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15 July 2015

The Indian coastline is one of the longest in the world with incredibly scenic beaches. And lately the beaches in India, especially the ones in the west coast are trending in the travel scene. The beaches here offer pulsating adventure to serene solitude, and of course lively parties.

Here’s a list of 50 best beaches in India

Beaches of Andaman

1. Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island

Radhanagar Beach, the best beach in India

Image Source

In the year 2007, Time’s Magazine ranked Radhanagar Beach as Asia’s best and 7th in the world. So, it’s needless to say that it is the best beach in India. Many people across the world come over to marvel at this lovely beach. But if you want some time alone go for a stroll along the shores, you’ll find much-needed tranquility around.

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2. Ross and Smith Island Beach

The narrow sandbank between Ross and Smith Island

Image Source

Similar to tropical equalizers, the twin islands of Ross and Smith are connected by a narrow sandbank of glittering white sand. It is definitely one of the top beaches in India that offers incredible swimming and snorkeling experience in Andaman. Also known as Twin Islands of the Andaman, these actually are different islands which are connected to each other by a natural sandbar in the middle of the sea.

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3. Wandoor Beach, Port Blair

The rugged shores of Wandoor Beach

Image Source

Wandoor Beach is a famous tourist spot in the Andaman Islands, situated in Port Blair. It spread over a vast area and is usually frequented by a lot of tourists. If long walks on the beach is what you’re looking for, this is just the place. Along with that don’t miss visiting a national park like none other, Mahatama Gandhi National Marine Park, which is located in close proximity with the beach.

4. Merk Bay Beach, North Passage Island

A spectacular scene of the Merk bay Beach in Andaman

Image Source

The Merk Bay Beach in North Passage Island has all the feature to be the best beach in India- dazzling white sand, turquoise blue waters, peaceful ambiance and breathtaking atmosphere. You have make a short journey of about an hour in one of the typical Andamani boats (dunghi) to reach the beach. The best thing about the beach and the island is that it is uninhibited, which makes it unperturbed and downright calming.

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5. Kala Pathar Beach

The turquoise waters and white sand of the Kala Pathar Beach in Andaman

Image Source

Kala Pathar beach is a small beach in Havelock Island of Andaman fame for it’s rugged charm. The quintessential sight of Kala Pathar beach is aqua green waters hitting the silvery shores bringing in dead corals with them. It is not an ideal beach to snorkel or swim but it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches in India.

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Beaches of Goa

6. Palolem Beach

The pristine Palolem Beach in Goa

Image Source

Palolem is charming, comparatively less crowded and a pristine beach in south Goa. It is one of the top beaches in India and is famous for the Silent Noise-Party for which a huge crowd gathers from all across the globe. This year, the beach has been regarded as second best beach in India and eighth best beach in Asia by TripAdvisor.

7. Baga Beach

Beach party at Baga beach in Goa

Image Source

The party central of Goa, Baga Beach is one of the most famous beaches in India. Situated in North Goa, it is known for its beach parties, nightlife and amazing seafood served at the beach shacks and restaurants. Even if you’re not into loud parties, you can simply find your own corner in the beach and listen  to your favorite music while glancing at the gamboling waves kissed by the moonlight.

8. Majorda Beach

The popular south goan beach, Majorda

Image Source

Majorda is yet another South Goan beach famous for its breathtaking beauty, bakeries and toddy that is found in abundance here. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in India that offers luxurious sea facing accommodation options. That’s not it, Majorda has been associated with Hindu legend, as per which Lord Rama was brought here after being kidnapped during his childhood.

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9. Agonda beach

One of the best beaches in India, Agonda Beach

Image Source

Considered among the most picturesque beaches in Asia, Agonda Beach is serene and quiet clean compared to the beaches in North Goa. It is also moderately less crowded, which means you can enjoy solitude and have a relaxing time. The beach is popular as a Ridley turtle nesting site, which are actually endangered. So make sure that you’re not running out of batteries when heading to this beautiful spot.

