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Maharashtra is blessed with an extended coastline dotted with some of the most scenic beaches. More specifically, there are some of the finest beaches that make for incredibly relaxing and fun weekend getaways from Pune.

The best beaches near Pune are perfect to take a break and spend some time chilling around. Read on, to know more about these interesting escapes!

Beaches Near Pune – Within 150 Km

If you are looking for peace and scenic beauty, these top beaches near Pune are a must-visit! Have a look at these beaches near Pune with distance and add these to your Pune itinerary. 

  • Kihim Beach- An Absolute Bliss
  • Alibaug Beach- The Most Prominent

1. Kihim Beach- An Absolute Bliss

Kihim Beach

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Kihim is the nearest beach to Pune and the most popular among tourists and locals looking for a blissful weekend getaway. This is the nearest beach from Pune, ideal for those who wish to spend a weekend by the emerald green water doing nothing but chilling out. You can stroll on the sandy beaches, swim in the soothing water, and enjoy the sunset.

Time taken to reach Kihim Beach from Pune: The distance between Pune and Kihim Beach is about 140 km, and it takes about 2 hours to reach Kihim.
Things to do at Kihim Beach: Enjoy the serenity and scenic beauty and bird watching
Accommodation near Kihim Beach: Sanidhya Resort, Sagar Darshan Resort, and Sea Castle Resort offer bed and breakfast budget accommodations. For restaurants, you can visit Chondhi—the nearest locality.

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2. Alibaug Beach- The Most Prominent

Alibaug Beach

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The only cure for downright boredom is the sun, sand, and the deep blue sea. Alibaug has it all! Amongst all the beaches around Pune, Alibaug Beach is the most prominent and nearest beach to Pune in the Konkan region. This is a scenic black sand beach for utmost relaxation and rejuvenation. Visiting the beach is one of the most amazing things to do in Alibaug because of the experiences hidden in this spot!

Time taken to reach Alibaug Beach from Pune: It is 145 km from Pune, which will take your about 2 hrs and 40 minutes to reach the beach.
Things to do at Alibaug Beach: Explore the Kulaba Fort by the sea which can be reached by boats during high tides, enjoy the most photogenic sunset views, and relish scrumptious seafood from the beach shacks.
Accommodation near Alibaug Beach: Radisson Blu Resort and Spa, Ruturaj Inn, and U Tropicana. They also one of the most beautiful resorts near Pune.

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Beaches Near Pune Within 200 Km

If you want to look at a greater distance then here are some beaches near Pune within 200 km. These beaches have plenty to offer. Read on.

  • Mandwa Beach- A Paradise For Nature Lovers
  • Murud Beach- Best Weekend Retreat
  • Kashid Beach- Sparkling Sand Beach
  • Diveagar Beach- Most Picturesque
  • Dapoli Beach- Meet The Dolphins
  • Velas Beach- Watch The Baby Turtles
  • Harihareshwar Beach- ‘House of God’
  • Harnai Beach- A Perfect Escape
  • Kondivali Beach- Stunning Views
  • Shrivardhan Beach- A Serene Escape
  • Kalamb Beach- Mesmerizing Place
  • Marve Beach- Romantic Atmosphere
  • Manori Beach- ‘Mini Goa’
  • Aksa Beach- Relish The Sunset
  • Revdanda Beach- Historic Vibes
  • Juhu Beach- The Longest Beach of The City

3. Mandwa Beach- A Paradise For Nature lovers

Mandwa Beach

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Mandwa Beach is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. This is one of the mesmeric nearest beaches from Pune within 150 km featuring tranquil water, less crowded shores, comfortable climate, and scenic backdrops. You can either spend leisure time with your close ones here or indulge in enthralling watersports; the choice is yours.

Time taken to reach Mandwa Beach from Pune: Mandwa Beach is about 150 km from Pune, which takes about 3 hour 30 minutes via Mumbai-Goa highway.
Things to do at Mandwa Beach: Jet-ski rides, bumper rides, and kayaking
Accommodation near Mandwa Beach: Paradise Villas and Resort, Cheulkars Farm and Jogalekar Cottage. There are many food shacks on the beach selling munchies like chaat.

