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Quite often we wonder how can a day get less monotonous. Following that same old routine, working the same shifts, and repeating it each and every day while sitting in the heart of a concrete jungle is not how life is supposed to be. Zipping through the roads, passing the lush greens, breathing in the crisp oxygen, soaking in the beautiful rays of the sun, trying out different cuisines, and just pausing the life back home when you are out for a weekend is what a balanced life is. One simply cannot emphasize on how much significance does the weekend getaways carry. Those two to three days can simply help one gain some energy to fight the remaining days of the week, till the next escape. This is the kind of circle that deserves to be followed. Here is a list of all the weekend getaways from Hyderabad for the youth that are always running in the race called life. Take a break, it’s high time!

Top 17 Weekend Getaways From Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a destination with urban and contemporary charm encircling every nook. Rich with history and culture, Hyderabad is a metropolitan city where there is no shortage of experiences for travelers, irrespective of their ages. The best part about Hyderabad is that it is located in the proximity of numerous other impeccable destinations. Take a look at this list of all the top weekend destinations from Hyderabad.

Weekend Getaways That Are Less Than 200 Kms From Hyderabad

Here is a list of all the short weekend getaways from Hyderabad that one should definitely not miss out on!

1. Warangal

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Warangal, a historical city that has plenty to offer is surely one of the most beautiful getaways that one should take. Being a major part of the Kakatiya Dynasty back in the ancient days of the city, this destination has an extensive number of jewels hidden in its lap. From beautifully built fortresses to mindblowing stone ways, there are plenty of architectural hints that give one an idea about the designs in the past. Taking tourists back in the golden era, Warangal is one of the most exciting weekend getaways from Hyderabad within 200 kms that one should surely visit.

Distance From Hyderabad: 150 km
Places To Visit In Warangal: Thousand Pillar Temple, Warangal Fort, Bhadrakli Temple, Kakatiya Musical Garden

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2. Nagarjun Sagar

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One of the famous attractions of South India is the dam that is built on the Krishna River and is named Nagarjun Sagar. The main highlight of this dam is that it is the second-largest water reservoir that has been constructed in the country. Nagarjun Sagar is nestled amidst the beautiful lush greens and rich foliage which makes it one of the most refreshing short weekend getaways from Hyderabad that makes one rejuvenate like nothing else. This dam has become a popular sight among not only the locals but tourists as well over a period of time by virtue of the mesmerizing waterfalls that this dam has to offer. One can witness Buddhist communities and the traditional landmarks up above Nagarjun Hill.

Distance From Hyderabad: 165 km
Places To Visit: Ethipothala Falls, Nagarjun Falls, Nagarjunsagar Dam, Wildlife Sanctuary, Macherla, Museum

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3. Mahabubnagar

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For those who wish to witness the bewitching history of South India in the most detailed manner, Mahabubnagar is the place to be. This beautifully located town is sitting in the proximity of the city, hence falling in the list of nearest weekend getaways from Hyderabad that one can easily cover by road. Mahabubnagar was named after the 6th Nizam of Hyderabad and was initially named as ‘Rukmammapet’. This district has historic significance during the times of the Satavahana and Chalukya dynasties latched to itself, hence appealing to all the history buffs out there.

Distance From Hyderabad: 134 km
Places To Visit: Pillalmarri, Koilsagar Project, Manikonda, Bala Nagamma, Sangameswar Temple

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4. Bidar

bidar is the best place for go

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An escape to the hill station is never a bad idea, especially if it’s the hills of South India. Bidar is sprawling with iconic landmarks from back in the 16th century which never fails to inspire awe. Sitting in Karnataka, Bidar blankets numerous timeless ruins which certainly makes it one of the best weekend getaways around Hyderabad that are worth a visit. The extensive number of remnants, monuments, and forts are exactly what acts as a magnet for locals and tourists alike. Bidar is a one-walled town that oozes of Islamic Indian rich history. Once the capital of the Bahmani Kingdom, Bidar will take one back in the time of conservation. Finding westernization in this part is extremely rare.

Distance From Hyderabad: 146 km
Places To Visit In Bidar: Bidar Fort, Rangeen Mahal, Mahmud Gawan Madrasa, Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Sarowar

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5. Karimnagar


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It is the rich heritage of this place that makes it ideal for one of the best weekend getaways near hyderabad. If you have an inclination towards architectural history, then this is definitely the place for you. This can be a great place to click some of the best pictures. You will witness a number of awe-striking remains of the forts that were quite well known in history.

