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How to reach Florence from Delhi

Seize the opportunity to see an array of the world's best attractions all in one place
Florence Tourism

Rated 4.4/5 (based on 10 reviews)

Quick Information

Current weather:

Best time to visit:

May - Oct


On Arrival

Ideal Duration:

3-4 Days

Historical Sites Sightseeing Nature

How To Reach Florence

From-To Distance By Air By Train By Road
New Delhi to Florence 6.0 hours--

How to reach Florence from Delhi

Delhi, the capital city of India, is a massive metropolitan area in the country’s north. Indira Gandhi international airport serves as primary civilian aviation hub for Delhi. Delhi is popular for its culture and festivals. Florence is the cradle of Renaissance, the romance is utterly irresistible. The entire city center is a UNESCO world heritage site. The city’s main attractions are chapels, frescoes in churches, marble basilicas and world Class art museums brimming with paintings and sculptures by Botticelli, Michelangelo etc.

Florence is a living city with a vibrant restaurant nightlife scene, classical music and contemporary art. Historic, full of quirky shops and quality crafts, and close to the vine covered hills of Chianti, it’s one of Europe’s most civilized long weekend destinations. The churches Santa Croce, San miniato, Santa Maria, Novella and San Lorenzo house some of the important tombs, mosaics and frescoes while the museums will delight you with artwork, bronze and marble statue and many treasures. Florence offers many unique experiences and events that will create memories which will live with you after your holiday in Tuscany are over. Italian food enthusiasts find a generous example of what is best in the Italian cuisine while visiting Florence. Tuscan cuisine has been deemed poor and of peasant origin, but the quality and combination of the ingredients the vegetables, cheeses, meat, seafood and high quality exceptional wine have become increasingly known and appreciated by people all over the world.

Around every corner in this enchanting city, one will be able to discover Italian culture at its finest. Various transportation options available are given below to know how to reach Florence from Delhi:

By air

Florence’s small but busy Amerigo Vespucci airport, also known as Peretola, after its location, is only three miles north- west of the centre. Most low cost carriers use Pisa Galileo airport that is 62 miles west of Florence. It is connected to Florence via a bus service. There are frequent trains also to reach Florence. Distance between Florence and Delhi is 5994 km and average flight time will be 10 hour 35 Min. Most popular flight from Delhi to Florence is Lufthansa. The other flights are Air France, Qatar airways, British airways etc. There will be a layover at any of the cities like Dubai, London, Doha, etc. Book your tickets in advance for good deals.

By Train

To reach Florence from Delhi is a time consuming and expensive and non-viable option. So, booking a flight will be the best option. You can use the local train transportation after reaching Florence to explore popular tourist places.

By Road

Delhi to Florence via road is an adventurous trip. But it may take days to reach Florence. So flight will be convenient to reach Florence. After reaching there, one can hire a taxi or rent a car and you can opt for an unforgettable scenic drive. The other option is using public transportation. Florence has a well-organized public transportation which connects to all major attractions.


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FAQ's of Florence

Read on to find out why our customers love us!

What is the official language of Florence?

People generally speak Italian in Florence, but most can understand and speak bits of English.

Does Florence have a city card?

The Firenzecard, depending upon which one you buy, offers access to various attractions of the city and local transport.

Is it safe to visit Florence?

It is absolutely safe to visit Florence, but the usual cautionary points apply here as well, such as not trusting strangers with your luggage and taking care of your wallets.

What festivals are celebrated in Florence?

Although there are several festivals celebrated in the city over the year, one of the most important one is the Carnevale that is held in the month of February. It is a representation of the local culture in a creative manner, through dances, shows and floats.

Is there a dress code for visiting the churches and cathedrals of Florence?

Yes, visitors are required to cover their shoulders and legs up to the knees when visiting any religious place in the city.