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4. Murud Beach- Best Weekend Retreat

Murud Beach

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For a serene and one of its kind weekend retreat—Murud beach is the best option. Its glittering white sand shores and the soothing silence makes it one of the best beaches near Pune. It is preferred by people looking for a peaceful break, away from the hustles of the city. 

Time taken to reach Murud Beach: It takes about 3 hours 40 minutes to cover the 160 km long distance between Murud and Pune.
Things to do at Murud Beach: Trek up to Murud-Janjira fort, relax and sunbathe as long as you want.
Accommodation near Muru Beach: Golden Swan Beach Resort, Hotel Nishijeet Palace and Sand Piper Resort

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5. Kashid Beach- Sparkling Sand Beach

Kashid Beach

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Boasting of sun-kissed sparkling white sand beach and azure water—Kashid is a dream beach destination in Maharashtra, particularly for the weekends. Enclosed by casuarina groves on all three sides, Kashid is one of the most romantic beaches around Pune offering stunning vistas and ultimate fun of beach adventure.

Time taken to reach Murud from Pune: The beach is about 170 km from Pune, which means it takes about 3 hrs and 20 minutes to reach.
Things to do at Kashid Beach: Water sports like surfing, water scooters, parasailing, and banana boat rides
Accommodation near Kashid Beach: Kashid Beach Resort, Royal Villa and Shree Ganesh Farm House

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6. Diveagar Beach- Most Picturesque 

Diveagar Beach

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If you are in the league of people looking for offbeat and less popular beaches, then Diveagar is an apposite choice for all you folks. It’s probably one of the most picturesque beaches near Pune within 200 km, the place allures tourists for its pristine nature and mind-blowing peace. It is one of the gorgeous nearest beaches from Pune. 

Time taken to reach Diveagar from Pune: About 175 km from Pune, it takes 4 hrs and 20 minutes to reach via Tamhini Ghat Road.
Things to do at Diveagar Beach: Spot seagulls and crabs
Accommodation near Diveagar Beach: Cocohut Resort, Maitreya Beach Resort and Shreebag Homestay. All these hotels are approximately 0.5-1 km away from the beach.

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7. Dapoli Beach- Meet The Dolphins

Dapoli Beach

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Nestled in the Konkan coastline—Dapoli scores as a virgin and clean beach. Coupled with clean water and sizzling shores, this place is also a haven for dolphins and weary travelers. One can sunbathe in sheoak plantations encircling the beach, try out delicious local seafood from shacks, swim and enjoy a campfire under the starry sky. This beach offers a perfect weekend getaway from Pune

Time taken to reach Dapoli from Pune: Dapoli is about 186 km from Pune and it takes about 4 hours to reach via Mandangad.
Things to do at Dapoli Beach: Dolphin spotting, water sports, frisbee, beach volleyball, hot spring near the beach
Accommodation near Dapoli Beach: Whistling Waves Beach Resort, The Mango Inn and Comfort Inn Emerald

8. Velas Beach- Watch The Baby Turtles

Velas Beach

Image Source

Velas Beach is one of its kind beaches with the views of charming, little turtles moving lazily on the shores leaving trails behind; watching the baby turtles walk is so exciting. If you are someone who doesn’t like the crowd and love authentic Konkani food, then the scenic charm and delicious food are sure to win your heart.

Time taken to reach Velas Beach from Pune: The beach is about 190 km from Pune and it takes about 5 hours to reach via Tamhini Ghat Road.
Things to do at Velas Beach: Turtle Festival, spotting Olive Ridley turtles, parasailing, boating, swimming
Accommodation near Velas Beach: Exotica The Beach Resort and Solitude Beach Cottage

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9. Harihareshwar Beach- ‘House of God’


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This is one of the most popular beaches in Maharashtra situated in the Raigad district. Nestled in between the hills of Harihareshwar, Harshinachal, Bramhadri, and Pushpadri, it is also called the ‘house of God’. The beach is serene and clean and makes for a perfect getaway from Pune. If you are looking for beaches near Pune with water sports, then this is one such place with a tranquil setting.

