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As an ardent traveler, you might have witnessed many phenomena that tickle your adventurous side. But did you know that some of them you could actually witness in India? Even we didn’t which ones. So after much exploration, we discovered some and thus bring you best of the unbelievable experiences in India we came across.

Top 20 Unbelievable Experiences In India

Here is a list of all the unbelievable experiences in India that will make your vacation offbeat. It’s time to take your travels plans up by a notch and visit some spots with awe-inspiring experiences awaiting!

  • Ladakh: Camping Under the Milky Way
  • Lakshadweep & Andaman: See Stars Floating Below Your Feet
  • Gujarat & West Bengal: Chir Batti & The Aleya Ghost Lights
  • Lambasingi: The Chilly Weather
  • Leh: The Magnetic Hill
  • Sikkim: Gurudongmar Lake
  • Manikaran, Barkeswar, Jakrem, Badrinath & Tata Pani: Hot Water Springs
  • Orissa: The Vanishing Beach Of Chandipur
  • Manipur: Floating Lake Of Loktak
  • Chadar Lake: Trek On The Frozen River
  • Sethan Village: Stay In An Igloo
  • Nagaland: Befriend The Head-Hunter Tribe
  • Assam: Bite Into The World’s Spiciest Chilli
  • Naneghat: Witness The Waterfall Flowing UPWARDS!
  • Jaipur: Relish A Massive Rajasthani Thali
  • Roopkund: Hike Till A Mysterious Skeleton Lake
  • Kerala: Take A Ride On A HouseBoat
  • Mayong: Visit The Village Of Black Magic
  • Mehandipur Balaji Temple: Witness Exorcism Live
  • Spiti Valley: Spot A Snow Leopard

1. Ladakh: Camping Under the Milky Way

Colorful camping tents under the Milky way in Ladakh

Image Source
You must have heard of the Milky Way Galaxy in your primary classes, but have you ever had a chance to actually view this starry collection with naked eyes? I am sure it’s a no for most of you, because it’s a rare experience for those who have visited to Ladakh. Try ‘Milky Way camping’ under the night sky, amidst the serenity of Ladakh and fulfill this starry fantasy of yours. It is definitely among the most awe-inspiring and unbelievable experiences in India. 

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2. Lakshadweep & Andaman: See Stars Floating Below Your Feet

Light Bioluminescence captured in Lakshadweep Islands

Image Source
Who could have imagined that tiny lighted galaxies and miniscule stars would one day float under your feet and not only in the blue sky? See this happen during the wee hours in Lakshadweep and Andaman Islands, where water glows as you row your boat through them. Bioluminescence, the amazing phenomenon that you saw in life of pie, is not as captivating as it is Maldives or Puerto Rico, it is also one of the unbelievable experiences in India.

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3. Gujarat & West Bengal: Chir Batti & The Aleya Ghost Lights


Image Source

Remember the whisps that led Merida to the witch in ‘Brave’? Well, they ‘re real! And among the unbelievable experiences in India. They’re no ordinary lights, nor of a celestial object. Is it a ghost, well, maybe! ‘Ghost lights’, Aleya or whisp are regularly seen in Gujarat and even in West Bengal. According to the folklore, these lights appear when it’s completely dark and if followed can draw you astray. Don’t believe us? Try it then, but at your own risk!

Note: They’ve never been photographed. It’s very difficult to catch hold of them!

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4. Lambasingi: The Chilly Weather

Lambasingi, the only village in south India that sees snowfall in winter

Image Source
Looks like a hill station in north India, right? But Lambasingi is a typical small village in Andhra Pradesh. Yes, it’s weird, but it’s absolutely worth experiencing! So pack your bags and head towards Visakhapatnam to visit this village that witnesses freezing temperatures even in the summer.

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5. Leh: The Magnetic Hill

Experience an upward pull at the Magnetic hill in Ladakh

Image Source
Go ahead, try doing what the caption above states. The Magnetic Hill in Ladakh is known to defy all norms of gravity. Do as described in the signage and see your vehicle moving uphill on its own at a speed of 10 to 20 kmph. I bet this would have given Newton sleepless nights!

