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    A woman highlining at theInternational Highline Meeting in Monte Piana

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    We relate adventure sports to itsy-bitsy activities like diving, hiking, and rafting that children and their families can easily engage in. But there are some extremely dangerous adventure sports that are meant only for the most daring of individuals. Even though there is an extreme level of danger involved in these activities that bring the person close to death, these sports truly live up to the meaning of ‘adventure’! And mind you, they’re not for the faint-hearted.

    20 Extremely Dangerous Adventure Sports

    Given below are a number of adventure sports that’ll make your heart beat faster or to have you clutching the edges of your seats in case you can’t handle them…

    • Cliff Camping – For A Thrilling Experience
    • Edge Walking – For The Daredevils
    • Free Fall – One Of The Fun Adventure Sports
    • B.A.S.E. Jumping – Popular Adventure Activity
    • Highlining – For Those Who Can Balance
    • Cave Diving – Underwater Diving Experience
    • Free Soloing – Exhilarating Adventure Sport
    • Big Wave Surfing – For Experienced Surfers
    • Ice Climbing – An Accessible Sport
    • Wingsuit Flying – Combines Skydiving And Hand Gliding
    • Running Of The Bulls – Most Dangerous Race In The World
    • The Cage Of Death – Popular Darwin Tourist Attraction
    • White Water Rafting – Recreational Outdoor Activity
    • Heli-Skiing – A Downhill Skiing
    • Tow-In Surfing – For Experienced Trainers
    • Wing Walking – Finest Adventure Sports
    • Hang Gliding – For Adventure Freaks
    • BMX Racing – For The Bike Lovers
    • Volcano Boarding – Race Down An Active Volcano
    • Bungee Jumping – An Adventure Of A Lifetime

    1. Cliff Camping – For A Thrilling Experience

    A man cliff camping on a mountain cliff

    Image Source
    Have you ever slept high above the surface of the land or sea, suspended in mid-air? Or does the thought of doing that makes your tummy roll? Well, cliff camping may sound easy, but it’s one of those extremely dangerous adventure sports in the world that are best suited for experts in the field of rock climbing and rappelling.

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    2. Edge Walking – For The Daredevils

    People engaging in Edge Walking on the roof of the CN Tower

    Image Source
    Walk on the edge of the roof of the CN Tower, at a height of a whopping 175 metres. Though many would not call it a dangerous adventure sport owing to the fact that you’re always attached to harness, but once you climb that height to try it, you’re sure to give up with a dizzying head. Not many have the heart to walk on the edge of this tall tower and not giving in to fear!

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    3. Free Fall – One Of The Fun Adventure Sports

    A person practicing free falling from an aircraft

    Image Source
    The act of falling from a considerable height……without a guide, is what we call Free Fall. It’s essentially skydiving, but without an experienced diver accompanying you. The control is in our hands, which is why only experienced divers are allowed to try this.

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    4. B.A.S.E. Jumping – Popular Adventure Activity

    People B.A.S.E. Jumping from a cliff

    Image Source
    B.A.S.E jumpers simply hurl themselves off cliffs and man-made structures and deploy their parachutes merely a few seconds before hitting the ground. Scary enough? While the thought of willingly jumping off a cliff without the intention of committing suicide is terrifying in itself, the further thought of having the parachute give up on you at the last minute is actually what takes people’s beath away!

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    5. Highlining – For Those Who Can Balance

    An individual highlining between two cliffs

    Image Source
    Highlining is much like tightrope walking, but without the ‘tight’ and taut rope, the balancing pole…..and the safety net to catch you if you fall! It’s exactly like what Joseph Gordon-Levitt had attempted (or pretended to attempt) in the movie The Walk. And it has exactly the same number of dangers involved as was shown in the flick!

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    6. Cave Diving – Underwater Diving Experience

    Two persons engaging in cave diving

    Image Source
    There are numerous challenges associated with cave diving. Some of the known ones are equipment failure, visibility issues, unpredictable currents, and the fear of what might be waiting for you down there! Let’s not even begin to count the unknown ones!

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    7. Free Soloing – Exhilarating Adventure Sport

    A man climbing a rocky mountain

    Image Source
    Climbing a mountain, even with all the harnesses and safety equipment, is difficult in itself. Imagine climbing it without any of these! But then there are plenty of daredevil around the world who still try this sport despite the dangers involved – like slipping, getting cramps, getting cut or bruised, getting stuck, or worse, falling!

