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For the people of Bangalore, sitting at home on a day off should not be an option—not  while these breathtaking offbeat places near Bangalore are waiting to cast their spell. As you go through our list of the lesser known serene destinations near Bangalore, pack your bags to embark on a truly blissful weekend retreat. They are full of nature, culture, recreation and all things desired for a weekend vacation. Are you ready to embark on the journey? Here goes a list!

20 Best Offbeat Places Near Bangalore

The list of offbeat places near Bangalore is vast as it contains a variety of places including dams, hills, valleys and cities that truly carry the pride of the culture and depict natural splendor to its best. Here is a list of the outstanding offbeat places around Bangalore: 

  • Gandikota – 280 km from Bangalore
  • Gudibanda – 91 km from Bangalore
  • Manchinbele Dam – 36 km from Bangalore
  • Kunti Betta – 130 km from Bangalore
  • Doddamakali – 114 km from Bangalore
  • Galibore – 102 km from Bangalore
  • Devanahalli – 40 km from Bangalore
  • Bylakuppe – 214 km from Bangalore
  • Nrityagram – 30 km from Bangalore
  • Karighatta – 125 km from Bangalore
  • Nandi Hills – 61 km from Bangalore
  • Ramanagara – 49 km from Bangalore
  • Kanakapura – 64 km from Bangalore
  • Skandagiri – 60 km from Bangalore
  • Antara Gange – 67 km from Bangalore
  • Makalidurga – 61 km from Bangalore
  • Hesaraghatta Lake – 32 km from Bangalore
  • Devarayanadurga – 73 km from Bangalore
  • Savandurga – 69 from Bangalore
  • Muthyala Maduvu Waterfalls – 42 km from Bangalore

1. Gandikota

Gandikota Fort along the Pennar river

Image Source
Gandikota, a small hamlet on the right bank of Pennar, is one of the best offbeat places near Bangalore for a day out. Glamorised by a fort made of red stones, bordered by deep and rocky gorge — it is a perfect place to feel the “Indian Grand Canyon” effect.

Distance from Bangalore: 280 km
How to reach: 5.5 hours by car. One can travel by train till Muddanur, the nearest railway station. APSRTC buses ply to Jammalamadugu from  Bangalore. From Jammalamadugu private and APSRTC buses go to Gandikota.
Things to do: Explore from the viewpoint of Gandikota Fort and Gorge; visit Ranganatha Swamy temple and Madhavaraya Temple
Best Places to stay: Royal County, Ziara Hotel and Sri Srinivasa Residency
Ideal Duration: 1 Day

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2. Gudibanda

Gudibanda Fort enclosed in grand walls and gates is an ideal offbeat destination near Bangalore

Image Source
If you have taken an unplanned break for some family time, drive to Gudibanda — a perfect name among the best offbeat places near Bangalore. The 400 years old Gudibanda fort built by Byre Gowdas, is an ideal destination for a perfect day out.

Distance from Bangalore: 91 km
How to reach:  Close to an hour by car
Things to do: Visit Gudibanda fort, hill and lake. Explore the surrounding villages of Nicchanabandahalli, Bramharahalli and Chinna halli
Best places to stay: It is a place for a day trip, no stay options available
Ideal Duration: 2 days

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3. Manchinbele Dam

A majestic view of the Manchinbele Dam at the foothills of Savandurga

Image Source
Rocky boulders, dense deciduous forests and serene backwaters sum up the backdrop of Manchinbele Dam. Another name among the best offbeat places near Bangalore, this dam is situated at the foothills of Savandurga. It is an ideal destination for a long weekend getaways from Bangalore.

Distance from Bangalore: 36 km
How to reach: Half an hour by car
Things to do: Visit the Dam to witness its serenity; go swimming in the backwaters; trek on the hilly tracks and indulge in rock-climbing
Best places to stay: The place is very close to Bangalore, so no stay options are prevalent
Ideal Duration: 1 day

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4. Kunti Betta

Kunti Betta and its hills is among awesome offbeat places around Bangalore

Image Source
For the adventurists, Kunti Betta is impeccable.  Being a hillock range overseeing the Pandavapura settlement, this place is famous for trekking and rock climbing. Precisely, Kunti Betta is among the few offbeat places around of Bangalore that offer options for night trekking.