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6. Sikkim: Gurudongmar Lake

Winter view of the frozen Gurudongmar Lake in Sikkim

Image Source
Lying at the highest point in Sikkim, Gurudongmar lake remains frozen in winters and offers the most panoramic view amidst the magnificent hills. Visitng this marvel of nature is truly one of the unbelievable experiences in India. But the weird things about it is that a part of the lake remains unfrozen even during peak winters. The reason for this phenomenon is not known yet.

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7. Manikaran, Barkeswar, Jakrem, Badrinath & Tata Pani: Hot Water Springs

Hot water spring at Tattapani in Shimla

Image Source
You thought Manikaran is the only hot water spring in India? If yes, you are not alone is assuming it. In reality, India has a number of them – there is one in Sohna hot spring in Gurgaon; Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary in Karbi Anglong, Assam; Unapdev and Sunapdeo Maharashtra; Chumathang, Ladakh; Bendrutheertha in Puttur, Karnataka; and a couple of them in Sikkim. So go ahead, find one that is nearest to you and de-stress your muscles naturally!

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8. Orissa: The Vanishing Beach Of Chandipur

Turtles on the vanishing beach of India, Chandipur in Orissa

Image Source
Yes, it’s astounding to see the sea water vanishing in front of your eyes making the beach secluded with only the shells left behind. This rare phenomenon happens twice a day at Chandipur beach, but the water again comes rhythmically to kiss the shore!

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9. Manipur: Floating Lake Of Loktak

The floating Loktak lake in Manipur

Image Source
Have you ever seen islands floating on a lake? If not, visit Loktak lake in Manipur. The floating islands have huts constructed on them by the locals and even a National park is built on one of them. Too different to believe right?

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10. Chadar Lake: Trek On The Frozen River

People walking the Chadar Trek, on the frozen River Zanskar in Ladakh

Image Source
Yes, we are talking about the popular Chadar Trek on the frozen Zanskar river. It is one of the most breathtaking experiences you can have in India. With secluded villages, hidden caves and Buddhist monasteries, this frozen lake trek is an amazing way to unveil the unmatched beauty of India!

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11. Sethan Village: Stay In An Igloo

Sethan Village

Image Credits: jac for Pixabay

Ever thought you could stay inside a frozen igloo? Sethan Valley in Himachal Pradesh will give you a chance to do the same. The winter season converts this destination into a winter wonderland, truly. Receiving about 7 feet of snowfall every year in the winter season, the village was soon led to creating various igloos where travelers can visit and stay inside an igloo under the mountain star-studded sky. The best thing is that is not that far for Northerners, just an overnight bus ride away!

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12. Nagaland: Befriend The Head-Hunter Tribe


Image Credits: wallpaperflare

Now, this is something that you don’t get to do at a lot of places or any place, for that matter. For those of you who have a thing for getting an insight into other cultures, how about engaging in a conversation with the Konyak Tribe of Nagaland. This tribe is known for head-hunting as a tradition and are the fierce warriors of the region. The men of this tribe took pride in cutting off an enemy’s head and hanging them out as a symbol of their pride. You can surely hang around with them and get fascinated by the brilliant tattoos and jewelry they adorn!

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13. Assam: Bite Into The World’s Spiciest Chilli


Image Credits: wallpaperflare

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it surely could be once in a lifetime experience for you. Afterall, it is better to try things out rather than regret later, right? Bhut Jolokia which is also named as the ‘ghost chilli’ or ‘Naga Jolokia’ got its name from the Nagaland’s fierce warriors and for all the right reasons. This chilli is the spiciest not only in the country, but in the entire world. It is around a couple of hundred times spicier than your usual tabasco! Head to the north eastern region of the country to try these out.

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14. Naneghat: Witness The Waterfall Flowing UPWARDS!


