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Ottawa is one of the most beautiful places across the globe and a lot of people wish to visit the place. But before visiting any place there are certain tips one must keep in mind. And so here are certain travel tips listed down which would be helpful while planning a trip to Ottawa. Note down these ottawa travel tips and get ready to go.

Top 11 Ottawa Travel Tips To Keep In Mind

Here are the top travel tips which you should note down before visiting Ottawa for a safe and comfortable travelling experience –

1. Research


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Researching well is one of the prime Ottawa travel tips. Before making a beeline for Ottawa ensure you make an agenda of the considerable number of spots to visit. Appropriate research will assist you in listing the most well-known and vital places in Ottawa. To go around Ottawa without legitimate information resembles driving around without GPS. This is a standout amongst other Ottawa venture out tips to begin your adventure to your fantasy goal.

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2. Best Time To Visit Ottawa

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The best time to visit Ottawa is between March and May when temperatures start to rise and the city begins to sprout. This is likewise when a portion of the capitals preferred exceptional occasions including the adored tulip festival occur. Because of its typically warm climate, summer is the most well-known time for a visit however; it is additionally the most costly with normal room rates costing as much as $140 every night. For those of you tingling to discover a deal consider a winter trip; although temperatures regularly dip under solidifying you can keep your blood siphoning by rehearsing your figure skating or hockey proceeds onward the Rideau Canal.

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3. Hotel & Accommodation

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From budgeted hotels to luxurious apartments, everything is available in Ottawa. You can choose a suitable accommodation as per your convenience and budget. Choose a place that does not burn a hole in your wallet. One of the most important tips for traveling in Ottawa for the first time is that you opt for apartments to stay like a local. There are quaint houses available for a comfortable stay offering good value for money. From planned inns to extravagant lofts, everything is accessible in Ottawa. You can pick an appropriate settlement according to your benefit and spending plan. There are curious houses accessible for an agreeable stay offering a great incentive for cash. Ottawa travel tips like can help a visitor save a dime.

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4. Free-Of-Cost Sightseeing

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Plan a night exhibition hall visit. Several of Ottawa’s historical centers including the Canadian war museum and the Canadian museum of nature offer free confirmation on Thursday night times from 4 or 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. limit your formal dinners. Ottawa has a lot of fine cafés yet eating out can get costly rapidly. It depends on less proper feasting spots like those at the Byward market for breakfast and lunch. Maintain a strategic distance from downtown inns. You will discover many lower rates on the off chance that you search for facilities on the edges of town.

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5. Currency Exchange

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Ottawa’s legitimate money is the Canadian dollar which is generally identical to the U.S dollar you should, in any case, intend to check what the present conversion standard is before you go to stay away from perplexity when obtaining merchandise acclimate yourself with Canadian money. Coins are in the categories of $2 $1 $0.50 $0.25 $0.10 and $0.05. Canadian dollar coins are designated as loonies; $2 coins are classified as toonies. Paper bills are in sections of $100 $50 $20 $10 and $5. Ottawa travel tips like these are advantageous to follow.

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6. Suitable Clothing

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Normal highs throughout the winter months infrequently ascend above freezing. In case you are arranging a winter trip, make a point to bring all the chilly climate necessities like a warm cap scarf and gloves.

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7. Ottawa’s Culture & Tradition

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With different urban areas in Canada Ottawa’s way of life is impacted by its motherland England and its native legacy. Regardless of whether you taste evening tea viewing the day-by-day changing of the guard function at parliament hill or setting out on an indigenous strolling visit, you will have different chances to encounter the region’s way of life. To show signs of improvement comprehension of how the nations soonest pioneers molded its present-day personality start your voyage through Ottawa at the Canadian Museum of history. These are a few things to know before traveling to Ottawa.