Distance from Bangalore: 130 km
How to reach: 2 and a half hours drive from the Garden City
Things to do: Night trekking, camping and rock climbing
Best places to stay: Hotel options are not available. Adventure and nature clubs that organized night treks provide camps and tents for the night stay
Ideal Duration: 1 Nights/2 Days

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5. Doddamakali

Early morning at Doddamakali, near river Cauvery

Image Source
Good news for nature lovers! Doddamakali is a place surrounded by charming landscapes and is a perfect site for nature camping. Also called “bird’s paradise”, this offbeat place around Bangalore  is located near river Cauvery. Tranquil and rugged topography has made it one of the most preferred names in the list of famous offbeat places around Bangalore.

Distance from Bangalore: 114 km
How to reach: 2 and a half hours drive from Bangalore
Things to do: Trekking, fishing, angling, camping, rock climbing and coracle ride
Best places to stay: Doddamakali Nature Camp, Green Peace Bheemeshwari
Ideal Duration: 1 Nights/2 Days

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6. Galibore

Galibore Nature Camp, on the banks of Cauvery

Image Source
Galibore, a deciduous forested land on the banks of Cauvery is most famous for its nature camps — especially fishing camps.  The place offers a perfect weekend retreat for nature lovers and trekkers.

Distance from Bangalore: 102 km
How to reach: 2 and a half hours drive from Bangalore.
Things to do: Trekking, fishing, angling and nature walk.
Best places to stay: Galibore Nature Camp, Divine Euphoria
Ideal Duration: 1 Nights/2 Days

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7. Devanahalli

Beautiful insight of the Devanahalli Fort

Image Source
A small fort town located very close to the garden city of India, Devanahalli is famous for its century old temples and has gained fame for being the site of Bengaluru International Airport. The area is under vast urbanisation process with forthcoming business park, IT Park, Science Park and Aerospace Park.

Distance from Bangalore: 40 km
How to reach:  An hour drive from Bangalore
Things to do: Visit Devanahalli fort and Venugopalaswamy Temple
Best places to stay: No stay options available
Ideal Duration: 1 day

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8. Bylakuppe

The Golden Temple in Bylakupp is another name among the best offbeat places around Bangalore

Image Source
Bylakuppe is the Tibetan Refugee resettlement of Mysore district. The Golden Temple in Bylakuppe is a place for Tibetan expatriates. It is also a learning and preaching hub for Tibetan Buddhism in South India.

Distance from Bangalore: 214 km
How to reach:  Take a train or flight till Mysore which is 50 km from Bylakuppe. A 5 hours drive from Bangalore.
Things to do: Visit Golden Temple; explore Sera Je Monastery, Sakya Monastery and Tashi Lhunpo Monastery; try retail therapy at Tibetan shops;  indulge in authentic and delicious momo and thukpa tasting
Best places to stay: Bota Royal Hotel, Eco Habitat and Hotel Kannika International
Ideal Duration: 2 days

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9. Nrityagram

Dancers at Nrityagram, the modern Gurukul

Image Source
Diversity spices life and if anyone is looking for it, Nrityagram is the place to be.  Nrityagram- India’s first modern Gurukul will enrich you with vibrant colors of Bharatiya Nritya.

Distance from Bangalore: 30 km
How to reach:  Half an hour drive from Bangalore
Things to do: Explore the modern Gurukul set up and try to value the classical bonding of Guru and Sishya (teacher and disciple). Also visit Hesaraghatta Lake
Best places to stay: No stay options
Ideal Duration: 1 Day

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10. Karighatta

The temple of Vishnu embraced in Karighatta hill

Image Source
Karighatta is an ancient hill near Srirangapatna. It encloses an age old temple of Visnu and river Lokapavani, a tributary of Cauvery.

Distance from Bangalore: 125 km
How to reach:  2 and a half hours drive from Bangalore
Things to do: Visit Vishnu temple atop and chill out by the river bank.  Plan a family picnic while you are coming here
Best places to stay: Mayura River View, Young Island and Amblee Holiday Resort
Ideal Duration: 2 days

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11. Nandi Hills

Nandi hills is one of the best offbeat places around Bangalore if you are looking for a mountain retreat. If you are looking for a quick getaway but a long refreshing escape, then you may welcome Nandi Hills with open arms. 

