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Senado Square in Macau

A delightful journey towards a fascinating street in Macau
Senado Square In Macau

Rated 4.1/5 (based on 316 reviews)

About Senado Square in Macau

Senado square also called as Largo do Senado is the public square of Macau. It is located in central area of Macau. It covers area of about 37000 square meters. It is one of the four largest squares in the city of Macau. This square has come under the list of the heritage site of UNESCO and is part of the historic center of Macau. It is one among the prosperous and well known business and the cultural center of the city of Macau. It is the square with the unique look as there are tiled roads with smaller black and white stones. The shape of the square is in the shape of the funnel which gets narrowed as one gets further to it. The fountain which is there in the Senado square with celestial globe is a major landmark in the city. The streets are have so many souvenir shops and many of the major churches and historical monuments are near to this square.

History of Senado Square

Senado square got the name as it is located near to Leal Senado. As the Senado square is located in the central Macau, it is considered as the major area of inauguration ceremonies by each governor of Macau. The square had the Portugal officer’s bronze statue erected in 1940 who attacked Monte Fortress and killed the officer belonging to Qing Dynasty. The citizens destroyed this statue during Cultural Revolution that happened between 1966 and 1976. This site is now adored by the fountain with a celestial globe. The Senado square has many buildings with European architecture surrounded by it. Many of these buildings are regarded as memorial buildings of the artistic value and great architecture. The wavy pattern of the black and white stones on the streets and senado square was the work done by Government of Macau Portuguese during 1990s. Most of the squares in the city of Macau has the similar pattern of tiling but it is the Senado Square that is the popular one among all these.

Sightseeing Around the Senado Square

The major attractions of the Senado square include the old buildings. There are many notable Chinese herbal medicine stores towards northern side of St Dominic’s church which offers great value with respect to selection, price and quality. This square has the shape more like that of a triangle with the St Domini’s church form the apex and San Ma Lo forming base.

The square houses three buildings which are there under historic center of the Macau UNESCO world heritage list among the 20 buildings and many plazas. The St Dominic’s church, Holy House of Mercy and Leal Senado are these historic sites one should visit in the square.

The Senado Square is a beautiful place to be and offers many historical sites and most importantly embraces the visitors with its mesmerizing beauty.


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FAQ's of Macau

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Where is the Senado Square?

The Senado Square is located in the Largo do Senado region

What is the significance of the Senado Square?

It is a square that is home to a plethora of eateries and shops. It is also a venue for public events.

Are tickets required for visiting the Senado Square?

No, tickets are not required for visiting the Senado Square

What should I buy while shopping in Senado Square?

High-end shoes, clothes, jewelry, glassware, cosmetics, ancient coins, and fashion accessories are top items to pick up from Senado Square shops. 

What are the popular restaurants to try food in Senado Square?

Street food such as piping hot dumplings and Arabian kebabs are popular among visitors. Drop by restaurants such as Wong Chi Kei, Cathedral Cafe, Escada Restaurant, Ou Mun Cafe, and Galo Macau anytime to try different cuisine.