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    a treehouse during cherry blossom

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    Following the call of the wild, I walked the path leading to the woods
    My soul settled for a nest; moments kept waiting holding on to the roots

    Woods are certainly one of the most intriguing places to explore, for they are vast and treasure the riches untarnished. A stay in the woods covered by the blanket of green makes for an incredible experience, thus making the best treehouses in the world a unique, elegant, and absolutely surreal retreat.

    From the bushes of Africa to the Prairies and Temperate grasslands in America, these treehouses are perched atop the giant structures. Peeping from a height, these stays evoke charm and romance. As stunning they are, they overlook the giant canvas of nature of around and are one of the travel goals. Take a look, as I bring you the list of 15 most picture-perfect treehouses in the world that are surrounded by nature’s magnificence.

    The best of North American treehouses

    1. Castle Treehouse, British Columbia, Canada

    Castle Treehouse ac8753478

    Located 32 km to the west of Revelstoke, the Castle treehouse is world’s tallest treehouse in the Enchanted Forest in British Columbia. With plenty of attractions and over 350 handcrafted figurines, this whole place looks straight out some fairy tale!

    The 3-storey treehouse is your go-to place to celebrate a day out with family. Cedar stump house and dungeons are the other attractions that you can find around the treehouse.

    Find more details about the treehouse here.

    2. The Hemloft Treehouse, Whistler, Canada

    A man coming out of the Hemloft Treehouse in Whistler in Canada

    Image Source

    Nestled in the secret hideout in the woods of British Columbia, Whistler is another fine specimen of human’s creation. The treehouse, located in the deep embrace of the woods sits on a lofted platform.

    Interiors of Hemloft Treehouse in Whistler in Canada

    Image Source

    The egg-shaped treehouse was built by Joel who made a living out of carpentry. His love for woods made Joel more inclined towards making a treehouse that sits by the precipice. This structure is one of its kind and the fanciest retreat in the Whistler region.

    Website | Reviews

    3. Free Spirit Spheres Treehouses, Vancouver Island, Canada

    Free Spirit Spheres Treehouse in Vancouver Island in Canada

    Image Source

    Plan a stay at the hidden beauty of the Vancouver Island rainforest. The Spherical shape of the treehouse made accessible round staircase is done up in colorful rocks supported by neatly crafted interiors. Good food, amazing beverage, and cleaner toilets make this treehouse a perfect material for a quick escape.

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    The beautiful interior view of Free Spirit Spheres treehouse in Vancouver

    Image Source

    The modular interiors are neatly designed and look like a fancy stay! Perfect enough to give you the right feel of an accomplished stay in the jungle.

    Website | Reviews

    4. Treehouse in Muskoka, Canada

    a well-lit treehouse in Muskoka in Canada

    Image Source

    Probably one of the coolest treehouses in the world, this one is located in Muskoka region in Canada. The treehouse resembles a well-lit lantern at night and is the fanciest place you would ever find a cozy slip. Consider this treehouse for a romantic day out in the woods. It will brighten up your moments for sure.

    5. Treehouse Point, Issaquah, Washington

    A front view of Treehouse Point in Issaquah in Washington

    Image Source

    At Treehouse Points you have ample of arrangements to take care of your fancies and fantasies. The intricately crafted house made out of wood is tailormade for glamping. The wooden cabin made up of cedar wood, fire pit and flowing river nearby make for a prominent attraction. The entire treehouse setup looks so inviting that it would lure you into a dream date soon.

    A view of Treehouse Point in Washington tucked on a tree

    Image Source

    The organizers at Treehouse Point have made sure that you get to spend the best moments of your vacation. Theme wedding, tours, massage, spa, and yoga sessions are some of the activities that make the treehouse a must-visit attraction.

    Website | Reviews

    6. Moose Meadow Lodge & Treehouse, Vermont, USA

    Beautiful interior and exterior views of Castle Treehouse in British Columbia in Canada

    The Moose Meadow Lodge and Treehouse looks straight out of the picture-postcard. And resembles the dreamy setup that you saw in your books during childhood days. The lodge built on a tree stem makes a perfect setting by the stream and is an ideal setup.

    Website | Reviews

    7. Treehouse Above San Francisco Bay, Burlingame, California

    An exterior view of treehouse above San Francisco Bay in Burlingame

    Image Source

    Ideal for romantic couples as well as backpackers this treehouse located in the Francisco Bay area in California is all about a memorable stay in the woods. Ideal for 2, the treehouse is entwined in the tree with branches piercing the treehouse from all sides and giving it the look of an ideal vacay retreat.

    A beautifully decorated room of a Treehouse in San Francisco Bay in California

    Image Source

    The 150-year-old oak tree is the giant host where the cozy retreat thrives. Be assured of a cozy and comfortable stay in this picture-postcard retreat.

    Find more details about the treehouse here

    8. Treehouses in Cypress Valley, Texas

    A view of beautiful treehouses in Cypress Valley in Texas

    Image Source

    Canopy tours, treehouses and a lot of adventures, the Cypress Valley in Texas is an ideal getaway for nature lovers. Highland lakes, dense forest, and as many as 25 treehouses make Cypress Valley a perfect place to explore for everyone looking for experiences.

    Interiors of one of the treehouses in Cypress Valley

    Image Source

    Apart from the treehouses, there are plenty of attractions if at all you are looking at other heavenly experiences. This one is a must-visit.

