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Vatican City in Rome

Explore the Beauty of Vatican City
Visit Vatican City In Rome

Rated 4.4/5 (based on 10 reviews)

Vatican City Information

Vatican City is a small state in Rome, which is also the world’s smallest state, covering an area of approximately 110 acres and having a population up to 1000 people. It is not an officially sovereign state and Holy See holds its sovereignty. Holy See is also named as the Catholic Church’s ecclesiastical jurisdiction in Rome. When visiting Italy, it is essential to take Vatican City tours on a holiday.

A little more about the Vatican City

In Essence, it's an ecclesiastical monarchical state ruled by the Pope; currently, Pope Francis rules it. The topmost state functionaries are composed of the top clergy who are from different countries. The official language is Italian and the religion is Roman Catholicism. The economy of the Vatican City is supported in monetary terms by visitors' fee, postage stamps’ sale, and mementos for tourists and sale of publications and their currency is the euro.

A list of Cultural and religious sites of Vatican City

Famous architects including Michelangelo, Carlo Maderno, Gian Lorenzo Bermini and Donato Bramante designed this church. St. Peters Basilica is the most celebrated work of Renaissance architecture. It is also the largest church in the world, measuring 730 feet long, 500 feet wide, 448.1 feet high, nave height of 151.5 feet, inner dome diameter of 136.1 feet and outer dome of 137.7 feet.

St Peters Basilica is amongst the holiest Catholic shrines, holding a special place in the world of Christians. Catholics believe it is the burial site of one of Jesus disciples, St Peter, to whom it is dedicated. The basilica is best known for holding pilgrimage as well as liturgies.

Having its name after Pope Sixtus IV, it was refurbished by him between the year 1477 and 1480. It makes an important attribute of Vatican City Tour. This chapel is normally used for the papal enclave or process of choosing a new pope. The Sistine chapel is most famous because of the mural paintings placed on freshly laid or wet lime plaster that decorate the entire Sistine ceiling. In addition, immensely contributing to the fame is the Last Judgement, which is a mural painting by renowned artist Michelangelo. It covers the whole altar, which also depicts Christ’s the Christ second coming.

  • Vatican Museums

These museums are located in the Vatican and they are Christian and art museums. Pope Julius II founded them in the 16th century. They exhibit collections from popes throughout history. They boast some of the most distinguished pieces of art and significant masterpieces of Renaissance art in the world. They are marked by the world's most famous sculptures and paintings. During the peak tourist season, there is usually a long queue for Vatican museum tickets. Tourists can avail tickets online to avoid standing in the heat.

The museum has around 70000 paintings where only 20000 are displayed. It employs 640 workers to work in 40 various restorations, administrative and scholarly sections. The Vatican Museum receives roughly 6 million visitors per year and it charges to enter are very feasible. Hope, you will love having the Vatican City Tour.

Castel Sant'Angelo, St. Peter's Square, Gardens of Vatican City, and Apostolic Palace are other major points of interest in Vatican City.


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FAQ's of Rome

Read on to find out why our customers love us!

Why should I take Vatican City Tour?

It is where the Pope lives. Admire the beauty of Sistine Chapel’s ceiling and visit Vatican museums or quarters.

Do I need another visa to visit Vatican City?

Visa is not required for those who are carrying visa of Italy.

Do I need to follow any dress code while visiting Vatican City?

Yes, make sure to wear clothes that cover knees and shoulders.