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    parade of fallas

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    Spring has always been associated with the idea of rebirth and rejuvenation. Why not when it is the turning point of the season? The wrath of winter is finally over and the signs of life forms begin to appear.

    Animals are out of their hibernation and we out of our sweaters to celebrate. The temperature begins to soften up too and once again, we see buds of flowers and leaves springing out.

    The first day of spring around the world in the northern hemisphere is observed between 19th March and 21st March which is called the Vernal Equinox. It is that day of the year when the Sun crosses the celestial equator and move towards the north. During this time, the days and nights are of equal duration i.e. 12 hours each.

    Spring Festivals Around The World

    Here is a list of spring festivals around the world for you to take a spring break to any of these countries and experience the local traditions

    1. Holi – India

    festival of colors

    Image Source

    The festival of colors needs no introduction. Originally a Hindu tradition, Holi is already one of the famous spring festivals around the world. A fanfare of fun and frolic, it is celebrated by putting herbal colors on each other’s face and splashing water on your friends. A night before Holi, a bonfire is lit to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. The scientific significance of lighting bonfires is that it kills all the germs in the air and purifies the atmosphere so that we step into a salubrious, disease-free summer.

    When: 28-29th March
    Where: India and across the globe

    2. Songkran – Thailand

    water fight thailand

    Image Source

    Songkran in Thailand is a mass water fight where people splash chilling water on the passers-by. It is a non-messier version of Holi and one of the bizarre spring festivals around the world. Celebrated every year in the month of April, Songkran is actually a welcome of the new year in Thailand. So, if you are on a Thai vacation in the month of April, make sure you carry a squirt gun to fight back the Songkran splashers.

    When: 13-15 April
    Where: Chiang Mai

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    3. Cherry Blossom Festival – Japan

    sakura tree picnic

    Image Source

    These days, everyone you ask is leaving for Japan to attend the enchanting Cherry Blossom Festival. It is that time of the year when the whole of Japan turns into a Barbieland with flowers springing every year. It is indeed one of the most beautiful spring festivals across the world. Hanami, a relaxed tradition of picnicking and having outdoor parties underneath the sakura tree, also takes place during Cherry Blossom Festival. If you too are planning a vacation in the month of April, then it should be in Japan.

    When: late March – early April
    Where: the whole of Japan

    4. Sechseläuten – Switzerland

    festival in zurich

    Image Source

    People in Switzerland are so happy for winters to be over that they celebrate the onset of springs with burning an effigy of a snowman, a tradition dating back to the 16th century. The giant snowman called “Böögg” represents the end of winter and is made with old clothes and fireworks. It is believed that the faster it burns, the sunnier and warmer will be the summer in Switzerland. The two-day event also includes banquets, parades, and humorous speeches, one of the most common traditions around the world for spring festivals.

    When: 19th April
    Where: Zurich

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    5. Semana Santa – Guatemala

    guatemala antigua

    Image Source

    Semana Santa in Guatemala is basically ‘Easter Week’ that is celebrated each spring with pompousness. Elaborate parades are carried out in the streets of Antigua town with ornamental costumes and wooden floats. These wooden floats weigh a hundred pound each and are carried by lots of hands to mark this holiday celebrating in spring. The cobblestone streets are covered with a handmade carpet made with flowers which can only be used once as it is trampled by the hundreds of the float carriers.

    When: 27th March – 5th April
    Where: Antigua

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    6. Tulip Time – Holland, Michigan

    tulip fest in USA

    Image Source

    Spring celebrations in USA begin with Tulip Time in Holland! No, it is not Holland in Europe, but a small town in Michigan where over six million tulips bloom every spring season. More than a million visitors come to visit one of the largest Tulip festivals in the world. If you are on a holiday in the USA, specifically Michigan, then you must attend one of the best small town festivals in America to celebrate the onset of spring.

    When: 1-9th May
    Where: Holland, Michigan

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    7. Marzanna – Poland

    festival in poland

    Image Source

    Marzanna is the Polish version of the Sechseläuten festival in Switzerland, but a bit different. It’s among the most religious spring festivals around the world. Instead of fire, they use the force of water to put an end to winter’s wrath. People on villages make a doll made with straws which they call Marzanna. It is the Slavic goddess of winter, plague, and death. The doll is carried out in a dramatic parade on the streets and then drowned into the river to mark the end of winter. A superstitious way to welcome the onset of spring, won’t you say?

    When: 21st March
    Where: Warsaw

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    8. Cimburijada – Bosnia

    festivals of scrambled eggs

    Image Source

    In Bosnia, they celebrate the onset of spring with food. (All the foodies in the house go yum!) Cimburijada is a ‘Festival of Scrambled Eggs’ where people gather in the city park on the banks of Bosna River to have “free scrambled eggs” (Did someone say free food? Bosnia, here we come!) It is one of the most delicious spring festivals around the world. Why egg, you ask? Why not something else? You see, the egg symbolizes the beginning of a new life, in this case, a new season. Scrambled eggs are made in large quantities to distribute amongst the crowd. The festival is so popular that it attracts visitors from all around the world. Don’t you think we need more such foodie spring festivals all over the world?

    When: 21st March
    Where: Bosnia

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    9. Fallas – Spain

    puppet parade in spain

    Image Source

    Commemorated in the memory of St. Joseph, Las Fallas in Spain is loud, smoky, and feisty. It is one of the unique spring festivals around the world that celebrate equinoxes and solstices by setting things on fire. It is a week-long festival for which millions of people turn up in the streets to join the parade. Fallas means torch, therefore, anything old and discarded is burnt in the massive bonfire. Enormous ninots or life-like dolls and puppets depicting bawdy, satirical scenes are set on fire too. While you are at it, you must also try the authentic local cuisine, especially pumpkin fritters with a cup of chocolate.

    When: 1-19 March
    Where: Valencia, Spain

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    10. Mexican Carnival – Mexico

    its magic to the fullest.

    A popular fest in Mexico, the carnival is often associated with the culture and heritage of this country. Set out to the coastal towns of Mexico and you’ll be met with a vivid parade that will welcome you with music and laughter. There’ll be bursting colours, accompanied by drinks, treats, dancing, and more. And the best part – this festival will go on for more than a week, which is more than enough time to experience its magic to the fullest! In fact, it’s among those festivals that is celebrated on the first day of spring around the world.

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    This is not just the list of spring festivals around the world but also the excuses to take an international vacation to any of these places. The weather in springtime is another reason why you should take a holiday. The sky is open, the scenery looks majestic than ever, and everything prepares for summers to arrive.

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