    Website | Reviews

    9. Out N’ About Treehouse Treesort, Oregon, USA

    The hanging bridge leading to Out N’ About Treehouse Treesort in Oregon

    Image Source

    Out N’ About Treehouse is the apt place to enjoy fun-filled moments with family and friends. With the myriad of activities, this place has the right appeal to charm any wanderer. Lots of activities, zip lining, horse riding, and swimming make the treehouse in an interesting proposition for any wanderer.

    Well laid bed and beautiful interiors of Out N’ About Treehouse Treesort in Oregon

    Image Source

    How soon do you plan to stand on the swaying bridge connecting those treehouses?

    Website | Reviews

    10. Treehouse Lodge, Punta Uva, Costa Rica

    An exterior view of Treehouse Lodge in Punta Uva in Costa Rica

    Image Source

    Located in the close proximity to the seashore, the Treehouse Lodge in Punta Uva in Costa Rica is a nature lover’s delight. Soaking the mild breeze from the sea, and charm of the surroundings, this place has to be atop your bucket list. Bamboo and thatch are the prime ingredients of the Treehouse Lodge.

    Well lit interiors of Treehouse Lodge in Punta Uva in Costa Rica

    Image Source

    Hot tub and beach facing suite make the property even more exciting for the travelers those who are looking at experiences. Adventure activities like zip lining, surfing, and canopy tours are also organized by the Treehouse Lodge owners.

    Website | Reviews

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    The best of European treehouses

    11. Bird’s Nest Treehouse, Lulea, Sweden

    A beautiful view of Bird’s Nest Treehouse in Sweden covered in snow

    Image Source

    Camouflaged in nature’s awesomeness, Bird’s Nest Treehouse is the perfect blend of nature’s magnificence and human brilliance. As exotic as the treehouse looks from outside, it is equally classy and indulging from inside. For the convenience of the visitors, there is a restroom, spa, and bar at the Treehotel.

    Website | Reviews

    The neatly done up bed of Bird’s Nest Treehouse in Sweden

    Image Source

    The treehouse has finely crafted interior walls gleaming with wooden panels. A retractable staircase lets you inside the classy stay that has separate bedrooms, living room, toilet with wifi. The huge bird’s nest is sheer class and the surroundings are so tranquilizing. Try it once!

    12. Secluded Treehouse, Atlanta, Georgia

    An exterior view of the secluded treehouse in Georgia nestled in forest

    Image Source

    If you aspire to live out of a fantasy stay right in the woods, then it has to be this treehouse in Atlanta in Georgia. Rustic appearance of the three cabins of the treehouse makes it look even more alluring.

    Beautifully arranged interiors of the treehouse in Atlanta in Georgia

    Image Source

    A suspended rope bridge connects the cabins that are well decorated with proper lighting and picturesque surroundings. You can make the direct bookings from their website or Airbnb.

    The best of Asian treehouses

    13. Tetsu Treehouse, Hokuto, Japan

    A view of Tetsu treehouse in Japan surrounded by cherry blossom

    Image Source

    The wonder treehouse located in Hokuto in Japan is one of its kind treehouse in the world. Placed right amidst the cherry blossom trees, the Tetsu Treehouse stands on a single Cypress trunk with pink hue of awesomeness all around. Architected by Terunobu Fujimori, this treehouse is the most fairytale stay you would ever see in your entire life.

    Interior view of Tetsu Treehouse in Japan

    Image Source

    As picturesque as it looks from outside, the one-legged structure is equally neatly crafted from inside. If you are planning a trip to Japan and the iconic cherry blossom is on your mind then no other place in the world meets your fantasy more than this treehouse.

    14. Takasugi-an, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

    An exterior view of Takasugi-an Treehouse in Japan

    Image Source

    A tea house in Chino in Nagano Prefecture, Takasugi-an is a house made out of wood in the deep embrace of the woods. The treehouse stands perched on a raised platform and is designed aesthetically. The compact tea house standing perched on a raised platform lying on chestnut trees. The views from of Chino from the top makes this place even more exciting.

    Interior view of Tetsu Treehouse in Japan

    Image Source

    Tea houses in Japan are also considered important from tradition point of view. The Tea Ceremony is a popular event in Japan. Which could be the better place to experience nature’s grandeur?

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    The best of African treehouses

    15. Lion Sands Game Reserve, Kruger National Park, South Africa

    A magical setting atop the treehouse in Lion Sands Game Reserve in Kruger National Park

    Image Source

    Do you dream of a stay in the seamless Savannah perched atop a treehouse? Lion Sands Game Reserve is the perfect place for you to catch the breathtaking sunrise and sunset views emerging from the vast bushes. With nature at its best and wildlife strolling the stay, this could be the most mesmerizing experience ever.

    The three most popular treehouses in the Lion Sands Game Reserve are:

    a) Tinyeleti Treehouse – Epitomizing the treehouse stay with stargazing and nature sighting

    A couple walking the wooden bridge at Tinyeleti Treehouse in Lion Sands in Africa

    Image Source

    b) Chalkley Treehouse – The perfect fit for an ideal honeymoon

    A couple standing atop the Chalkley Treehouse in Lion Sands in Africa

    Image Source

    c) Kingston Treehouse – Accounting for the most thrilling experiences and stay in the African land

    A romantic setting at Kingston Treehouse in Lion Sands in Africa

    Image Source

    Make a booking in one of these Lion Sands treehouses here.

    Knock knock! Wake up from your fairytale dream and start looking out for these architectures that are nothing less than a wonder. Yes, all of these treehouses exist for real!!

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