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Over the past two years, Aakash and his wife Shaily have traveled to 11 different destinations and experienced that travel has its own way of teaching great things. As a part of their next travel plan, they decided to go on a third honeymoon and booked a romantic Andaman tour package for 6 days & 5 nights. Realizing that traveling is what has helped them to turn their life into sheer bliss, read on to know what Aakash wrote about his flawless trip to Andaman.

A Romantic & Adventurous 5 Day Trip To Andaman

Trip Type: A romantic trip full of love, romance and adventure
Occasion: Valentine’s Day as well as our third honeymoon
Budget: INR 1,00,000 only
Month Of Travel: February
Departing City: New Delhi
Flight Duration: 5 hours

Andaman Romantic Trip Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival; Check-in at the Blue Sea Resort in Port Blair; Sightseeing of the Cellular Jail
Day 2: Transfer to El Dorado Beach Resort; Havelock Island Tour – Kalapathar beach; Radhanagar beach; Romantic candle-lit dinner by the beach
Day 3: Elephant beach – Underwater Seawalk, Snorkeling, and Jet ski rides; Vijaynagar beach
Day 4: Transfer to the Tango Beach Resort; Neil Island – High speed catamaran rides; Howrah bridge or rock formations; Bharatpur Beach; Natural Coral Bridge
Day 5: Ross Island Excursion; Transfer to the Blue Sea Resort in Port Blair
Day 6: Breakfast; Depart from the Andaman and return back to New Delhi

romantic couple honeymooning in Andaman

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I and my wife are avid travelers who love to explore different cultures and gather new experiences. Having traveled to Ladakh, Shillong, Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary, Nepal, Kashmir, Manali, Rishikesh, Goa, Mcleodganj, Dalhousie, and Khajjiar, we were only left with a wanderlust for more of such experiences.

So we decided to go on third honeymoon trip but to an offbeat, and a romantic beach destination. With that in mind, Andaman struck us before any other place could. At once we started searching for suitable Andaman tour packages and luckily, we came across TravelTriangle through Facebook.

Romantic couple at beach in Andaman

We posted our request and in return, TT put us through some of the best travel agents. Amongst all of them, White Shell Travel offered us the best quotes and in no time, we were left with an overdose of excitement as we waited in anticipation to embark on our romantic trip to Andaman.

Inclusions: Flights (round trips), accommodation, breakfast, transfers (airport transfers, non-AC cabs, and inland ferry transfers), and sightseeing
Accommodation Breakup: 2 nights at Blue Sea Resort in Port Blair, 2 nights at El Dorado Beach Resort in Havelock Island, and 1 night at Tango Beach Resort in Neil Island
Activities: Underwater seawalk, snorkelling, jet ski rides at Corbyn’s Cove Beach and beachside candle-lit dinner
Other Inclusions: Welcome drinks, all entry permits, boat/cruise tickets, and a final surprise gift

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Andaman Honeymoon Packages On TravelTriangle

Book a memorable honeymoon trip to Andaman. Stay in a romantic room, enjoy candle light dinner, and get rejuvenated at a spa. Packages inclusive of hotel, cab, airport transfers, and sightseeing.

Things To Do On A Romantic Trip To Andaman That Made Our Vacation Special

Touchdown Andaman: A Paradise Of Happy Blues

romantic couple on honeymoon in Andaman

On the first day which also happened to be the Valentine’s day, we boarded our flight from New Delhi at about 5 am and reached Port Blair at about 10 am. Luckily we got the window seats and we could feel the romance in the air as we witnessed the white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and the chaste beauty of Andaman Islands.

honeymoon couple at the beach in Andaman

On arrival, the travel agent greeted us and escorted us to the Blue Sea Resort in Port Blair wherein we finished all the check in process. We rested for a while and post lunch, we went ahead with exploring the cells and gallows of the Cellular Jail that took us back in time. It indeed was a great experience. We revisited the Cellular Jail to attend the awe-inspiring light and sound show which artistically portrayed the struggles of our freedom fighters.

honeymoon couple at the beach in Andaman

Later we decided to relax at the Corbyn’s Cove Beach. We walked along the lush green palm trees accompanied by delicious hot pakoras and mawa kulfi. The relaxed walk on the serene beaches was rejuvenating indeed and the romantic sunrise added to the whole experience. Few hours later, we returned to the hotel, relished a sumptuous dinner and retired to bed for the day.

Tip For Vegetarians: For all those travelers who are hardcore vegetarians, Blue Sea Resort is the best choice to stay as the hotel serves delectable and pure vegetarian food.

