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    bachelor party destinations world

    Irrespective of whether it’s a love affair or an arranged extravaganza, and how excited you’re to get married and begin your new life, we bet even you’ve your own anxieties making you feel you low. So, we thought of helping you out with a list of these 10 best places for bachelor party in the world that wouldn’t only help you get your adrenaline rush back, but also put a memorable end to your singledom!

    So, get your notepad ready, bring your best buds along, and give your bachelor party plan a kick-ass start already!

     10 Best Places For Bachelor Party

    Before tying the knot, it has now become customary to go on a stag night. Bachelor parties come in all shapes and sizes, but there are places that offer an unforgettable experience.

    1. Las Vegas – The Sin City

    girls partying in vegas

    Image Source

    You know that when it’s party, it’s Vegas! Be it the late night clubbing scenes, hottest pool parties, or the high-stake gambling, your Las Vegas bachelor party with your friends will be an event to remember for a lifetime!

    Ideal For: Being one of the best places for bachelor party in the world, this place is perfect for the classic party guys!
    Best Time To Go: If you plan to only gamble or hit the pool parties, you can consider visiting here during the summer (else avoid it, since it’s too hot to even step outside). If you’re travelling on a budget, the time from November to December is the most ideal, since this is after the summer pool season and before the holiday season, so you’ll get to enjoy a lot of discounts.
    Budget Per Head: INR 95,000
    Ideas For Your Bachelor Party:

    • Need For Speed: Visit the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and hit the racetrack with your friends.
    • Naughty Night Party: Chase the skirts at the nightclubs or score a lap dance or two.
    • Some Fancy Adventure: Take a helicopter tour and have lunch together at The Grand Canyon.

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    2. Miami – The Hotspot For Beaches And NightClubs

    catamaran cruise party miami

    If you too have known Miami only for its nightlife, then it’s the perfect pick amongst all the bachelor trip destinations for you to head out and explore with your friends. Partying in the city is not only confined to the popular South Beach, but also to the other parts where you get to experience the best of dance,music,and drinks.

    Ideal For: Miami is the perfect place to have your bachelor party if you’re a party enthusiast.
    Best Time To Go: The best time to visit Miami is between November to April. But, if you are looking to get the bachelor party involved with Spring Breakers, the first three weeks of March are ideal.
    Budget Per Head: INR 1,05,000
    Ideas For Your Bachelor Party:

    • Private Beach or Pool Party: Celebrate your singlehood throughout the day at the beach, soak in the sun, and enjoy champagne or beer at the famous Nikki Beach club.
    • Clubbing : Party the most cliche’ way, yet have the time of your life! Visit the famous clubs like LIV and club Space, or try the stripping clubs with your buds. Tootsies, Scarletts, and Jade Massage are a few of the known ones.

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    3. Barcelona – The Sporty City

    go car barcelona

    Image Source

    If you’re still looking for the best places to go for a bachelor party, look no further! Whether it’s a fancy party or a good hotel, this European city lets you have it all without burning a huge hole in your pocket. It’s got the best atmosphere, unique everyday events, and coolest bars and clubs right in the heart of the city!

    Ideal For: This is one of the best places for bachelor party if all you’re looking for is a great nightlife in the most amazing city of the world.
    Best Time To Go: Plan your visit either between April and June or late September and November.
    Budget Per Head: INR 70,000
    Ideas For Your Bachelor Party:

    • Private Hotel Party: While the nightclubs are definitely worth experiencing, having a private party in the comfort of your hotel room has its own fun. Invite strippers or book a bunny girls’ show, and have your own kind of fun before you finally get hitched!
    • Football Match: Getting tickets to watch a football match might just be the best way to celebrate your singlehood with your best friends. Have some light snacks and drinks, while you cheer your heart out!

    4. Montreal – The Paris Of North America

    men strip club montreal

    There are no doubts when it comes to having your bachelor party in Montreal. It’s affordable and the most idyllic for late night club scenes centered along the 7-mile-long Boulevard Saint-Laurent. The city’s summer festival lineups, which includes fantastic beer, jazz and comedy fests make it one of the top places for bachelor party in the world.

