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    Shopping in Sikkim

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    Hemmed in by Bhutan,Tibet and Nepal, Sikkim is a dramatically beautiful state located in the northeast part of India. Pleasant climate, organic vegetation, snow-covered landscape and decent commercialization have endeared Sikkim as one of the best destinations for a serene retreat. While the landscape of Sikkim offers a host of adventure activities, the calm yet vibrant city life presents you a bouquet of other experiences as well. Shopping in Sikkim is one such experience that every traveler must enjoy on a tour. One can easily shop for best souvenirs, handicrafts, prayer flags, woollen carpets and so on. Check out the top shopping places in Sikkim that offer you the best of each category listed above and more.

    Top 5 Places For Shopping In Sikkim

    Sikkim is largely inhabited by three ethnic groups – Lepcha, Nepali and Bhutia who practice different culture. The multicultural aspect of Sikkim has given birth to a number of things – food, costumes and festivals. In order to enjoy the best of these diversities, we suggest you try shopping in Sikkim. The marketplaces in Sikkim offer a host of assortments – all things ranging from traditional dress to handmade pickles. Check out these 5 best shopping destinations in Sikkim for a fantastic experience –

    1. MG Road

    MG Road

    Image Source

    One of the main commercial areas of Sikkim, MG Road in Sikkim is located in MG Marg, Gangtok. It is an open mall in the heart of the city, and acts as the hotspot for all major shops, restaurants etc. in Gangtok. MG Road is largely famous for traditional Sikkimese cups, Thangkas and Choksi table designs. Apart from that, you can also shop for garments, souvenirs, trinkets, accessories, footwear and more. It is surely one of the best places for handicrafts shopping at Sikkim. Drop in anytime of the day before 7 p.m.

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    2. Lal Bazaar

    Ripe Vegetable Farmers Market Various Fresh

    Image Source

    Located in East Sikkim, Lal Bazaar is fondly known as the soul of Sikkims kitchen. It is the best place to shop for organic and farm products. The produce are sold fresh from the market by local villagers. Take a walk down the streets of this flea market to shop for dried fish and exotic eatables. You can also take a detour to the nearby posh shopping arena – MG Road.

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    3. New Market

    New Market

    Image Source

    If you want to go for shopping in Sikkim Gangtok, then this is where you should come. New Market is considered to be one of the most popular shopping places in Sikkim. It is a bustling little market place in the main area of Gangtok. Some of the best items to buy from New Market are dry fruits, barfis and sweet mango peels. A lot of tourists come here to shop for the dried mango peels which can be carried back home.

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    4. Old Market

    Old Market

    Image Source

    It is one of the liveliest shopping places in Sikkim. Located in MG Marg, Old Market is famous for fashion wear and accessories. Old Market is always buzzing with the overwhelming tone of tourists who bargain for a good deal. Make sure to check out the sets of Dogra jewellery and handicrafts that are sold here. You can also shop for walnuts and almonds which are again a best-seller here.

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    5. Directorate of Handicrafts & Handlooms

    Market Colorful Color Ornaments Stall Items

    Image Source

    Located at the furthermost edge of Tibet Road, Directorate of Handicrafts & Handlooms is famous for its distinct, large Sales Emporium. This is one of the best shopping destinations in Sikkim if you are looking for authentic Sikkimese handcrafted items and artwork. Local artisans and craftsmen are engaged to create these fine traditional products. You can find stunning Thangkas, artistic wood carvings, decorative wall hangings, soft woollen carpets and more.

    Things To Buy In Sikkim

    As there are some amazing places to go shopping in Sikkim, you must also know what to expect from them. Listed below are some of the things you can buy in Sikkim!

    1. Masks

    blue Sikkimese mask

    Image Source

    The uniquely designed masks that are available in huge number in some of the markets in Sikkim signify the very essence of this state of India. You’ll find various giant masks that are worn by the monks and some of the locals in order to perform some of the prominent rituals.

    2. Tea

    tea leaves

    Image Source

    As we all know, tea is one of the best beverages that can be found in Sikkim and this is why you must take back some packets home. You can buy some of the best teas at Temi Tea Gardens.

    3. Traditional Dress

    silk clothing n a market

    Image Source

    While you are exploring the Sikkim cloth markets, you should go through the Sikkimese ethnic dresses. The fabric and designs of these dresses will definitely tempt you to buying one of them. This can be one of the best souvenirs you’ll be taking back from your Sikkim trip

    4. Thangkas

    traditional Sikkimese scrolls

    Image Source

    Thangkas are religious scrolls that are supposed to be hung on the walls. You can find various designs and styles in them. The fine fabric and intricate embroidery make them one of the best souvenirs from Sikkim.

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    Head on an extravagant shopping spree this travel season by visiting the above best places for shopping in Sikkim. You may also take a chance for healthy bargaining to get a few traditional items in less price. Bring home some good shopping memories that you will later look back upon.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Shopping In Sikkim

    Q. What is best to buy in Sikkim?

    A. Sikkim is one of those places that enthralls visitors with its awesome shopping experience. There are numerous things to buy in Sikkim but the following are the most popular amongst tourists- prayer flags, wall hangings, Thangkas, woolen carpets, Chosees, tea, the traditional dress of Sikkim, pickles, and Sikkim liquor.

    Q. What is Sikkim famous for?

    A. Sikkim is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India and is famous for its natural beauty and Buddhism. There are numerous stunning lakes here such as Tsomgo Lake. Prayer Flags are quite famous here that are planted outside the homes of Buddhists for centuries. You can also visit the peaceful monasteries here, giving you a perfect chance to revive your soul. If you are looking for an adventurous expedition here then rafting at Teesta and Paragliding are a few good options!

    Q. What are the best markets in Sikkim?

    A. There are numerous places for shopping in Sikking. Lall Bazar is one of the cheapest markets in Gangtok, Sikkim. Apart from numerous inexpensive gift items, you can also grab delicious local food here. MG Marg is a one-stop market for all your requirements. You can also head to the Directorate of Handicrafts and Handlooms, located at Tibet Road to check out some local products of Sikkim.

    Q. What are the best festivals in Sikkim?

    A. Sikkim loves celebrating their culture and art and organizes numerous electrifying festivals throughout the year. The most popular Sikkim festivals are the Losoong Festival, Sonam Lhochhar Festival, Losar, Bhumchu, Ram Navami, Tendong Lho Rum Faat, Indrajatra Festival, Annual Sikkim Paragliding Festival, International Flower and Garden Festival, and Sikkim Summer Festival. These festivals purvey the true vibe of Sikkim and are loved by travelers from near and far. 

    Q. Is there any shopping street in Sikkim?

    A. MG Road in Gangtok is the main shopping street for tourists holidaying in Sikkim. This vast road is lined with numerous shops on both sides and offers almost everything that a tourist looks for! This market is closed on Tuesdays. 

    MG Road Gangtok offers an enormous range of men’s and women’s dress material, souvenirs, gifts, trinkets, shoes, accessories, home decoratives, etc. If you are heading here then do check out the amazing collection of Sikkimese Cups here. These cups cost between INR 65-75 per piece in this market. If you want to buy books on Buddhism then MG Road is the place where you can check the best collections.

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