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8. Language

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One should not experience any difficulty exploring Canada’s capital. English and French are the nation’s two authority dialects yet most Ottawa inhabitants communicate in English. On the off chance that your adventure over the Ottawa River to Gatineau which is situated in the French-talking region of Quebec you might need to come arranged with a couple of French expressions, for example, bonjour (hi) sil vous plaît (please) and merci (thank you).

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9. Where To Eat


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Ottawa has a really cool eating culture. You will not have any problems adjusting to the eating habits of the people here. You will be able to find almost every cuisine that you are probably used to. From American, French and even Japanese, there are several restaurants and cafeterias which offer reasonable and delicious food items to the people. Check on the internet about the top places to eat in Ottawa and visit them for satisfying your taste buds in an amazing manner.

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10. Transportation

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The ideal approach to get around Ottawa is walking. The city’s dynamic midtown territory is incredibly dense and great signage makes it simple to explore. If you do become weary of strolling the Ottawa-Carleton regional transit commission OC Transpo works various transport courses all of which begin from the Rideau center through midtown and into the more local locations.

To get to the midtown zone from the Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier international airport yow you can take the no. 97 transport for CA $3.65 generally $2.80 cabs are additionally accessible yet hope to pay upward of ca$30 about $23 all these points can be considered under the Ottawa city travel guide.

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11. Nightlife In Ottawa

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Ottawa has a very glittering nightlife which promises to deliver a great experience whenever you are in the city. From full bars to dance pubs, Ottawa is home to all that. If you want to get rid of the jet lag or weekday blues, then head to the city’s dynamic nightclubs and bars. Barrymore’s Music Hall Ottawa, City At Night, The Loft Board Game Lounge and Clocktower Brewpub are some of the city’s most loved places to enjoy the night without breaking your bank.

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So, here are the top Ottawa travel tips you should be aware of during your vacation in Canada. Ottawa is a lively city in Canada and you will definietly enjoy your visit as there are plenty of things to do here. Keep these tips in mind and indulge in new and unique experiences to make your vacation memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ottawa Travel Tips

What is Ottawa Canada known for?

Ottawa is Canada’s capital city. This means it’s also home to the seat of the Canadian government, promises sightseeing, and attractions that are to some degree rich in history. Things to know before traveling to Ottawa include the above.

What should one do in Ottawa?

The best things to do in Ottawa: 1. Skate along with the world’s largest outdoor skating rink. 2. Visit the Parliament. 3. Learn about Canada’s history. 4. Learn about the darker side of the city. 5. Enjoy the culinary scene.

How many days does one need in Ottawa?

If one is already spending 2-3 days in Montreal and 2-3 days in Toronto then yes spend 2 days in Ottawa but you have to appreciate Ottawa for what it’s. It is not a big city nor is it particularly known for its nightlife shopping or restaurants.

What is there to do in Ottawa during April?

Here are some of the best things to do during April in Ottawa: 1. Enjoy exploring the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. 2. Visit the Equatoria Water Garden conservatory. 3. Watch the sunset at the Ottawa locks. 4. Admire a chocolate wonderland at the Lindt chocolate shop.

Is Ottawa a good place to live?

Ottawa, Ontario is rather focused on suburban family-oriented lifestyles. The city works hard at having good schools and community recreation facilities. In all but a few parts of town, crime rates are quite low.

How long is the drive from Toronto to Ottawa?

The total driving time from Toronto to Ottawa is 4 hours 23 minutes.

Why is Ottawa great?

Ottawa is a multicultural city with a large and growing immigrant population that enriches the city. Ottawa is remarkably clean and green with large trees parks and beaches along the three major rivers.

How far is Ottawa from Niagara Falls?

The distance between Niagara Falls and Ottawa is 371 kilometers 231 miles while the driving distance from Niagara Falls to Ottawa is 561 kilometers 349 miles.

Is Ottawa better than Toronto?

Ottawa has much more affordable housing costs than Toronto. The average cost for a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto according to pad mapper is $2,230 whereas Ottawa can offer you the same thing for $1,270 thus making Ottawa a preferable city over Toronto.

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