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The United States of America or the U.S.A in short, has the best of everything. The Central Park, The Empire State Building, The Niagara Falls – every other place is an icon here in its own place. Add to that list the Royal Gorge Bridge. The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park is one of the most favourite hangouts for families, especially, since it is not just a bridge there, but a park with entertainment, et all.

About Royal Gorge Bridge

About Royal Gorge Bridge

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The Royal Gorge suspension bridge in Colorado, USA, was considered to be the highest bridge, until 2001, until a bridge in China overtook it. After the bridge that was built in just six months started operating, other structures like the Incline Railway, a miniature railroad, an aerial tram also added to the beauty of the place. It was renovated in the early years of 1980s with new cable anchors, suspension rods and paint. Later on, a Skycoaster was added to the list of attractions that this park boasts of.

Unfortunately, a wildfire broke out in 2013, which destroyed the aerial tram and most of the other buildings in the park. The bridge, though did not suffer much damage. The attractions that are present though, include a visitor centre with an observation deck, a water clock, Children’s Playground, and so much more. The highlight though still remains the highest suspension bridge in the whole of America and it is a thrilling experience to ride across on it; at such a high height, it is definitely not for the faint-hearted. The bridge opens at 7 am and closes during the dusk, all days of the year.

Things To Do At Royal Gorge Bridge

Visiting this very famous bridge is an overwhelming experience in itself, but what if you knew some of the things to do around too? Scroll down to know what all awaits you here!

1. Royal Gorge Train

Royal Gorge Train

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You must try the famous train ride among the gorges and it is an exciting one at that. Royal Gorge Route Railroad, got a makeover from a local railroader, after it was ignored for a long time. He started with a handful of restored mid-century rail cars, in which you can experience absolute luxury today. The train travels along the base of the canyon. This is a train ride that you will never forget though. It serves food and drinks on the train, with nicely and elegantly done interiors. The food is fresh and locally sourced. Along with that, you can enjoy some breath-taking views from glass-domed railcars. Once in a while, they also have some murder mystery adventures that you could solve. There are different classes that you can choose from and there is also a special Santa Express during the winter, especially for the kids! You can board the train at the Santa Fe Depot in Cañon City.

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2. Royal Gorge Rafting

Royal Gorge Rafting

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A little adrenaline rush is always exciting and it refreshes you. The whitewaters at the Royal Gorge is among the top ten rafting spots in the whole country and you will know why when you try it yourself. Whether you know or don’t know rafting or even swimming, it really does not matter. River Rafting in Royal Gorge is for anyone who even has an inkling to try out the sport. There are easy spots and there are the more challenging ones too; if you are a fresher and want to try the challenging rapids, you are welcome to do that too. There are half-day trips and also full-day rafting trips you could choose from. No matter what you choose, it will still be an exciting experience to raft under the highest bridge in the country! Just make sure you have gotten a good night’s sleep and had a wholesome meal, for you will need all the energy you can get.

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3. Skydiving


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If you thought river rafting was extreme, wait till you experience the Skydiving at the Royal Gorge. The activity, which starts from the Fremont County Airport, will definitely get your hearts racing. It is not just about falling off a plane and diving into the skies, but it is also about the views below, and with the views like what you will see from up in the sky here is indescribable. There is a free-fall for about 30 seconds and that is a lot of time. If you are a thrill seeker, you will totally love this experience. If you are a first-timer, but you are scared to take the dive on your own, they also offer tandem skydiving. which means you will be attached to an instructor. You will have nothing to fret about and you can just enjoy the views. All that you need to keep in mind is a dress code of sorts while you are going sky-diving. The shoes must be closed toe and should be a perfect fit. The instructors there will suggest you wear jeans, as that is the most comfortable wear.

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4. Zip-Lining


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Zip-lining here is a once-in-a-lifetime experience as it is the country’s highest zip line. Called the Cloudscraper Zip Line, that is what you will literally do – scrape through the clouds, 1,200 feet above the stunning Arkansas River in USA . It is the World’s First “Flight Line” Free Fall belay system. There are 20 zip lines in total and ranges between the classic and extreme course and spans over 4 kilometres. The classic course would be the best fit for beginners or just want to try the experience for the sheer adrenaline rush, or if you like the thrills, you could try the extreme course, which is supposed to be the fastest in the entire North American region. The equipment used are state-of-the-art. You can be worry-free while you experience a spectacular ride.

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5. Skycoaster


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This is something like bungee jumping, but a lot more thrilling and a lot scarier too. Imagine hanging from a few harnesses, 1200 feet above a raging river – that is exactly what skycoaster is all about. It is a roller-coaster ride, only above the ground; high above the ground, in the skies. Terrifying…isn’t it! This is again not for the faint-hearted and this skycoaster at the Royal Gorge Bridge is considered to be the scariest one in the whole world. At a speed of 50 mph through the air in a free fall, the skycoaster is one of the scariest rides here at the park, but also the most popular ones, if we may put it that way. So, if you are a brave soul, you can try this one out.

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6. Plaza Theatre

Plaza Theatre

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Do not mistake this for a theatre which showcases movies; there are plenty of those in the town. At this theatre, they showcase a mini-documentary about the interesting history, fun facts, drama and scenery surrounding the Park. It will be interesting to watch how this park and the bridge came about and learn about how it was built. Also, while you are at it, do visit the Historical Expo nearby to the theatre and examine the original artifacts and historic photos that speak to you about the tales of the Royal Gorge railroad war and those brave men who began the bridge construction. This place will take you back in time and it is a great place for those who love to learn about the history of the place.

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Rock Gorge Bridge is not just stunning and an engineering marvel, but there are just so many other things to do around it, that you will never tire out of options, though you might tire out yourself after all the adventures that it has in store for you. So, plan a trip to USA for an amazing holiday experience like never before!

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