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    Seychelles Islands Travel Guide

    Stunning and unspoiled, the islands of Seychelles are some of the perfect holiday destinations to discover a brand new world within our reach. Beautiful boulder-strewn stretches of beaches, thriving coral reefs, virgin jungles, and World Heritage Sites, are just a few of the dozen attractions that you can visit on a trip to this exotic destination. Hence, follow this brief Seychelles islands guide to explore the best sites of this tropical island, and enjoy a surreal vacation amidst the wildlife, pristine beaches, and delicious local food.

    Best Time To Visit Seychelles Island

    Best Time To Visit

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    Seychelles islands are blessed with a year-long warm, tropical climate. While you can visit the islands any time of the year, November through March is pleasant and ideal for wildlife watching, sunbathing, and scuba diving. Whereas April, May, October, and November are hot and humid in Seychelles. Seychelles experiences heavy footfall during the months of December, January, July, and August. Those who love sailing may also plan a trip in January when the Seychelles Sailing Cup takes place. The International fishing competition takes place in November every year. The suitable time to visit Seychelles is majorly determined by the climatic conditions which depend a lot on the Seychelles island location.

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    Places To Visit In Seychelles Island

    If you want to have the best of your tri, then these places on the Seychelles Island should be on your itinerary if you have not already added them.

    1. Mahe

    Mahe Seychelles

    Image Source

    No trip to Seychelles is complete without a trip to Mahe, one of the largest inhabited islands in Seychelles. Mahe Island, Seychelles has over 60 beaches and countryside covered in jungles and rainforests. Travelers can relax on the beach, discover bays and small waterfalls, or set out to explore caves and coves. The adrenaline junkies can indulge in adventurous activities like hiking. Whereas the island also offers a pristine view of marine life by snorkeling and Kayaking. The small towns and villages in Mahe complete the visit as the travelers can witness the unmistakable Creole influence.

    Best time to visit April, May, October, November

    2. Seychelles’ Outer Islands

    Outer Islands

    Image Source

    There is so much to do and see in Seychelles, that a week is simply not enough. While most tourists and even your hotel may recommend a trip to Eden island Seychelles, there are other places that are equally stunning. On a trip to Seychelles, plan an excursion to the outer islands. Each of these islands is unique in its own way. Apart from its stunning views, the Bird island is the perfect place to capture birds hatching eggs and spot rare and extinct species of birds. It is home to over 1.25 million birds that call this island home during April and May. There are a number of organized tours, that will give you the chance to spot fairy terns, brush warblers, and the Seychelles toc-toc too!

    Best time to visit: April, May, October, November

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    3. Aldabra Atoll

    Aldabra Atoll (Seychelles)

    Image Source

    Aldabra Atoll is one of the largest atolls that is listed by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. This atoll is home to over 150,000 tortoises in all. It comprises of 12 islands that together make up for about one-third of the island’s land mass. The atoll’s islands encompass a vast array of unique and rare flora and fauna. The atoll is ideal for snorkeling and is every diver’s true paradise.

    Best time to visit: October, November

    4. Desroches


    Image Source

    If you are traveling with kids, be sure to plan a visit to the aquarium area, Desroches. PasseTambi and Madam Zabre are the ideal spots to see stingrays, turtles, and colorful reef fish. There are close to 14 classified sites and mysterious labyrinths of unique caves, that make way for a great diving experience.

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    Things To Do On Seychelles Island

    Listed below are a few fun things you can do when you aren’t at the beach or under the waters, snorkeling in the reefs.

    1. Food

    Local food Seychelles

    Image Source

    While roaming in the streets of Seychelles, you are better off eating at local restaurants than trying to fix yourself a meal. Seychelles has numerous creole takeaways and eateries that offer fantastic food at a great value. The food served is simply out of the world especially the seafood! Eden Plaza and Marina is the rodeo drive you must head out to if you are on the lookout for high-end cafes and eateries.

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    2. Shopping

    Victoria Seychelles

    Image Source

    For the shopaholics, Market Street and Victoria will be a paradise. Mahe is the best place for shopping in shopping in Seychelles. This quaint market has it all. The island has small shops and street markets selling locally-made and hand-made products. You will get great bargains on just about anything in this market, right from candles, beach coverups, bohemian dresses, tea, perfumes and even mementos to take back home. The two major markets in Seychelles are Kenwyn House and Sir Selwen Clarke Market. Kenwyn House is built in an elegant French colonial architecture and showcases jewelry collection of six kinds. The Sir Selwen Clarke Market has shops selling food items like vegetables, spices, fruits and fish. There are also shops little gift shops.