    Ideal For: This is the prime destination for a budget yet an enticing bachelor party themed entirely around women for men. It has many good places for bachelor parties that add to the fun.
    Best Time To Go: The best time to visit this Canadian city is between March to May or September to November, when the weather in pleasant and milder.
    Budget Per Head: INR 1,00,000
    Ideas For Your Bachelor Party:

    • Unlimited Drinking Party: Soothe your taste buds with the city’s popular beers by taking on a Craft Beer Tour.
    • The ‘Not Really Crime’ Party: Fire the real guns with your friends at Tir du Soleil, without any worries of being arrested.
    • Party Under The Sun: Attend the Piknic Électronik, the famous weekly dance party and enjoy scenic views of the skyline, while you chill with your best friends.

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    5. Bangkok – The Fun City

    bachelor party in bangkok

    Image Source

    When we talk of the best places for bachelor party in the world, there are no doubts that
    Bangkok is one of the topmost on the list. Its crazy nightlife, copious amount of alcohol, beach life, and more would only make you want to celebrate your last days of freedom here.

    Ideal For: This is undoubtedly the best place to party if you want to go all crazy and adventurous.
    Best Time To Go: While you can plan your visit here at any time of the year, the best time is to visit between November and March.
    Budget Per Head: INR 35,000
    Ideas For Your Bachelor Party:

    • Bachelor Party In A Bus: Book a Bangkok bachelor party bus and enjoy the comforts of luxury while you travel the city. Party with killer beats with your own DJ sound system, while the pole-dancing beauties try to catch your fancy.
    • The Pampering Party: There’s no better way to unwind and chill at your own bachelor’s than experiencing what Thailand is known for! Get yourself and your friends a massage booked, and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

    6. Ibiza – The EDM Hub

    dj club party ibiza

    From the fun disco-bus that takes you around the city to the popular nightclubs like ‘Space’ and ‘Pacha’, Ibiza makes you experience electronic music like never before, and that’s why Spain happens to be amongst the best countries for bachelor party! So, get your head banging, as you hop from one club to another, and dance the night away!

    Ideal For: Ibiza, one of the best bachelor party locations in the world, is perfect if you die-hard clubbing is all you you guys want to do, with quick meetups with the world’s famous DJs.
    Best Time To Go: To get the most out of your clubbing experience, visit between the end of May and early October.
    Budget Per Head: INR 90,000
    Ideas For Your Bachelor Party:

    • Over And Underwater Party: Hire a private boat or cruise, jump off to take a dip, and get your party started over the waters of Ibiza. Groove to the music, let loose, and unwind with your friends before you begin your new life!
    • Thrilling Adventure Party: Spend your day doing go karting, parasailing, speed boating, and self-drive to enjoy the jeep safari. All these activities are perfect to get your heart pumping before you hit the bars.

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    7. Denver – The Mile-High City

    bachelor party denver

    Image Source
    Denver is amongst the safest, best places to go for a bachelor party, which also boasts of very pocket-friendly hotels. Apart from keeping your stay sorted, this city offers really cool brewery tours, has museums (if you’re hungover and feel like visiting), and lets you enjoy the thrill with its endless outdoor adventures!

    Ideal For: This city is the best place to head for your bachelor’s, if safety and budget are your top concerns.
    Best Time To Go: April to May and September to October marks the best time to visit Denver.
    Budget Per Head: INR 1,18,000
    Ideas For Your Bachelor Party:

    • Themed Room Party: Amongst the best bachelor pad, The Curtis Hotel is the place to match the level of your excitement with your stay. Its themed rooms like ‘It’s Raining Men’, ‘Star Trek’, and ‘Ghost Busters’ will surely get you and your friends in the mood!
    • Game-fueled Drinking Party: There’s no party better than the one that offers both gaming and drinks. Visit the Punch Bowl Social for this golden experience and have a bachelor party like no one else!

    8. Mexico – The Hot Spring Break Destination

    bachelor party mexico beach

    Known popularly for its beaches and nightlife, Mexico is amongst the top best bachelor party destinations in the world. If you are on a budget and going to a domestic destination does not seem like fun, Mexico can offer you a lot of cheap places for bachelor party. This place is as affordable, as you would want, and yet gives you a thrilling party experience to remember for a lifetime!

