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Ratnagiri is a beautiful port town in Maharashtra surrounded by gorgeous hills of the Sahyadri ranges. Studded with immense beauty of nature, Ratnagiri is also home to rich history which makes it one of the most prominent holiday destinations in India.You can find a wide range of diverse places to visit in Ratnagiri such as forts, shimmery beaches, historic monuments, alluring shrines, hills, rivers, dense forests, and beautiful waterfalls and more.

Further, the unimpaired calmness and silence of this location makes even more beautiful and serene to visit. Tourists can also indulge in activities such as trekking, biking & walking around the city, sightseeing, jeep safari, explore wildlife and mother nature, camping and more.

18 Best Places To Visit In Ratnagiri

Wondering what’s offbeat in Maharashtra? Thinking Lonavala, Lavasa, and Mahabaleshwar are overrated? Well, why don’t you give Ratnagiri a shot? If you do wish to then here is a list of the most preferred sightseeing places in Ratnagiri that you should visit next time you are on a vacation in Maharashtra and want to make the best of your trip.

1. Swayambhu Ganapati Temple

Swayambhu Ganapati Temple

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Stunning is the only word to describe this 400-year-old beauty which is a living example of fine art and extraordinary work. Made of white sand, Swayambhu Ganesha Temple is utterly gorgeous and peaceful. It is said that the idol of Lord Ganapati is self-made and was discovered about 1600 years ago.

This is a major tourist attraction point in Ratnagiri and Diwali is the peak time that attracts visitors from all around the country. The priests dressing the monolith of Lord Ganesha in the morning and evening is a special treat to watch for the tourists.

Location : In Ganpatipule near Ratnagiri
Distance from Ratnagiri bus stop: 23 kms
Timings: 5 am to 9 pm every day

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2. Thiba Palace

Thiba Palace

Image Source

The residing place of King Thiba, the ruler of Brahmadesh (today’s Myanmar) is one of the prominent places to visit in Ratnagiri. Built-in Bramhi style, the three-storey palace was constructed for the King Thiba before it was abducted by the Britishers..

Spread across 27 acres, this palace is done up with fine architectural characteristics such as wooden floors, colored Italian glasses, marble-floored dancing hall and more. Besides this, the tourists can admire and catch a glimpse of the bewitching Arabian Sea from the top of the palace.

Location: Abhyudhya Nagar, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra 415612
Distance from Ratnagiri bus stop: 2 kms
Timings: 10am to 5pm every day

3. Jaigad Fort

Jaigad Fort

Image Source

Another one of the famous sightseeing places in Ratnagiri, Jaigad Fort is the historic fort built in the 17th century. placed on the Western Coasts, this important sea fort sits atop a cliff at the Sangameshwar river’s convergence with the Arabian Sea. The enchanting scenery of the spot makes its worthy of a visit. Also known as the Fort of Victory, this fort now comes under the Archaeological Survey of India. Along with the beauty and layout of the fort, you can also enjoy the clear views of the sea.

Location : Near Jaigad village, about 20km from Ganpatipule
Distance from Ratnagiri bus stop: 42.6 kms
Timings: 8am to 7pm every day

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4. Jai Vinayak Temple

Jai Vinayak Temple

Image Source

Devoted to Lord Vinayak, this captivating newly constructed shrine is one of the most liked attractions in Ratnagiri. Surrounded by peaceful ambience, this temple is also famous for its finely-crafted garden lush with trees and a fish pond. Also, the brass idol of Lord Ganesha is bewitching and a perfect expression of prosperity and peace. If you are religious, you must definitely visit this place to seek blessings from God.

Location : Near Kachare village in Ratnagiri
Distance from Ratnagiri bus stop: 36.8 kms
Timings: 6am to 7pm

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5. Tilak Ali Museum

Tilak Ali Museum

Image Source

The birthplace of Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, this ancestral house is now a museum maintained by the archaeological department and one of the popular Ratnagiri tourist places. It is one of the most famous places in Ratnagiri where you can take a tour and learn about the rich Indian history. The compact museum gives you a glimpse of Bal Gangadhar Tilak’s life and work and is a delight to explore. You can find plenty of exhibits in terms of photographs and paintings here that provide good knowledge about the freedom struggle of India.

Location : Ratnagiri town
Distance from Ratnagiri bus stop: 1 km
Timings: 9am to 6.30pm every day

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6. Jaigad Lighthouse

jaigad lighthouse

Image Source

When it comes to visiting Ratnagiri, don’t forget to put the Jaigad Lighthouse in your list of priorities. Remarkably designed, this wonder of ancient engineering lighthouse is stationed in one of the bastions on the west of Jaigad fort. Newlyweds and lovers usually come here and spend a good amount of romantic time admiring the panoramic and outstanding views of the surroundings.