    Kenwyn House Address: Francis Rachel Street, Victoria, Mahe
    Kenwyn House Timings: Weekdays – 9 AM – 5 PM / Saturday – 9 AM – 1 PM (Sundays closed)

    3. Bus Tour

    Bus In Seychelles

    Image Source

    Buses are common in Seychelles and cost just a few rupees. The buses out of Victoria are a great way to not just watch people, but also engage in interesting conversations. So, set out to explore the Seychelles islands on a bus whilst seeking tips from some of the friendliest co-passengers on your bus!

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    4. Golfing

    Golfing at Seychelles

    Image Source

    Formerly known as Le Reef Golf Hotel and Golf Club, the Seychelles Golf Club, is the only golf course on the island. Built in 1980, on an old coconut plantation is bordered by coconut palms, casuarina trees, takamaka, and a mangrove marsh. The park is also surrounded by green – hills. This award-winning, the golf club has a challenging course that is over 4,992 yards and has nine holes at par 68. The golf club has a clubhouse too, that features a bar with DSTV, a pool table, tennis courts, a cafeteria restaurant, and a swimming pool.

    Address: Seychelles Golf Club, PO Box 2095, Anse Aux Pins, Mahe, Seychelles, Seychelles

    5. Helicopter Ride

    Helicopter ride in Seychelled

    Image Source

    There is no better way to take in the scenic beauty of the Seychelles islands, than from high up in the sky. Though this may cost you a bag full of Seychellois rupees, it is a great way to top off a couple of weeks at the island. Boarding a helicopter is as easy as taking a flight. There are a number of tour operators that organize helicopter rides during high season.

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    6. Secret Waterfall

    Praslin Waterfall

    Image Source

    Not many travelers or guides will let you onto this secret. Praslin Waterfall is less than a kilometer from the famous UNESCO site Vallée De Mai. This waterfall is spectacular and well worth a visit and what’s more? You are guaranteed to have the whole place to yourself! This little waterfall is an underrated gem among all the beaches on this destination. You won’t need much time to explore this place one’s you are here, but simply spending half an hour at Praslin Waterfall is a calming experience.

    Where To Stay In Seychelles Islands

    Budget lodging isn’t very common in Seychelles, so be prepared to splurge on luxury accommodation. Listed below are a few of the best hotels to stay at during your island vacation.

    1. Banyan Tree

    Banyan Tree Seychelles

    Image Source

    Banyan Tree is luxury redefined in every sense. This high-end beachfront resort offers its guests, Creo-style Villas, 3 restaurants, 2 bars, and even an infinity pool and is just the place to stay at if you are planning a trip to Seychelles islands for honeymoon. The villas also have plunge pools, private patios, sunken tubs and open-air living areas that add a regal touch to your vacation.

    Address: Anse Intendance, Mahe, Republic of Seychelles
    Phone: (248) 438 35 00
    Rate: Starting from $1343 per night

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    2. Cerf Island Marine Park Resort

    Cerf Island Resort

    Image Source

    With a lush-green hill in the background and an azure blue sea in the front, Cerf Island Marine Park Resort is a collection of 24 gorgeous villas, each resting in the lap of nature. Each villa flaunts the Seychellois architecture with infinity edge pools, lounges and bar. A laid back island resort that offers guests an infinity pool, beachfront restaurant, and water sports among many other luxury amenities. Surrounded by the marine park water, the island is a dreamland for divers.

    Address: P.O box 1071, Mahe, Seychelles
    Phone: (248) 4294 500
    Rate: Starting from $513 per night

    3. Bird Island Lodge

    Bird Island Lodge

    Image Source

    Situated on a private island sanctuary, the Bird Island Lodge, has untouched beaches. This 3-star eco-lodge nestled among coconut palms on Bird Island. The resort features individual chalets with solar heated showers. A stay at this lodge is a great way to reconnect with nature as there are no televisions on board. The island brings to you a chance to witness the Giant Land Tortoise, spot rare birds of various species, and explore the marine life through scuba diving.

    Address: Bird Island Lodge, P.O. Box 1419, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.
    Phone: (248) 422 49 25
    Rate: Starting from $400 per night

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    How To Reach Seychelles Island

    Flight to Seychelles

    Image Source

    The best way to reach Seychelles is by plane. There a number of direct flights from most parts of the world which connects to Seychelles Island airport. Tourists can also board connecting flights from Dubai, Doha, and Nairobi. Travel between the smaller islands can be done on smaller planes or helicopters. Tour operators also run ferries between the main islands of Mahe, La Digue Islands, and Praslin. Ones you are here, you can either use a Seychelles islands map or your phone’s navigation to find your way to explore the island.

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    Seychelles Island has so much to offer for a memorable experience. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your holiday in Seychelles Island, with your family or friends and have a fabulous time on this tropical island that is synonymous with bliss and tranquility. Happy holiday!

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