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    If you consider yourself a globetrotter, Egypt is one place that must figure on your bucket list for sure. Not only does it have the most beautiful cities – Cairo, Alexandria, and Giza – but there is a ton of stuff to do, explore, and shop for in this North African country. You can visit a lot of places to see and learn about Egyptian culture, and also engage in a lot of fun and educational activities.

    Top 10 Things To Do In Egypt

    Wondering what to do in Egypt that doesn’t feel mainstream? Here is a list of the best activities you can indulge in on your tour to this unique place:

    1. Volunteer at Animal Care in Luxor

    Volunteer at Animal Care in Luxor

    This one’s for all you animal lovers out there. Famous for its hundreds of tombs, Luxor is also home to ACE, an organization which ensures that the working animals of Egypt are not forgotten. The place gets plenty of visitors who get a chance to watch trained vets take care of overworked horses, donkeys, stray dogs, and cats. What is more, you can easily stay back here for a couple of weeks and volunteer to help, which is for sure one of the most memorable activities to do in Egypt. While they need hands, you get all sorts of animal therapy in one of the world’s oldest cities. This is one of the most satisfying non touristy things to do in Egypt.

    Location: Luxor

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    2. Scuba Dive at Hurghada

    Scuba Dive at Hurghada

    The Red Sea coast of Egypt is famous for the town of Hurghada, which offers lots of fun things to do in Egypt in December. The stunning landscape here, complete with coral reefs, crystal clear waters, and sandy shores makes for the perfect spot for diving and snorkeling. There are lots of activities in Egypt that you can engage in, but this is quite surprising, isn’t it?. We believe your trip would be incomplete without a visit to the Grand Aquarium in Hurghada.

    Location: Dahab, Sinai Peninsula
    Average cost: INR 16,000

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    3. Buy papyrus in Giza

    Buy papyrus in Giza

    One of the Egyptian civilization’s greatest achievements was the invention of paper. Specifically, they made writing material out of pulp derived from the papyrus tree that still grows along the Nile. At the Papyrus Institute in Giza (which is where the Pyramids are) visitors are enthralled with a demo of the way we believe the first Egyptians made paper. Interestingly, papyrus is one of the most famous things to buy in Egypt, and you can easily get your hands on papyrus souvenirs here to remember your Egypt trip in a very meaningful way.

    Location: Giza
    Average cost: INR 412

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    4. Take a guided tour of Egyptian Museums

    Take a guided tour of Egyptian Museums

    Image Source

    Witnessing the ruins of ancient temples, tombs, and pyramids from the ancient civilization is hands down one of the most important things to do in Cairo, Egypt. This museum houses the biggest collection of artifacts recovered from the ruins, like all the cursed gold of Tutankhamun’s tomb and actual mummies and about 165,000 other artifacts. However, one of the ways to make this museum trip better is to hire a guide to show you around. Trust us, there is no better museum in the world for ancient history and spending money on a guide will only add to the memories.

    Location: Egyptian Museum, Cairo
    Average cost: INR 3100

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    5. Shop for leather, jewels, or perfumes in Islamic Cairo

    Shop for leather, jewels, or perfumes in Islamic Cairo

    Image Source

    Behind the walled city lies what used to be the heart of the Islamic empire in Egypt. While there are stunning mosques that will delight the history and art lovers, there is also the world’s oldest shopping center on the streets of Islamic Cairo. You can take a walking tour by yourself of this place, and buy loads of oriental jewelry, leather bags, and even Egyptian itra and aromatic spices. Your bargaining skills will help a lot here, as there is no way to say what item is really worth what.

    Location: Central Cairo

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    6. Camel ride into the sunset at Giza

    Camel ride into the sunset at Giza

    Image Source

    One of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the pyramids inspire awe. That’s why riding into the sunset at Giza makes it to every list of Egypt things to do. The pyramids are on the Giza Plateau, at the edge where the dunes of Sahara begin showing. Hire a camel or horse for one, two, and four hour rides in the sand that engulfs the pyramids from one side. At sunset, visitors can witness the pyramids and golden sands in a light that is seldom seen by tourist or even captured in photos. This is one of the most romantic things to do in Egypt.

    Location: Giza Plateau, Giza
    Average cost: INR 2400

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    7. Marvel at unique jewels at the Royal Jewelry Museum, Alexandria

    Marvel at unique jewels at the Royal Jewelry Museum, Alexandria

    The city of Alexandria is a strange realm. There was a time when a number of classic Greek philosophers lived and studied here. Later, the Romans also established an outpost here. While the library of Alexandria is no longer there to study books at, you can still visit the jewelry museum that is the private collection of Fatima Haider. Trust us, visiting this museum is one of the best things to do in Egypt.

    Location: Zizinia, Alexandria

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    8. Walk along the Corniche in Alexandria

    Walk along the Corniche in Alexandria

    Image Source

    The coastal city is the perfect vacationing spot. Holidayers can always walk (or even drive) along the famous Corniche, a stunning waterfront promenade that runs from the Eastern Harbour to Montaza Palaca. The 10-miles long promenade offers extraordinary views of the Mediterranean Sea and is the perfect romantic stroll. After dark, the lights along the coast and the smell of the sea water are bound to make your heart flutter, which means walking this beach is one of the mandatory things to do in Egypt at night. This is one of the most intriguing yet free things to do in Egypt.

    Location: Alexandria

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    9. Explore the City of the Dead

    Explore the City of the Dead

    Image Source

    One of the largest cemeteries in the world, Zawiyyet al-Mayyiteen is hauntingly beautiful. Full of rows and rows of conical white domes, the cemetery is spread over many kilometers. The burial ground was used by Muslims and Christians both. It is located just outside the city of Minya and is the perfect opportunity to capture eerie beauty on your lens during sunrise and sunset. You can also spot a third dynasty pyramid here, which is the only one built on the eastern banks of the river Nile.

    Location: El Minya

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    10. Hike to Mt. Sinai

    Hike to Mt. Sinai

    Mt. Sinai is famous as the place where Moses received the ten commandments from God. The hike is relatively easy and offers beautiful views of the South Sinai mountain range. The rugged hills stretched unto the horizon make this hike a stupendous experience. You should either reach the summit during sunrise or sunset to enjoy the views. Camels for hire are also available at the base.

    Location: Jabal Mousa, South Sinai Governorate, Egypt
    Average cost: INR 5000

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    So, finally we think we have taken care of all your concerns regarding the things to do in Egypt. Haven’t we? Plan your trip to Egypt with TravelTriangle right away to enjoy the best holiday experience!

    Frequently Asked Questions about things to do in Egypt

    Q. What are fun things to do in Alexandria of Egypt?

    A. Fun things that you can do in Alexandria of Egypt includes:
    – Explore unique jewellery at the Royal Jewellery Museum
    – Taking a stroll along the Corniche waterfront
    – Visit the Lighthouse of Alexandria
    – Explore the site of Pompey’s Pillar
    – Visit the Citadel of Qaitbay

    Q. What are the things to do in Egypt, in the month of December

    A. Here are the things to do in Egypt in the month of December:
    – Explore the Pyramids of Giza and Saqqara
    – Cruise across the Nile
    – Visit the capital city, Cairo

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