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St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome

Explore the beauty of St. Peter’s Basilica
St. Peter’S Basilica In Rome

Rated 4.4/5 (based on 10 reviews)

About St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome

The largest church of the Vatican City in Rome is often referred to as “The greatest Church in Christendom.” It is believed that this church is where Saint Peter was buried. Saint Peter is one of the 12 Disciples of Christ. It is also assumed that Saint Peter was Rome’s first Bishop.

In AD, the 4th century, this church was built and it began in 1506 by Pope Julius II and completed under Paul V in the year 1615 as now called as Old St. Peter’s Basilica. The church is extremely wide and is in the form a Latin cross. The central part is known as the “Nave” with each side having two aisles and front entrance with a huge courtyard. The old basilica has a huge number of memorials and tombs, including the popes until the 15th Century.

Why the concept of this church came in?

The idea to build this church was first perceived by the Pope Nicholas V who is known to reign from 1447 to 1455. After his death, the work stopped for a while and Paul II later commenced the whole work.

In the year 1506, Julius II laid down the first stone of the basilica. However, to finish building this masterpiece, 120 years were consumed too.

Therefore, to put it all in a crux just the building of this church lasted over the rules of 21 popes and almost eight architects tried building it. It has gone through the designs and modifications of Bramante, Raphael and then Michelangelo.

Interior and Architecture

The interior is extremely beautiful and portrays the Renaissance era as well as the Baroque Art. In addition, this place has many treasures and Tombs of many Popes and many other people of great historic significance.

Christian relics and interesting artwork of statues, fountains, sculptured decorations, mosaic decorations, the carved altarpiece, the dove of peace and the tomb of Christina, the Queen of Sweden. There are four large statues in St. Peter’s Basilica of Saint Helena holding a true cross, Saint Longinus carrying a spear, Saint Veronica carrying the veil and Saint Andrew carrying the cross.  The Cross-and the Veil which all carrying are the very important for Christian Mythology as the cross pierced the Jesus’s side and was crucified on it.

Places of interest

At St. Peter’s Basilica, make sure that you see St. Peter’s Square, Exterior of Saint Peter’s Basilica, Nave, Dome Area with Baldachin, right aisle and transept, The Confession, Left Transept and Aisle, Crypt and the St. Peter. Michelangelo’s throne, the famous sculptor designed the dome of St. Peter’s basilica as the chief architect in the year 1546.

The intricate work on the dome is noteworthy. Four Piers is also something, which cannot be missed at all. The north-west pier is of St. Helena, St. Veronica on the South-West Pier, on the Southeast pier is St. Andrew and on the Northeast pier is St. Longinus.

The St. Peter’s Basilica is a very traditional and a revered site for the people of the catholic faith. This place still attracts a number of tourists the year round.


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FAQ's of Rome

Read on to find out why our customers love us!

What are the timings for St. Peter’s Basilica?

The basilica is open daily from 7 am to 6 pm.

What is the entry fee for St. Peter’s Basilica?

The entry to Basilica is free. The Skip the Line tickets cost 46 Euro for adults and 15 Euro for children.

Is photography allowed inside St. Peter’s Basilica?

Visitors are not allowed to take pictures.