Time taken to reach Harihareshwar Beach from Pune: The beach is at a distance of 170 km from Pune and takes around 5 hours to reach.
Things to do at Harihareshwar Beach: Visit the temple adjacent to the beach, and watch the sunset.
Accommodation near Harihareshwar Beach: Harihareshwar Beach Resort, and Tranquil Beach Resort.

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10. Harnai Beach- A Perfect Escape


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Harnai Beach is a perfect escape from the busy city life. If you are looking for a getaway from Pune then this beach can be considered. The nearest railway head is at Khed which is at a distance of 35 km from the beach. It can be reached easily from the major cities of Maharashtra like Pune and Mumbai.

Time taken to reach Harnai Beach from Pune: Harnai is 198 km from Pune and can be reached in around 6 hours.
Things to do at Harnai Beach: Relax at the beach, buy fish from the fresh fish market, and enjoy watching the boats sail to and fro from the shore.
Accommodation near Harnai Beach: Sea Princess Beach Resort, Sagar Raj Beach Resort and Comfort Inn Emerald

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11. Kondivali Beach- Stunning Views


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Drive along the coastal road with breathtaking views from Pune to this amazing beach on a weekend. Though the drive is long, the journey is totally worth one’s time. This beach is a sandy place with a curved seashore and rocks. Sit at the beach with the sea in front and the trees lining the backdrop. Stroll along the shore and spend some quality time with your loved ones here.

Time taken to reach Kondvil Beach from Pune: Located at a distance of 162 km, it takes around 5 hours to reach this beach from Pune.
Things to do at Kondvil Beach: Enjoy the sea view, relish the local food and enjoy the road trip to the beach.
Accommodation near Kondvil Beach: Whistling Palms Beach Resort, Surali Garden, and Balaji Resort.

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12. Shrivardhan Beach- A Serene Escape

Shrivardhan Beach

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Shrivardhan Beach is situated in a town called Shrivardhan in Maharasthra’s Raigadh district. This is one of the cleanest and calmest beaches near Pune. Palm and Mango trees line this white sand beach. This is a perfect place to dig-in some amazing food and to indulge in a few adventure sports. You can enjoy swimming, parasailing, and surfing here. Or simply hop on a small boat and head out to explore the residence of Peshwas.

Time taken to reach Shrivardhan Beach from Pune: Located at a distance of 160 km, it takes around 5 hours to reach this beach from Pune.
Things to do at Shrivardhan Beach: Water adveture sports, historical sightseeing, relax
Accommodation near Shrivardhan Beach: Exotica The Beach Resort, Vinnca WoodvillasBeachfront Resort, Sea Wind Beach Resort

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13. Kalamb Beach- Mesmerizing Place

Kalamb Beach

Image Source

Kalamb Beach is an isolated beach in Maharashtra’s Nala Sapora in Thane District. It lies very close to the Ahmedabad highway. This long stretch of tranquil coastline is perfect for a relaxing walk. Fringed with palm trees, the landscape looks absolutely mesmerising. Kalamb Beach is a black sand beach lined with a few eateries and shacks. So it doesn’t get much crowded even during evenings.

Time taken to reach Kalamb Beach from Pune: Located at a distance of 196 km, it takes around 5 hours to reach this beach from Pune.
Things to do at Kalamb Beach: long walks, swimming, photography
Accommodation near Kalamb Beach:  Three Brother’s Farm, Pushpak Farm House

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14. Marve Beach- Romantic Atmosphere

Marve Beach

Image Source

Marve Beach has an amazing Goan vibe, with a small Portuguese church located near the beach. The area is also populated by Mumbai’s catholic community. The beach is located in Malad and is a popular spot among couples for its tranquilt and romantic atmoshpere. Swimming is not recommended here, because of tides are normally high. But you can enjoy ferry rides to Manori Beach.

