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    31 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit North East India

    Horrible food, unfriendly people, no nightlife, jungles everywhere! Who on earth would want to visit a god forsaken region like Northeast India?

    So, to further enforce your ideas, here are 31 convincing reasons why you should definitely scratch off Northeast from your bucket list, if only you have listed it. But then, if you haven’t – good for you!

    1. Jungles everywhere!

    The skyline of Guwahati

    Image Source

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    2. Oh So Backward!

    City lights of Guwahati

    Image Source
    Sparkling city lights of Guwahati

    3. TERRORISM!!

    School kids in Mizoram, Northeast India

    Image Source
    School kids in Mizoram

    4. It’s such an unsafe place to be!

    Narendra Modi at Hornbill Festival

    Image Source
    P.M Narendra Modi in Hornbill festival, Nagaland

    5. No sense of Culture

    The enchanting Manipuri Dance form

    Image Source
    Manipuri Dance

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    6. Heck! It’s in China!

     Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh

    Image Source
    Umm…no, at least not yet .
    N.B: Tawang Monastery, the largest Buddhist Monastery in India

    7. No Patriotism

    Republic day parade in Guwahati

    Image Source
    Republic Day in Guwahati

    8. Food sucks in this region!!

    manipuri cuisine at rosang cafe

    Image Source
    Delicious Northeastern cuisine at Rosang Cafe

    9. They eat dogs and insects!

    assamese chef, atul lahkar

    Image Source
    Renowned Assamese Chef, Atul Lahkar

    10. You’ll get bored out of your mind because there’s nothing to do

    Sunset in Sikkim, Northeast India

    Image Source
    Sunset in Sikkim

    11. Seriously, is there anyplace where you can go have a good time?

    Bike show at Metropolis Guwahati, Assam

    Image Source
    Metropolis, Guwahati

    12. You’ll get lost in the woods and get eaten by some wild animal!

    Enroute Goecha La trekking ,West Sikkim, Northeast India

    Image Source
    Might aswell, right
    Enroute Goecha La trekking

    13. There’s no heritage

    A statue of a Hindu Goad, Garuda in the ancient satra of Majuli, Assam

    Image Source
    Statue of ‘Garuda’ in the ancient satra of Majuli
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    14. No historic sites

    Rock sculpture in Unakoti, Tripura

    Image Source
    Rock sculpture in Unakoti, Tripura

    15. How do they run their economy?

     Tea plantations of Assam, Northeast India

    Image Source
    Assam is one of the largest producer of tea in India

    16. There are no roads!

    the famous silk route of india, Northeast India

    Image Source
    True that!

    17. There’s no wildlife conservation

    one horned rhino at kaziranga national park, Assam

    Image Source
    The rare, One Horned Rhino at Kaziranga National Park

    18. They ate up their wildlife! Tribal people you know!

    Asiatic elephants of Assam

    Image Source

    19. There are no hotels or resorts, where will you stay?

    The surreal view of Mayfair Hotel, Gangtok

    Image Source
    Mayfair Hotel, Gangtok

    20. There’s nothing to see

    The enchanting Dzukou Valley in Nagaland, Northeast India

    Image Source
    Dzukou Valley, Manipur-Nagaland Border 

    21. Religious spots are non-existent

    kamakhya temple, guwahati , Assam

    Image Source
    The ancient Kamakhya Temple at Guwahati

    22. Really! Like are they all atheists?

    Christmas in Shillong, Meghalaya

    Image Source
    Christmas at Shillong

    23. Promiscuous!

    Youth of North East India

    Image Source

    24. People are Unfriendly

     people enjoying at hornbill festival in nagaland

    Image Source
    At the Hornbill Festival of Nagaland

    25. No Nightlife

    DJ show at cloud 9, shillong

    Image Source
    Cloud 9 Shillong

    26. Music scene is just sad!

    Soulmate, Shillong performing

    Image Source
    The best blues band in India- Soulmates Shillong

    27. Really! Do they even know what rock music is?

    Pip of the Fourth Mother, A punk band from Shillong

    Image Source
    Ziro Music Festival in Arunachal Pradesh
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    28. The only thing they like to do is “Jhingi-la-la-ho”!

    Folk rock band from Northeast, Testo Sisters

    Image Source
    Fusion folk rock band from North east, Tetseo Sisters

    29. And anyway, what’s so unique about the northeast?

    the largest river island, majuli

    Image Source
    Majuli, largest river Island

    30. Is there anything that you haven’t seen before?

    Floating islands in Loktak lake, Manipur

    Image Source
    Yes, like floating islands (Phumdi) in the Loktak Lake, Manipur

    31. Run from the wild tribes. Run and DON’T LOOK BACK!!

    kids of the mishing tribe in Majuli, Assam

    Image Source

    Explore the Northeastern region of India teeters on the farthest brink of the country. Also, one of the greatest unknowns and unexplored in Asia, it boasts of some of the most alluring places in the world. The people are simple and sweet and the culture is rich.

    So, just break all your stereotypes and explore the realms of the ‘paradise unknown’.
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