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Egypt Honeymoon Packages

Honeymoon in Egypt: rated 4.3/5 (based on 50 reviews)

Planning to do a honeymoon in a historical place? Book the affordable Egypt honeymoon packages from TravelTriangle and mesmerize your honeymoon vacation by witnessing the glorious history of Egypt. The exotic landscapes, ancient architectures and the local delicacies of Egypt would enthrall your senses.

Some Popular Places to Explore with Egypt Honeymoon Packages

When you plan to have a trip to Egypt, then do see the popular destinations of this country to make your tour perfect.

  • Giza Pyramids: This is one of the best ever tourist spots in Egypt with more than 120 pyramids and located in the country of Pharaohs. This place is also famous for doing camel riding here. It will be best if you can come here with any local guide because they can guide you to show the surrounding area of this place. Here you never miss enjoying the light sound show in the evening. The famous Sphinx and all the ancient monuments are the special attractions of this place.
  • Alexandria: This is one of the leading ports and transportation hub of Egypt which is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. This place was founded by Alexander the great at the time of 331 BC. At the earthquake of the 14th century, many of famous attractions of this place were destroyed including a library with more than 500,000 books. Here you can experience many cultural attractions along with some glorious story of the past.
  • Hurghada: This is a fairly small and less visited village of Egypt which is famous for fishing and located near to the Red Sea. Here you can experience a number of sandy beaches. Once you reach in that city never miss having their authentic foods and diving opportunities.
  • Siwa Oasis: You can say this is one of the popular diving spots in the world. If you go there then never miss to do snorkeling and you must have jeep trips to Canyon etc. This place is also famous for selling mouth-watering foreign delicacies.
  • Cairo: This is the capital of Egypt which is located near Nile River Delta and famous for bustling metropolis and glorious history. You can enjoy here a close-up view of the treasure of Tutankhamun, and some mummies and a lot of artifacts which comes from Egypt's ancient past. Never miss experiencing the world famous Egyptian Museum of Tshirt Square. For the Ramadan month, the local peoples of this place arrange some fantastic functions which anyone can really enjoy.You must not miss out on including this place while creating the Egypt honeymoon trip plan.
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FAQs for Egypt

Yes, you need a visa to come in Egypt but if you are coming from Bahrain, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Macao, Malaysia, Oman, Saudi Arab, or United Arab Emirates then you will not require any visa to come here.

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Travelers deal with only the top 10% reviewed agents who are selected after a 23 step rigorous assessment procedure by TravelTriangle.

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Jacob Cherian


Jacob's 7 days trip to Egypt

We were a group of 3 friends and we had planned Egypt during the pandemic. I have earlier booked a couple of trips with Travel Triangle and so it was a natural choice when it came to plan the Trip to Egypt. Soon I was put in touch with Mr Shashank from Lykke Travels. Mr Shashank was patient and understanding right from the word go. Any and every apprehension we had regarding the Trip, budget, things to do, hotels, PCR testing etc etc was put to rest by his excellent awareness about Egypt. He was kind enough to incorporate the zillion changes we made to the itinerary. The flight as well as the transfer to Dahab hostel was smooth. Dahab Hostel was the perfect choice as it was centrally located and made our commute to various places much shorter. Fantastic place to stay, excellent reception staff but I am taking away one star coz of the cats..there are so many of them. Anyway next we headed to Hurghada where everything was just perfect. Mr Shashank was kind enough to put me in touch with the adventure sports operators and we had an absolute blast. The Dana beach resort was a fantastic choice. Then we headed back to Cairo and did the mandatory sight seeing . As we had our own cab and guide so we had flexible timing and thoroughly enjoyed the shopping experience at Khan e Khalili. All and all it was a fantastic trip and looking back I realise it was a very wise decision to have let Mr Shashank handle the itinerary. Will remember this trip for a lifetime and looking forward to more trips with you. Cheers




Anamkhan's 9 days trip to Egypt

LYKKE organised our trip to Egypt last December, Shashank planned a fantastic and well organised trip. Right from taking care of our Visa formalities to booking the best hotels, making sure that our transit between various locations were smooth to guiding us about how to get the local experience. We literary did not have to look out for any details of the trip and everything was seamlessly planned by Shashank who also contiuously checked with us for any issues. Thanks LYKKE for making this trip a memorable experience for us


Vaibhavi Belsare


Vaibhavi's 9 days trip to Egypt

Trip destinations: Egypt, Dubai Holiday Aces was a good agency. Had a good trip in Egypt and Dubai. Esp in Egypt the guide (Mr. Tamer Akmal) was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. It was a great experience learning about Egyptian history with him. I personally recommend him for Egypt tour. The planning from the end of holiday aces was good, but there is a room for improvement there. The destinations and recommendations were quite standard. I would recommend getting the itinerary finalized with them in advance to the T, since modifications in the itinerary were difficult and additions in the excursions was charged extra. eg. We wanted to view miracle garden and Global village in Dubai, but it could not be accommodated despite the agent assuring us that itinerary can be flexible. Also there is scope of improvement wrt promptness of communication by the team eg. during Visa process, driver not coming to pick us up at Sharjah airport etc. But overall, a good experience.


