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About Ellora

The Ellora Caves are listed in the world heritage site and are located about 30 km from Aurangabad. The Kailash Temple of the Ellora Caves is the most attractive masterpiece of the creator and is one of the world's massive sculpture. It was carved out of a rock with the help of 7000 labourers and took 150 years to complete. The shrines are a mix of Hindu and Jain faiths. Cave 32 is famous for statue of Yakshi and beautiful paintings. Ellora caves have a total of 12 Buddhist caves, 17 Hindu caves and 5 Jain caves.
Nearest railway station is Manmad which is 120 km away from Aurangabad. Aurangabad Airport Chikalthana Airport is 10 km away fromthe city centre and regular buses ply to and from Aurangabad to other major cities in the State.
The exquisite carvings and paintings found in Ellora are its major highlights. These carvings have marks of Hindu, Jain and Buddhism expressions.  The wooden beams, graceful angles, steps and the mystical figures of gods and goddesses are absolutely enthralling, showing off the creative excellence of the artists of that time to the fullest.  
Kailasanath Temple is designed to recall Mount Kailash the abode of Lord Shiva. It appears like a multi-storied temple complex but was carved out of single rock.
The shrine complete with windows, pillars, inner and outer rooms , gathering halls and an enormously huge Shivalingam carved out of living stone is carved withimages of Gods and Goddesses. Most of the deities on the left side are Shaivites and deities on the right side are Vaishnavites.
Dashavatara cave which is cave 15 depicts the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu , Ramesvara cave which is cave 21 has figurines of river Goddesses Ganga and Yamunaat the entrance, Dhumar Lena which is cave 29 and is similar to Elephanta Island in Mumbai. Two other caves Ravana Ki Khai (cave 14) and Neelkanth( cave 22) also have a wide variety of sculptures.
Most famous Buddhist cave is Chaitya hall (cave 10) also known as vishwakarma cave or Carpenter's Cave. At the heart of this cave is a 15 ffet statue of Buddha in a seated posture. The most striking Jain caves are the Chhota Kailash(cave 30), Indra Sabha ( cave 32) which is a two storeyed shrine with a fine carving of lotus onthe ceiling and the Jagannath Sabha(Cave 33). In another cave Goddess Ambika is seen seated on her lion under a mango tree which is laden with fruits.