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Havelock Island: Paradise Of Uninterrupted Solitude

Couple enjoying catamaran cruise in Andaman

We started our second day a bit early. Post breakfast, we boarded a Cruise Green Ocean ship within 2 hours, we had reached the surreal Havelock Island. Throughout the journey, the deep blue sea was a treat to watch and we also enjoyed a bit of dancing on the deck.

Romantic couple at the beach in Andaman

On reaching, the TravelTriangle coordinator greeted us and helped us with checking in at the El Dorado Beach Resort. Post the check in process, we set on our excursion to explore the backpacker’s paradise. We first visited the Kalapathar beach that blew our mind with its emerald green water and white sand beaches wherein we relished yummy sugarcane juice and hot masala maggi.

Romantic couple at the beach in Andaman

Post lunch we visited the Radhanagar beach, the one with the softest sand ever. Much famed to be world’s 6th beautiful beach, one should not miss out on witnessing the sunset here. Our long walk on the beach was wonderful and equally romantic and in the evening, we returned to the resort after a wonderful day.

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Couple enjoying date night at the beach in Andaman

This is was not all. On the occasion of our anniversary, the staff at the resort had arranged a romantic beachside candle-lit dinner at Vijaynagar beach. Witnessing the immense beauty of Andaman was finally fulfilled on our anniversary and our dinner date left us with memories for a lifetime.

Tips For More Privacy:

  • At Kalapathar beach, there is a small path that leads you through the green jungle to the secluded area on the beach.
  • Do not come back without witnessing the surreal sunset at Radhanagar beach.

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The Adrenaline-Charged Underwater Sea Walk

Underwater Sea Walking In Andaman Island

A thrilling third day awaited us and we were feeling all charged up after our breakfast. We set out for the Elephant Bay wherein our day was booked for all the water sports. Known to be one of the best diving sites in India, Elephant Beach at Havelock Island is the place for all the water-sport junkies to be.

Couple enjoying Underwater seawalking in Andaman

We reached the Elephant Beach, we were given our equipments and we went on to experience the Underwater Sea walk. It was fascinating indeed to explore the beautiful corals and unique marine life. It was the most amazing experience we had ever had along with snorkeling, speed boat rides, etc. In the evening we headed towards the Vijaynagar beach.

Honeymoon couple at the Elephant beach in Andaman

Our evening at the beach was just too relaxed and it calmed us from all the adrenaline rush that filled us earlier in the afternoon. We sipped on some chilled drinks and felt the wind in our hair. Later in the evening, we returned to the hotel, enjoyed our delectable dinner and called it a night.

Tips For Your Convenience:

  • Havelock island is a picture-perfect location that serves as a beautiful location for photography.
  • Make sure your book the seawalk in advance at the Elephant beach jetty as there will be a long queue at the activity point.
  • Vijaynagar beach is an ideal location to stay as its central location makes it easy to commute and is surrounded by best of hotels and restaurants.

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Soaking In The Best At Neil Island

Romantic couple at the beach in Andaman

It was already the fourth day and we boarded our high speed catamaran cruise Makruzz to reach the famous Neil Island. We checked -in at the Tango Beach Resort and continued our excursion to Neil island which is a small island detached from the rest of the world.

Honeymoon couple at the beach in Andaman

We later explored the Bharatpur Beach which had super green and clear waters. We must say that this island took us closer to nature that felt like a dream come true. We had seen such exotic locations only in movies until we got to this one of a kind beach.

couple at the beach in Andaman

We went ahead and toured around the Natural Coral Bridge and we saw a young star fish in its developing stages along with many other beautiful & colorful fishes and crabs. Later in the evening, we explored a bit of the calm Laxmanpur beach while returning to the resort and post our dinner, we retired to bed for the night.

Tip For The Social Connect: Ideally it is better to the phones away on a vacation but for everything else, there is BSNL and Vodafone in Port Blair and Havelock whereas only BSNL works in Neil Island.

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The Architectural Marvel Of Ross Island

Female traveler at the beach in Andaman

On the fifth day, we had planned to go on a tour to the Ross Island. We started our day early and were lucky enough to get the last ferry tickets. We boarded the Makruzz cruise from Rajiv Gandhi water sports complex and reached our destination.

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At Ross Island, one can actually adore the beautiful ruins of the Victorian era. An abode of exquisite beaches and once an administrative headquarters for the British, Ross Island is a small haven surrounded by lined coconut trees and inhabited by deers.

