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    A hotel in Puri

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    Puri is the coastal district area of Odisha, which is known as the earliest abode on earth of Lord Jagannath or Vishnu. It is very well-known for seascape beauty, religious sanctuaries, the grandeur in architecture, the historic antiquities, its moderate climate, spiritual significance and of course, the Chilika Lake. If you want to witness the true beauty of the place, stay at the hotels in Puri.
    The city has quite a rich historical heritage dating back to the third century BC, this city is also an attractive location for a number of visitors due to the various beaches. There are a lot of tourist-y and attractive places in the city including the very famous, Jagannath temple.

    10 Hotels In Puri

    However, no matter where you are visiting, accommodations can be a bit of an issue, so here is a list of accommodations that you can stay at. Take a look!

    1. Hotel Holiday Resort

    Holiday Resort Hotel in Puri

    Image Source
    This hotel/resort is located by the beach in the city. It has a private beach area, two great restaurants, free parking, free Wifi and also an outdoor pool. All of the rooms are well furnished with a flat television screen, electric kettle, air conditioner & also a personal safe. They also have a play centre for the kids along with luggage storage.
    They also provide premium laundry services. The food here is great, the guests can enjoy quite a view while having food at Fusion, however, on the other hand Gajapati is a multi-cuisine restaurant. The delectable pastries, cakes, and other various excellent baked elements are available at Bakers Boutique.

    Location – Chakratirtha Road, Puri, Odisha 752002.
    Price – INR 3,595

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    2. Hotel Gandhara

    Gandhara Hotel in Puri

    Image Source
    This hotel is located a mere 10 minutes away from the railway station and just 5 minutes from the beach. The famous Jagannath temple is just a 20 minutes’ walk from the hotel. The rooms in these hotels are spacious, air-conditioned, a flat screen TV, minibar and also a personal safe.
    The bathrooms in the ensuite have both hot and cold showers available. This hotel also has a 24-hour front desk available along with an outdoor pool. At the rooftop, the hotel serves continental and Chinese dishes. The hotel also has a swimming pool along with a gorgeous inner court. The hotel has a reputation for being very clean, with friendly staff and great food!

    Location – C T Road, 752002 Puri, India
    Price – INR 2,300

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    3. The Hans Coco Palms

    Coco Palms Hotel in Puri

    Image Source
    The Hans Coco Palms hotel is closer to the quieter part of the beach in Puri. The rooms in the hotel are quite beautifully decorated, spacious with a great sofa-seating. The rooms also have a great ventilation system, big windows, lots of natural light, a private bathroom along with a shower and also a private safe. The hotel provides you with three dining options along with free WiFi in public areas and also an outdoor pool.
    The restaurant in the hotel offers both local and international dishes. The ocean café offers light snacks and the must need sweet relief! The ocean bar offers wine and refreshing fruit cocktails. What the previous visitors and we have found impressive is the courteousness of the staff, always up with a bright smile and offering the best of the services.

    Address – Baliapanda New Marine Drive Road, Swargdwar, Puri, Odisha 752001
    Price – INR 6,150

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    4. OYO Rooms: The Waves

    Beautiful Hotel in Puri

    Image Source
    This hotel, the waves, is located at 1.61 miles from the Jagannath temple. It is on an accessible location from a tourist point of view as the Jagannath temple is said to be one of the prime tourist spots from religious as well as traveller’s point of view. The rooms in the hotel are equipped with an air conditioner, a flat television screen and also a private bathroom. They also have a private wardrobe along with warm blankets and great room service! Some of the rooms also have seating areas – varies according to the cost.
    There is also a restaurant and café within the restaurant which serves great food. Free private parking is also available and is accessible by the people staying in the hotel.

    Address – Chakratirtha Road, Opp Holiday Resort, Puri, Odisha 752002, India
    Price – INR 1500

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    5. OYO Rooms Red Cross Road

    Luxurious Hotel in Puri

    Image Source
    OYO Rooms Red Cross Road hotel offers a cheap form of accommodation for the tourists. The rooms in the hotel are of good acceptable size, with windows, good ventilation, a flat television screen, side tables, and private cupboards. It also comes with a private bathroom along with towels in the washroom. These hotels are also personally monitored by OYO to maintain the standard quality throughout.
    This hotel is at around 1.5 km distance from the Puri railway station and about 2 km away from the tourist site, Jagannath temple. They also offer private parking to the guests. There are a number of restaurants and cafes around the place to go and enjoy a nice time and great food!

    Address – Plot No. 224, Gundicha Temple, 752001 Puri, India
    Price – INR 1700

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    6. Golden Dust

    Golden Dust Hotel in Puri

    Image Source
    The Golden Dust hotel is located on the beach in the city. It comes with a separate children’s playground/playroom. The rooms in the hotel are spacious, beautifully designed, well-furnishes, have a flat screen TV, air conditioner, a private wardrobe, and private bathrooms. Some of the rooms in the hotel come with a separate and nice seating space, which lets you enjoy the sunrise or sunset from the comfort of your room. The hotel room also offers free WiFi to all the guests. The hotel also offers laundry services, dry cleaning service and also has the accessibility of offering car hire.
    It is one of the best located hotels in the city where you can enjoy and relax at the end of the day after all the sightseeing and going through the city. There are also restaurants and cafes nearby with great food that makes it one more advantage for the hotel.

