathtaking. If you’re one of those people who wish to have a descending hike and aren’t in mood for a climb, this is definitely for you. Starting from Kleine Scheidegg, while hiking downwards one can enjoy the astonishing vast view of Grindelwald valley.

Location: Eigergletscher station or Kleine Scheidegg (Starting point)
Duration: 2 hours approximately
Length: 6 km
How to reach: Bus, cabs, rails, trams

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3. Pizol Lake

lake view from the top of a hike

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Hiking in Zurich, Switzerland can be a refreshing experience but slightly farther from Zurich, behold the stunning view of the coiled blue alpine lakes located in the northern region of Swiss Alps. Starting from Pizol gondola, one can go to the Pizol hut and then hike uptil the first lake. The hike varies in ascending and descending orders throughout but has so many enchanting views to witness that one can only imagine!

Location: Pizolhutte, Dorfstrasse, Switzerland (Starting point)
Duration: 4-5 hours approximately
Length: NA
How to reach: Bus, cabs, rails, trams

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4. Lac De Taney

lake near a hiking spot

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Not very popular but an amazing hike can be experienced at Lac de Taney near Vouvry and Montreux region in Switzerland. You can start your hike from Miex and visit this serene lake within just one hour and it might get a little hectic but even then, it is considered to be one of the easy hikes in Switzerland. Be sure to carry a swimsuit during summers to have a refreshing swim in the soothing water of the lake.

Location: Le Flon, Vouvry, Switzerland (Starting point)
Duration: 1-2 hours approximately
Length: NA
How to reach: Bus, cabs, rails, trams

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5. Männlichen To Alpiglen

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Also known for a romantic vista atop, the peak of Männlichen opens to some incredible views spread across the valley. When you start hiking down the trails from the mountaintop, witness the wild buttercups, white cotton and beautiful alpine roses and having a mini picnic here seems totally apt here. If lucky, with a clear weather one gets to watch Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, also known as the Big Three that command a view of the entire region.

Location: Wengen, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland (Starting point)
Duration: 2-3 hours approximately
Length: NA
How to reach: Bus, cabs, rails, trams

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6. Oeschinensee Lake

oeschinensee lake

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If you want some astonishing views of alpine mountains along with turquoise waters, then Oeschinensee Lake, one of the most surreal lakes in Switzerland is your destination. To reach this hiking trail, you must take a cable car from Kandersteg to Oeschinen. From there on, you will have to follow the Heuberg circular hiking trail which will ultimately take you to the path near the lake. It is one of the most easy hikes in Switzerland.

Location: 3718 Kandersteg, Switzerland
Duration: 3.5 hours approximately
Length: 10 km
How to reach: Bus, cabs, rails, trams

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7. Hike Along The Verzasca Valley

Verzasca Valley

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If you are true hiker then you will love to go on this trail as it is a hidden gem and will let you take a plunge in the cool waters of Verzasca. To reach this spot, you will have to hike to Lavertezzo where you will find the double-arched Roman bridge. If you continue with the route, you will get to explore more villages like Gerra and Frasco. You can also break the hike into two days to complete the whole trail. The route is one of the best day hikes in Switzerland.

Location: Valle Verzasca, 6633 Lavertezzo, Switzerland
Duration: 7 hours approximately
Length: Around 20 km
How to reach: Bus, cabs, rails, trams

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8. Aletsch Glacier Trail

Aletsch Glacier Trail

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You will be amazed to know that this trail goes along one of the longest glaciers in the alps, Great Aletsch Glacier. With a view of many mountain peaks like Bietschhorn, Jungfrau and many more, a hike at this place will definitely enhance your inner peace. Rather than an uphill hike, most of the path in this trail is downhill which makes it a bit easier for hikers.

