Junk Boat Ride In Hong Kong

Today's junk boats come with modern luxuries in Hong Kong

Charter a Junk Boat in Hong Kong

The sight of this venerable vessel with its flashy red sails set against the backdrop of an ultra-modern skyline is certainly striking and it has become a cherished symbol of the city. Though the word "junk" traditionally refers to Chinese wooden sailboats dating back to the Han Dynasty and is still used in Hong Kong's natural harbors and islands.

This ride is not expensive at all but still gives you the thrill as never seen before. If you visit here with your friends, family or a group of people, the cost of this cool boat trip can be divided up and be in the cost range that every traveler with any can afford.This works out to about 200 or 300 per person. Food is provided by most companies for an additional cost.

Everyone thinks of Hong Kong as a city with piping skyscrapers and the hustle and bustle of city life. But people generally do not notice the fact that Hong Kong is an archipelago of combined 260 islands. If you have never seen the rugged coastlines and deserted coves and if you have never been buffeted by the salty sea wind as it blows full pelt across a surging prow, then you know nothing about Hong Kong at all. To see the place as it must have appeared to generations of fishermen and pirates, hire a "junk" (the term formerly applied to traditional Chinese fishing boats now refers to any motorized pleasure vessel). You can enjoy a picnic with a cool-box of any drink you like and set off through the scattered islets. You may also drop anchor anywhere remote and dive off the deck for a swim if you like. Visiting Hong Kong for an amazing experience and if you want to maximize it then you need to charter a Junk boat on your trip. It is one of a kind adventure and you don't need to be rich, young or healthy to have fun out of it.

When you charter the junk boat, you will be surrounded by shiny skyscrapers and their glass and steel exteriors will be reflecting off the water and after 45 minutes you will find yourself in a remote bay enjoying fresh snacks and ready to dive into the beautiful blue waters for a swim.

There are a lot of junk boat rental companies in Hong Kong. The rent per trip depends upon your convenience. The price ranges can vary from 100$ to all the way up to 4000$ per person. The junk boats are ideal for parties in the middle of the ocean on a clear sunny day.

So, on your next trip, opt for a ride on a traditional Junk boat in Hong Kong which is an adventure in itself. A Junk boat ride through Victoria Harbour is one of the top things to do in Hong Kong. Book with the operator that allows a value-for-money package with on-board meals and entertainment and set sail to explore the lovely city from the sea.


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faq's of Hong kong

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QWhat is a junk boat?

A junk boat is a traditional fishing boat in Hong Kong.

QWhere can I charter a junk boat?

The junk boats can be chartered from any of the harbor areas.

QHow much would the junk boat ride cost me?

Hiring a junk boat can cost you upwards of USD1000.

Charter A Junk Boat In Hong Kong

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