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    A woman highlining at theInternational Highline Meeting in Monte Piana

    We relate adventure sports to itsy-bitsy activities like diving, hiking, and rafting that children and their families can easily engage in. But there are some adventure sports that are meant only for the most daring of individuals. Even though there is extreme level of danger involved in these activities that brings the person close to death, these sports truly live up to the meaning of ‘adventure’! And mind you, they’re not for the faint hearted.

    Given below are a number of adventure sports that’ll make your heart beat faster or to have you clutching the edges of your seats in case you can’t handle them…

    1. Cliff Camping

    A man cliff camping on a mountain cliff

    Image Source
    Have you ever slept high above the surface of the land or sea, suspended in mid-air?

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    2. Edge Walking

    People engaging in Edge Walking on the roof of the CN Tower

    Image Source
    Walk on the edge of the roof of the CN Tower, at a height of a whopping 175 metres.

    3. Free Fall

    A person practicing free falling from an aircraft

    Image Source
    The act of falling from a considerable height……without a guide!

    4. B.A.S.E. Jumping

    People B.A.S.E. Jumping from a cliff

    Image Source
    B.A.S.E jumpers simply hurl themselves off cliffs & man-made structures and deploy their parachutes merely a few seconds before hitting the ground. Scary enough?

    5. Highlining

    An individual highlining between two cliffs

    Image Source
    Highlining is much like tightrope walking, but without the ‘tight’ and taut rope, the balancing pole…..and the safety net to catch you if you fall!

    6. Cave Diving

    Two persons engaging in cave diving

    Image Source
    There are numerous challenges associated with cave diving- equipment failure, visibility issues, unpredictable currents, and the fear of what might be waiting for you down there!

    7. Free Soloing

    A man climbing a rocky mountain

    Image Source
    Climbing a mountain, even with all the harnesses and safety equipment, is difficult in itself. Imagine climbing it without any of these!

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    8. Big Wave Surfing

    A man surfing on a gigantic wave

    Image Source
    Braving the fierce force of the sea whose enormous claws are trying to devour you, yes that is an adventure sport…

    9. Ice Climbing

    A man climbing an ice formation

    Image Source
    Climbing a vertical and tricky formation of ice is not an easy task, especially when there is a constant fear of going numb because of the cold and dying!

    10. Wingsuit Flying

    An individual practicing wingsuit flying

    Image Source
    Only people who have skydived at least 200 times in their life are allowed to try wingsuit flying. Yes, it happens to be that dangerous!

    So which one out of these are you willing to try? Let us know in your comments below.

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