Location: Aletsch Glacier, 3984 Fieschertal, Switzerland
Duration: 4.5 hours approximately
Length: 13.9 km
How to reach: Bus, cabs, rails, trams

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9. Maloja To Silvaplana

Maloja To Silvaplana

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The trail from Maloja to Silvaplana is one of the best best day hikes in Switzerland and has a lot to offer – from small streams, pine forests to views of Silsersee Lake. Start the trail from Maloja, a village on the north side, to the village of Grevasalvas. You will go on a downhill trek which then again rises before ending in Silvaplana. If you ask other hikers then they will tell you that this is one of the best hiking destinations in Switzerland.

Location: Silvaplana, Switzerland
Duration: 4 hours approximately
Length: 13 km
How to reach: Bus, cabs, rails, trams

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10. Sentiero Cristallina

Cristallina Hut

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If you are a professional hiker and want to challenge yourself by opting for a difficult trail then this trail is just meant for you. The trail starts from Ossasco along with the Alp Cristallina and gives a view of Basodino. You can pitch a tent in a flat-surfaced meadow or can book the Cristallina hut. Continuing your hike on the second day, you can either take a cable car to San Carlo or can hike to it. From here you can continue the hike along he Maggia past waterfalls to Cevio.

Location: Passo di Cristallina Ossasco, 6780 Airolo, Switzerland
Duration: 11 hours (2-day hike)
Length: 25 km
How to reach: Bus, cabs, rails, trams

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11. Bachalpsee Lake 

few steps away from Grindelwald First

One of the top trails for hiking in Switzerland is the Bachalpsee Lake surrounded by lofty mountain-sides. Inclined in the Swiss Alps, the hike is short and offers an easy but leisurely sort of adventure. Surrounded by the epic mountain scape for the entire journey, you’ll be stopping more often to take a sneak peek of the surroundings. 

Location: Berner Oberland, Jungfrau Region
Duration: 1-2 hours approximately
Length: 6 km
How to reach: Bus, cabs, rails, cable car

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12. Wildhaus To Säntis

Wildhaus to Säntis is a point-to-point trail in the St. Gallen region of Switzerland. This trail offers you the most unique chance to watch some wildlife of the region. That’s why it’s considered one of the best hikes in Switzerland by some experts. Not just hiking, the trail is otherwise also popular for nature walks as the swarming lush green region is pretty too!

Location: Wildhaus, St. Gallen
Duration: 4-5 hours approximately
Length: 14 km
How to reach: Bus, cabs, rails, trams

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13. Saas Fee Hohenweg


The Saas Fee Hohenweg is one of the greatest but toughest trails for hiking in Switzerland. The challenging trail follows a mountainous route parallel to the western Saastal. The challenge is somewhat neutralised by the stunning views of the mountains that tower above the Bernese Alps and Saas Valley. You will reach a maximum elevation of 7, 945 ft. on your journey.

Location: Valais
Duration: 8-10 hours approximately
Length: 17 km
How to reach: Bus, cabs, rails, trams

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14. Bürgenstock Felsenweg

When you take this hike, you will understand how beautiful Switzerland is. It’s like you are transported into a place where natural beauty has no limit. The Bürgenstock Felsenweg is one of the best best hikes in Switzerland, as considered by some experts and rightly so. It is a circular man-made trail whose construction took 5 years to complete. The hike ensures that you are greeted with beautiful views of the lake and mountains from all directions.

Location: Stansstad
Duration: 1-2 hours approximately
Length: 5 km
How to reach: Bus, cabs, rails, trams

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15. Uina Gorge Hike

best for hikking

The Uina Gorge Hike is a fascinating spot for hiking in Switzerland on the High Alpine trail. The Watles Valley is where you start your hike from and continue on the Schlinigtal valley high mountain trail. From there on, you are bombarded with mountains and hills almost to the end of your journey. The rocks of the gorge are pretty sturdy and hence good hiking shoes are recommended.