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10. Vagator Beach

People hanging out at Chapora fort in Vagator beach

Image Source

Vagator beach is the center of Goa’s trance party scene. The beach is situated at the bottom of a steep cliff and the famous fort Chapora is also located on the beach. It is definitely one of the best beaches in India, specially due to the rugged rocks that make the shore stand apart from most of other beaches of Goa. Sit on any of the rocky formations and let the waves play with you.

11. Mandrem Beach

A honeymooner’s paradise, Mandrem Beach in Goa

Image Source

Situated in North Goa, Mandrem is a tranquil and serene beach that is counted among the best beaches in India. It is a highly preferred beach by honeymooners. The seclusion and the beauty beach provides the much needed privacy to the honeymooners. So all you need to do is get on your rented scooter and hit the road to Mandrem, the journey is in fact as beautiful as the destination.

12. Arambol Beach

One of the coolest beaches in India, Arambol Beach

Image Source

Arambol is hippie’s paradise in all of Goa. The quintessential scene of Arambol beach is a laid back environment where musicians are jamming and foreigners selling trinkets. It is undoubtedly one of the top beaches in India where I love to spend my time at. Take a short stroll near the sea and spend quiet moments around the freshwater lake. Of you’re into sports and activities this beach won’t disappoint you either. Kite surfing, paragliding, meditation, Yoga and classes for dance and musical instruments are some of the activities you can indulge in when you’re visiting Arambol Beach.

Beaches of Kerala

13. Varkala Beach

The view of the north cliff in Varkala beach

Image Source

Varkala is the only beach in southern Kerala where the cliffs run adjacent to the sea. Many travellers claim to have witnesses the most breathtaking sunset at this beach. Nonetheless, it is counted among the best beaches in India. Varkala Beach also known as Papanasham Beach, which means washing the sins away. The water of this beach is said to have medicinal properties owing to the fact that many medicinal herbs are found around the beach.

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14. Marari Beach, Alleppey

The white sand and palm trees in Marari Beach

Image Source

Marari Beach in Alleppey is well known for its unmatched cleanliness and stunning environs. The water here is ideal for swimming, snorkeling and at times even some surfing. At Marari beach, unlike other popular beaches in Kerala, you can catch a glimpse of the quintessential Kerala village life. There are many beach resorts around the beach where you can enjoy a pampering and unforgettable stay.

15. Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam

One of the most popular beaches in south India, Lighthouse Beach in Kovalam

Image Source

The most popular out of the three beaches in the Kovalam cove, the Lighthouse Beach to Kerala is what Baga is to Goa. It is where all the action and the crowd is. The beach is also replete with numerous leisure hotels and staying in one of these will do the trick for a relaxing holiday for you! The main highlight of this beach, undoubtedly, is the striking red and white lighthouse that’s 35 m tall and stands on Kurumkal Hill.

16. Cherai Beach, Kochi

Sunset in Cherai Beach

Image Source

The best part about Cherai Beach is the point where the backwaters meet the sea. The tides are generally low here and even rookies can easily swim and have fun. Apart from that the beach is also famous for the multihued sea shells found here.

17. Poovar beach, Thiruvananthapuram

The estuary near Poovar beach in Kerala

Image Source

Poovar beach is the most unusual, unspoilt and charming beaches in Kerala. Enveloped by serene backwaters, an estuary that leads out to the sea and a dreamy golden sand, this beach is definitely one of the best beaches in India. In the foregone era, this beach acted as a major trading point and today this is a traveler’s paradise.

18. Kozhikode Beach

The sunset view of the Kozhikode beach in Kerala

Image Source

Kozhikode Beach is the best hunt for sunset views in Kerala. Adding to the beauty of the place are two crumbling piers more than a century old and a lighthouse retaining its old world charm. Visit this beach to titillate your taste buds with some of the most delicious seafood, specially kallumekaya (mussels). In the evening, head straight to the Dolphin’s Point to witness the sight of frolicking dolphins.

19. Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach

The only drive-in beach in India, Muzhappilangad Beach in Kerala

Image Source

Muzhappilangad Beach is one of the few drive-in beaches in the country which makes it one of the most famous beaches in India. Situated between Kannur and Thalassery, the long coastline can be driven through. Activities like parasailing, microlite flights, paragliding and catamaran ride can be enjoyed here.

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20. Munambam beach, Ernakulam

The Chinese fishing nets at Munambam Beach at Ernakulam

Image Source

A long beach, situated near Vypeen Island in Ernakulam district, Munambam beach is worth paying a visit in Kerala. The Munambam beach is also one of those beaches in Kerala where you can see the huge fishing nets. It is also known as Muziris Golden Beach and it’s famous for kite flying as well.

Beaches in Karnataka

21. Om Beach, Gokarna

One of the most famous beaches in India, Om Beach in Gokarna

Image Source
Om beach is the most popular beach in Gokarna. The shape of the beach actually resembles the shape of an Om in Sanskrit which makes it quite interesting. The place, for obvious reasons have religious importance but has lately has turn into a hippie haven.

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22. Half-moon Beach, Gokarna

The crescent shaped Half Moon beach in Gokarna

Image Source

Disjointed by a cliff from the Om Beach, the Half Moon Beach offers spectacular views of the sea. The entire beach is dotted with typical Indian style village huts or shacks. The umpteen hammocks set amidst trees offers great opportunities for relaxation.

23. Kaup beach, Udupi

the lighthouse at the Kaup beach of Karnataka

Image Source

Kaup beach of Karnataka is one of the most popular beaches in Karnataka. The beach is famed for its serene environment and cool atmosphere. This is another beach in India where you can surf in the high tides. The black and white lighthouse in the beach totally steals the show. This lighthouse was built in 1901 and still serves the sailors. If you wish to enjoy bird-eye view of the locale then you should climb the lighthouse by giving a small fee.

24. St. Mary Island

The unique volcanic rocks of St. Mary's Island in Karnataka

Image Source

St. Mary’s Island is a group of small islands on the coast of Malpe of Arabian Sea in the Udupi district of Karnataka. It is famed as the place where Vasco Da Gama landed in 1498. Quite strangely these beaches are not available for swimming or strolling, however, you can watch the unique formation of volcanic rocks here.

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25. Ullal Beach

An amazing beach in south india, Ullal Beach

Image Source

The picturesque casuarinas groves in Ullal Beach offer a spectacular view when the sun sets. The well furnished cottages with palm thatched roofs along the beach provides a perfect hideout. When taking a lazy stroll you’ll find many spectacular historical sights like Someshwara Temple, Queen Abbakka’s Fort and St. Sebastian Church, in close proximity with the beach.

Beaches in Pondicherry

26. Auroville Beach

One of the most famous beach in India; Auroville Beach

Image Source

Located in the Auroville region of Pondicherry, the Auroville beach is one of the coolest beaches in South India. Frequented both by tourists and locals, the beach normally remains crowded, however, it’s a popular hangout spot among youth.

27. Serenity Beach

A fishing boat at Serenity beach in Pondicherry

Image Source

Aptly named Serenity Beach in Pondicherry is known to be a marvellously tranquil beach. Attracting scores of tourists for its idyllic beauty of this virgin beach is becoming the premier attraction of Pondicherry. The waves, however, in this beach are bigger and ideal for surfing. So, don’t forget to try your hands on it, there are surfing schools too to teach you the skill. The weekend flea market will bring out the shopaholic in you, so go prepared.

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28. Plage Paradiso Beach

The lovely Plage Paradiso Beach in pondicherry

Image Source

Another charming beach in Pondicherry, the Plage Paradiso Beach is a popular beach. The golden sun kissed beach is merging with the deep blue sea offers quite a sight for the visitors. Laying under the shade of the palm trees after a long sunbathe is a divine experience.

Beaches in Tamil Nadu

29. Covelong Beach, Chennai

Surfing at Covelong beach in Chennai

Image Source

Historically one of the most prominent beach of the Nawabs of the Carnatic, the Covelong beach is one of the most captivating beaches in Chennai. Various water sports like swimming, surfing and windsurfing etc. are quite popular here.

