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The heart of the country, the city of Bhopal is a bustling city with lakes, monuments, and ample greenery. The upper and the lower lake are the landmarks of tourism in this city. Although the city itself is a popular hub for vacationers, the people of this city often need a break. And nothing says holiday like the cold climate of a hill station. Thanks to the location of Bhopal, it’s not hard to pick hill stations near Bhopal. Surrounded by many rich states in every direction, people living in Bhopal have the option to go in all directions when looking for an escape to the mountains.

20 Popular Hill Stations Near Bhopal

Are you planning a vacation and looking for the most beautiful hill stations near Bhopal? Here is a list of some of the most accessible hill stations around Bhopal. This list has a little something for everyone who is looking for options to spend some time unwinding in the lap of nature.

  • Pachmarhi: A Pristine Place
  • Mandu: Admire The Natural Beauty
  • Patalkot Valley: Treat Your Eyes With Greenery
  • Maikal Hills: Explore Forts & Temples
  • Saputara: For Nature Lovers
  • Toranmal: A Cozy Hill Station
  • Chikhaldara: Offbeat Hill Station
  • Chirmiri: Packed With Nature Spots
  • Omkareshwar: Home To One Of The Jyotirlingas
  • Kamadgiri: A Religious Place
  • Shivapuri: Perfect For Nature Buffs
  • Adilabad: Gateway To South And Central India
  • Ranakpur: Home To Beautiful Temples
  • Mount Abu: Stunning Oasis
  • Bhandardara: Beautiful Holiday Resort
  • Igatpuri: Magnificent Beauty
  • Ratanwadi: Astounding Hamlet
  • Jawhar: Mini Mahabaleshwar
  • Suryamal: Serene Village
  • Malshej Ghat: Thriving Waterfalls

1. Pachmarhi: A Pristine Place

mesmerizing waterfalls in Panchmarhi

Image Source

One of the primary hill stations in the state of Madya Pradesh, the town of Pachmarhi is a popular destination for couples, students, elders, even solo-travelers. It is host to many mesmerizing waterfalls like the Apsara Vihar, and the Bee falls. Since it is in proximity to a national park, travelers can often spot Indian Bison, and Leopards wandering the green pastures. There is also a Panda Cave that makes for the most iconic photo opportunity and is famous amongst photographers; budding and professionals alike.

Ideal Duration: Throughout the year
Things To Do:
Horse Riding, ATV Ride, Explore The Caves, Parasail On The Land
Ideal for: Weekend trip, Couple, Nature lovers
Distance from Bhopal: 206.4 Kms
Stay options: WelcomHeritage Golf View, Rock End Manor
Must See: Apsara Vihar, Shri Panch Pandav Caves
Best time to Visit: October-June

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2. Mandu: Admire The Natural Beauty

an architectural wonder

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The town of Mandu is an ancient city that is filled with beautiful forts, and architectural wonders. If you as a traveler can spend hours looking at the intricate historical creations, and take strolls along the manicured gardens, then this is the hill station near Bhopal you should be heading to. One of the biggest attractions here is the Jahaz Mahal. The palace gets its name because it is located in the middle of two lakes making it look like a boat.

Ideal Duration: October to March
Things To Do:
Shopping, Hindola Mahal: Get Awed By The Simplicity, Jain Temple, Mandu: Feel The Divinity, Parasailing
Ideal for: History Buffs, Architecture
Distance from Bhopal: 287.9 Kms
Stay options: Malwa Resort, Jahaz Mahal Hotel
Must See: Jahaz Mahal, Hindola Mahal, Baz Bahadur’s Palace
Best time to Visit: October-March

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3. Patalkot Valley: Treat Your Eyes With Greenery

stunning views

Image Source

Patalkot is more of a valley than a hill station. The valley is filled with lush greenery and tall trees till the eyes can wander. This is a great spot if you wish to explore the place and take a walk along some of the most stunning views. You will have to stay in the town of Chhindwara and make your way here to spend the day. Be sure to carry your own food, and water supplies.

Ideal for: Day hikes
Distance from Bhopal: 256.1 Kms
Stay options: Hotel Dev International, Hotel Silver Shine
Must See: Endless Greenery
Best time to Visit: November-March

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4. Maikal Hills: Explore Forts & Temples

beautiful panoramic view

Image Source

Located on the border of Madya Pradesh, near the town of Amarkantak, this is one of the unique places that can be considered when searching for a hill station near Bhopal. The Mikala hill in Chhattisgarh has a beautiful panoramic view of the forests, and rivers flowing below. The hill is also the confluence of the Narmada, and the Wainganaga rivers. This makes it a popular holy spot for the town of Amarkantak on its foothills. This natural heritage area houses many rare forts, and temples that add a sense of spirituality to your weekends.

