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Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The existence of Egypt dates back to 5500 BC when the country was actually ruled by mystical pharaohs. Later, the country became an important outpost for the Roman and Greek empires. It is needless to say that Egypt happens to be a paradise for travelers. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world pay a visit to the country. The country has numerous places to visit. The archaeological ruins and landmarks happen to be the essence of the place. The ancient river Nile and the Sahara desert are the two important assets of the country. If you have a trip to plan then visiting Egypt is going to be the best option for you. Other than the numerous pyramids and archaeological ruins, the country also has a beautiful dam to view called the Aswan Dam. If you want to know more about it, go through the details given below. Before, visiting the place you can check out Aswan dam images on the net.


About Aswan Dam

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Aswan Dam happens to be a rock-fill dam which is located at the northern border between Sudan and Egypt. The main source of water supply for the dam is the River Nile and the Lake Nasser reservoir. The construction for the dam started in 1960 and it was completed in 1968. The dam was officially inaugurated in 1971.
The dam was mainly constructed to regulate the flow of the river Nile which is known to serve the whole of Egypt. Flooding of the river Nile is known to occur annually. That dam was built so that it could control the flood by regulating the flow of water. Not only that, but the dam also supplies water for irrigation purposes throughout the year. This is known to double the agricultural yield of the country. The dam has also improved the navigation across the river Nile. This is known to benefit the fishing and the tourism industries. The dam water is used to feed 12 power turbines which are known to meet half of the power demand of the country. The dam is also useful during the drought season as well.
After going through the above points, it is clear that the dam is one of the most important assets for the country. The dam happens to be a useful source of water supply and income for the country. However, it has also become one of the topmost attractions for the tourists as well. If you witness the beauty of the majestic Nile River then visiting this place is a must. You can also read some of the interesting facts of Aswan Dam on the net.

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Aswan dam is a concrete embankment dam that is built across the Nile River in Egypt. It is situated at the northern border between Sudan and Egypt. The exact location of the dam is Manteqet as Sad Al Aali, Qism Aswan, Aswan Governorate, Egypt. You can also check the Aswan Dam map for help.

How To Get There?

How To Get There

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If you are unsure of the route to reach the Aswan Dam, we have got you covered. There are plenty of routes that you can opt for in order to reach your destination.
The cheapest way to reach your destination is to take a bus or train journey from Cairo. It is going to take you approx. 13 hours 39 minutes to reach. However, if you want to reach your destination by the fastest route possible then you can take the air route. It is going to take you only 3 hours. Airlines such as Air Cairo, Alamsria and Nile Air are known to serve the Aswan Dam area.
You can also hire a car for traveling from Cairo to Aswan if, you think that public bus or train is not the option for you. This is actually the most convenient and luxury way of reaching your destination. It is 856 km from Cairo to Aswan Dam if you are traveling by car. It is going to take you around 11 hours to reach the place. Now that you know all the options available, it is up to you that which route you are going to take.

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5 Best Things To Do

There are a number of interesting things that you can do near the Aswan Dam. Here are some of the things that you are surely going to enjoy.

1. Elephantine Island: Visit

Elephantine Island Visit

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This is the biggest island near Aswan which is worth visiting. This delightful place is surely going to give you a great experience. The traditional villages and the dusty streets of the island are known to have a charm of its own. Here you can meet some of the kindest people in Egypt.

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2. Nilometer: Test


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You can also visit the Aswan Museum which is located on the Elephantine Island. The most famous attraction out here is the Nilometer which is a measuring system that was used by the ancient Egyptians. The system was used to assess the height of the River Nile. Other than that you can also enjoy the small garden area around the museum.

3. Unfinished Obelisk: Get Amazed At The Site

Unfinished Obelisk

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Aswan happens to be the home of several long-lasting monuments and relics which are worth viewing. You can actually visit and view some of the largest granite quarries in the area. However, the particular interest is the Unfinished Obelisk.

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4. Nubian Museum: Visit

Nubian Museum

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This is perhaps the best museum near the Aswan dam. Here you can witness the culture of the Nubian people. If you want to dive deep into the culture and the history of the Nubian people then you should definitely visit the place once.

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5. High Dam: Click

High Dam

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Your trip to the high dam is incomplete without capturing its a true beauty. You can walk up to the dam wall and view the scenery from the edge of the great dam. You can even view Lake Nasser and numerous Nubian villages around the area.

3 Best Nearby Places To Visit

There are also a number of places that you can visit around the Aswan Dam. Some of the best places to check out include:

1. Philae temple

Philae temple

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This sacred temple is among the top most attractions around the Aswan dam area. Here you can witness the brilliant artistry of the past. If you are an art lover then this is one of the places that you must visit.

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2. Monastery Of St. Simeon

Monastery Of St. Simeon

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This photogenic monastery is yet another beautiful spot to visit around the Aswan dam. It was founded in the 7th century and was abandoned in the 13th century.

3. Tombs Of The Nobles

Tombs Of The Nobles

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These series of rock tombs is one of the main attractions around the area. The can be accessed after climbing a series of steep staircases. The place has a unique charm to itself and therefore, you should definitely give this place a visit.

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Now that you know the Aswan dam location and the important details about the place, it will be easier to plan your trip. This is one of the most magnificent places to visit in Egypt. The beauty of the Nile River can very well be witnessed by visiting the dam area. Make sure you enjoy every bit of your visit to the dam area.

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