    Address – Sea Beach, New Marine Drive Road, 752002 Puri, India
    Price – INR 2,170

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    7. Hotel 1000’s Sand

    Hotel 1000’s Sand in puri

    Image Source
    This hotel is located at an approx. a distance of 3 kilometres from the famous Jagannath temple. All the rooms in this hotel are spacious, have air conditioning, a flat television screen, private bathrooms, complimentary towels, side tables, and private wardrobes. Some of the rooms also have a dining area along with a lounge or seating area, varying with the price structure. The kitchen in the rooms are equipped with a fridge which is also equipped with amenities.
    The hotel also has an indoor pool along with a nice restaurant to wine and dine. It is also great to relax by the pool side after visiting the whole city – it helps you in getting refreshed for the other day. The view from the hotel is magnificent, the palm trees and water gives you a calm holiday like feeling.

    Address – Marine Drive Road, Balia Panda, Sea Beach, 752001 Puri, India
    Price – INR 3,700

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    8. Puri: Golden Sands

    Yellow Building Hotel

    Image Source
    The hotel is a sterling holiday resort which is at a walking distance from the Puri beach. The hotel also has its own private beach, making it one of the best choices in the city. If you are a morning person, you would definitely love to catch the sunrise by the sea. The renowned Jagannath temple is also a walking distance away from the hotel.
    The hotel has accommodation of 91 rooms, with an indoor pool and a private pool area. The hotel also accommodates an open-air discotheque, free wifi connection for all the guests, a 24 hours in services front desk, and a well-connected and promptly answered room service. The rooms are well furnished and equipped with a flat TV screen, attached private bathroom, daily housekeeping – laundry and dry cleaning – facility, and also a kettle.
    The hotel staff are friendly, the hotel is aesthetic and picturesque, the restaurants and cafes are within a walking distance which makes this hotel an indisputable choice for your holidays in Puri.

    Address – 55/2 and 255/3, Sipasarubali Village, Baliapanda, 752002 Puri, India
    Price – INR 4,800

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    9. Hotel East West

    Hotel East West in puri

    Image Source
    This hotel is situated at the side of a beach making it a beachfront property. The hotel is a stop for a lot of backpackers and travellers in the city. The view from the hotel, the waves of the blue sea, is virtually stunning and makes it one of the best stays in the city. You can also enjoy a sunset or sunrise from the hotel, beaches or from the rooms facing the beach. The hotel is at a distance of 5 km from the railway station, 5 km from the city’s bus station and 4 km from the famous Jagannath temple.
    The hotel accommodates the need for travellers of having world class amenities at an affordable price. The rooms are large and spacious with air conditioner, flat television screen, well furnished, and also an electric kettle. There are private bathrooms in the room with showers and complimentary toiletries offered by the hotel. The rooms have both sea views and garden views, of course varying with the price range.
    The hotel offers free Wi-Fi to the people in the public places, facilities for having meetings, office desks, along with a facility of luggage storing. The hotel also provides different facilities for the guests that are differently abled. It also offers free parking and accommodation.

    Address – New Marine Drive, Sipasarubali, Baliapanda, 752001 Puri, Indi
    Price – INR 4,000

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    10. Chanakya BNR Hotel

    Chanakya BNR Hotel in Puri

    Image Source
    The Chanakya BNR hotel is one of the heritage hotels in the city, it gives you an ambiguous reminiscence of the British era. It was an old railway guest house which has been converted into a hotel. The rooms in the hotels are large, spacious, well furnished with flat TV screens, private bathrooms, private wardrobes, side tables, and air conditioners.
    The staff in the hotel are cordial, friendly and prompt offering great service & great food! The hotel offers free WiFi and hotel parking.

    Address – Chakra Tritha Road, 752002 Puri, India
    Price – INR 1,600

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    Next time you head to Puri, don’t forget to check out some of the best hotels in Puri to enjoy a comfortable stay on your vacation. They offer every amenity you will need on a holiday. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a holiday in Odisha and enjoy!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Hotels In Puri

    What are the best hotels in Puri?

    Sterling Puri, Hotel East West, The Hans Coco Palms, are some of the popular and best hotels in the city as they have great views, near the major tourist attractions and beaches of course! All of this with great services and comfortable accommodation.

    Which are some of the best budget hotels in Puri?

    Hotel Gandhara, Golden Dust, OYO Rooms Hotel Waves are some of the popular best budget hotels in the city. They offer great facilities, comfortable accommodations and easy access to all the places in the city.

    Which are the best luxury hotels in the Puri?

    Mayfair Heritage, The Hans Coco Palms, Sterling Puri are some of the best luxury hotels in the city. They offer all the luxurious comfort you need – private beach poolside relaxation and premium service quality.

    Which are the best romantic hotels in Puri?

    Toshali Sands Nature Escape, Mayfair heritage, the chariot resort, and spa are some of the well-known romantic accommodations in the city.

    Which are the best hotels near Puri Beach?

    Hotel Pushpa, Golden tree, Mahodadhi resort are some of the best resorts near the beach in Puri.

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