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    A honeymoon is the best time to know each other in and out, and so a romantic escape to the gorgeous islands in Andaman seemed like a perfect plan for our first trip together. With so many romantic things to do in Andaman, we knew we were in for an experience like none other. And if it all could actually happen for real, it was because of TravelTriangle.

    Like most couples, we didn’t face any problem deciding the destination for our honeymoon, neither in picking the best travel agent. While researching on the internet for an Andaman tour package that suited both our interests and budget, we came across TravelTriangle. And a few good reviews about them were enough to win our hearts.

    We immediately got in touch with them to get our holiday planned, and I must say that from the services they provided to their actual booking process, it all felt like a cakewalk.

    Trip Type: 6 Days 5 Nights Honeymoon Trip
    Cost: INR 70000 from Ecostar Tours & Holidays
    Inclusions: All the accommodation, breakfast and dinner, roundtrip airfare from Delhi, transfers from and to the airport, private cab, water sports activities, in land ferry transfers, GST, and transport tax.
    Honeymoon Special Inclusions: Welcome drinks, candle light dinner, and bed decoration with flowers.
    Exclusions: Lunch, extra sightseeing, camera or photography charges, and other personal expenses.

    romantic trip to andaman

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    Here’s a sweet short itinerary of our 6 day honeymoon in Andaman

    Day 1

    • Boarded the flight from Delhi to Port Blair Airport, and checked into Hotel TSG Emerald View after arrival
    • Relaxed for a while and then visited the popular Cellular Jail & Corbyn’s Cove Beach after lunch

    Day 2

    • Boarded the Makruzz Cruise with our packed breakfast and headed to explore Havelock Island
    • Spent time at the famous Radhanagar Beach, and ended the day with a romantic dinner date

    Day 3

    • Indulged in thrilling water sports together on the Elephant Beach
    • Left for Neil Island in the evening and stayed overnight at the Summer Sands Beach Resort

    Day 4

    • Spent the day exploring Bharatpur Beach, Laxmanpur Beach, and the Natural Bridge before leaving for Port Blair in the evening

    Day 5

    • Headed to the North Bay Island to witness the exotic variety of marine life
    • Enjoyed a semi-submarine ride and went for shopping in the local market in the evening

    Day 6

    • Bid bye to the island and headed back to the airport

    And now, here are the romantic things to do in Andaman that made our honeymoon special

    things to do in andaman

    It wouldn’t be wrong to call our honeymoon trip a blend of fairy tale and adventure. While exploring the popular attractions in Andaman and experiencing the one-of-its-kind moments, we didn’t only spend great time together, but also ended up falling for each other. So, there’s no doubt that these seven romantic things to do in Andaman are must-experiences for any couple!

    1. Visit the Cellular Jail and watch the light & sound show

    While visiting the Cellular Jail might sound too cliché or non-romantic to you, believe me, it’s an experience that is full of delight. The light and sound show here is an absolute must-watch, especially for couples who share a mutual thirst for knowledge.

    cellular jail andaman
    trip to andaman

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    We visited this famous attraction in Port Blair on the first day of our trip and spent a good amount of time learning about the story of the prisoners of the jails in the most captivating way ever!

    2. Confess your love on the Corbyn’s Cove Beach

    Corbyn’s Cove Beach is one of the best beaches in Andaman and our trip couldn’t have had any better start than this. With only the sand, sea, and sky around, you would only feel more secure and blissful here.

    best beach in port blair
    corbyn's cove beach andaman

    This beach has got just the right backdrop to add some spark to your love story. And so, be it confessing your love for each other or taking a back seat together to admire the beauty around, make sure you don’t shy away.
    We took a stroll by the beach and captured some beautiful memories together while savouring the pleasant weather.

    3. Go for inter island cruising and relax at the resorts mid way

    makruzz cruise andaman islands
    havelock island
    North Bay Island Andaman

    north bay andaman and nicobar

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    Inter island cruising is not famous for nothing, and so counting it as an ordinary leisure experience is something you should absolutely avoid doing. Sailing across the waters of Andaman with a clear blue sky gives a taste of luxury, comfort, and romance that would leave you in awe.

    best hotels in port blair
    TSG Emerald View Port Blair
    places to stay in havelock
    hotels in havelock
    beach resorts in havelock andaman
    neil island honeymoon

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    We experienced a similar joy on day two of our trip when we boarded Makruzz to explore Havelock and Neil Island. Our inter island hopping tour also included an overnight stay at both the islands, which only made it more memorable and rejuvenating.