Amit Parashar


Amit's 7 days trip to Egypt

Very well organised egypt tour by lykke travel .Excellent services by travel agent.


Dhruv Das


Dhruv's 7 days trip to Egypt

We had a very bad experience this time with travel triangle and travel agency (Travel Alpha). We did not get on-time support from travel triangle agent Sumit as he was ill when the chaos happened with the travel agency and his replacement was unable to understand the problems as he was unaware of previous history and the chats we had with Sumit and the travel agency. Literally we had to call every hour to get an update on our VISA processing and the hotel bookings/vouchers. This was a very mismanaged trip from the travel agency (travel alpha). I think these guys are newbies in this business so they don't have much experience how to deal with customers and handle their queries on time and provide travel details on time. Atleast we wont recommend the agency to any other friend of ours. Moreover due to this travel triangle impression on our minds has gone down drastically. The rating for the hotels was good because those were our suggestion, we literally had to fight with the agency to get our bookings done in those hotels although it was very well communicated to them where we are going to stay at the very beginning of the trip planning. Anyways, we will plan our next international trip on our own or go with other online platform.




Somaiyapranav's 9 days trip to Egypt

The trip was very well planned the only thing didn't like was the high tips that were being charged every day by the managers and guides Cruise was the best part


Ranadip Choudhury


Ranadip's 7 days trip to Egypt

Highly Recommended. They work hard to synchronise all transfers ,sight seeing arrangements and Hotel stay. Never broken communication link between Shashank in India and the representative Mr. Ahmed at Egypt. Always enquired our wellbeing through whatsapp/voice call. I would recommend all inclusive tours including entrance fees to monuments and three meals a day.Overall tour was professionally managed and we enjoyed thoroughly without any hitches. Being a senior citizen of 73 years old they have taken all care to avoid discomfort while at travel. We wish all the best and hope to associate ourselves with them for all our future tours.


Sapna Prajapati


Sapna's 6 days trip to Egypt

"I was so pleased with the trip. My travel guide Shashank Agarwal and Local tour leader(Mousa) were outstanding : knowledgeable, friendly, safety-conscious, and had great sense of humor. I will highly recommend TravelLyyk company to those who inquire as you exceeded all expectations. Communications: Very thorough. I stayed in constant communication. Information was all inclusive and helpful. Last minutes changes also accommodated in nice way. Guides: Quite enjoyable. Resourceful, knowledgeable, competent, funny and intuitive. Excellent service. Tour: I think I had an excellent sampling of the different habitats and the tour really was - delightfully - off the beaten path. I enjoyed each of the area I visited and was especially impressed by the visit to Red pyramids, White Desert and Hurgada. Excellent! The route and program gave me the right amount of free time as well as organized activities. Accomodations: Clean and comfortable. The meals were excellent everywhere I went. Accommodations far met my expectation. In all cases they were friendly staff, very good food, and well located. Transports: On time. The local tour leader was excellent, flexible, agreable, safe and pleasant. All internal transfers were pleasant and comfortable. The tour guide : Outstanding tour leader and guide! This is a combination of both his friendly, outgoing personality and his incredible knowledge of all aspects of Egypt: history, culture, food, places plus much skill with the scope, etc. Thank you for your service and I look forward to working with you again." I think I had an excellent sampling of the different habitats and the tour really was - delightfully - off the beaten path. I enjoyed each of the areas I visited and was especially impressed by the visit to Red pyramids, White Desert and Hurgada. Excellent! The route and program gave me the right amount of free time as well as organized activities.


Ananta Garg


Ananta's 7 days trip to Egypt

Egypt was my dream destination since I was a kid. Pyramids, Sphinx and mummies always fascinated me. But a trip to Egypt was unlike my previous to any other destination because of so rich Egyptian history. So we picked Travel Triangle to arrange everything for us. The arrangement was good. All the transfers were very timely, drivers were nice. The guides for all the attractions were well informed and kept on guiding us on from where should we buy souvenirs. Also, all the days were well planned to not overexert except one day in Luxor (the last day of our trip). Everytime (pre-booking and during the trip) the agents involved were pro active in all the communication and were readily availabe. One feedback for improvement is that we have to remind the local guides about all the things promised in the itinerary instead it should be other way around. I am handing over the trip management to some agency because I intend to be careless and worryless during my vacation.