Ideal for: Weekend getaway, Pilgrimage
Distance from Bhopal: 585.2 Kms
Stay options: Amarkantak Holiday Homes, Hotel Shreemata Sadan
Must See: Narmada Kund, Kalachuri Temples,
Best time to Visit: October-February

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5. Saputara: For Nature Lovers

stunning view of the town

Image Source

Filled with lakes, and stunning views all across the town, this is the nearest hill station from Bhopal. Located in the state of Gujarat, it gives travelers easy access by road, and partly by trains. The city has many unique art installations, and cultural centers. The temples, and museums all exude vibrant elegance. This is a great weekend retreat for every nature’s lover.

Ideal Duration: Mid March to Mid November
Things To Do:
Saputara Lake – Go Boating, Artist Village – Visit, Hatgadh Fort – Explore, Vansda National Park – Trek
Ideal for: Art enthusiasts, Large groups, friends, and families.
Distance from Bhopal: 600.9 Kms
Stay options: Savshanti Lake Resort, Hotel Lake View.
Must See: Saputara Lake, Sunset Point
Best time to Visit: October-February

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6. Toranmal: A Cozy Hill Station

infinite greenery

Image Source

This small and cozy hill station is tucked away in the state of Maharashtra. Located in the Satpura Range, this nearest hill station near Bhopal is a popular destination for bikers and young-blood adventure seekers. There are many waterfalls and dense forts sprinkled all over the town. The winding roads and the infinite greenery makes this hill range an exclusive experience.

Ideal Duration: October to February
Ideal for: Nature lovers, Bikers
Distance from Bhopal: 445.5 Kms
Stay options: Lake View Hotel, Toranmal Hill Resort
Must See: Saputara Lake, Sunset Point
Best time to Visit: September-May

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7. Chikhaldara: Offbeat Hill Station

significant viewpoint

Image Source

A beautiful small hill station in Amravati district in Maharashtra is a lesser-known hill station that has a varied beauty of blue skies, and green valleys. The Gawilgur fort is a popular spot with historical significance. The architecture of this fort has brought many travelers on weekend expeditions. The Mozari, and Goraghat point are some of the town’s significant viewpoints.

Ideal Duration: July to February
Ideal for: Architecture, Valley views
Distance from Bhopal: 306.6 Kms
Stay options: Melghat Resort, Hotel Harshwardan
Must See: Mozari Point, Devi Point, Gawilgur
Best time to Visit: March-June

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8. Chirmiri: Packed With Nature Spots

waterfall in chirmiri

Image Source

Located in the state of Chhattisgarh, Chirmiri is a small town with a population of a handful compared to the rest of the hill stations on this list. The city is self-sufficient, and packed with tall trees and evergreen shrubs. This is the ideal destination to go to if you are looking to run away from the sounds of the city.

Ideal for: Family trip, Pilgrimage
Distance from Bhopal: 617.9 Kms
Stay options: Hotel Hasdeo Inn, Mahamaya Lodge
Must See: Lord Jagannath Temple, Gufa Mandir
Best time to Visit: October-April

9. Omkareshwar: Home To One Of The Jyotirlingas


Image Source

This is a holy town and one of the famous hill stations near Bhopal for the devotees who fly down here every year. Situated at the confluence of two prominent rivers – Narmada and Kaveri, this place is an ideal location to seek peace. The most fascinating thing about this place is that it appears to be in the shape of OM. This is one also one of the 12 jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva from which the name “Omkareshwar” derived. The place is also home to one of the ancient shrines named the Omkareshwar temple which witnesses a thousand pilgrims every day. Located at the Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh, the architecture of the temple reflects the beautiful Nagara architecture.

Ideal Duration: October to March
Ideal for: Weekend trip, Couple, Nature lovers, Pilgrims 
Distance from Bhopal: 254 km
Stay options: Hotel Shri Radhe Krishna, OYO Hotel SB Palace, OYO Natraj
Must See: Gauri Somnath Temple, Siddhanath temple, Kajal Rani Cave, Mamleshwar temple 
Best time to visit: October-March 

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10. Kamadgiri: A Religious Place


Resting amidst the beautiful and thick forested hill, Kamadgiri is one of the surreal hill stations near Bhopal. Located at the heart of Chitrakoot, it is believed that Lord Ram stayed at this hill during their exile with Goddess Sita and Lakhsman. The literal meaning of this place is that “hill that fulfills desires”. Considered to be a holy place, this hill station is visited by the tourists throughout the year to enjoy a great time away from the hustle-bustle. There are many temples located close to these hill stations where the chanting of prayers and sound of the bells can be heard. 