Location: Engadine
Duration: 8-9 hours approximately
Length: 20 km
How to reach: Bus, cabs, rails, trams

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16. Five Lakes Walk

Shiretoko Five Lakes

The Five Lakes Walk is an easy hike in the Zermatt region of Switzerland. Since you are in Zermatt, you will never forget those charming views of the Matterhorn and surrounding Alps mountains. As a result, the perfect combination of outdoor adventures and alpine scenery is what this hike offers. Gazing at the mountain up top and the astonishing lake down low are two wild sights on your journey. For this reason, many hikers rate this to be the best hikes in Switzerland.

Location: Zermatt
Duration: 4 hours approximately
Length: 9 km
How to reach: Bus, cabs, rails, trams

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17. Fuorn Pass To Lü

it is so beautiful

The Fuorn Pass is one of the prettiest Switzerland mountains and an ideal place for adventure enthusiasts. Passing the countless number of pine trees, you are also greeted with lakes, incredible valley views and several mountain peaks. Why else it gets added in the list of best places to hike in Switzerland is due to the journey’s end in the ever-peaceful village called Lü.

Location: Graubünden
Duration: 3-4 hours approximately
Length: 8 km
How to reach: Bus, cabs, rails, trams

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18. Gastlosen Hike


The Gastlosen mountains are a chain of limestone mountains that resonate the looks of the Dolomites in Italy. The hike trail loops around these magnificent mountains with sweeping views of the forests and villages of Switzerland. The gorgeous hike is easy and mostly done as a loop. The Chalet du Soldat mountain cabin comes in the way of your hike so you can also catch a short break if you please. Overall, this is a great place to start hiking in Switzerland.

Location: Fribourg, Bern
Duration: 2-3 hours approximately
Length: 11 km
How to reach: Bus, cabs, rails, trams

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What To Pack For Hiking In Switzerland?

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Around the time of summers in Switzerland, you may not stuff too many clothes in your bags as it might get little colder only at night. Take a look at some of the things you need to include in your luggage besides your main attire, keeping in mind the unpredictable weather of these amazing hiking points.

1. Rain coat
2. Sunglasses
3. Sunscreen Lotion
4. Warm scarf
5. Gloves
6. Rain cover for your backpack
7. Essential medicines
8. Regular sneakers
9. A hat
10. Water bottle

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Getting Around In Switzerland

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Buy a Swiss pass is a must if you wish to travel across the country efficiently and without any hassle it can be used in intercity buses, trains and several ferry boats as well. Here’s how the mode of transportation in the country works.

By Bus

Boarding a bus is beneficial if you wish to access the remote towns and smaller regions where there are no train stations. However, the bus stops are mostly close to one or the other train stations, and so if you wish to take a train afterwards, it becomes convenient.

By Train

Trains are considered to be one of the best mode, even by the locals. The train system in Switzerland is much developed with an access to multiple places in the country and has clean stations and offer a range of services. Rest assured, getting around in trains is fa more comfortable than any other mode of transport.

By Rental Car

Hiring a car through the agencies is much easier if you have an international driving permit and are at least 20 years of age. Keeping in mind the high cost of diesel or gasoline, this is not a preferred mode to get around the country. You can get a complimentary car in case you’re staying in a high-end hotel with less or no charges.

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Tips For The Best Hikes In Switzerland

Gurten Mountain - Go For Hiking And Tobogganing
  • It is advised that you should select the town you wish to stay in, as per the activities and experiences you wish to have. Suppose, if you’re coming in winters to enjoy the pristine white snowfall in Switzerland, make sure your accommodation is at least above 1000 metres of height from the ground level.
  • To have a perfect hiking experience, make sure you check the weather forecast one day in advance and then check again the next morning to avoid unnecessary spoilers on your hike.
  • Dressing in layers is advised to be able to adapt to changing weather conditions in Switzerland.
  • If you’re one of those people who wish to experience Switzerland like locals, traveling via train is a must. Witness the most splendid sceneries here when you board the Glacier Express or Bernina Express.

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Are you mesmerized just by the pictures of these trails? Have you been waiting for this opportunity of hiking in Switzerland and soak in the tranquility of these alps? Then, get your bags packed and plan a hiking holiday in Switzerland with TravelTriangle today to embark on your next adventure!

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