Location : Near Ratnagiri Fort, Ratnagiri, India
Distance from Ratnagiri bus stop: 42.6 kms
Timings: 4pm to 5pm every day

7. Ratnadurga Fort

Ratnadurga Fort

Image Source

Also known as Bhagwati Fort, Ratnadurga Fort is an exceptional example of ancient art and makes for one of the top places to see in Ratnagiri. Surrounded by the Arabian Sea on three sides, this fort is no doubt one of the best places to visit in Ratnagiri. The tourist can soothe themselves with the magnificent panoramas of the Arabian Sea from the top. History has it that this fort was conquered by Shivaji Maharaj in 1670 from Adil Shah of Bijapur. This fort also houses a beautiful temple of Goddess Bhagawati, and a small Ganesha and Hanuman temple.

Location : Ratnadurg Killa, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra 415612
Distance from Ratnagiri bus stop: 3.3 kms
Timings: 8am to 6pm every day

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8. Bhatye Beach

Bhatye Beach

Image Source

Famous for its crystal blue water, Bhatye Beach nestled in reposeful location is one among the many places to visit in Ratnagiri Maharashtra. Proximate to the city, Bhatye is a small village known its smooth sea showers, clear and long stretch of beach. Besides, playing in the water and relaxing, tourists can indulge in various leisure activities like collecting shells or playing sports such as football & volleyball in the sand. While you pay a visit to this beach, you can also tour to the Madavi Beach and the elegant Ratnagiri Light House located within sniffing distance from here.

Location: Ratnagiri
Distance from Ratnagiri bus stop: 4 kms
Timings: Open 24 hours

9. Thibaw Point

Thibaw Point

Image Source

Offering amazing views of the Bhatye Bridge, Someshwar Creek, Arabian Sea and the Pawas, Thibaw Point attracts loads of picnickers and tourists every year which makes it one of the most popular places to see in Ratnagiri. It gives a complete view of the Ratnagiri district and is home to Thibaw Palace ( i.e. a palace of King of Myanmar).

Location : Rajiwada, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra 415612
Distance from Ratnagiri bus stop: 2 kms
Timings: 9am to 9pm every day

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10. Dhamapur Lake

Dhamapur Lake

Image Source

Made in the year 1530 by King Nagesh Desai, this man-made lake is the biggest one in Ratnagiri district ands is one of the best places to visit in Ratnagiri. Having clear water, dense kokam, mango, coconut, and areca palm trees plantations, this lake also offers many scenic attractions and hill ranges.

Location : West Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri, India
Distance from Ratnagiri bus stop: 158.4 kms
Timings: NA

11. Pandre Samudra

beach view

One of the  most beautiful beaches in Ratnagiri, known for its silvery sands, serene ambiance and tranquil water, Pandre Samudra is one of the most happening places to visit in Ratnagiri. If you are a beach lover then you will love this place even more. You can visit the beaches nearby namely Mirkarwada, and Mandvi Beach. There is a Sai Mandir nearby which is another one of the tourist attractions.

Location : Pandre Samudra, Ratnagiri
Distance from Ratnagiri bus stop: 1 km
Timings: Open 24 hours

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12. Ratnagiri Marine Fish Museum

Ratnagiri Aquarium

Image Source

If you are looking for tourist places in Ratnagiri then you can’t miss out on this one! The Ratnagiri Marine Fish Museum is an interesting marine aquarium and was established in the year 1985 by the Marine Biological Research Center. The Museum houses some beautiful specimens of sea cucumber, sea horse fish, and the likes.

Location : Sadanand Wadi, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra 415612
Distance from Ratnagiri bus stop: 2.2 kms
Timings: NA

13. Ganapatipule Beach

Ganapatipule Beach

Image Credits: Vaibhav Dautkhani for Wikimedia Commons

Ganpatipule Beach is among the popular tourist places in Ratnagiri. It is a pristine and exquisite beach that is sitting on the Konkan coastline. This beach is also well-known for housing the 400-year-old Ganesha Temple that can be found here. It is believed that the idol was self-created and discovered over 1600 years ago. The coastline of this Beach is incredibly awe-inspiring and mesmerizing. You can also find a variety of exquisite flora, which includes dense coconut trees and mangroves. This uncommercialized escape is perfect for nature lovers.

Location: Ganapatipule
Distance from Ratnagiri bus stop: 25.3 kms
Timings: Open 24 hours

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14. Malgund


Image Credits: Pradeep717 for Wikimedia Commons

If you seek tourist places in Ratnagiri that are a little away from being the popular choices, Malgund could be your ticket to solace. This village is the hometown of an extremely renowned Marathi poet named Kavi Keshavsoot. This poet’s house has now been converted into a student’s hostel and is open for visits. The village also houses a memorial to the poet, built by the Marathi Sahitya Parishad. So, for those who appreciate this art, do pay a visit to this town!