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    8. Big Wave Surfing – For Experienced Surfers

    A man surfing on a gigantic wave

    Image Source
    Braving the fierce force of the sea whose enormous claws are trying to devour you, yes that is an adventure sport. It takes years and years of practice and training for normal surfers to become eligible for this, and even then the sea ends up winning against the bravery of these individuals and claiming a lot of lives each year. Still, that has never dampened the spirits of those who still practice it!

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    9. Ice Climbing – An Accessible Sport

    A man climbing an ice formation

    Image Source
    Climbing a vertical and tricky formation of ice is not an easy task, especially when there is a constant fear of going numb because of the cold and dying! In fact, it is very much like Free Soloing, but with additional dangers of the cold and the fear of freezing to death before you’re ever rescued! It is one of the most dangerous adventure sports in the world. 

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    10. Wingsuit Flying – Combines Skydiving And Hand Gliding

    An individual practicing wingsuit flying

    Image Source
    Only people who have skydived at least 200 times in their life are allowed to try wingsuit flying. Yes, it happens to be that dangerous! And even then, no one can ever call themselves to have perfected this feat since there are numerous unforeseen hurdles when you’re flying in the air. These can include crashing into manmade or natural structures, sudden weather changes, and much more.

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    11. Running Of The Bulls – Most Dangerous Race In The World

    Running Of The Bulls  

    Image Source
    Abhay Deol in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara may have said that it’s not an adventure sport, but we beg to differ. Every year in Pamplona, Spain, men (and women) dress up in white clothes and wear a red waistband and neckerchief to participate in what can be called the most dangerous race in the world – the race against ferocious bulls. It is among the most dangerous adventure sports in the world while also being an extremely popular sport in Spain where your life is in the bull’s hands…or feet! Life may give you a second chance, the bulls won’t!

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    12. The Cage Of Death – Popular Darwin Tourist Attraction

    The Cage Of Death

    Image Source
    Darwin’s Crocosaurus Cove is Australia’s largest saltwater crocodile cove that has now been converted into an adventure realm for daredevils. It is here that you’re suspended in a glass cage and there’s nowhere to run to when these deadly reptiles coming knocking at your door! This ‘Cage of Death’ is the best way to watch the ferocity of these crocs and emerge victorious after having survived the terror attacks. It may not sound much but it is actually more frightening that most adventurous sports out there.

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    13. White Water Rafting – Recreational Outdoor Activity

    White water rafting

    River rafting has various difficulty levels called rapids involved, and with each increasing rapid, the chance of getting out of the water alive diminishes. Many a times, the high level rapids in white water rafting can devour even the most hard-core rafters! There are plenty of thrilling and treacherous river stretches in the world where white water rafting can be practiced to understand why it’s on the list of extremely dangerous adventure sports. The Teesta River in India and Deschutes River in Oregon are two of them.

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    14. Heli-Skiing – A Downhill Skiing


    Image Source
    Heli-skiing is practiced in entirely untouched and natural sites and is not for novices owing the dangers involved. You’re dropped off via a helicopter before you begin your feat and there is usually a much steeper and more dangerous slope than normal skiing for the adrenaline junkies and daredevils out there. The Monashees in British Columbia is one such place that offers hard core adventure enthusiasts to indulge in these extremely dangerous adventure sports.

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    15. Tow-In Surfing – For Experienced Trainers

    Tow-In Surfing

    Image Source
    If you wish to tame those monstrous waves instead of just settling for those small ones while you surf, then this sport was made for you! As the name suggests, Tow-In Surfing is the advanced form of surfing where you surf really fast waves 30 feet to 80 feet high. It is different from Big Wave Surfing as here, you’re not just being chased by a big wave, but are practically surfing inside the very curve of one! Very few suffers in the world can master this because of the risks involved. If you don’t surf faster than the wave, it’ll swallow you whole in no time!

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    16. Wing Walking – Finest Adventure Sports

    Wing Walking

    Image Source
    If you too want those “Khilaadi” feels where Akshay Kumar is fastened to a place thousands of feet in the air, then Wing Walking is what you need to do. However, one must note that this is one of those extremely dangerous adventure sports that might turn into a nightmare if you aren’t as brave as Akshay! After all, there’s a huge difference between riding inside a plane and riding on top of it while the plane is flying at a speed of 200mph and performs stunts mid-air.