Time taken to reach Marve Beach from Pune: Located at a distance of 173 km, it takes around 4 hours to reach this beach from Pune.
Things to do at Marve Beach: Ferry ride, ancient church visit, stroll
Accommodation near Marve Beach: The Resord Madh-Marve, Manoribel, The Restreat Hotel And Convention Centre

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15. Manori Beach-‘Mini Goa’  Manori Beach

Image Source

Manori Beach is a tiny fishing village that is sitting in the northern part of Mumbai and is known for its creek. Often tagged as ‘Mini-Goa’, Manori Beach is full of beach-side shacks that offer an extensive menu of some delicious and authentic seafood. This beach is a crowd pleaser and usually witnesses an extensive number of travelers. The resorts sitting on the floors of this beach simply add to an already amazing experience.

Time taken to reach Manori Beach from Pune: Located at a distance of 190 km, it takes around 5 hours to reach this beach from Pune.
Things to do at Manori Beach: Take a ferry ride, visit the Malad Marve, witness the cashew nut trees and rocky hillocks
Accommodation near Manori Beach: Domonica Holiday Homes, Silverador Resort Club, Pali Beach Resort

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16. Aksa Beach- Relish The Sunset

Aksa Beach

Image Source

Owing its fame to the Bollywood song ‘tujhe aksa beach ghuma dun’, this beach is sitting on the outskirts of the city in Malad. A perfect spot for those who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of the city culture and just engage in some peaceful activities, Aksa beach is one of those untouched beauties that has plenty to offer. This beach is visited by families and couples alike and is home to many tiny eateries that offer scrumptious local food to add to an already amazing experience.

Time taken to reach Aksa Beach from Pune: Located at a distance of 178 km, it takes around 4 hours to reach this beach from Pune.
Things to do at Aksa Beach: Spend some time at the luxury resort, try the local delicacies, stroll around the beach
Accommodation near Aksa Beach: Namaste Mumbai Backpackers, Cohostel, Locomo Hostel, The Lit Room, The Social Space Hostel, The Happy Yogi Home

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17. Revdanda Beach- Historic Vibes

Revdanda Beach

Image Source

Reeking of Portugese vibes from every nook and corner, Revdanda Beach is one of those spots that offer a fine amalgamation of beachy and historic vibes. This beach is home to the ruins of a Portugese fort that takes one back to the golden days of the city. One can witness the massive cannon holes marked in the fortification walls that border the sea. The lush greens, clear blue water combined with an historic fort make this place a must-visit.

Time taken to reach Revdanda Beach from Pune: Located at a distance of 172 km, it takes around 4 hours to reach this beach from Pune.
Things to do at Revdanda Beach: Explore the ruins of the Portugese fort.
Accommodation near Revdanda Beach: Amber villa, Cocos Inn, Neel Garden Resort, Nandai Villa, SeaLaVie

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18. Juhu Beach- The Longest Beach of The City

Juhu Beach

Image Source

One of the famous beaches near Pune, Juhu Beach is the soul and heart of Mumbai. The longest beach of the city, Juhu is famed for the wide variety of street food and the surrounding area being home to numerous celebs. The food found at this beach offers the typical taste of Mumbai. Bhuttewalas, toy-sellers, acrobats, and more street vendors can often be seen roaming around. This is one of the most popular beaches that offers a chance for a great road trip near Pune.

Time taken to reach Juhu Beach from Pune: Located at a distance of 164 km, it takes around 3.5 hours to reach this beach from Pune.
Things to do at Juhu Beach:Try the local food, stroll around the beach, watch a theatre performance at Prithvi cafe
Accommodation near Juhu Beach: Novotel, Ramada Plaza Palm Grove, JW Marriott, Hotel Sea Princess

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Other Famous Beaches Near Pune

The list hasn’t ended yet. Here are some more beaches near Pune. All of these beaches reek of tranquility and peace from every nook and corner. Have a look!