    Ideal For: Mexico is the best place to visit if beaches is what you’re looking for!
    Best Time To Go: The best time to visit Mexico is between December and April.
    Budget Per Head: INR 1,20,000
    Ideas For Your Bachelor Party:

    • Customized Drinking: Party in Riviera Maya, and enjoy customized cocktails at the famous Pavo Real.
    • Thrilling Adventure Party: Indulge in mountain biking, surfing, hiking, and much more, and set new heights together.

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    9. Goa – India’s Party Capital

    bachelor party goa

    Image Source

    While Vegas, London, and New Orleans, have their own charm to please you during the last days of your singledom, Goa still stands out to be one of the best places for bachelor party in India. From beaches, adventure sports, to late night fancy clubbing, it has got it all. Only at much a cheaper price! While it cannot be said for sure if you will like when compared to other best places for bachelor party in Asia. The only upside to this is that it doesn’t require you to spend a fortune on air fare and foreign exhange.

    Ideal For: This is the best place to celebrate if you’re looking for an all-in-one experience, but have budget constraints.
    Best Time To Go: The ideal time for a bachelor party in Goa is from November to February.
    Budget Per Head: INR 20,000
    Ideas For Your Bachelor Party:

    • Dance, Eat, Sleep, And Repeat: Plan a late night party at the famous Curlie’s, located at Anjuna Beach, and chill through the night at its popular beach party.
    • Cruise Party: Hire a catamaran or a private cruise, and party like never before. Invite your own DJ and bartender to have the kind of experience you’ve been dreaming for years.

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    10. Amsterdam – The City With The Red Light

    beer bike party amsterdam

    Image Source

    This is one place we bet must have been on your mind while looking for the top international bachelor party destinations for yourself. And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider it. Your bachelor party might just be the only opportunity to experience the craze at the famous red light district area before you get hitched. So we say, go for it!

    Ideal For: If the cannabis cafes, bars, and women are all you’ve dreamt for your bachelor’s, the amongst all the best places for bachelor party, this is the one meant just for you.
    Best Time To Go: The best time to visit Amsterdam is between April and May or September and November.
    Budget Per Head: INR 75,000
    Ideas For Your Bachelor Party:

    • Beer Bike Party: Your bachelor’s will be more memorable if you experience something that’s one of its kinds. And so is the world’s first moving bar here. Stroll through the city as you all paddle together, and relish the chilled beer over some good laughs.
    • Striptease Dinner: A chicken steak for dinner sure sounds scrumptious, but what makes it even better is a strip tease show right before or after it. This is undoubtedly one of the most fun ways to enjoy your bachelor’s in Amsterdam. Head to any lavish restaurant near the red light district area, and get ready to be served!


    • While the time required for planning your bachelor party completely depends on your wedding date and the place you’re planning to visit, the ideal time to plan it is two to three months before.
    • Also, book the flight tickets  40 to 50 days before the day of your departure, since they would be easily available and you might get lucky in terms of prices.
    • Schedule your bachelor party at least two to three weeks before your wedding so that the holiday rejuvenates you well for the D-day!

    Please note:
    The budget per head for your bachelor party completely depends on the place you pick and the duration of your stay. However, we have given an approximate spend below which includes the flight charges (round trip), food and drinks, and average rate for a stay in a 4 star hotel for two nights.

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    While some of these best places for bachelor party in the world are really fun, some are an overdose of adventure. But, you absolutely deserve it! Of course, some of these places do not fit in everyone’s budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go to an international destination. So, where are you heading with your squad? Do tell us in the comments below!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Where can I have a bachelorette party in Florida?

    A. Florida is a huge state in the US. It will be hard to enumerate every great Bachelorette party venue here itself. So here is a list of cities where you can have fun on your bachelorette: Orlando, Miami, Key West, Tampa, Cocoa Beach, Panama City and Fort Lauderdale. Famous for being sunny throughout the year, whenever you visit Florida, it would be fun.

    Q. What is there to do in Nashville for a bachelor party?

    A. Nashville, or Music City, is a party hub in Tennessee. On a bachelor party in Nashville, you can try your hand at axe throwing, take a whiskey tour of Jack Daniels distillery, or go whitewater rafting. If this is too mainstream for you, you can also visit Nashville Armory for indoor rifle and pistol shooting. You can also try Davidoff Cigars in BLEND Bar, if smoking is your thing.

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