    top resorts in andaman
    resorts in andaman

    4. Talk heart to heart over a romantic dinner date

    Sometimes all you need is a good dinner date to lighten up the mood and relax yourselves during a holiday. And when, it’s a honeymoon, I feel going on a candlelight dinner is one of the best romantic things to do in Andaman.

    romantic dinner in andaman
    romantic beachside dinner havelock island

    While ours was organized by our travel agent Sagar, you can experience the same at some amazing beach or rooftop restaurant on the island. It not only sets the mood, but also clears the air for an honest heart to heart conversation.

    places to eat havelock island

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    Both of us absolutely loved the time we spent together at the dinner table, and freezing that moment in pictures to cherish later was the best we could do!

    Planning your honeymoon in Andaman but confused about what to do? These Andaman honeymoon stories help you find your best honeymoon trip ever!

    Real honeymooners. Real stays. Real opinions to help you make the right choice.

    5. Let your love bloom on the popular beaches in Andaman

    If you’re in Andaman, I’m sure you love beaches and so, exploring the popular ones is a must for you two. Apart from Corbyn’s Cove, we also visited the famous Radhanagar and Elephant Beach on Havelock Island, and Bharatpur and Laxmanpur on the Neil Island.

    havelock island andaman
    honeymoon in andaman

    It was a refreshing experience each time, letting us experience bliss in the lap of nature.

    famous beaches in andaman
    best beaches in andaman
    beaches in andaman and nicobar

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    6. Witness the intriguing beauty of the Natural Bridge

    Of all the romantic things to do in Andaman , visiting the Natural Bridge on Neil Island is the best experience for nature admirers. The lush greenery, spectacular rocks, and gorgeous views around make a visit here worthwhile.

    best places to visit in andaman
    neil island andaman
    photography in andaman
    photography in port blair

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    My wife and I had some of the best moments here, and defining our visit to this attraction (apart from the beautiful room decoration surprise) as the high point of our trip wouldn’t be an underexpression at all.

    7. Indulge in thrilling water sports

    It goes without saying that a little thrill is essential for any type of holiday, and if it’s a romantic one, a few adventures only make it worth reminiscing.

    water sports in andaman
    places to viist in andaman
    honeymoon trip to andaman

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    From snorkeling to jet skiing, both of us had a pulsating experience on the Elephant Beach. And not just that, but we also got to experience the fun of a semi-submarine ride in Port Blair towards the end of our trip.

    The island not only has a lot of beaches, but also an array of water sports activities for you to indulge in with your loved one. So, do make sure you get the maximum ticked off your list.

    High Points Of Our Trip:

    • The room decoration surprise planned by our travel agent Sagar completely swept us off our feet. We loved it and it was surely one of the best moments of our trip.
    • Visiting Natural Bridge on Neil Island was another great moment, which we would cherish forever.

    Low Point Of Our Trip

    • The only dull moment throughout the trip was the time when we had to wait for the cab, which got delayed due to heavy rain.

    Sometimes you visit a place and time halts, and sometimes even a six-day trip feels less. Our trip here was a similar affair, and the value for money customized Andaman honeymoon package from TravelTriangle only made it better!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Romantic Things To Do In Andaman

    Is Andaman and Nicobar islands good for honeymoon?

    Yes, Andaman and Nicobar islands are good for honeymoon. The islands offer picturesque views, beautiful places to visit, romantic things to do and much more.

    What should I not miss in Andaman?

    Some of the best things to do in Andaman that you cannot miss are 1. Water activities 2. Island hopping 3. Beach bumming 4. Snorkeling

    How many days do you need in Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

    Andaman and Nicobar islands has a lot to offer. You will need a minimum of 5 days to explore the places it offers.

    Which place is better for honeymoon Andaman or Kerala?

    Andaman and Kerala have their own experiences to provide. So, both of them are equally good for a honeymoon.

    What currency is used in Andaman?

    Andaman is a part of India only. So, Indian rupees is used as the currency in Andaman to buy and sell.

    Is Andaman safe?

    Yes, Andaman is a safe place to visit. The crime rate is very low and the people of Andaman are very helpful.

    What clothes to wear in Andaman?

    You can wear light clothes in Andaman as the weather is usually pleasant. It is a coastal place to visit.

    What language is spoken in Andaman?

    Andaman is a union territory of India. The people of Andaman speak Hindi, English, Bengali, Tamil and more.

    Looking To Book Your Honeymoon Package?

    Book memorable honeymoon on TravelTriangle with 650+ verified travel agents for 65+ domestic and international destinations.

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