Soumyasurabhi's 7 days trip to Egypt

Trip was decent with major destinations covered as per schedule. Local travel agents were very professional. Hotel stay at Cairo during return was below mark. missed valley of kings and edfu temple which we could not visit. minor glitches in airport transfers and trip from luxor to aswan. Pyramids visit, Nile Cruise

Places To Visit In Egypt

Let the experts guide you to the best of this mesmerizing destination

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  • Citadel In Cairo

    Situated in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, Citadel is known as an Islamic fortification. A preserved historical site, the Citadel is located on Mokattam Hill and was known to offer amazing scenic views to its visitors in the past.  


    Citadel is one of the best attractions in Egypt and is famous amongst historian...

    • Sightseeing
    • Adventure
    • Ideal for friends
    • Ideal for families
    Read More
  • Pyramids of Giza In Cairo

    It is commonly referred to as The Great Pyramids of Giza, Pyramid of Khufu and the Pyramid of Cheops. There are three pyramids in the Giza pyramid complex, and the highest one is called the Pyramid of Giza. These pyramids are believed to be constructed in 2580 - 2560 BC which was the 4th Dynasty. The great pyramid of Giza i...

    • Sightseeing
    • Adventure
    • Ideal for friends
    • Ideal for families
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  • Zamalek In Cairo

    Zamalek is a district in the Cairo, home to parts of the Gezira Island in the Nile River. There are three bridges which connect the island to the river banks, these bridges on west and west sides of the island. There are 19th-century apartments and villas which makes this one of the attractive places to live in all of Egypt...

    • Sightseeing
    • Nature
    • Adventure
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  • Saqqara In Cairo

    It is a huge ancient burial ground which is in Egypt. It serves as the necropolis for the former capital of Ancient Egypt. The pyramids here includes the most amazing Step Pyramid of Djoser. It is sometimes referred to as the Step Tomb due to its rectangular base. It is located in the lower region of Egypt and is a part of ...

    • Sightseeing
    • Pyramids of Giza
    • Ideal for friends
    • City Tour
    Read More
  • Tanis In Cairo

    In the Nile delta of Egypt, there is a city named Tanis. iit has been on the Tanitic branch of the Nile, since the 19th Dynasty of Egypt. Tanis is the city which was the site for a number of archaeological digs and these dates back to 19th century. It also includes Flinders Petrie and Auguste Mariette.


    If yo...

    • Sightseeing
    • City Tour
    • Ideal for friends
    • Ideal for families
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Things To Do In Egypt

Your list of the best things to do, compiled on the basis of actual traveler experiences

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  • Walking Tour Islamic Cairo In Cairo

    Islamic Cairo is the name given to the parts of medieval Cairo that exist within the city. It is that part of the capital city which is very different from the modern part. It has got the flavor of what Egypt was like in earlier time, back when the Egyptians were the most advanced race. This is the area of the city which ho...

    • Sightseeing
    • Nature
    • Adventure
    • Friends
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  • Shopping at Khan el Khalili In Cairo

    Khan el Khalili is a popular bazaar district in Cairo. It was formerly known as turnat az-za’farran which means Saffron Tomb. Today this pace is completely occupied by shops and merchants, it a great tourist attraction in Cairo. This place majorly has antiques, jewellery and souvenirs shops.


    Khan el khalili m...

    • Sightseeing
    • Shopping
    • Ideal for friends
    • Ideal For Family
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All the above-mentioned places are known as the popular destinations of Egypt. Our Egypt couple packages are combined with the best ever destinations in Egypt. Except for the all above-mentioned places you can also visit there Luxor, Abu Simbel, Dahshur, Siwa oasis, Dahab and other places. There are many people in our surroundings that prefer this country very much as their holiday destination. So why wait, choose our package and enjoy the world's most ancient country which is full of glorious history.

Best Time to Visit Egypt

Egypt is really a splendid place to enjoy your honeymoon. Still, you need to know what will be the best time to visit here such as summertime is not pleasant to visit in Egypt because this time here remains a high temperature. Winter time is the best time to visit in Egypt because this time here remains cool weather which is suitable for the tourists and this time you can do here a lot of activities and sightseeing. You can also choose the springtime to visit in Egypt because this time is also comfortable for sightseeing.

Recommendations for Every Tourist

When you will be planning for Egypt honeymoon tour then always think about its difficulty level also. Take sunscreen, sunglass, and scarf if you are visiting this place during summer time. Try to stay connected with our tourist experts and let them know about your choices and preferences so that they can serve as per their best. Never forget to check the weather of Egypt before visiting because it will help you to carry the right clothing. Don't worry our travel experts will be always in your side to guide in any type of problem. However, our all Egypt honeymoon packages are specially designed and crafted for you to provide you a hassle free traveling. In case you are worried about finding the right hotel for your honeymoon vacation or you are apprehensive about deciding which mode of transport to choose for easy connectivity, you may leave all the worries behind. Our packages will offer you several inclusions that will make your entire trip smooth. You need to be aware about getting cheated in local markets or shops. Apart from that, it is not a big deal to make a tour of Egypt. Book the package in advance to get the best offers and deals.

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