30. Mahabalipuram Beach

One of the top beaches in India, Mahabalipuram beach

Image Source

The surfing mecca of India, Mahabalipuram beach is famous for watersports across the county. The most beautiful aspect of this beach are the rock cut sculptures. There are many breath taking monuments like the Caves, Monolithic Rathas and Chariots as well as temples.

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31. Marina Beach, Chennai

The longest beach in the country, Marina Beach in Chennai

Image Source

Being the second longest beach in the world and the largest in the country, Marina Beach in Chennai is one of the biggest crowd puller and one of the most famous beaches in India. You can enjoy leisurely evening and morning walk with crispy sundal and murukku available at food stalls on the beach.

32. Elliot’s Beach

The spectacular in Elliot’s Beach in Chennai

Image Source

One of the cleanest beach in Chennai, Elliot’s Beach is a popular hangout spot among the local youths. The beach is nicknamed as the Night Beach because young people gather here to enjoy in late evenings and nights. Do not worry about the hunger pangs as there are many restaurants and cafes that serve mouth-watering delicacies that will make your experience unforgettable.

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33. Dhanushkodi Beach

People enjoying in the Dhanushkodi Beach

Image Source

Dhanushkodi Beach located in Rameshwaram of Tamil Nadu is perhaps one of the most unusual beaches in South India and among the most beautiful places to visit in Rameshwaram. It is one of the places that was severely affected in the cyclone of 1964. You can view breathtaking views of the mighty Indian Ocean from the beach that is the closest point to Sri lanka from India.

34. Muttom Beach, Kanyakumari

The gushing waves of the indian Ocean in Muttom Beach in Kanyakumari

Image Source

Muttom beach in Kanyakumari is without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches in India. It’s a rocky beach famous for its caves and is surrounded by a quaint fishing village. The cleanliness of the beach and the huge boulders scattered across the shore offers a striking and dramatic picture.

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35. Kanyakumari Beach

Sunset at the gorgeous Kanyakumari Beach

Image Source

The southernmost tip of the country, the Kanyakumari beach is breathtakingly gorgeous. The beach is usually less crowded and but during the full moon days of April when it’s said to offer awesome views of sunset and sunrise people gathers to have a look. Besides, it’s the confluence of Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sagar with Indian ocean, hence called Triveni. The gigantic Vivekananda Rock & Thiruvalluvar statue are also a treat to eyes.

Beaches in Maharashtra

36. Ganapatipule Beach

People playing at Ganpatipule beach in Maharashtra

Image Source

Unlike the crowded and dirty beaches of Maharashtra, Ganapatipule beach is a gorgeous and clean beach in the Konkan coast. It is an ideal getaway from Mumbai and Pune as it’s some 300 plus km away from both the major cities of Maharashtra.

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37. Tarkarli Beach

Snorkeling in Tarkarli beach

Image Source

Tarkarli beach is the only scuba diving and snorkeling training center in Maharashtra. It is an attractive beach but it mostly attracts tourists because of its various water sports. The beach is enveloped with soaring Shuru trees, and the hamlets around it flaunts beauty in all its simplicity. You must not head back home without relishing the popular Malvan delights, it would be cherry on the cake if the meal is served and cooked by a local.

38. Alibaug Beach

Sunset at Alibaug beach

The Alibaug beach is a famous beach in Maharashtra where you can find the Sea Fort Kolaba built by Shivaji the great. The Kashid Beach is also located nearby and both the beaches offers great views of the Arabian Sea. This also happens to be one of the most favorite and popular weekend getaway from Mumbai. In fact, one willing to do can also do a day trip from Mumbai.

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Beaches in Andhra Pradesh

39. Rishikonda Beach

Rishikonda beach, one of the cleanest beaches in India

Jewel of the east coast, Rishikonda beach is one of the cleanest beach in India. The beach is located 8 km from in Vizag and is very popular among tourists and locals alike. It is also a haven for watersports lovers and is popular among windsurfers and jet skiers.