Distance from Bangalore: 61 km
How to reach: KSRTC or BMCTC buses run on a frequent basis. Otherwise you always have the option of driving down
Things to do: Visit the viewpoints, trek in the mountains and visit the temples
Best Places to stay: Aeon Root Bridges, Discovery Village Nandi Foot Hills, Tranquil Stay
Ideal Duration: 2 days

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12. Ramanagara

rock formation on Ramanagara hill 

Would you like to visit the land where the film “Sholay” was shot? Well Ramanagara is that place with hills, ravines and ravines that make for  an excellent spot for camping near Bangalore. With the mountainous landscape, Ramanagara also makes for a great trekking and hiking spot.

Distance from Bangalore: 49 km
How to reach: If you are keen on adventure, then cycling is a great option. You can always  use your bike as well. Or drive from your own vehicle or hire a taxi.
Things to do: Hiking, trekking, camping, picnic and photography
Best Places to stay: Aditya Orchards, Wonder Inn Hotel, Vanaa Resorts
Ideal Duration: 2 days

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13. Kanakapura

river running between rocky mountains

The small town of Kanakapura is one of the most perfect getaways from Bangalore with families. With numerous adventure camps, resorts, spots for watching birds and nature walks – this is an unassailable destination for people looking to spend a rejuvenating time. 

Distance from Bangalore: 64 km
How to reach: Within an hour and half drive away from the city, Kanakapura is easily accessible via road.
Things to do: Temple tours, nature walks, bird watching, and camping
Best Places to stay: Amegundi Resort, Kaadgal Resort, Baevu, The Village
Ideal Duration: 2 days

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14. Skandagiri 

Skandagiri Hills

Skandagiri is one of the best offbeat destinations near Bangalore, if not the best. The high terrains and rough landscape invites the adventure in you. Go for trekking and hiking without a doubt and glance at the peaceful and quiet nature of the surroundings. Located near the Kalavara village, it is 1450 meters above the sea level.

Distance from Bangalore: 60 km
How to reach: You can catch a bus or cab from any part of the city.
Things to do: Visit the sprawling vineyards, tour the temples, hike through the mountains
Best Places to stay: Mount Palazzo, Wooden Villa Nandi X Cottage
Ideal Duration: 1 day

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15. Antara Gange

Rock caves of Antaragange near Bangalore

Antara Gange is a mountain situated in the Shathashrunga mountain range, located south of Bangalore. The place houses the famous Sri Kashi Vishweshwara temple which attracts the majority of the tourists. You can also explore village tourism as there are 7 prominent villages in the vicinity including the Therhalli village.

Distance from Bangalore: 67 km
How to reach: You can take a scenic train route from Bangalore and reach Kolar which is 3 km away from Antar Gange. You also have the option to either hire a taxi or self-drive.
Things to do: Visit the temples, nearby villages and catch a great view of the surroundings
Best Places to stay: Stay Simple Zion Hills Golf Resort, GK Hill View Resort
Ideal Duration: 1 day

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16. Makalidurga

a cliff overlooking a lake and hills in Makalidurga

Makalidurga is one of the most serene villages near Bangalore mostly popular for the beautiful views transmitted by the Makalidurga hill fort. The railway line that crosses the terrain is another sight to behold other than the views of the lake and hills around.

Distance from Bangalore: 61 km
How to reach: With just a 2 hour drive or bus ride from the city, roadways is the best mode of transportation.
Things to do: Witness the wineries & vineyards, relax at spas, tour the sacred sites, visit the hill fort
Best Places to stay: Pura Vida Private Pool Homestay, The Natures Village, Aura Foothills
Ideal Duration: 1 day

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17. Hesaraghatta Lake

Hesaraghatta Lake_

Hesaraghatta Lake is a paradise for nature lovers as the avenues to boat and engage in recreational activity does endure one on a trip. It is a man-made freshwater lake which also provides the additional opportunity to picnic under the stars. With a wide area of 100 acres, you can expect to breathe clean and fresh air.

