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Jakarta is a big metropolitan, a modern city which also happens to be the capital of Indonesia. With confluence of varied cultures this is a historic city with a strong cultural heritage. The city of Jakarta has a long coastline and some beautiful beaches which are popular tourist attractions. What attracts the snorkeling enthusiasts and tourists to Jakarta is the presence of some amazing untouched islands near to this city and accessible from Jakarta which allows many water adventurous sports including snorkeling. Especially thousands islands – which is actually a group of hundreds of small islands near the coast of Jakarta is a paradise for snorkeling enthusiasts.

Best Time For Snorkeling In Jakarta And Around

Snorkeling in water

One must avoid the rainy season here – which starts from November to February. Summers are the best time to go for snorkeling in Jakarta and nearby islands. In winters the waters may get a little bit colder for ones comfort. Visit the place in between the months starting from March to August to experience the best of snorkeling this place has to offer.

Top Spots For Snorkeling In Jakarta

Here is a list of top spots near Jakarta for travellers to undergo for an amazing snorkeling adventure :

1. Pulau Bidadari

Pulau Bidadari Near Jakarta

This is an incredibly beautiful island near Ancol beach. Island is incredible green with lots of exotic flora and trees that you can find here. This is among the favourite place for snorkeling in blue waters. You will find numerous colourful corals and reefs underwater. A perfect place to take pictures inside waters and experience the beautiful fascinating lives of little fish living here.

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2. Pulau Ontrust


This island has strong colonial heritage. You will a magnificent colonial Dutch fort and other symbols of islands European historic connections. The island has also served as an island prison in the past. Currently it is one of the popular tourist locations and extremely nice spot for snorkeling. This captivating island will give you an experience underwater that you will cherish for a long time. Full of marine life underwater – the experience here will soothe your senses, will entice you as well relax you for the rest of your travel here.

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3. Pulau Ayer

Pulau Ayer Near Jakarta

This is one popular resort among travellers which also host lot of water sports. The resort is extremely popular among the VIPs and politicians of Indonesia – this has strong historical linkages. Ayer Island provides a nice seaside for snorkeling adventure as well as for other water sports. This is an exotic leisurely island full of alluring and colourful attractions and experiences. The shores are shallows and spots are perfect even if you are a novice in snorkeling. You may find good number of exotic fishes, turtles and other underwater species. Water nearby is clear and clean.

Location : Anyer, Jl. K.H. Samanhudi No. 47-49,Pulau Untung Jawa, Jakarta

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4. Pramuka Island


This is a beautiful island which also happens to be the capital island of the 1000 island regency. One of the best locations you can find here in the 1000 islands. The water at the shores of the island isn’t very clear but if most of the snorkeling enthusiasts venture a little on boats bit far from the seashore and there are numerous locations to go snorkeling. Pramukh island will give you an opportunity to experience the stunningly beautiful underwaters of Jakarta and amazing colourful lives of the creatures beneath. The fascinating lively coral reefs are in abundance here.

Location : Thousand Islands archipelago

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5. Pulau Pari

Pulau Pari Near Jakarta

This is an amazing island which isn’t too far Ancol Marina harbour of Jakarta. You will cruise ships as well as small fishing boats to hope around the island and have fun on. A beautiful snorkeling place this will let you witness the glory of underwater life of underwater denizens roaming in the tranquil waters. There are many majestic reefs that you will find here along with beautiful small bewitching fishes, oysters, clams and other underwater animals. This island is also popular for seaweeds and there is a research institute to research about seaweeds in the island.

Location : Pantai Bintang Pulau Pari, Thousand Islands

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6. Karang Beras

Snorkeling in Vancouver

This is an island which is situated at the most location from Jakarta. You will find lovely cottages to relax. It is one of the largest island here. Extremely beautiful and one incredible spot for snorkeling. You will find many tourists taking part in under water sports here. Corals are lovely, water currents are usually steady and water is comparatively very clean. The place provides decent depth and range to spend some good time underwater and explore the exotic fishes. Wait no more and dive down deep in the waters for an amazing captivating experience.

Location : Pulau Karang Beras, Pulau Tidung, Kepulauan Seribu

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7. Island Of Hope

Snorkeling in Dubai_24th oct

An incredible snorkeling spot – the island has shores which are bit sandy but perfect for newbies in this sport. This beautiful spot will present you with the views of incredible colourful corals and underwater reeches. The spot is a bit shallow with almost ten meter depth. This is just a perfect snorkeling spot if you are a newbie or if this will be your first time snorkeling beneath the water. Just be careful with local sea urchins here while you are underwater.

Location : Pulau Harapan, Kepulauan Seribu

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8. Untung Jawa Island

Indulge In Snorkeling

This is a beautiful island with untouched raw beauty. This is one of the more affordable islands as compared to other resort islands in the Thousand islands. You will be able to find some good snorkeling instructors and book your dive here. Beautiful sandy beach with shallow diving spots this island will let you witness splendid natural beauty under water with fascinating colourful corals and underwater fauna.