40. Ramakrishna Beach

Ramakrishna Beach in Andhra Pradesh

Image Source

Named after the famous Ramakrishna Mission, the Ramakrishna Beach is another amazing beach for water sport lovers. Offers great opportunities to surf and jetski, the beach is also popular for the archaic Dutch cemeteries located along the beach.

41. Yarada Beach

Yarada Beach in Andhra Pradesh

Image Source

The Yarada Beach is true beauty- clean, pristine and comparatively less crowded. It can easily be counted as one of the most beautiful beaches in India. Located some 15 km from Vizag, it is frequented by visitors from nearby cities. This is one of the calmest beaches where you can listen to your favorite songs, read your favorite book or click some pictures that would be admired by all.

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Beaches in Gujarat and Daman & Diu

42. Jampore Beach

Parasailing in Jampore Beach in Daman

Image Source

The Jampore Beach is an awesome destination for beach holiday in India. The beach is ideal for casual swimmers and various other adventure sports like parasailing, jetskiing etc. The beach is regarded as one of the most magnificent beaches in Daman. Coconut groves are found in abundance along the shores, and the historical monuments in the region add on to an awesome vacation.

43. Nagoa Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in India, Nagoa beach in Diu

Image Source

Nagoa beach in Diu is the best beach that you can visit in Daman and Diu. Comparatively less crowded with blue crystal waters, the beach offers various options for water sports and leisurely activities – Such as parasailing, bumper boating, speed boat, banana boat and jet skiing. When glanced at from the top, the beach somewhat resembles of the shape of horse shoe.

44. Mandvi Beach, Gujarat

The white sands of Mandvi Beach in the Kutch region of Gujarat

Image Source

Mandvi Beach is located in the Kutch region of Gujarat. The beach offers incredible views of the sea and is a popular beach getaway in India. The serenity and cleanliness of the beach is something that attracts scores of tourists to the beach.

Beaches in Lakshadweep

45. Agatti Island

Agatti Island in Lakshadweep, one of the most beautiful beaches in India

Image Source

A breathtaking spectacle of dazzling coral reefs, silvery sand, turquoise blue waters and lush green coco-palms- that’s Agatti island for you. A picture right out of your dreams, Agatti Island has the best beaches in India that one must visit.

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46. Minicoy Island

 A dreamy scene of the Minicoy Island in Laccadive Islands

Image Source

The lagoons of Minicoy Island are the largest in the Lakshadweep. The southernmost island in the group of islands, it is a crescent shaped island. The unique Maldivian character of the island sets it apart from other islands in India. This is where a photographers dream shots and a poet’s fascination come to life.

47. Kavaratti Island

The turquoise blue waters of Kavaratti Island in Lakshadweep

Image Source

The Kavaratti Island has some of the most famous beaches in India. It’s a beautiful and calm lagoon that forms an ideal spot for water sports, swimming and basking on warm sandy beaches. Marine life exhibits can be seen at the new marine aquarium of Kavaratti Island. Kayaks and sailing yacht are also available on hire.

48. Bangaram Island

Fishing boat in Bangaram Island in Laccadive Islands

Image Source

The Bangaram Island is an uninhabited island that is only open to foreign tourists. It’s a teardrop shaped island and one of the most beautiful island in India. When you’re about to visit this place prepare yourself to witness a post-card perfect landscape, calm blue waters of the ocean and striking white sands.

Beaches in Odisha

49. Konark Beach

Konark Beach near the Jagannath Temple in Orissa

Image Source

The spectacularly beautiful Konark beach is one of India’s finest beaches. The famous Ramchandi Temple is located some 10 km along the beach. The Konark sun temple also stands on this beach, hence it has got great religious importance for the Hindus as well.

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50. Puri Beach

Sunset at the Puri Beach in Orissa

Image Source

Literally, one of the most famous beaches in India the Puri Beach is visited by scores of tourists all year round. The roar of the breakers rolling in from the Bay of Bengal and countless devotees flocking to take a dip of purification is the quintessential scene of the Puri beach.

India overflows with amazing beaches. If you think we forgot mention any gorgeous beach in India, do mention in the comments section.

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