Ideal for: Weekend trip, Couple, Nature lovers
Distance from Bhopal: 504 kms 
Stay options: Ashirwad Guest House, The Surendra Palace, Rahi Tourist Bungalow
Must See: The Gupt Godavari caves, Hanuman Dhara, Janaki Kund, Sapthahik Shila, Ram Ghat 
Best time to visit: October-March 

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11. Shivapuri: Perfect For Nature Buffs


Image Source

Shivapuri is one of the surreal hill stations near Bhopal which cannot be missed at any cost. Located between the slanted mountains and the dense deciduous forest, this place is an ideal location to enjoy a time like never before. Resting at a height of 478 m, this place offers a wide array of activities to indulge in or just relax. This place is also famous for being the location where the well-known freedom fighter Tatya Tope was hanged to death. 

Ideal Duration: November to March
Ideal for: Weekend trip, Couple, Nature lovers
Distance from Bhopal: 311 km 
Stay options: MPT Temple View Resort, Hotel Radhe Krishna
Must See: Madhav national park, Sakhya Sagar, Karera Bird Sanctuary 
Best time to visit: December-February 

12. Adilabad: Gateway To South And Central India

Image Credit: Areason4all for Wikimedia

Adilabad serves as a prominent gateway to South and Central India. It is located in the northern region of Telangana and is home to stunning waterfalls making it one of the most refreshing getaways for summer break! This historic town is perfect for those looking for a romantic escape amid mesmerizing beauty of nature. This is amongst the most beautiful tourist places in Telangana.

Ideal Duration: November to March
Ideal for: Romantic holiday, a getaway with friends
Distance from Bhopal: 407 km
Stay options: Hotel Ravi Teja, Hotel Sai Panchvati
Must See: Kuntala falls, Pochera Falls, Gayatri Falls, Kanakai Falls, Kadam Dam, Basara Saraswathi Temple, Nirmal
Best time to Visit: October to March

13. Ranakpur: Home To Beautiful Temples

Ranakpur Hill Stations Near Ranakpur

Ranakpur is a serene town in Rajasthan and a devout place for the Jains. This beautiful locale is home to beautiful temples and its proximity from Udaipur makes it a popular spot for a vacation. Surya Narayan Temple, dedicated to Sun God is the prime attraction here apart from significant Jain temples especially Muchhal Mahavir Temple. 

Ideal Duration: October to March
Ideal for: Religious visit, family holiday
Distance from Bhopal: 450 km
Stay options: Maharani Bagh Orchard Retreat, The Kumbha Bagh
Must See: Muchhal Mahavir Temple, Ranakpur Jain Temple, Desuri, Narlai
Best time to Visit: October to February

14. Mount Abu: Stunning Oasis

Image Credit: Magnus Manske for Wikimedia

Mount Abu is certainly one of the most popular hill stations in India and this refreshing hill station near Bhopal is nestled in astounding Aravalli Ranges in Rajasthan. It is an oasis located amid the arid desert, nearly 80 km away from Sirohi village in Rajasthan. The place is surrounded by lofty pine and deodar trees, making this beautiful hill station one of its kind! 

Ideal Duration: October to March 
Ideal for: Family holiday, honeymoon, a getaway with friends
Distance from Bhopal: 498 km 
Stay options: Hotel Hilton, Hotel Hillock
Must See: Guru Shikhar, Toad Rock, Dilwara Temples, Adhar Devi Temple, Nakki Lake
Best time to Visit: November to February

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15. Bhandardara: Beautiful Holiday Resort

Image Credit: Addy for Wikimedia

Bhandardara is a beautiful holiday resort beach that is located in proximity to Igatpuri and is a perfect weekend getaway for holidayers staying in Mumbai and Pune. If you are looking for a refreshing and reviving vacation to a hill station near Bhopal then you can surely plan a visit to Bhandardaran which is also known as the queen of Sahyadri Range. 

Ideal Duration: June-March 
Ideal for: Family vacation
Distance from Bhopal: 548 km
Stay options: MTDC Bhandardara, Anandvan Resort
Must See: Wilson Dam, Ratanwadi Village, Randha Falls, Umbrella Falls
Best time to Visit: June to March

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16. Igatpuri: Magnificent Beauty

Image Credit: Sush for Wikimedia

Igatputi is known for its magnificent beauty and is believed to be heaven for nature lovers. It is located in the western ghats in the outskirts of Nashik in Maharashtra and its lavish greenery, beguiling cascade and the stunning fort makes it a perfect destination for a holiday. The place is perfect for those looking for a refreshing break away from the bustling city life. 