Distance From Hyderabad: 164 km
Places To Visit: Lower Manair Dam, Deer Park, District Archaeological Museum, Ujwala Park

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6. Nalgonda


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This place too is known for its rich architectural history. This place is ideal for one of the best weekend trips from Hyderabad. The place is essentially known for the sites where one can witness the amazing remnants of a Buddhist monastery as well as a hall with pillars. This can also be a great place for those looking for a quiet weekend getaway from the hustle bustle of Hyderabad.

Distance From Hyderabad: 83 km
Places To Visit: Sri Chaya Someshwara Temple, Lateef Saheb Hill, Rajiv Park, Bhongir Fort

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Weekend Getaways That Are More Than 200 Kms From Hyderabad

There is an extensive number of spots for weekend getaways from Hyderabad that welcomes tourists with arms wide open. Here are some of the destinations that are perfect for those long drives!

7. Vijayawada

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Those seeking perfect long weekend getaways from Hyderabad can surely consider Vijaywada as their prime option. Vijaywada is the business capital located in Andhra Pradesh and in the present days is slowly emerging as one of the popular choices among tourists. This cosmopolitan city has everything to offer ranging from temples, caves, and parks to museums, hills, forts, and mosques, this town has anything and everything to offer. Giving each and every tourist a chance to witness whatever their tastes and preferences are, Vijaywada is the new hub that is waiting with arms wide open. To add, there are some impeccable markets to shop for everything from apparel to stationary.

Distance From Hyderabad: 274 km
Places To Visit In Vijayawada: Undavalli Caves, Sri Durga Malleswara Swamy Varla Devasthanam, Bhavani Island

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8. Kurnool

this is the best place for go

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Once the capital of former Nawabs, Kurnool is district that is sitting on the stream terrace of the intersection of two rivers named Tungabhadra and Hindri. This town is known for being the transportation hub and the trade center of Andhra Pradesh. A magnet for younger crowds thanks to n number of science and art colleges that have been under the affiliation with Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Kurnool is a refreshing town if you are tired of spending days amidst jungles. With being home to the royal fort from the times when the kingdom of Vijayanagar was reigning, Kurnool is now one of the best weekend getaways from Hyderabad.

Distance From Hyderabad: 212 km
Places To Visit: Yaganti, Belum Caves, Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary, Konda Reddy Fort, Mantralayam

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9. Hampi

hampi is the best place for visit

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When in the southern region of the country, paying a visit to Hampi is a must. Famed for being home to the timeless ruins from the times when the Vijaynagar Hindu kingdom was in power. Hampi is one of the must weekend getaways from Hyderabad by car that also gives one a chance to enjoy their road trip to the fullest. Known for the eye-catching structures and alluring intricate carvings, Hampi is a world on its own. The magnificence that oozes out of Hampi is something unmatchable. The rugged terrains, various plantations, the lush green palm groves, and the paddy fields are just an addition to this escape.

Distance From Hyderabad: 372 km
Places To Visit In Hampi: Virupaksha Temple, Matanga Hill, Hemakuta Hill Temple, Achyutaraya Temple

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10. Srisailam

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One of the most popular weekend getaways from Hyderabad amidst tourists and locals alike, Srisailam is a must-visit when planning to take a trip from the city. This town holds an impeccable significance among the Hindu religion since centuries back. Sitting in the heart of Nallamala woods, Srisailam is famed for being home to one of the 12 Jyotirlinga temples that are found all over the country and are devoted to the God of destruction, Lord Shiva. This town witnesses the footfall in large numbers of the devotees that travel to the town to pay homage to their God and seek his blessings.

Distance From Hyderabad: 213 km
Places To Visit: Sri Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna Temple, Pathala Ganga Walk Way, Dam, Paladhara Panchadhara

11. Adilabad


Image Credit: Nishant88dp for Wikimedia Commons

This place will definitely be counted as one of the best weekend getaways near Hyderabad owing to its beautiful natural setting. Here, you will get a chance to witness crocodiles in the waters of Godavari river. When looking for a thrilling getaway, this is where you should come. Adilabad is widely known for its flora and fauna that coexist harmoniously.

Distance From Hyderabad: 300 km
Places To Visit: Kuntala waterfalls, Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary, Pochera Waterfalls, Sri Gnana Saraswathi

12. Gulbarga


Image Credit: Riyaz Ahmed Khan for Wikimedia Commons

Also known by the name Kalburgi, this is the place you should come to when looking for historically rich weekend trips from Hyderabad. The architecture of the buildings here depict the Islamic influence amazingly. People generally come to this place to visit Gulbarga Fort that was constructed by Raja Gulchand, ruler of Kakatiya in the 12th century. There are many other monuments located here that are worth a visit.

