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About Basilica Di San Lorenzo in Florence

Explore Basilica di San Lorenzo
Basilica Di San Lorenzo In Florence

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Basilica Di San Lorenzo in Florence

Basilica di San Lorenzo is an intriguing spot associated with Michelangelo. His sculptures are here for tombs of Giuliano Medici and Lorenzo. There are the best examples of Mannerist architecture in Biblioteca Laurenziana. Filippo Brunelleschi rebuilt San Lorenzo in the year 1419 at the place where one of the oldest churches was located. Basilica di San Lorenzo is Medici’s burial place and is known as Medici Chapels which can be entered into from behind the church.

Medici Chapels

Medici chapels house the tombs of most of the Medici family. They can be accessed through Piazza Madonna Degli Aldobrandini. A staircase leads to Cappella dei Principi. Under a huge dome built by Buontalenti, there are burials of six grand dukes. It is reminiscent of the famous dome of Brunelleschi of Florence Cathedral.

The decoration of the beautiful interiors started in the year 1604 but many centuries were required for the completion of the work and the final marble decoration completed in 1962. Sixteen coats of arms represent major cities in Tuscany. Two niches have statues of the two grand dukes Ferdinando I and Cosimo II.

The Design and Sculptures

Brunelleschi is the one who designed the monument. The bronze pulpits are the last work of Donatello. It depicts resurrection and scenes from Christ’s life. Savonarola used to preach the hellfire and brimstone sermons from these pulpits. Basilica di San Lorenzo also has fresco that depicts St Lawrence’s martyrdom and is created by Bronzino. Inside the old sacristy designed by Brunelleschi which is geometrically precise, eight tondi or circular reliefs are created by Donatello. This tondi represent evangelists and scenes from St. John’s life. The beauty of the architecture and various sculptures in Basilica di San Lorenzo excites the visitors with the beauty they offer.

Biblioteca Laurenziana

Biblioteca Laurenziana is a beautiful example of Mannerist architecture done by Michelangelo. This is a library that is constructed with such a grace that visiting it gives architectural enthusiast a great deal of information. There is a curvaceous staircase that approaches Pietra Serena and the library has reader’s desks which are designed by the great artist Michelangelo. The floors and ceilings of this beautiful building are the designs of Tribology. Biblioteca Laurenziana usually gets open to public only when there are special exhibits and events.

The Basilica di San Lorenzo ticket includes the ones for visiting the old sacristy, treasure museum and a visit to the church. The ticket even covers multimedia guide which is offered in different languages for the whole complex.


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FAQ's of Florence

Read on to find out why our customers love us!

What is the history of the Basilica Di San Lorenzo?

The Basilica di San Lorenzo is one of the oldest churches in Florence, constructed by Brunelleschi.

Is a ticket required to visit the Basilica Di San Lorenzo?

Yes, tickets are required to visit the Basilica Di San Lorenzo, and there are separate tickets for the other attached attractions such as the library.

Is there a dress code for visiting the Basilica Di San Lorenzo?

There is no dress code for entering the church as such, but shoulders and knees should be covered.