Image Credits: naneghatfalls

Have you ever heard of a water ’fall’ flowing upwards? Well, it is time to witness one now. And this motion is what makes it fall in the list of unbelievable experiences in India. Just a few kilometers and three hours away from the capital city of Maharashtra, Mumbai, there is a certain waterfall named Naneghat which exhibits an extremely peculiar phenomenon with ease. This phenomenon takes place during the monsoon season. The speed and pressure of the waterfall is so intense and high that the water starts rushing up instead of down! Now, this is one marvel that you don’t get to see everywhere.

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15. Jaipur: Relish A Massive Rajasthani Thali


Image Credits: Shreya13jain for Wikimedia Commons

This might not be as thrilling as a physical roller coaster, but it surely is enough to guarantee you a culinary roller coaster on your tongues. When you head to Rajasthan, make sure you try out the thali with all the local specialties in there. This Thali can get a little overwhelming and a little too much, so make sure you have space in your tummies. From laal maas to daal baati churma, from kachori to ghevar, you get every flavour of Rajasthan on one single plate. Wait, hold that drool, you!

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16. Roopkund: Hike Till A Mysterious Skeleton Lake


Image Credits: Thisguyhikes for Wikimedia Commons

Because of its location high above the ground level in Uttarakhand, the weather of Roopkund is mostly chilly. This place has a mysterious and ‘bloody’ history attached to itself, which further makes it intriguing for thrill seekers out there in the world. This lake is also sometimes referred to as the ‘Skeleton Lake’ as it hides around 800 skeletons dating back to 850 AD. The mysterious part about these skeletons is that it is still not clear about how those individuals reached there and the origin of several hundreds of them is still unknown to the scientists! Spooky, right?

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17. Kerala: Take A Ride On A HouseBoat


Image Credits: houseboats for Pixabay

While taking a ride on a houseboat might not be a surprise for the Indians but for the rest of the world, this might be among unbelievable experiences in India that they can’t really try out in their countries. Houseboats are a sort of an accommodation, rowing on the famous backwaters of Kerala, that gives one a chance to float and stay above water. Just imagine waking up next morning and finding yourself in the middle of calm blackwaters, surrounded by the lush greens of nodding palm trees, and just you and your partner. Quite a romantic experience, indeed.

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18. Mayong: Visit The Village Of Black Magic


Image Credits: Jugal Bharali for Wikimedia Commons

Mayong is a small village that is situated in Assam and is also named as the ‘Land of Black Magic’. Well, the name certainly is not something that would attract all the travelers, but it is surely something for those daredevils seeking to satiate their adrenaline rush. This village is known for being home to witches and magicians and has all sorts of sorceries and sagas. From people disappearing into thin air to turning into animals, there are numerous stories that one can hear about this town!

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19. Mehandipur Balaji Temple: Witness Exorcism Live

Mehandipur Balaji Temple

Image Credits: pxfuel

Well, the list of spooky and unbelievable experiences in India never really ends. Supernatural beliefs and India are somewhat synonymous with each other. Sitting in Rajasthan is the Mehandipur Balaji Temple that is actually dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Several thousands of devotees and believers visit the town all year round from various corners of the world. The temple is believed to have the power that relieves the visitors from evil spirits or black magic. There is an entire section in the temple for exorcism to take place. Some sights can get a little horrifying as people can be witness shrieking or banging their heads on the wall. So, be prepared!

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20. Spiti Valley: Spot A Snow Leopard

Spiti Valley

Image Credits: Pixel-mixer for Pixabay

Out of all the exotic wildlife that India is home to, snow leopards are something that have not been a sight for many. Snow Leopards are among the most elusive wildlife creatures in the world and Spiti Valley in India is one of such spots. Come winter, these creatures increase your chances of facing this beautiful predator. One can begin their expedition to spot a snow leopard from Kibber and just continue into the town after that. The experience is as difficult as it is overwhelming. But it’s worth it!

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With all these wonderful destinations and their rare experiences, you cannot feel boredom at the astounding land of India. All of these unbelievable experiences in India are something that one should at least try out at least once. So, next time you plan your vacation to India, make sure majority of these experiences are a part of it! 

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