Location: Ganpatipule, Maharashtra 415615
Distance from Ratnagiri bus stop: 29.6 kms
Timings: Open 24 hours

15. Velneshwar


Image Credits: Udaykumar PR for Wikimedia Commons

Velneshwar is located in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. It is among the top tourist places in Ratnagiri and is a village south of the Guhagar town. It is famous for the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva along with a beautiful crescent-shaped beach. This beach is clean, unspoilt and ideal for swimming. Velneshwar experiences an increase in footfall during March, all thanks to the Maha Shivratri Festival that is held here, as a tribute to Lord Shiva.

Location: Maharashtra
Distance from Ratnagiri bus stop: 80 kms
Timings: NA

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16. Mandavi Beach

Mandavi Beach

Image Credits: Acube3 for Wikimedia Commons

There are certain beaches that are extremely popular among the locals and tourists. Mandvi Beach is just one of them. This beach is among the top places to see in Ratnagiri and is mostly crowded for all the right reasons. This picture-perfect beach offers the stunning views of the famous Ratnadurg Fort in the western region and the majestic Arabian Sea that is spread as far as the eye can see in the south. It has a vast line of seashore upto Rajiwanda port. The beach has black sand and is hence, often tagged as ‘Black Sea’.

Location: Sadanand Wadi, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra 415612
Distance from Ratnagiri bus stop: 3.9 kms
Timings: Sunrise to sunset

17. Ganeshgule Beach

Ganeshgule Beach

Image Credits: Omkar Gurav for Wikimedia Commons

If you seek a vacation away from the concrete jungles and spend some time in the heart of mother nature, Ganeshgule Beach is where you should head. This is one of the serene and hidden places in Ratnagiri and you should not miss out on visiting this. The beach might be a little on the outskirts, but that is what gives you a chance to escape the city blues and embrace nature’s tranquility. Just enjoy a peaceful walk with the sounds of water in the background and a panoramic landscape as your view.

Location: Thikan Soman, Maharashtra 415616
Distance from Ratnagiri bus stop: 22.8 kms
Timings: Sunrise to sunset

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18. Guhagar Beach

Guhagar Beach

Image Credits: Ankur P for Wikimedia Commons

It is perhaps among the best places to see in Ratnagiri. Guhagar Beach is a massive stretch of cerulean waters and shimmering grainy sand, lined with nodding palm trees. The beach extends for approximately 6 kilometres. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions that can be seen in the Guhagar Taluka. Guhagar Beachboasts of being one of the cleanest beaches sitting in the entire region. This is exactly what attracts travelers to this destination and taking a bath in these waters to get rid of fatigue!

Location: Ratnagiri, Maharashtra
Distance from Ratnagiri bus stop: 89.7 kms
Timings: Sunrise to sunset

Adorned with majestic mountains and beautiful rivers, Ratnagiri is a perfect spot for vacation not to miss in your tour to Maharashtra. This birthplace of Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak (Indian freedom fighter) treats you with a wide range of activities, spots and things that you can’t get enough of. So all the people out there who are planning their next trip are welcome to Ratnagiri.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Places to Visit in Ratnagiri

What are the famous places to visit in Ratnagiri for couples?

Some of the best places where couples can visit are Thiba Palace, Jaigad Fort, Jai Vinayak Temple, Tilak Ali Museum, Jaigad Lighthouse, Ratnadurga Fort, Bhatye Beach, Thibaw Point, Dhamapur Lake, Pandre Samudra, Ratnagiri Marine Fish Museum, Ganapatipule Beach, and Ganeshgule Beach.

What is famous in Ratnagiri?

Ratnagiri is renowned for its scintillating beaches, ancient monuments, forts, greenery, natural beauty and also some nearby attractions. Whether you are looking for some adventure or simply peace amidst nature, this is the place to be.

Can I visit Ratnagiri during the current Covid situation?

Yes, you can plan a visit to Ratnagiri during the current Covid situation. However, make sure that you are completely vaccinated and always carry your vaccination certificate. Besides this, you need to follow government protocols that include wearing a mask when in public, sanitizing hands at certain intervals, and maintaining social distance.

What transportation is available in Ratnagiri?

Local and private buses are the best options for commuting within the city.

What to shop on a Ratnagiri trip?

You can always shop for the natural products made in the city from the local market at good prices. The city offers the best mangoes, cashew nuts, kokum sharbat, amboli, and Aam Panna.

How can I reach Ratnagiri?

Ratnagiri is a district part in the Konkan division of Maharashtra, the best way to reach here is by flight, train or bus. One can reach here via Jan Shatabdi Ex from Mumbai.

Which are the best places to visit near Ratnagiri?

Kolhapur, Satara, Dapoli, Chandoli National Park, Chiplun, Tsunami Island are some of the best places to visit near Ratnagiri.

How many days are enough to explore Ratnagiri?

A trio of 2-3 days would suffice to explore the best of Ratnagiri.

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