Ideal Duration: July to September
Ideal for: Family vacation
Distance from Bhopal: 550 km
Stay options: Tropical Retreat Luxury Resort And Spa, Touchwood Bliss Igatpuri
Must See: Kalsubai Peak, Tringalwadi Fort, Camel Valley, Ghantadevi Temple
Best time to Visit: July to September

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17. Ratanwadi: Astounding Hamlet

Image Credit: Ccmarthe for Wikimedia

Ratanwadi, a beautiful hamlet that lies in Ahmedabad district is another popular hill station near Bhopal that lures visitors with its exquisite sites. The legendary Ratangadh fort which was seized by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaja is the prime attraction here. Do visit the Amruteshwar Temple to know the roots of this historic place. It is also the best trekking destination near Mumbai and Pune.

Ideal Duration: September to May
Ideal for: Trekking 
Distance from Bhopal: 553 km
Stay options: Pravara Hotel
Must See: Amruteshwar temple, Ratangadh Fort
Best time to Visit: October to February

18. Jawhar: Mini Mahabaleshwar

Image Credit: Star Dust H for Wikimedia

Jawhar is located amid the mesmerizing site of the Western Ghats in Maharashtra and is called as Mini Mahabaleshwar by nature admirers. The place is loved for offering euphoric experiences and vibrant backdrops of this peaceful town are truly enticing. The place is a popular center of warli paintings and you can surely get back home some beautiful souvenirs from here.    

Ideal Duration: September to April
Ideal for: Family holiday
Distance from Bhopal: 560 km
Stay options: Dabhosa Waterfall Resort, Prakriti Agro Farm
Must See: Shirpamal, Jai Vilas Palace, Sunset Point
Best time to Visit: October to March

19. Suryamal: Serene Village

Suryamal - An Offbeat Weekend Retreat

Suryamal is another stunning hill station that is located in Maharashtra and is often visited by people staying in Bhopal. Nestled in Mokhada Taluka, its proximity from Nashik and Mumbai makes it a popular spot for exciting getaways. The serene village is spread across 15 acres of lush green forest offering panoramic views of the surrounding valleys. 

Ideal Duration: September to May
Ideal for: Camping, trekking
Distance from Bhopal: 564 km 
Stay options: Jenjon Lake Vetarna Resort, Spandan Holiday Homes
Must See: Bhimashankar, Bhandardara, Vikramgadh
Best time to Visit: September-May 

20. Malshej Ghat: Thriving Waterfalls

Image Credit: Kartik Mistry for Wikimedia

Malshej Ghat is one of the most beautiful hill stations near Bhopal. It is nestled in the Western Ghats in the Pune district of Maharashtra and is quite popular for lush green mountain passes that crossways with the Western Ghats. You can capture the stunning views of the entire valley and don’t miss out on visiting the thriving waterfalls here. Malshej Ghat is one of the best places for a weekend getaway from Pune and Mumbai and is known for offering a refreshing vacay. This is also one of the most popular hill stations in Maharashtra

Ideal Duration: July to March
Ideal for: Romantic holiday, trekking
Distance from Bhopal: 564 km
Stay options: Saj By The Lake, MTDC Malshej Ghat
Must See: Pimpalgaon Joga Dam, Harishchandragad Fort Trek, Malshej Falls
Best time to Visit: April to July

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We are certain that learning about these exotic destinations must have gotten you all riled up, and have sent your mind into overdrive regarding your next journey. Pack your bags and let your hair down. Book a trip to Bhopal today and tick these places off your bucket list.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hill Stations Near Bhopal

How can I reach Pachmarhi from Bhopal?

The hill station of Panchmarhi is around a five hours drive from Bhopal. These two destinations have a comfortable road-network. There are no direct trains between the two destinations which is why it is recommended to take the road. One can board a bus or hire a taxi to reach Pachmarhi.

Why is Pachmarhi Famous?

It is the most significant hill station near Bhopal. The town is famous for its calm weather, greenery, and impeccable tourist infrastructure. Since it is a convenient destination, the city is flooded with travelers in the summer.

Which is the only hill station in Madhya Pradesh?

The only hill station in Madya Pradesh state is Pachmarhi. The hill station is located 205 kilometers from the city of Bhopal.

How many lakes are there in Bhopal?

The city of Bhopal has two major lakes. They are popularly called upper lake and lower lake.

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