  • Ganapatipule Beach- Marvelous Shores
  • Tarkarli Beach- Best for Honeymooners
  • Kunkeshwar Beach- Scenic Surroundings
  • Guhagar Beach- Soothing Aura
  • Hedvi Beach- A Wonderful Place
  • Velneshwar Beach- Crescent Shaped Beach
  • Bhatye Beach- Relax Around

19. Ganapatipule Beach- Marvelous Shores

Ganapatipule Beach

Image Source

Ganpatipule Beach is famous for the marvelous shores and a temple goes by the same name. It is one of the most spectacular beach destinations near Pune famous for clean, white sands, bustling beach shacks, and a wide array of fun beach activities.

Time taken to reach Ganpatipule Beach from Pune: At a distance of 316 km from Pune, it’s a 6-hour long drive. One can also avail a train from Pune and get off at Ratnagiri Station, which is about 25 km from the beach.
Things to do at Ganpatipule Beach: Paragliding, swimming, camel riding and horse riding on the beach
Accommodation near Ganpatipule Beach: MTDC Beach Resort, Abhishek Beach Resort and Spa and Blue Ocean Resort and Spa by Apodis

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20. Tarkarli Beach- Best for Honeymooners

Tarkarli Beach

Image Source

Tarkarli is one of the most fascinating and popular beaches near Pune. There are a variety of watersports options to keep you excited and busy. Enclosed by Shuru trees, this is the only scuba diving and snorkeling training center in Maharashtra. The surrounding charm of sparkling blue water, shacks serving local food, and the beach hamlets enhance the charm quotient. It’s also popular amongst newlyweds for its charm and peace, thus making it one of the most spectacular honeymoon places near Pune.

Time taken to reach Tarkarli Beach from Pune:The beach is at a distance of about 390 km from Pune. It takes about 7 hours to reach via Kolhapur. There are also private and government buses running regularly between Pune and Tarkarli.
Things to do at Tarkarli Beach: Snorkeling, scuba diving, houseboat stay, parasailing
Accommodation near Tarkarli Beach: Fantasea Beach Resort, Blue Water Resort and MTDC Resort

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21. Kunkeshwar Beach- Scenic Surroundings


This is one of the unexplored beaches near Pune. Overlooking the Kunkeshwar temple, this pristine beach in Maharashtra is a perfect weekend getaway. Take a road trip from Pune and spend a relaxing weekend here at the Kunkeshwar beach. The place offers panoramic views and scenic surroundings. The vibes of the place are quite positive and it would be one great weekend getaway.

Time taken to reach Kunkeshwar Beach from Pune: Kunkeshwar is at a distance of 365 km from Pune and takes around 7 hours 40 minutes to reach.
Things to do at Kunkeshwar Beach: Enjoy the beauty of the beach and relish local flavors of the place.
Accommodation near Kunkeshwar Beach: Hotel Chivala Beach, Neelam’s Countryside, and Sea View Tarkali Resort.

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22. Guhagar Beach- Soothing Aura


Image Source
Head to the land of mango, coconut, and betel plantations in Guhagar from Pune on your next weekend. And after the aromatic trip, stop at the beach to relax. This sandy beach is lined with coconut trees, making for a perfect background. Enjoy the ambiance and the environs here. Other than the beach there are Durga Devi temple, Guhagar and Vyadeshwar temple to visit.

Time taken to reach Guhagar Beach from Pune: This beach is at a distance of 276 km from Pune and it takes around 6 hours and 30 minutes to reach there.
Things to do at Guhagar Beach: Relax and unwind the beach, and enjoy eating mangoes during the season.
Accommodation near Guhagar Beach: Nisarg Resort, and Hotel Seawinds

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23. Hedvi Beach- A Wonderful Place

Hedvi Beach

Image Source

Hedvi Beach is a wonderful beach in a village called, Hedvi in Maharashtra. This striking black rocky beach is highly popular among tourists and locals. A unique aspect of this place is a rock formation with an opening creating a water column. It is interesting to watch seawater rising between the rock.

