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About rent bicycle in Florence

Enjoy Florence by Rent Bicycle
Rent Bicycle In Florence

Rated 4.4/5 (based on 10 reviews)

About rent bicycle in Florence

The historic center of Florence is an area where you have so much of restrictions on motor traffic thus renting bicycle becomes an optimal solution. The city is not designed with separate tracks for bicycles. It means a bicycle rider has to share the road with other motor vehicles. If one thinks that it is going to be fun then renting a bicycle is really going to make your trip an awesome one with the endless number of experiences and ease in reaching the major destinations.

There are so many rental agencies who provide the travelers with bicycles and here are some of the types of bikes one should know before renting one for the Florence trip.

City Bikes

City bikes are the best that travelers can rent to enjoying the ride through the city center. They are cheap and give the best way to move inside the Florence city. These rented bicycles come with single speed, LED lights, bell, rack, and fenders. Roaming around the city centers on wheels peddling can be an exciting experience for anyone who is visiting this historic city.

Mountain Bikes

These are the bikes which are best for exploring surroundings of Florence. These rented bicycles do not come with fenders or racks.

Touring Bikes

Tourists can rent bicycle of this type if there is a plan to ride on the popular and the breathtaking Tuscan trade Bianche. These bikes come with no lights and fenders, they have stronger racks for keeping bike bags. They can be a great companion for the ones who would love to have some adventure during their visit to Florence. Nobody can miss such an opportunity to make the best use of the trip to the historic city like Florence.

Race Bikes

These are the rent bicycles available for the travelers who are planning to ride only on the paved road. It provides the traveler with a smooth riding experience on the road.

There are so many agencies that rent bicycles to the tourists. It would be really exciting for one to explore the possible opportunities and then rent the bicycle for the whole trip from the agent who provides the best features at the most effective cost. It is also important for the tourists to decide on the type of the bike based on the way one is planning to ride.


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FAQ's of Florence

Read on to find out why our customers love us!

What is the official language of Florence?

People generally speak Italian in Florence, but most can understand and speak bits of English.

Does Florence have a city card?

The Firenzecard, depending upon which one you buy, offers access to various attractions of the city and local transport.

Is it safe to visit Florence?

It is absolutely safe to visit Florence, but the usual cautionary points apply here as well, such as not trusting strangers with your luggage and taking care of your wallets.