Distance from Bangalore: 32 km
How to reach: Just an hour’s drive from any corner of the city makes the lake easily accessible 
Things to do: Boat in the lake, picnic with friends and family, stroll in the open space
Best Places to stay: No particular place as such
Ideal Duration: 1 day

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18. Devarayanadurga 

a top of Devarayanadurga from above

Welcome the spiritual side inside of you at this glorious temple town which are located between rocky hills, forests and hilltops. For a quick getaway, for the best picnics and for going on a weekend pilgrimage tour near Bangalore, Devarayanadurga is one of the best options.

Distance from Bangalore: 73 km
How to reach: Use the excellent roadway connectivity to reach with your vehicle
Things to do: Tour the temples, hike to the Mandaragiri Hill and visit the Ramadevara Betta
Best Places to stay: Shivagange Foot Hills Stay, Sky Lodges
Ideal Duration: 1 day

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19. Savandurga 

Savandurga Hill overlooking a beuatiful lake

Welcome to one of the best offbeat destinations near Bangalore, one which is the largest monolith hill in all of Asia. The landscape allows you to completely discover the adventure side of you. Being one of the best trekking places near Bangalore, the generous option to go for other activities like camping, hiking and night trekking are an additional bonus.

Distance from Bangalore: 69 km
How to reach: Hire a cab or take a bus to reach Savandurga at the earliest from Bangalore
Things to do: Adventure camping, trekking in the hills, temple tour and more
Best Places to stay: Legacy Villa, Savandurga Valley Farm Retreat, Gari Resorts
Ideal Duration: 2 days

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20. Muthyala Maduvu Waterfalls

Marottichal Waterfalls

Disclaimer: The image is for representation purposes only.

Where the pleasant environment invites with refreshing waters where this waterfall is located. To reach here is not much of a hassle from the city and once you reach, you will discover how beautiful the place is and what all activities can be done in such a mesmerizing destination. It’s not a huge waterfall as such but perfect for dipping your feet in the water which has plenty of guppies floating around.

Distance from Bangalore: 42 km
How to reach: It is just an hour and half drive from the city.
Things to do: Camping, picnic and more
Best Places to stay: No place as such
Ideal Duration: 1 day

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Once you are done with Coorg, Yelagiri and Mysore, try these offbeat places near Bangalore and around. These destinations will enrich your experiences on your Karnataka trip with the most cherished memories. Rest assured, each destination has its own uniqueness and aura which you will only realize once you visit. And while you visit, do not forget to share your experience with us! 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Offbeat Places Near Bangalore

What are some of the best weekend destinations near Bangalore?

If you are living in Bangalore, you can easily visit Devanahalli Fort which is just 37 km from Bangalore. Apart from that, there are other places like the Nandi Hills, Doddamakali, Galibore, Karighatta, Nrityagram and Ramanagaram.

Where can I go trekking near Bangalore?

There are various trekking spots near Bangalore. Like the Nandi Hills, Makalidurga, Anthargange and many more. You can choose a place according to your varied taste.

What is the best time to visit Bangalore?

The climate of Bangalore is moderate throughout the year. But it attracts tourists during the month between September and February as the climate is most enjoyable during that time. Apart from that tourists visit the city throughout the year.

How to reach Gandikota from Bangalore?

The distance between Bangalore and Gandikota is 280 Kms. It is a 6hr journey by car. You can travel by train until Muddanur, which is the nearest railway station to Gandikota. Or else you can travel by bus till Jammalamadugu and then change for Gandikota.

What adventures can one try during a weekend in Bangalore?

In Bangalore, you can try trekking at Savandurga Hills, you can try rock climbing at Ramanagara, and dirt biking at Shapur. Moreover, The Big Rock Motopark in Shapur has a great track. Or else you can try river rafting at Dandeli.

What is the distance of the Manchanabele Dam from Bangalore?

The distance of Manchanabele Dam from Bangalore is roughly around 37 km via Mysore Road. It is a few minutes above an hour’s journey by car.

What are the best places to stay in Bangalore?

Rajajinagar, Malleshwaram or Richmond Town are some of the best areas to stay in Bangalore. The accommodations in these places are posh and classy.

Which areas of Bangalore house economical hotels?

The areas of Bangalore like Marathahalli, Bellandur, and Yelahanka have the most economical hotels. You can find good accommodations at affordable prices.

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