Distance From Hyderabad: 230 km
Places To Visit: Buddha Vihar, Sharana Basaveshwara, Gulbarga Fort, Dargah Hazrath Khaja Bandanawa

13. Guntur


Image Credit: Gnt for Wikipedia

Though Guntur is a small city there’s no dearth of interesting places to visit as well as experiences to undergo. The city stands at the 24th position in the world when it comes to the population density and 11th in the country. It is one of the most prominent districts in the coastal region of Andhra. The city is home to many temples and a picturesque wildlife sanctuary. Do visit this city when looking for best weekend getaways near Hyderabad.

Distance From Hyderabad: 260 km
Places To Visit: Sai Baba Temple, Nagendra Swamy Putta, Uppalapadu Birds Sanctuary

14. Pattadakal


Image Credit: Ms Sarah Welch for Wikimedia Commons

This is one of the prominent UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India and is an ideal destination for a weekend getaway. There are numerous temples here that are worth witnessing and one can see a lot of devotees visiting this site throughout the year. You can also come to this place to observe the beauty of ancient architecture.

Distance From Hyderabad: 401 km
Places To Visit: Papanatha Temple, Mallikarjuna Temple, Sangameshwara Temple

15. Tuljapur


Image Credit: Vijay Chennupati for Wikimedia Commons

This place too is highly admired for its temples. It can be one of the best places for weekend getaways near Hyderabad and it will be a great experience for you if you come here during the festival for Sakrant, Lalit Panchami, Gudi Padwa, Shriram Sasthi, as well as Navratri.

Distance From Hyderabad: 298 km
Places To Visit: Ghatshil Park, Ghatshil Temple, Shri Tulja Bhavani Temple

16. Machilipatnam


Image Credit: Srikar Kashyap for Wikimedia Commons

Beaches can be a great choice for a weekend getaway. Therefore, coming to this beach for a fun-filled weekend can be a great idea. Machilipatnam is one of the most famous cities in Andhra Pradesh and is loved for its culture and beaches. It is also known by the name Bandar as well as Masulipatnam. The city is also known for its artistic aspect, as the kalamkari prints and paintings are quite popular here.

Distance From Hyderabad: 384 km
Places To Visit: The Lighthouse, Dattashram, Machilipatnam Church, Manginapudi Beach, Sai Maharaj Devalayam

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17. Solapur


Image Credit: Dharmadhyaksha for Wikimedia Commons

Solapur is known for its ancient temples that not only depict religious history but is also known for architectural history. The culture in this city too will make you never leave this place. When exploring this city of Maharashtra, do not forget to indulge yourself in the delicious local food that will give you a taste of the authentic cuisine of Maharashtra.

Distance From Hyderabad: 309 km
Places To Visit: Hotgi Road, Solapur Science Center, Revan Siddeshwar Temple, Solapur Bhuikot Fort

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All these weekend getaways from Hyderabad have something different, something new hidden in their lap. Be it the pristine waterfalls, the stunning architecture of the old forts, the lush green jungles, or the peaceful temples, the surroundings of Hyderabad have something for each and every kind of traveler. So, when on a vacation in Hyderabad next, do not forget to add some extra days to visit the neighborhood!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Weekend Getaways From Hyderabad

What are some top places to visit near Hyderabad for a weekend?

There are numerous places that one can visit near Hyderabad for a weekend with the top ones being Hampi, Vijayawada, Kurnool, Srisailam, Warangal, Nagarjuna Sagar, and many more.

How far is Vijayawada from Hyderabad?

Vijayawada is one destination that is perfect to engage in a long drive from Hyderabad. This destination is located around 274 kilometers from Hyderabad.

What are some popular tourist attractions in Hampi?

Hampi is a major place to pay a visit to in India. Some top attractions in Hampi are Virupaksha Temple, Matanga Hill, Hemakuta Hill Temple, Achyutaraya Temple, and many more.

What are some popular tourist attractions in Bidar?

The top tourist attractions that one should not miss out on when traveling to Bidar are Bidar Fort, Rangeen Mahal, Mahmud Gawan Madrasa, Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Sarowar, and more.

What is the best time to visit Hyderabad?

The best time to visit Hyderabad is during the winter season. The months from November to February are considered the best to visit this destination.

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