Couple at the beach in Andaman

In the evening, we returned to the Tango Beach Resort and as we had to depart the next day, we were transferred to the Blue Sea Resort in Port Blair. On reaching the hotel, we had variety of different yummy dosas for dinner. As we had enjoyed quite an adventurous day, we called it a night right after our meal.

Tips For Exploring Ross Island:

  • Ross Island can be explored on a half-day tour from Port Blair.
  • The best way to reach Ross Island 15 to 20 minutes is to take a ferry from the Andaman Sports Complex till the Ross Island bay.
  • The ferry rates cost about INR 100 per person and the timings to visit Ross Island is from 8.30 am to 2.30 pm.

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The Final Surprise: Unexpected And Overwhelming

Romantic couple at the beach in Andaman

Since it was our sixth and the last day at this beach paradise, we moved at our own pace as our flight was at 12.25 pm. We had breakfast and went to shop for some souvenirs at Sagarika Emporium near our resort. Later on, we checked out of the hotel and were transferred to the airport.

Couple sitting on the beach in Andaman

It was at the last moment when we were about to enter the airport that the travel agent gifted us an unexpected surprise. He had captured all our Andaman memories in one frame and I could say that it was not only overwhelming but it completed our entire journey and we boarded our flight back to Delhi with wonderful memories.

We Found Love In A Hopeless-ly Romantic Place: Honeymoon Trip To Andaman

Highlights Of Our Trip:

  • Light & Sound show at the Cellular Jail
  • Underwater Seawalk in Havelock Island
  • Snorkelling and exploring the marine life at Elephanta Beach
  • The most romantic candle-lit dinner at El Dorado Beach Resort, Havelock Island
  • Glass bottom boat ride in Neil island

Low Points: None at all!

Memory That Holds A Special Place In Our Hearts

The night when we enjoyed every bit of our candle-lit dinner by the beach will be etched in our memories forever. It was the best and most romantic date for us and we’ll cherish all the memories of Andaman.

Our Best Experience In Andaman

Being one of the most unique attractions in Andaman Islands, the Underwater Seawalk was indeed one of the best experiences for us. We enjoyed an exciting underwater walk on the sea bed which was six to seven meters deep.

Witnessing the magnificent marine life of Andaman, the wonderful corals and swimming beside beautiful little fishes was an enthralling experience indeed.

Tips For Seawalking:

  • It is a must and once in a lifetime kind of an experience for all the travelers when in Andaman.
  • Also, it is totally safe for non divers as well.

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Our Delightful Experience With TravelTriangle

Our experience with TravelTriangle was totally hassle-free. The package was way economical than what was being offered on other portals and the best part was getting a chance to customize our own package. Our Andaman journey was worth every penny that we spent. Overall, it was an amazing experience and we didn’t have to worry about anything even once. Thanks to TravelTriangle and the team.

Couple enjoying at the beach in Andaman

On the whole, our anniversary trip to Andaman Islands was a beautiful affair indeed and it offered us everything we were looking for. A perfect mix of nature, adventure, beach, water sports, and romance were the foundations of our trip.

Happy couple on honeymoon in Andaman Islands

We cannot wait to plan for our next trip with TravelTriangle and most probably we’ll take a foreign trip to get a taste of different culture altogether. Looking back on the memories and a wonderful quality time that we spent in Andaman, it only brings a smile to our faces. In short, you have got to believe us when we say, we loved everything!

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Top Andaman Travel Tips

    • Don’t forget to take sunscreen, i.e., a minimum of 40 SPF
    • Carry a mosquito repellent
    • Do carry caps or hats
    • Ensure you wear sunglasses
    • Take along extra easy-to-dry thin towels
    • Pack extra clothes for when you go to enjoy the water activities
    • Carry a torch always even if you’re simply strolling on the beach after dinner
    • Do not miss to explore the limestone caves at the Baratang Island. We covered everything else but missed it due to the
      time constraints.
    • Keep enough cash with you as most of the places would either not accept the cards or the connection would be weak.
    • While checking in at the airport, check in early so that you get the left-side seats. You get fantastic views of the
      islands as you land in Port-blair from the left side seats.
    • For getting around in ferries, make sure you carry your photo ids, licence, pan card, etc. Get your return tickets for
      ferry or steamer well in in advance as tickets may not be available on time.

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    Falling in love with the above pictures or can’t believe your eyes? Whatever the case might be, think no more and take a Andaman honeymoon trip for embarking on your journey to this tropical paradise. In the end, you have got to experience magic, once in a lifetime.

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