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Things to do In Rome

A city with a glorious past
Rome Tourism

Rated 4.4/5 (based on 10 reviews)

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Best time to visit:

Oct - Mar


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Ideal Duration:

3-4 Days

Historical activities Sightseeing Adventure

Best Things to do In Rome

From finding its way into Shakespearean literature, to becoming one of the most visited cities of Europe, Rome has always been a city, boasting of a rich cultural and religious heritage. Let’s take a look at some of the best things to do in Rome.

The Colosseum: Probably the most recognisable symbols of Rome by people all over the world, the Colosseum are one of the oldest and grandest structures of the Roman Empire. Opened to public in A.D 80, the Colosseum was intended to be an amphitheatre. The Colosseum has witnessed fights of wild animals to gladiator combats and games. It had a capacity of accommodating 50,000 people at a given time. This grand stone structure suffered great damage over the centuries with nearly two-thirds of it destroyed but it continues to stand tall till today and is a must visit because of its sheer royalty and grandeur.

The Pantheon :The Pantheon gains its popularity from the fact that it is by far the most well preserved and architecturally sound building of Rome. The name literally means a temple for all the gods and is one temple built for all gods worshipped in Pagan Rome. An awe inspiring construction of domes and arches, it reflects the ingenuity of architects and engineers at the time. Even though it is a temple, it is used as a burial place for kings and other important figures. One must visit the place to be taken aback by the architectural, geometrical and mathematical genius of the Roman people.

The Vatican The seat of Christianity of the world, the Vatican is the headquarters for the religion. One can travel all around the Vatican and still not run out of museums and chapels and churches to marvel at. Antique paintings, carvings, depicting scenes from the Bible, Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel and the Raphael Rooms are other breath taking sights one can see here. One cannot possibly come to Rome and return without visiting the Vatican in all its religious and spiritual glory.

St. Peter’s Basilica: Built as a basilica to mark the tomb of St. Peter, the first pope, St. Peter’s Basilica stands as the world’s largest church today. The old church was demolished and a new church was built in its place, which today serves to be the seat of Christianity and an important pilgrimage site for Catholics all over the world, who come to pay homage to the first pope. Yet another architectural marvel standing testimony to the brilliance of Roman architects, St. Peter’s Basilica cannot and must not be missed!                


Enjoy the grand tour of the churches in Rome
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Churches in Rome

Rome is eternally Catholic, with architecturally beautiful Religious Churches scattered all over the country. Rome can be a cultural experience for both the catholics, and non-catholics, and provide one with experiences that makes Rome, the stunning place that it is.

Basilica of Santa Maria Del Popolo

Of all the church...

Sightseeing Religious sites
Also known as the Fontana di Trevi
View Details

Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome

Trevi Fountain, also known as the Fontana di Trevi is a fountain that you will find in the Quirinale district, in Rome, Italy. It is one of the many fountains found in Rome, but its significance comes from the fact that it is the largest of the city’s fountains. The elegance of the fountain is another why it is famous, with...

Adventure Sightseeing Historic sightseeing
Visit the famous art galleries of Florence
View Details

Art Gallery in Florence

Florence is a city, which is rich in arts and architecture. The very talented artists of the place have created the most adorable masterpieces that the whole world love to look at. The master craftsmen and their huge collection of beautiful works are the greatest treasure that the city of Florence possess. They have also en...

Art Museum Sightseeing Historical Sites
Explore the Porta Portese Sunday Market
View Details

Porta Portese Sunday Market in Rome

There are several things to do and see when visiting Rome. However, your visit will not be a full Rome experience until you visit the Porta Portese Sunday Market. The market is located in the Trastevere area, where it began around the end of the World War II. It was started as a new location for trading black market goods. ...

Shopping Local market
Get things for a good price
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Visit the best markets in Rome

Rome is known for its beautiful architecture and history; it is visited by millions of tourists coming from everywhere in the world. Apart from the several monuments, Rome is also famous for its colourful food markets, vintage markets, and flea markets. No travel is complete without visiting markets in the city. Always go t...

Sightseeing Shopping Local market
Shopping in Florence
View Details

Markets in Florence

Florence, the city of history, arts and architecture is ever popular for the fantastic shopping opportunities. There are so many shopping spots here that have shops from the family owned shops to the designer boutiques. The different markets in Florence make shopping a great experience for the people who visit this city. He...

Local market Shopping Leisure
Pedal your way through Florence
View Details

Rent Bicycle in Florence

The historic center of Florence is an area where you have so much of restrictions on motor traffic thus renting bicycle becomes an optimal solution. The city is not designed with separate tracks for bicycles. It means a bicycle rider has to share the road with other motor vehicles. If one thinks that it is going to be fun t...

Sightseeing Cycle Tour Road Trip
A panoramic view of Florence
View Details

Florence’s skyline visit

The red terracotta roof tiles find usually in the Florence’s skyline is really a great beauty that one may not experience from any other destination. There are many vantage points in Florence that offer the best skyline visits even though they are very crowded. Along with the popular tourist’s spots, one should not miss the...

Sightseeing Skyline Adventure
Feast on Tuscan cuisine
View Details

Wine Dine in Florence

The wineries based out of Tuscan offers wine dine in unique way that anyone visiting Florence should not miss. It is incredible for one to be part of such a wine tour. The wine dine they offer usually comes with so many extra specifications giving it a great form which any tourist would like to be part of.

The Destination...

Food Leisure Time Ideal for Couples
A great way to spend your days in Rome
View Details

Art Galleries in Rome

Many tourists visit Rome for a number of things, top among them to see the ancient art, buildings, and archeological ruins. However, you can also find many other interesting attractions when you are in Rome. Top among them include modern and contemporary art, which you can find in abundance at the Art Gallery in Rome. Locat...

Sightseeing Historical Sites

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FAQ's of Rome

Read on to find out why our customers love us!

Can I visit Vatican City in Rome on an Italy Visa?

Despite Vatican City being a separate country within Italy, it can be visited on the same Schengen visa.

Is Rome a safe place to visit?

Rome is relatively one of the safest places to be at in Europe. Try to avoid the old city areas though.

What can be a good souvenir to bring back from Rome?

Rome is a popular place to pick up various artisanal items, such as jewelry, engraved marble tablets, watches and even cheeses.

What are the must have dishes of Rome?

Rome is famous for its pastas and various types of sauces that the pasta is prepared in.

What is the best way to travel within the city of Rome?

There are buses and the metro for those traveling from one attraction to another in Rome. Walking is also pretty popular since most attractions are nearby.