Location : Pulau Untung Jawa, Kepulauan Seribu Selatan, Kepulauan Seribu

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9. Putri Island

Snorkeling In Texas_24th oct

This is a unique island amongst the thousand islands of Jakarta. This is the farthest island from the harbour at Ancol and may take almost three hours on a boat ride to reach. But this is worth to travel to if you are snorkeling enthusiast. Water around the island are extremely clean and you will be amazed with the incredible clear views that you will have underwater. The island is a bit sandy but sands are very soft and you will rather enjoy the beaches at this island. Coral reefs are fascinating beneath the waters and with alluring views of glittering fishes, oysters, turtles and other marine life.

Location : Putri Island, Thousand Islands

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10. Pulau Tidung

Adventurous Snorkelling In Austin

This is an incredible island with absolutely clear waters. There is a famous bridge which is around eight hundred meters long – and is known as Love Bridge. Inhabited by warm people, you can find bikes to roam around the island apart from venturing into snorkeling in the water around.

This spot is almost a 3 hour boat ride away from Jakarta. Nearest boat spot will be Muara Angke in Jakarta from where you can take a ride to reach this island. There are also regular ferries traveling from Muara Angke in early morning going to this island. The island is actually a group of two small islands connected by a small road in between. Alternatively you can also ride a boat from Ancol Marina to reach here.

Location : Pulau Tidung -Kepulauan Seribu

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Tips For Snorkeling In Jakarta

  • Ensure that you are empty stomach before you are going for your snorkeling under the water. Don’t eat at least 4 hours before your dive.
  • Book your instructor/snorkeling club/adventure sports vendor company in well in advance. As there are limited instructors and limited companies providing the services for snorkeling, during the peak days there may be waiting with good instructors/club. Booking in advance will ensure things go smoothly.
  • Practice your underwater dive with actual gears before your actual dive. You may want to dive and practice in a swimming pool first along with your instructor to get the required comfort and practice the underwater actions suitably before going to the actual spots.
  • Some of the islands are privately managed or are private resorts. You may have to book your spots in advance or will need to check with the resorts in case if you need any prior permission. Your snorkeling guide should be able to help with this.
  • Check your fitness. Make sure you aren’t suffering from any known fitness issues or diseases. This can turn out to be a strenuous activity under water requiring bit of stamina.
  • There are a number of packages and water sports vendor in the area. You may want to check thoroughly and compare few of the packages depending on the location, duration and other features/services provided by the vendor.

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Jakarta is a marvellous metropolitan – a city where you will experience the richness of a historic and a modern city. There are skyscrapers, amazing restaurants and also the abundant natural beauty. There are plenty of islands around Jakarta coast where you can satisfy your urges of going deep in the water and experiencing the richness of colourful coral reefs and underwater life.

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Frequently Asked Questions Snorkeling In Jakarta

Is diving safe near Jakarta?

Yes. Jakarta is quite a safe city. Still to be on the safer side – if you are traveling to any of the far off islands or diving spots – go with recognized and reputed adventure sports vendors or instructors only.

What are the Thousand Islands?

Thousand Islands are a group of islands situated near Jakarta. There are more than 300 islands. Some of these are privately managed and are resort properties. Some are inhabited by the locals.

Is it safe to stay in Jakarta?

Yes. Being a metropolitan and country’s capital you wouldn’t find much hassles and issues related to safety. Staying here is quite safe.

Is water clear around Jakarta beaches?

It depends on the beach. But Jakarta being metropolis water may be very clear around the beaches near Jakarta. However, one may travel to a thousand Islands – where water is relatively clear and it’s a good destination for water sports.

What is the average time duration for snorkeling?

It depends on location to location. And also depends on the package you have chosen. In case if you are going to a far off island – then you may choose to stay overnight at the island – roam around the island after you get off from your snorkeling.

Are the waters clear enough to take pictures underwater?

Yes. in many spots, you will have amazing pictures that you can while you are underwater. Don’t forget to bring a waterproof camera that you can take inside the deep waters. At some spots, you can also rent out such cameras along with your other equipment for snorkeling.

How much does it cost to go snorkeling in Jakarta?

Snorkeling in Thousand Islands near Jakarta would cost around $50 – $70 (700K – 800K IDR). But the actual cost may vary according to the spot, instructor or vendor, the package you have chosen, the depth of your dive, etc.

Do you need to know how to swim before you can go for snorkeling in Indonesia?

It is good if you know how to swim but it isn’t essential. In snorkeling, you do not go too deep and even non-swimmers can do it with relative ease. Even if you don’t know how to swim – there isn’t a reason to miss this exciting adventure.

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