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    17. Hang Gliding – For Adventure Freaks

    Hang Gliding

    Image Source
    If you’ve experienced paragliding, you’d absolutely love this! This is an aerial sport where a glider is harnessed to a wing-foot securely and then he launches himself into the sky from a cliff, pretty much of what you do in paragliding. Then how exactly is it dangerous? Well, the dangerous part is that the entire control of the direction and speed is in the glider’s hand (and body weight), which means he has to be a hell of an expert to pull this off! The best place to practice this adventure sport is the Alps.

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    18. BMX Racing – For The Bike Lovers

    BMX Racing

    Image Source
    This isn’t just some normal car or bike racing, there are a lot of dangers involved in terms of the speed and terrain. Mostly the terrain! Suited only for professionals, BMX racing requires tremendous strength, focus, swiftness, and most of all, guts! And there’s never a straight and smooth road where you engage in such extremely dangerous adventure sports. You’d be racing over mud tracks, steep hill slopes, and rugged terrain.

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    19. Volcano Boarding – Race Down An Active Volcano

    Volcano Boarding

    Image Source
    Cerro Negro Mountain in Nicargua is the perfect place to try this dauntless sport. While normal people tend to run far away from volcanoes, there are some who look at them and say, “Bring it on!” This death-defying activity has only recently caught up as an insanely thrilling adventure sport that’s driving more and more people to try it. It involves volcano divers wearing safety suits descending down a volcano’s 41 degree slope at high speeds, sometimes up to 50 miles per hour!

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    20. Bungee Jumping – An Adventure Of A Lifetime

    Bungee Jumping

    Image Source
    No, we’re not talking about that kiddish bungee jumping where they drop you from a height of 80 feet and your Insta followers go gaga. We’re talking about that extremely dangerous and mind-boggling version of bungee jumping where you are dropped to the ground from a height of 320 feet or more, like the one at Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado! And that is exactly what makes it one of the extremely dangerous adventure sports in the world. If you’ve already accomplished the 80-feet one and didn’t die of a heart attack, then you may have a slight chance of pulling off this one as well!

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    So which one out of these extremely dangerous adventure sports are you willing to try? Let us know in your comments below and plan a trip to some adventurous destination in the world to try these.

    Disclaimer: TravelTriangle claims no credit for images featured on our blog site unless otherwise noted. All visual content is copyrighted to its respectful owners. We try to link back to original sources whenever possible. If you own the rights to any of the images, and do not wish them to appear on TravelTriangle, please contact us and they will be promptly removed. We believe in providing proper attribution to the original author, artist or photographer.

    Please Note: Any information published by TravelTriangle in any form of content is not intended to be a substitute for any kind of medical advice, and one must not take any action before consulting a professional medical expert of their own choice.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Extremely Dangerous Adventure Sports

    What is the most dangerous adventure sport?

    There are plenty of dangerous adventure sports in the world. Some of them include:
    1. Free Climbing (Soloing)
    2. BASE Jumping
    3. Big Wave Surfing
    4. Ice Climbing
    5. Bull Riding
    6. BMX Biking

    Why are extreme sports so dangerous?

    Extreme sports are classified as dangerous owing to the inherent risks and dangers involved with them, including serious injuries and even death.

    What is the most dangerous sport for females?

    Girls Basketball, Cheerleading, Horseback Riding, Soccer, and Field Hockey are considered to be the most dangerous sports for females as per many case studies and research. Out of these, cheerleading is considered to be the most dangerous of all.

    What are the deadliest adventure sports around the world?

    Some of such dangerous sports are, soloing, creaking, edge walking, free fall, bull riding, etc.

    What are certain types of extreme sports?

    There are several types of extreme sports that you can try when you are having a tour. These sports are bungee jumping, BASE jumping, canyoning, cave driving, climbing, etc.

    Are all the extreme sports dangerous?

    Maximum extreme sports are for those who are athletes and also have a brave heart to attempt those sports. Also, you have to be physically strong enough to perform these sports.

    Who all are eligible to attempt wingsuit flying?

    Wingsuit flying is highly exciting and dangerous too. If you are experienced in sky diving for more than 200 times, you are allowed to try wingsuit flying.

    Can you try ice climbing?

    Yes, you can try this adventure sports, but have to be strong and fearless. If you are afraid of chilly weather and the numbness that happens due to ice and cold, this sport is not for you.

    Which are the dangerous water sports?

    Some of the most dangerous water sports around the world are big wave surfing, cave diving, canyoning, rafting, etc.

    What are the deadly mountain sports?

    Mountaineering is full of adventures. If you have a skill of mountaineering, you can try free soloing, rock climbing, mountain biking, trekking, etc.

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