Time taken to reach Hedvi Beach from Pune: Located at a distance of 280 km, it takes around 6.5 hours to reach this beach from Pune.
Things to do at Hedvi Beach: Sightseeing, relaxing
Accommodation near Hedvi Beach: MTDC Resort, Kinara Valneshwar Beach House

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24. Velneshwar Beach- Crescent Shaped Beach

Velneshwar Beach

Image Source

Valneshwar Beach is a gorgeous cresent shaped beach located in Valneshwar village of Ratnagiri district. The village is also popular for a Lord Shiva temple located here. Located close to River Shastri, this Valneshwar gets crowded during Mahashivratri Festival in March. The beach densly lined with coconut trees that add a lot of beauty to its landscape.

Time taken to reach Valneshwar Beach from Pune: Located at a distance of 280 km, it takes around  6.5 hours to reach this beach from Pune.
Things to do at Valneshwar Beach: Long walk, swimming, temple visit
Accommodation near Valneshwar Beach: Kinara Valneshwar Beach House, MTDC Resort, Chirebandi Home Stay

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25. Bhatye Beach- Relax Around

Bhatye Beach

Image Source

This beach is an amazing, long stretch that reeks of relaxing vibes from every nook and corner. This beach is popular for flat sea showers. 1.5 kilometers long, Bhatye Beach is home to a lighthouse and exhibits stunning views of the city. For those who seek to witness the diverse cultures and traditions of Ganapatipule should surely pay a visit to this Beach at least once.

Time taken to reach Bhatye Beach from Pune: Located at a distance of 307 km, it takes around 6.5 hours to reach this beach from Pune.
Things to do at Bhatye Beach: Long walk, explore the lighthouse, witness the Ratnagiri city
Accommodation near Bhatye Beach: Shree Bungalow, Divekar Aamrai, Samarth Atc, The Blue View

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That’s it from our side. If you think there are some more beautiful beaches near Pune that are worth a visit, then comment below to let everyone know. If time is a constraint for you, there are also other romantic places to visit when traveling to Pune like Shaniwarwada which you must consider!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Beaches near Pune

Which are some of the famous beaches near Pune?

There are a multitude of beaches near Pune. Amid all the charming beaches near the city, some of the most famous ones are:
1.Alibaug Beach
2.Kihim Beach
3.Kashid Beach
4.Revdanda Beach
5.Juhu Beach
6.Ganapatipule Beach

Which are some of the best beaches near Pune that are not overcrowded?

There are some offbeat and less explored beaches near Pune, which remain untouched by most tourists. Some of these beaches are:
1.Mandwa Beach
1.Velas Beach
1.Shrivardhan Beach
1.Kalamb Beach
1.Diveagar Beach

Which are the best suitables beaches near Pune for kids?

Most of the beaches near Pune are suitable for families with kids. However, some of the most suitable beaches to explore with little ones are:
1.Alibaug Beach
2.Mandwa Beach
3.Dapoli Beach
4.Harihareshwar Beach
5.Aksa Beach
6.Juhu Beach

How can I go to Kashid Beach from Pune?

There is a regular ferry service between Gateway of India - Mandwa Jetty - Alibaug Bus depot. You can hire a cab or taxi to the beach from Alibaug.

How do I get to Mandwa Beach?

There are two ways to get to Mandawa Beach: By road: You can reach Mandwa Beach via Mumbai Goa highway or via Lonavala or Mulshi. By Sea: Mandwa Beach can be easily reached via Ferry.

What are the best places to visit around Pune during the summer?

Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, Amboli, and Satara are some of the best places to visit near Pune for couples. These places experience pleasant weather during the summer season, and the romantic vibe makes it a must-visit for couples staying in Pune.

How far is Nagaon Beach from Pune?

Nagaon Beach is about 150 km away from Pune and can be reached within 3.5 hours. It is also one of the cleanest and gorgeous beaches near Pune, so do visit this when around Pune.

How far is Kashid Beach from Pune?

Kashid Beach is 175 km from km and can be reached by air and road. By road it will take 4.8 hours to reach. Do visit this beach when touring Pune.

What are the places to go for a weekend in Pune?

There are lots of places to go for a weekend in Pune, some of them are: Pawna Lake, Kolad, Kamshet, Lonavala, Khandala, Mahabaleshwar, Rajmachi, Panchgani. Keep these places in mind while making your Pune itinerary.

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